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Green Tea for Perioral Dermatitis

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Posted by Erica (USA) on 01/04/2019


Green and Black Tea are bad for Perioral Dermatitis!

I spent about two weeks drinking lots and lots of green tea, thinking it would do good for my skin. I've always had PD, but that week it started spreading rapidly to underneath my eyes. I looked into green tea because it was the only thing I had been doing differently and it turns out green and black tea have very high levels of fluoride! Probably ok to drink every once in a while, but my PD definitely reacts pretty quickly to them.

Green Tea
Posted by Nalita (Hollywood, CA) on 08/13/2008

08.13.08: Just wanted to say thank you!! I've had this rash on my eye for over three months, just last night after searching the internet, I found out it was perioral dermatitis. Found this website, went and grabbed a green tea bag, made my tea and almost instantly my dermatitis went away. I had stopped using all eye gels, make up etc so it wasnt flared up but still I didnt know how to make it dissappear. I'm 31, so I am very thankful to find this cure out now with my first instance of it.

Green Tea
Posted by Sherry (Vancouver, Washington) on 03/15/2008

I have been drinking grn tea for about 3 weeks now. I love the taste and feel energized when I drink it. The reason I started to drink it was actually for the tea bag itself. I put it on my face when my perioral dermititis flares up. Dries it up in a few days. I use the same tea bag all day long and just put it on my face whenever I have a minute.

Green Tea
Posted by Shelley (Aurora, Illinois) on 10/18/2007

I have to tell you all I have had Perioral Dermatitis for over 10 years on and off and only able to get rid of it by use of antibotics. I have tried EVERYTHING trust me! I can finally say after all these years that Liann from Australia was right, Green Tea cured my Perioral Dermititis! I simply drank the green tea (Yogi brand is my favorite) and then would constantly put a wet tea bag on my face as much as possible 5 or so bags a day maybe 30-40 times on the face a day and after about 2-3 days I started to see improvement and after about 10 days it was gone completely! Anyone who has had this Perioral Dermititis knows how hard it is to rid, so I am just so happy about these results I had to share. One other thing I think that helps is to stay away from sugar & starches. Sugar is a killer on the immunity. Thank you Lianne!!!!

Replied by Andie

WOW! Green tea works!!! I've had this horrific red rash on my t-zone for two months. Steroid creams made it worse. Went to fam doc first then derm and same thing... Doxycycline, metro gel, desonide.... Nothing worked! I desperately looked online and found your thread. I feel like I won the lottery, seriously. I drank two cups of green tea and then dabbed the bags on my face e ery chance I got and within hours the redness and itching went away! This am I just looked and it looks better than it has in 2 months!!! I'm a believer in the power of green tea! Many, many Thanks and Hugs!

Replied by Taylor

Hello! This is amazing. I am struggling with this right now I am not sure what to do. I am using face shampoo and it is not helping. Please help! What tea are you using and how did you apply the tea?

Green Tea
Posted by Lianne (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/11/2007

I have had perioral dermatitis on and off for 5 or more years. I find that topical application of green tea is amazing. I keep a tea bag in the fridge after wetting it, and apply it as often as permits. At night I apply it liberally. Obviously there are limitations as your face will look green after you put it on, but you can wash it off at any stage. The perioral dermatitis just dries up after a few days. It's not perfect but better than antibiotics.

Replied by Emily

Now, I don't need to drink the tea do I? Or can I just dampen the tea bag? It is getting worse and has now spread very close to my left eye, its horrible and I have noticed at night it flares up and gets worse. I self-diagnosed myself as I am 100% certain PD is what it is. And having no health insurance makes it very hard! I haven't tried many remedies, only coconut oil (it made it worse) they say calendula oil works too I'm stuck and need help bad!!!