Perioral Dermatitis
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Omega Oils for Perioral Dermatitis

| Modified on Mar 10, 2024

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Posted by Kristen (Mount Shasta, California) on 04/25/2013

Finally Some Relief!!!

I am 29 and have been struggling with Perioral Dermatitis (PD) for sometime and I think I finally found some relief. This disorder has been such a blow to my self esteem in my late 20's, that I really want to share my experience to hopefully help someone else.

Because everyone and their skin is so different, I will try to briefly put myself into context here. I spend alot of time outside on the river and in the mountains all year long for work and recreation so I think my skin has been damaged by sun, water and cold air. I would always have flare ups surrounding these activities. Being healthy is very important to me as well, so I use all organic chemical free soaps, toothpaste, lotions ect and rarely wear makeup. I moisturize my face with pure, unscented shea butter always.

I tried every natural remedy I could find. I thought maybe its stress, hormoones, alcohol, gluten, dairy, sun-on and on... Nothing worked!!! Finally, after much research, time and trial, I started taking Omega 3-6-9 and Evening Primose Oil supplements, mainly for GLA. Finally, my skin is looking much better. It's not perfect, as I don't expect because of my outdoor activities, but my skin tone is much more even around my chin area with out the horrible flaky, blotchy, irriated mess it was. I havn't had any major flare ups and have been quite pleased. This supplement is the only thing I have been doing differently and it seems to be working!

I hope this helps someone!


Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oils
Posted by Dick (Willamsburg, Va) on 08/19/2012

I have tried nearly all the remedies that have been posted on this site, and yet the only thing that has worked for me is an Omega 3 treatment. Applying anything topical to the POD isn't treating the real problem, and for me that was an imbalance of the omega fatty acids in the body. I was consuming way too much omega 6 and no omega 3, which caused the rash around the mouth. What I did and continue to do, is take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil in the morning along with a tablespoon of cod liver oil at night. Nothing topical worked for me, and if it's not working for you either please consider this treatment.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oils
Posted by Virginia (Phoenix, Az) on 12/08/2011

I suffered for 3 years with perioral dermatitis. The medicine the docs gave made it worse. I finally visited a naturopath and he put me on Flaxseed oil - 3 tablespoons per day with meals. In three weeks my perioral dermatitis totally cleared up. He told me I had an Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency. I didn't see this remedy on the site so I thought it might be something for those of you who have not found a remedy that worked yet to try.