Perioral Dermatitis
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Lanolin for Perioral Dermatitis

| Modified on Mar 10, 2024
Posted by Shelley (North Aurora, Il) on 03/01/2012

I am writing this to all the perioral dermatitis sufferers out there to help. I have truly on and off suffered from Perioral Dermatitis for 20 years, I even posted in 2007 about Green Tea helping for it. It is a horrible sight and you feel like never leaving home when you have it.... Always insecure and depressed from it.

I cured my PD about 3 years ago.... Until a month ago..... It was back!!! Again! I have tried everything people.... I mean everything.... Milk of Magnesia, Coconut Oil, Oil of Oregano, tea tree oil, Vit E, Lavender, GSE....

But then I found the miracle cure once and for all!!! I am truly serious this worked not only fast but easy and cheap. The answer my friends is Lanolin..... Yes you buy it in the baby section, women use it to sooth their breasts during lactation ( I bought the lavender colored tube). I have to tell you put it on all day whenever you can, I put it on 8 times the first day and by morning it was half gone! By day 3 it was hardly visable anymore, no joke. I kept puting it on for about 2 weeks just to be sure it was gone. Praise God it is gone and all from Lanolin..... From sheep skin.... It's actually a wax not an oil. Please let me know if you try this and if it's cured I would love to know!