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Posted by Jayson (Boston, MA) on 10/22/2008
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I've had dermatitis for about 15 years now pretty much all over my body. I would have a bout - then remission - a worse bout - then remission again. This pattern kept happening - each time the remission would not last quite as long. It then spread to my hands and did not go away. Very painful - to the point I could not dress myself - everything became a chore. Basically couldn't use my hands. I tried apple cider vinegar - tea tree oil - any home remedy (nothing worked) Went back to the dermatologist - creams and steroids were prescribed again!!! This always helps - however as soon as I stop taking the meds everything would come right back - pretty much the same as before.

Did some research online and spoke with a friend that was a nutritionist. Well what I found was that vitamins are the cure. I started taking vitamin C - Zinc - a super B complex - E - fish oil - evening primrose oil - flax seed oil. In about 3 days what was all over my body was much better. One week and its just about gone!! Now Ill have a very small break out here and there that tends to go away very quickly.

Anyway - thought id share my experience. Good luck to everyone.