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Mung Bean Soaked Water for Diabetes Type II

Mung Bean Soaked Fermented Water
Posted by Bonnie (Richmond VA) on 04/12/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have had constant diarrhea & cramps & fog for over 15yrs. A good bowel movement was always soft. I've tried it all. But I started the mung bean morning drink 3rd day which is today I had a solid stool. I had no cramps before. I'm absolutely amazed. Will update again. Thank you so very much. 😊

Mung Bean Soaked Fermented Water
Posted by Looms (Hawaii) on 04/03/2022
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There is a similar famous cure called rejuvilac, made from fermenting the water wheat berries are soaked in (when sprouting for grass). Just cover lightly and save the water for three days. It should be lemony tasting. If it smells or tastes different it should be disregarded and start over. I drink it every day. With my kombucha. 😊

Mung Bean Soaked Fermented Water
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, TN, India) on 03/24/2022
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There are about 300 to 500 different kinds of bacteria in our digestive systems. There is a video available on the net from the Diabetic research center at the University of Copenhagen titled “Type 2 diabetes may be caused by gut bacteria”. This research center is one of the top diabetic research centers in the world. According to this research center, the probiotic imbalance problem is common to all diabetes 2.

Probiotic imbalance implies the percentage of bad bacteria in the digestive system is high compared to that of non-diabetes.. There are two ways to correct this probiotic imbalance problem in Diabetes 2:

1) Reduce the count of bad bacteria in the digestive system. This can be done by consuming anti bacterial substances ( e.g. black cumin seeds, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc). But they will kill bad bacteria as well as probiotic bacteria. But one has to adjust the dosage so that it will kill the maximum number of bad bacteria and low number of probiotic bacteria.

2) Increase the count of probiotic (good) bacteria in the digestive system. This can be done by consuming probiotic substances (e.g. Kefir, Probiotic capsules, etc). There is no need to adjust the dosage. This is the one I like since it is very simple.

Probiotics like Kefir, probiotic capsules, are not available in many rural parts of Asia and Africa. But Mung beans are available in those areas. I am suggesting a simple way to produce probiotic water using Mung beans. It is as follows:

1) Take one third cup (75cc) of Mung beans and wash thoroughly with clean water at night. Drain and add about one and a half cup (300cc) of fresh water.

2) Allow about 6 to 8 hours of fermentation. Separate the fermented water.

3) Drink this fermented probiotic water in the morning on empty stomach for 8 to 12 weeks.

4) If a person is taking blood sugar lowering drugs, dizziness may be experienced by the person indicating low blood sugar. He should stop taking blood sugar lowering drugs and consult your doctor to find out whether the drugs are needed for you.

People who tried this simple protocol came out of Diabetes 2 after the treatment.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan

Mung Bean Soaked Fermented Water
Posted by Stacy (Ghana) on 12/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Dear P. Raghaven,

I am writing to thank you so much on behalf of my sister and myself.

Diabetes 2 has ravaged our family, (grandparent & parents)and shortened too many beautiful lives. My sister was told 2 years ago she was pre-diabetic, and struggled with diet restrictions in attempts to lose weight. Despite her efforts, she was unfortunately recently diagnosed with Diabetes 2, I knew we had to get better before it was too late. Seeing your post, I started with the fermented mung beans every morning, although I am not diabetic, I only did this to satisfy my kin that it was safe, and doable. However, I do think this is a very good way to introduce the necessary gut flora which I believe I too am lacking.

Then, my sister started it and after one month was dropping weight and clothing sizes as well as drastically reducing her overall body inflammation with only adding this fermented drink each morning, and still eating her usual foods. This is a godsend, thank you thank you, thank you. She has not been back to the doctor and still is taking victoza (sp) but what a transformation. She is determined to continue for the full 12 weeks and tells everyone she knows about this remedy. I only hope we can convince other family members to try it too.

Again many blessings to you and other posters here on earth clinic.

Mung Bean Soaked Fermented Water
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 03/27/2016
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The bad bacteria responsible for Diabetes Type II is : Staphylococcus Aureus (S. Aureus). All are exposed to this bad bacteria since it is on the skin and in the nose. This bad bacteria can enter our digestive system through our mouth. If the digestive system has normal level of probiotic bacteria called L. Casei, the bad bacteria will be eliminated by L. casei. But if L. Casei is well below normal in the digestive system, the bad bacteria S. Aureus will not be eliminated and the person will become Diabetes II. This bad bacteria will establish colonies in the digestive system mess up the digestion.

Only way it can be cured is by increasing the level of L. Casei in the digestive system. Mung Bean soaked fermented water contain L. Casei. This fermented water that is a by-product of Mung Bean sprouting, can be produced as follows:

1) Take one half cup (100 cc) of Mung Bean and wash thoroughly with clean water in the evening. Drain and add 2 cups of fresh water and then add 1 oz of fermented water if available.

2) Allow 12 hour fermentation. Separate the fermented water using plastic or stainless steel net. Save about 1 oz (30 cc) for the next fermentation. Then continue with sprouting.

3) Drink the fermented water in the morning on empty stomach for 8 to 12 weeks.

This will cure Diabetes Type II.

Best wishes. P. Raghavan.