Perioral Dermatitis
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Pawpaw for Perioral Dermatitis

| Modified on Feb 08, 2024

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Posted by Claudia (Sydney, Australia) on 04/28/2014

I had perioral dermatitis about a year ago. Stress caused a mild form, doctor and his steroids made it bigger, itchier and more persistent. As steroids were making it better (but not go away) temporarily, my peri oral would flare up with a new enthusiasm as soon as I stopped the steroids. As another doctor told me later, you can never apply steroids on your face for whatever reason. In our case it helps peri oral dermatitis grow! So I started reading. Nappy rash cream kind of soothed it a little. Calendula cream was burning my face terribly but helped reduce the rash, didn't make it go away though. Zinc cream pretty much as much effect as the nappy rash cream. Of course I tried yogurt on my face, oils, can't remember all of them, excluded toothpaste with fluoride, shampoo with sls and everything as the list on the we'd says... After all that went to see another factor, who enlightened me about steroids and suggested cream Elidel, which kind of reduced the rash, but didn't clear it. And you are not supposed to use it for a long time, cos it has some horrific side effects. As soon as I stopped using the rash came back... So I decided to go natural no matter what. At the end of the day peri oral dermatitis is not life threatening, just ugly. So went back to the doc #2 and demanded natural treatment. He suggested Pawpaw Ointment and guess what? It took away the itch on the day #1, the flakiness in a week and cleared my face in a month. Ever since then if the peri oral dermatitis raises it's head again (usually when I'm being dumb by stressing or trying new face cream/make up) I just use the magic ointment. I hope it helps. Don't give up, be patient and don't overdo the chemicals the doctors love trying out on us so much. God luck!