Perioral Dermatitis
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Water for Perioral Dermatitis

| Modified on Feb 08, 2024
When a person is suffering with perioral dermatitis, it is tempting to buy just about anything that might help it. Sometimes what the body really needs is a break from all the treating. Because ingredients in health and beauty products can actually cause perioral dermatitis, taking a break from all body care products is a good idea. Use only pure water to clean the face. If your water supply has fluoride and chlorine in it, you may want to invest in some spring water or distilled water to use on your face.

Continue reading to see what our readers have experienced when they gave their face a break and used water only.

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Posted by Sunshine (Sonoma, Ca) on 07/13/2011

I got hit with perioral dermatitis 5 months ago. It was just a small circle for about a month, but as soon as I tried to get rid of it it spread around my entire mouth and on to the edges of my nose. It looked like I had a red moustache. I have tried everything. Virgin Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tumeric, Calendula Cream, Oregon Grape Seed extract. The dermatologist recommended 6 weeks of antibiotics and hardcore skin burning creams, although it was not a bacterial infection, but I declined. It seemed that being outside in the sun, wind, anything made it worse.

Last week I went to the lake and swam and my POD started clearing up immediately. It's been 5 days and it looks the best it's been - almost gone? I think it was the lake water. I have continued to use the sunscreen I was using that day just in case, although I have used this before and it didn't clear me up. (It's All natural Badger, spf 15. ) My skin has been peeling each day and the bumps are getting smaller and smaller. I almost look normal again! I hope to hit the lake again this weekend and hopefully finish the job. Just wanted to share in case this might help anyone else.

Posted by Laurenmichele1 (Carlsbad, Ca, Us) on 02/02/2011

I suffered with Perioral Dermatitis for years. My dermatilogist gave me creams and antibiotics that would help the rash, but it always ended up reappearing. I found this site after researching dermatitis remedies. I tried applying greek yogurt, diaper rash cream, apple cider vinegar, violet extract and nothing helped! Finally, I decided to stop using everything on my face and just wash my face with water and apply no lotion. After a couple weeks, the dermatis was totally gone! My face would get so dry I used my son's really healthy lotion and my face broke out again! So I decided my dermatits was caused by something in lotion, healthy or not, and I have been dermatitis free since!

I can not stress how much Earth Clinic has helped my family. We now use molasses, ACV, raw honey, coconut oil, turmeric and a netti pot on a regular basis! Thank you Earth Clinic and everyone who has posted on this site. We are forever grateful!

Posted by Chelsea (Santa Barbara, Ca) on 10/07/2009

I have to say I agree with learning about the toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, etc. I have always been fairly conscientious about the products I use (Dr Bronners mint wash for body, Organic Shamp/Cond, Cetaphil face wash) and I have used tea tree oil for years on blemishes. But I was appalled to find out how many products have SLS in them. I switched my shampoo, only use the Dr Bronners or soap on my body and have found that ZERO soap on the face did the trick. Just water. I had read this but was still using a zinc soap (I had read that it helped) every day.

We went camping last weekend and I used nothing but bottled water to rinse off my face. When we got back, my spots had dried up and were barely red at all.

I was thinking that my face would get worse so I hurried to go wash it when we got back and they actually got worse from the washing, than from leaving them alone! In short, I learned to give them a break, just rinse with water. I use a solution of ACV with epsom salts dissolved in them at night and then ACV and some tea tree oil in the morning.

Good luck everyone!!