Perioral Dermatitis
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Olive Oil for Perioral Dermatitis

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Posted by Oil (Toronto, Canada) on 01/24/2016

If you are experiencing perioral or periocular dermatitis - it is likely related to an overgrowth of yeast in the gut. I suddenly developed a severe case of both perioral and periocular dermatitis - and tried everything to cure it. Once my naturopath and I determined there was an imbalance in the gut (most likely from long term antibiotic use) - I went on a healing diet, natural antifungals and very high dose probiotics - all to heal the gut. Topically - I started applying organic extra virgin ozonated olive oil paste (highly concentrated - the paste - not the oil). My face cleared within days.

Absolutely amazing - the ozonated oil kills the yeast that is coming out on the skin. It is also a fabulous moisturizer. I have stopped putting anything else on my skin (other than a natural cleanser in the evening) and use it daily. Restoring the balance of good flora in the gut is crucial for success, along with the ozonated oil to treat the outer yeast and inflammation on the face.

Ozonated oil is amazing for so many things and is completely natural - check it out!

Replied by Krystle

Hi! Review above me, could you tell me which organic extra virgin ozonated olive oil paste you used? Ahh I can't tell you how long I've been struggling with PD. Thank you.

Olive Oil
Posted by Diane (California) on 06/26/2014

Perioral Dermatitis: Olive oil and powdered sugar worked for me as well and more quickly than I could have hoped for. I recently had the worst bout of perioral dermatitis to date. It quickly spread from around my mouth to all around my eyes. The worse it got the more I tried to hide it with mineral powder makeup when I had to go out of the house. I'm sure it made it worse especially considering how long I've had this little tub of powder. Though I do clean my brush I'm sure it's been a constant exposure to bacteria. It's now in the garbage and I won't make that mistake again.

After trying a whole lot of home remedies and exacerbating the rash I went for the most soothing choice, olive oil and sugar. I covered my face at night before bed and by morning the difference was incredible. I went from having swollen, weeping eyes that had been stinging incessantly from other remedies (diluted oregano oil, sulfur powder, tea tree, etc.) to major healing overnight. All of the thickened, flaking skin came off and no new pustules formed. I stayed home for a couple days, keeping my face lubed up with paste. It only took three days to completely get rid of all inflammation around my eyes and almost all of the redness to disappear.

There is a long history of using sugar to heal wounds that's quite interesting that I was unaware of. It seemed fairly unlikely that it would work, but it did and now my rash is gone completely. On top of that, the rest of my skin looks amazing, so I think I'll continue to use this as a mask often.

Best wishes!

Olive Oil
Posted by Melissa (Longview, Wa) on 02/10/2014

This Olive Oil and Powdered Sugar for Perioral Dermatitis approach is amazing. I was desperate after trying Metrogel, ACV, and other remedies. On Wednesday my face looked like hamburger on both sides of my mouth and on my chin. I started the olive oil and powdered sugar paste Wednesday night, and it felt so soothing to the raised red pimples all around my mouth. I quit wearing any makeup (it has been brutal, but I'm determined). It is now Monday - only five days since my first OO/PS application, and the only redness left is on the right side of my lips which has always been the worst area for my POD. The thing is, the redness is barely noticeable and there are no raised bumps or pimples anywhere. My only changes have been:

1 - No make up (I will try it again with natural make up once it completely clears up)

2 - Swab with food grade hydrogen peroxide 3%

3 - Apply past (lightly when I have to be at work) and heavily at night and on days I am off

4 - Take and oral probiotic.

5 - Calendula cream for the rest of my face where I haven't applied the paste because I have dry skin.

That's it. :-) And it is working

Olive Oil
Posted by Samolian (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/03/2013

I have suffered with Perioral Dermatitis for the last 2 years and after trying every remedy on the internet I found a cure. Every night before bed for about 2 weeks, I did the following:

Wash your face with water and 10 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract.

On a clean dry face, apply a thin zeolite mask. To make the zeolite mask combine 1 heaping teaspoon of zeolite powder with a couple teaspoons of distilled water (MUST BE DISTILLED), and mix to make a creamy paste. Add 10-15 drops of grapefruit seed extract and mix well. Apply a thin layer to your whole face, not just the rash. Leave on until it is completely dry (approximately 15-20 minutes).

Rinse well with lukewarm water.

Apply a thin layer of organic virgin coconut oil to your whole face. On top of the coconut oil, apply a thin layer of Ozonated Olive Oil (you can find small jars of it online and you keep it in the refrigerator). About a pea sized amount should cover your whole face.

Do this every night before bed for 2 weeks. My rash was 90% gone after 3 days, and by the end of the two weeks the redness was gone as was the flakiness. The same protocol (zeolite mask and ozonated olive oil) also worked for a fungal infection my husband had in his armpit, and what appeared to be ringworm on his scalp.

Olive Oil
Posted by Jasmine54 (La, Ca) on 03/24/2013

PERIORAL DERMATITIS CURE!! I have suffered with PD for 2 years and have tried EVERYTHING you can imagine for it. The ONLY thing that works is extra virgin olive oil and powdered sugar. You make a lotion paste with these two ingredients, put it on your face and leave it on all day and night until it's gone. Typically will take 5-9 days to dissapear. THIS WORKS AND IS A MIRACLE!!! This is the lady's website that I found it on. I promised if I found a cure I would post it and here you go!!

Replied by Nikki
(Hamilton, Ontario)

I have had a painful chronic case of Perioral dermatitis. With it spreading up my nose under my chin and it just started spreading to my eye area. I just put on the olive oil and powdered sugar paste and wow. Let me just say wow. The stinging ceased the itching subsided and I can actually smile without feeling like my face is going to split open. I will continue to let you know of my success or failure.