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Posted by Georgina (Georgia ) on 01/23/2023

Hello, all. Really appreciate this support group. I know our skin is a billboard of what is going on internally within, and while there are a vast number of causes and triggers to PD, generally it seems like it's a result of something that's inflammation within the body.

With that in mind, I wanted to inquire which one of the supplements below you've taken that you believe has had the best effect at helping get rid of this rash. If you've used it, would love to know what brand + dosage you've taken.

Again, I understand none of us are doctors, we all are different and we need to take all advice/suggestions with caution and care. But I am really trying to heal this naturally and narrow down on the number of supplements I use/buy and would love to hear from others first before jumping the gun on any one of these.

1. Blackseed Oil Supplement

2. Probiotic (I just ran out of mine, I don't know if the brand I was taking made any significant difference)

3. Candida Support Supplement

4. Evening Primrose Supplement

5. Flax Seed Supplement

6. Chlorophyll Supplement

7. Oil of Oregano Supplement (just ran out, don't think it made much of a difference)

8. Burdock Root Supplement

9. Grapefruit Seed Extract Supplement (Not to be confused with Grape Seed, apparently they are two different things).

*Note: I was going to buy these at first based on the reviews but then I found out that the NutriBiotic brand contains an ingredient called benzalkonium chloride, which apparently is found in hand sanitizer and allegedly dangerous for consumption. I don't know how legitimate these claims are, but it was enough for me to hesitate to order.

The following supplements I've been taking orally since the new year are: 15g of Zinc, omega 3-6-9 fish oil, and turmeric. I just stopped taking vitamin d3, as I think it's breaking me out worse.

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In the last sentence in your post, you mention that you are taking "15g of Zinc".

This dose is extremely toxic. Did you mean 15 mg of Zinc?


Posted by Jayson (Boston, MA) on 10/22/2008

I've had dermatitis for about 15 years now pretty much all over my body. I would have a bout - then remission - a worse bout - then remission again. This pattern kept happening - each time the remission would not last quite as long. It then spread to my hands and did not go away. Very painful - to the point I could not dress myself - everything became a chore. Basically couldn't use my hands. I tried apple cider vinegar - tea tree oil - any home remedy (nothing worked) Went back to the dermatologist - creams and steroids were prescribed again!!! This always helps - however as soon as I stop taking the meds everything would come right back - pretty much the same as before.

Did some research online and spoke with a friend that was a nutritionist. Well what I found was that vitamins are the cure. I started taking vitamin C - Zinc - a super B complex - E - fish oil - evening primrose oil - flax seed oil. In about 3 days what was all over my body was much better. One week and its just about gone!! Now Ill have a very small break out here and there that tends to go away very quickly.

Anyway - thought id share my experience. Good luck to everyone.