Chanca Piedra Herbal Benefits

| Modified on Jan 27, 2024
Chanca Piedra for Gallbladder Attacks

Chanca piedra is a remarkable medicinal plant that has long been used in Central and South America to treat kidney stones. liver issues and gallstones painlessly.

Its scientific classification is Phyllanthus niruri, while "Stone breaker" is the literal translation of the plant's common name, given to it by Spanish settlers who recognized its medical uses and many health benefits.

A much studied herb, chanca piedra has repeatedly been found to inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate crystals (the principle component of kidney stones) and even help to break up established stones.

It also contains organic compounds that reduce the spasmodic activity of smooth muscles in the kidneys, bladder, and ureter so that kidney stones can pass more smoothly.

Further, it has been shown to inhibit the expression of h. pylori, the bacterium that causes most stomach ulcers.

Chanca Piedra for Kidney Stones, Hepatitis B, and More!

In addition to its benefits for those with kidney stones and gallstones, chanca piedra is well-regarded as a potential remedy for hepatitis B, for reducing cholesterol in the bloodstream, and in modulating blood sugar levels.

Continue reading for feedback from over Earth Clinic readers who have tried Chanca Piedra for various health complaints.

Used this herb and had good results? Please send us your feedback!


Posted by Lilykam (Qld) on 05/17/2015

Arteriosclerosis: I have blocked Iliac and femoral arteries and refuse to have Angioplasty/Stents etc.

I know Stonebreaker (chanca Piedra) dissolves kidney and gallstones and wanted to know if it will also dissolve calcium in arteries.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

I do not know about Chanca piedra, but take Myrrh in powder (make a tea) or in capsules. It scrapes cholesterol out of the body.

Replied by Beamer
(Brisbane, Australia)

D-Limonene will scrape build-ups out of the body. Sweet orange oil is something like 95% D-Limonene. Research it :).

Replied by Kathleen

I would prefer Myrrh capsules. I see where people take 2-3 caps 3 times per day. That is too many for me to take. Is it possible to take less? Also is it hard on the stomach?

Replied by Prioris

You should make sure you are getting Vitamin K2 MK-4 also which is the Wesson Price active X ingredient. In Japan and Netherland they use a high dose K2 MK-4 (15g 3Xday) for curing osteoporosis. They add MCT oil to capsule so it can absorb the fat soluble K2. I take high dose K2 MK-4 along with some MK-7. You want to take fat soluble Vitamin A and D3. I take these with a tiny bit of coconut oil so the K2 will absorb.

Also be aware that the best calcium is MCHA calcium. It is the exact form the body uses. Calcium Citrate is second best.

Also be aware that a bioavailable Silica like JarrowSil or BioSil is what makes bones resilient and fracture proof. This is critical because increasing bone mass alone doesn't give you quality bones. This also provides critical ingredient to collagen and collagen production. It will help you look younger too.

Borax which is highly absorb-able form of boron is also important because it addresses the parathyroid gland issues which stores the most boron. If your parathyroid gland is broken, it will cause calcium metabolic dysfunction like stenosis / bone spurs. It also cures 70% of RA.

Look at Ultra Bone Up supplement ingredient label to see other cofactor support.

I am trying to rid my body of calcium deposits.

Pay It Forward
42 posts

Thank you - Lots of good info in your post.

If I may add... The large Rotterdamn Study of nearly 5K men/women showed that for Arterial Cardiovascular Calcification, interestingly, MK7 (to MK9) forms of K2 proved most effective, while MK-4 did not impact outcomes.

Bone Spurs

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Posted by Katherine (Las Vegas, Nv) on 09/03/2015

A friend told me that she tried chanca piedra for a foot bone spur and, within 2 months, the bone spur completely dissolved. Is this herb the answer to quickly dissolving a foot bone spur I have, which is painless but unsightly and makes it very difficult to wear a left shoe properly because of this bone spur?

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this subject. Thank you.

Replied by David

Hi, it's been some time, can u tell me what u discovered using CP or? thanks David

Calcium Buildup

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Posted by Jo (Surrey, England) on 02/14/2013

I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder 3 years ago. X-ray showed a build-up of calcium around my shoulder joint. Cortisone injection did absolutely nothing, same with painkillers. Eventually got rid of the raw, tearing pain with acupuncture.

However, 3 years later I still have a lot of stiffness in that shoulder. I was wondering if Chanca Piedra might be worth trying to dissolve the calcium. Any views or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Replied by Ruth
(Harlingen, Texas)

You might want to look into vitamin K2. There's a book called Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. The way I remember it, K2 moves calcium to the places it needs to go and away from the places it shouldn't be.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Chanca Piedra is a stone breaker. It can help. In addition you need to take foods rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K makes sure that your body's calcium is evenly distributed. It prevents deposit of calcium in one particular area.

First you can opt for food rich in Vitamin K. Natto, (japanese fermented soy) is the ideal food to supply Vitamin K. It is rich in vitamin K than any other food. But the taste of Natto is quite different. you have to acquire it. You can have a cup of natto with bread or rice daily.

Also do at least 20 mins of full body exercise daily.

Good health

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jo... I also had calcium deposits in the tendons in my shoulder joint that caused me great pain problems -- especially in the morning. In the early 1990s I also went to see a tissue specialist in UK about this problem because it had become such a painful problem. I spent two hours waiting to see the tissue specialist only for him to tell me that he could do nothing to help me. He also told me that his own wife had the same problem as me --for over 15 years!! This from aso-called specialist!! This did not engender much confidence on my part. He did offer to operate on my tendon and individually remove calcium particles but I thought this was a ridiculous solution that would never gaurantee an actual cure to the problem -- so I said no to the op. In the end I cured myself by deliberately and physically damaging my calcified shoulder(I did aikido at the time) -- figuring that if I deliberatey damaged this shoulder area then this would attract the immune system to the area and the calcium particles would be removed. It worked but I wouldn't recommend it!!

Your problem is essentially caused by a high calcium low magnesium diet as well as by lack of other nutrients in the diet.

A better way to deal with the calcified tendon problem would be to supplement the following:

Chanca Piedra - This is a wonderful herb which has a diuretic action that specifically helps to remove excess calcium from tissue and bone sites as well as from the blood. CP is also hypoglycemic (lowers excess blood sugar), and hypolipidemic (lowers excess blood fats). It has many beneficial characteristics:

Dose: Capsules -- 1000 mgs at every meal or drink the tea form 3 times a day. Avoid the the alcoholic extract form - not as good as the aqueous form.

Magnesium -- In the form of magnesium chloride (best form to take), magnesium citrate or mag gluconate. Essentially magnesium helps to regulate calcium in the body. Dose: 250 mgs twice a day.

Vitamin K2, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. This combination also helps to regulate calcium in bone and teeth. Weston Price determined through his own research that in all healthy primitive cultures which had perfect bone and teeth -- this particular combination of healthy vitamins was perhaps the main characteristic reason. These primitive cultures used fats like palm oil(high in vitamin A), coconut oil, butter oil(as clarified butter or ghee) and real grass fed butter -- which all contained healthy amounts of vitamin K2. The Japanese eat natto(acquired taste!! ) which also contains large amounts of Vitamin K2. The human gut flora also produces small amounts of vitamin k2. Weston Price, in his research, also noticed that these healthy primitive cultures had perfect teeth and bone structure right up to and beyong the age of 70 y o. No cavities in the teeth and no bone thinning or bone wasting at old age.

The dosages for these vitamins should be in the proper orthomolecular dosages(not RDA -- way too low) :

Vitamin K2: 1000 mcg per day. You can also get adequate amounts of K2 buy just eating grass fed butter everyday and not margarine.

Vitamin D3: 5,000 iu per day. If you live in a sunny tropical climate -- you wont need to take Vitamin D because your skin plus sun is abe to manufacture up to 20, 000 iu of vitamin D in your skin per day.

Vitamin A: 2,000 iu per day

Perhaps an easier way to take the Vitamin D and Vitamin A together is just to supplement good quality fish oil -- which contains both vitamins in the correct proprotions.

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va Usa)

Question for Bill: I'm interested in chanca piedra for kidney stones (passed one 2 weeks ago, there are 3 small ones, 1-2mm, in rt. Kidney). But you mention it can remove (excess) calcium from bones, and I have severe osteoporosis... Also, though I am not on blood pressure meds, mine is normally low, about 110/60, with occasional atrial ectopic heartbeats and tachycardia. So I'd be concerned if the herb lowers it further. Do you have any experience with these issues? So very grateful for your thoughts, and all your enormously informative posts!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Sue... I don't think that your low blood pressure is related or caused by just calcium problems. Osteoporosis is partly caused by a combination of high calcium in the diet and low magnesium intake. Magnesium is what helps to regulate calcium in the blood and cells. This lack of magnesium causes high amounts of calcium to be present in the blood while, because of poor blood calcium and bone regulation, there is constant bone loss and deterioration of the body's bone structure. This loss of bone also occurs for reasons of lack of nutrients needed to help properly regulate bone formation in the body.

Bone formation and bone removal are two separate ongoing processes in the body. The calcitonin hormone from the thyroid is involved in bone formation and the parathyroid governs bone removal. If your body lacks iodine then bone formation will be affected and boron or borax is very important to the parathyroid for normal bone removal. Other nutritional factors -- such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin K2 are also essential for bone formation.

It is quite apparent to me that because you have kidney stone problems, this must mean that you have excess calcium in your blood -- so your excess blood calcium needs to be reduced so you can avoid kidney stone problems in the future. The other half of this problem is caused by eating to much vegetable oils in your diet.

The following protocol will help your osteoporosis problems:

Magnesium Chloride (or Magnesium Oil) -- Ten drops twice a day. You can also use mag citrate -- 250 mgs twice a day.

Borax Water -- 1/8 tspn borax in a litre of water. Drink this mixture throughout the day. Take this remedy for 5 consecutive days then take 2 days off.

Kelp tablets - regular dosages to help thyroid support (calcitonin support).

Vitamin K -- 1000 mcgs once a day.

A Good quality fish oil (Vit A & D).

I also think that it would be safe enough for you to take the Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs three times a day with meals -- or drink the tea form three times a day. This will help to gently dissolve and remove the stones in your kidney.

To help with your low blood pressure -- magnesium chloride and sea salt supplementation will help you here. Chlorides (not sodium) are well known to help safely raise blood pressure to normal levels. Dosage for sea salt is 1/2 tspn with water outside mealtimes once a day.

Supplementing both magnesium and iodine from the kelp will also help to resolve your tachycardia heart problems. I also had racing heart problems when I had candida and the iodine plus magnesium resolved this problem quite quickly.

Alot of your problems seem to be linked to lack of magnesium and lack of iodine in your diet.

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va Usa)

Thank you so much, Bill. While I rarely consume vegetable oil (I use coconut oil) and am already taking many of the supplements you mention (kelp tablets, Iodoral, magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D, K2 and minerals including boron and silica have been part of my regimen for years), obviously it's not working. What you say about calcium/magnesium proportions makes a lot of sense, as well as the chemical forms. I will try the things you suggest, and I really appreciate your time and thoughts! -- Sue

Replied by Kingq
(Chonburi, Thailand)

What is the best method and dosage of Chanca Piedra to take for gallstones? Capsule or tea? Capsules are easier for me.

Replied by Jennifer
(Toronto, CA)

I am wondering if anyone can offer some insight. I have multiple kidney stones ranging from 4-9mm in size, and am pregnant. The only solution I have been offered is pain management with some drugs that I am absolutely terrified to take. I know that chanca piedra can break up stones even this size, but am sceptical to begin taking any as it has no studies about safe quantities during pregnancy. Can anyone offer any information as to whether taking a moderate or low dose is an option?

Chanca Piedra Contraindications

Posted by Nina (London) on 01/31/2014

Chanca piedra - Question to Bill

Is it safe to take chanca piedra if calcium is low?

I have been on haemodialysis for 15 years and I have secondary hyperthyroidism and my calcium is always low.

I'm on calcichew (calcium carbonate) and vitamin D but dont take it regularly . I would like to take chanca piedra but I'm scared because I read your post where you said it depletes calcium.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Nina...If you have low calcium issues then you should not be taking chanca piedra because it is a calcium channel blocker.

I would also further advise that calcium carbonate supplements are probably totally useless for absorption of calcium into the body. Two reasons for this. First, the body absorbs all minerals, including calcium, in their ionic(dissolved) forms. Secondly, calcium carbonate dissolves very poorly in water -- it has an absorption of only 0.001 gms per 100 ml, which is very poor indeed. The better forms of calcium to supplement -- the more soluble forms -- are calcium citrate and the chelated forms of calcium which provide much higher absorption of calcium into the body. I would also start including natural calcium sources like dairy into your diet.

Since you also have hypothyroidism -- this can also cause low calcium issues. Calcitonin, a hormone secreted from the thyroid, controls the osteoblasts for bone formation. This hormone removes calcium from the blood and puts it into bone. So I would advise the Iodine Protocol to help properly control bone formation and to improve your hypothyroid problems as well. The thyroid is completely dependent on proper amounts of iodine in the dietfro hormone production. All processed food diets lack iodine.

I would also start taking Boron supplements or Borax. Boron is necessary for the parathyroid to help regulate the removal of bone calcium into the blood. You have low blood calcium, so this makes sense. The bone forming and bone removal process is perpetually ongoing in your body to renew old bone. If mis-regulation occurs in this process then its possible to have serious calcium issues. That's why its also important to take Magnesium(as mag citrate or mag chloride -- 250 mgs twice a day) to help properly regulate the amount of calcium in the blood and in the cells.

Replied by Diane

As far as I understand Chanca Pierda is not safe while pregnant.

Replied by Roberto Arias Hirata
(Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico)

Excelente y deja todos los carbohidratos.

EC: Translation: excellent and cut out all carbohydrates.

Replied by Martha
(Greensboro, Nc)

I have a calcium level at 11.1, blood pressure that's always above 160/75, primary hyper parathyroid, nothing seems to lower my blood pressure but l-arginine and it only lowers it for a couple of hours. Is chanca piedra safe for me to take? I also have high chelosterol levels total in the 400's. What do you recommend for me. Thank you Martha

Replied by Laurie
(Rochester Hills, Mi)


This is not a sales pitch! I had high calcium and pth (parathyroid hormone) docs said we'd "keep an eye on it"...for 15 years. I did some research and found a parathyroid clinic. I asked my endocrinologist if the Norman Parathyroid Clinic was legit, and she told me if my insurance covered any portion, that I should go to Tampa to have the surgery to remove the diseased parathyroid gland/tumor...that the docs at the Norman Parathyroid Clinic (it's located in Tampa General Hospital) were the best...that's all they do, all day, every day...that's why the surgery there is 20 minutes. My scar is less than 1 inch long and is almost invisible. It sounds crazy that I flew from MI to FL for a 20 minute outpatient surgery, but I'm so glad I did. I'm also not one to comment online, but saw your comment and had to reach out. Good luck!!

Chanca Piedra Plant Identification

Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 08/18/2018 185 posts

Could someone look at this and confirm whether it is Chanca Piedra plant?

Thanks Baldev

Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)

Hi Baldev...I can confirm that your plant photo is definitely not Chanca piedra. The plant in your photo looks like it might be a member of the nightshade family.

Here is a link to some photos of Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) on the stuartxchange website:

In the Philippines, the herb is called sampa-sampalukan. Also note that the seeds form along the underside of the center leaf petioles and are most abundant at the top of the plant. This is unique to chanca piedra -- no other plant form their seeds under the petiole like this. This is how you can identify this plant so easily. CP only grows to a maximum height of about 50 to 60 cms.

Here is some more research on this herb from The Rain-Tree Tropical Plant Database which might also interest you:

Chanca Piedra Side Effects

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Posted by Lonnette (Florida ) on 03/02/2021

Is there a way to Flush Herbal toxicity?

Hi, I started taking chanca piedra, pau d'arco, and chaparral 5 days ago in the amounts (tablespoons per cup) that I've always taken tea in the past. Yesterday evening, I started feeling stinging pain in my kidneys and a slighter stinging pain in the liver area. It's not very painful, but the fact that it's there is alarming because I've never felt pain in those areas. I stopped taking the tea yesterday. If the pain gets worse I will go see a doctor, but have any of you experienced this? Should the pain pass on its own since I stopped taking the herbs? If the pain stops I would like to start over again but much slower.

Replied by HisJewel
(New York)

Greetings Lonette of Florida,

I am sure a few of us has had this experience and me too. I would just stop and give the herb or supplement a vacation, sometimes a long vacation depending on what reaction I had. Then, I would start back at a lower dosage.

Also, I would make myself a baking soda and lemon water drink: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to about two teaspoons of lemon juice in about a half cup of water. Then I would chase that down with a glass of water. Throughout the day I would drink several glasses of water. But actually, after the baking soda and lemon juice water, my kidneys would feel very happy.


(New York)

Two More Things Lonnette,

I do remember having some stubborn pain in the kidneys a time or two. I used Castor oil, or the Castor oil and DMSO mix to rub on the area. Both worked well. I also continued the baking soda and lemon juice and water drink in the morning before breakfast, plus several glasses of water throughout the day.

Here's a third remedy,

I keep remembering as I remember. Once I had a time shaking the kidney pain, I used the Baking Soda and Molasses cure for that one. I drank it once each morning until the kidney pain left.

Have a wonder filled day!



Replied by Lonnette

Hello 👋 :) thank you for your response, I will try the baking soda and Lemon, also will continue to drink a lot of water. I'm also in the middle of a juice fast.

Chanca Piedra Side Effects
Posted by Jill D. (United States) on 04/13/2019

Wondered if you have heard of anyone reacting to the Chanca Piedra in any way. I seem to begin to itch in my arm pits between my fingers, groin area, ankles and I did get some redness on my face.. Great for the pain so cut down dosage to see if I can work into its use. Any thoughts on the itching would be helpful. Thanks.

Replied by Katy

Jill, It could possibly be contributing to a cleansing, thus coming out through your skin. I see this often when folks are detoxing from Yeast in the body - you may want to back off the amount you are taking...also drink plenty of water, make sure moving your bowels and consider a probiotic as well.

Replied by HisJewel
(United States)

Hi Jill, I had the same reaction. All over itchy, especially my ankles, and lower legs. I scratched my lower legs so bad with my nails that I had scabs and had to use iodine to help them heal. I was taking 1000mgs Chanca Piedra. I had read its wonderful benefits and wanted to try it. I only took it for a week or two. I must have been taking way to much. it took about 3 weeks for my skin to completely calm down. All is well now, however i will wait until I learn more about this one again before I try it again. HisJewel

Replied by HisJewel
(United States)

Hi again Jill D. I decided to go ahead and look up sided effects of Chanca Piedra. I found out there are two types of Chanca Piedra: Phyllanthus niruri and Phyllanthus amarus.

The first mention Phyilanthus niruri is said to be safe non toxic with few side effects. The second mentioned Phyilanthus and in High doses could be toxic and may be harmful to kidneys.. I tried it out Chanca Piedra about February 2019, the company I ordered from does not say what type of Chanca Piedra it is, it just says organic and says to take 1000mg once a day. Which proved too strong for me.



Herb Pharm Chanca Piedra (Phyilanthus niruri ) on Amazon, probably maybe iherb, and Vitacost.

Replied by Vicki

I don't know about mentioning brand names on here, but Swanson has the niruri variety. I took a lot of it with no allergy or other symptoms for quite awhile.This has been over 4 yrs. ago. I didn't pass any stones, but noticed cloudy urine the 1st few times I took it. I assumed it was clearing my kidneys & that's what that was. I eventually used up all but one bottle of that great sale order & MOL forgot about it.

BTW, I got Hep B in 1980 & nearly died, then was hospitalized & dosed (not long after an old naturopath saved my life from that & about 4 other concurrent illnesses) by a traditional doctor for bronchitis with an IV antibiotic I TOLD him specifically not to use because it's contraindicated for liver patients. That pretty much finished off my liver. I recently began experiencing bloating of then pain & shrinkage of what has to be my liver. I also have MG & now have CHF & HBP which is killing my kidneys. I am about to scrape up the funds to buy another batch of the niruri & save myself this time.

I used potassium citrate for one of my little dogs with kidney stones & damage from the Sam's melanine contaminated/fortified dog cookies that killed so many pets in the mid 2000s, but I read it can cause potassium problems if not used carefully. Hope this helps someone.

Chanca Piedra Side Effects
Posted by Linda (Dallas, Texas) on 05/01/2015

Chanca Piedra for removing calciums deposits and lowering high blood pressure.

I had ordered some and after taking a dropper full, I became light headed, and had a headache. I also read an article that said after 10 days, blood pressure was not lowered after using chanca Piedra.

Can you give me a location of studies of chanca piedra and testimonies of lowering blood pressure and removing calcium deposits? thanks. Linda

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Linda...Here is some research on Chanca Piedra which is taken from Leslie Taylor's Herbal database. She's the lady who created Raintree Herbals. All of the many research papers on chanca piedra's proven healing properties are declared at the end of the article below.

Chanca piedra

Replied by Bee
(New York)

Linda.. I am not sure why that happened to you but for me I have been drinking three cups of chanca piedra tea every few days and I am expelling painful gallstones and a bunch of things..I am feeling this is amazing and I am going to keep doing it until my pain is gone.....

The only thing I can think of is maybe you are getting rid of toxins and you had this reaction. I don't know but for me its working well... and I do have high blood pressure but I wasn't using it for that.. maybe an extra bonus..

Gallbladder Stones

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Posted by Lisa (England) on 12/20/2015

My gallbladder is packed with stones -- and despite many liver flushes - it just wasn't moving the stones out quickly enough (and my health was failing as a result).

Long story short - yesterday I received 100ml of Chanca Piedra in tincture form (suspended in glycerin; 1:1, glycerin). I started taking 2ml per dose (a couple of drops), followed by filtered water. Am also taking a swig of apple cider vinegar (it enhances and helps! ) daily.

It's been 24 hours since I started taking Chanca Piedra and tonight I passed two large stones. One the size of a walnut. The other was flattish but thick - like the shape of the side of the gallbladder - very large (I couldn't stop staring at it - in wonder, how it came out!! ). Minimal discomfort! In fact, once I started taking the Chanca Piedra - the pain was quite diminished and I could feel something different going on in my gut.

Tonight, I decided to do a coffee enema because I was developing a nasty headache; a sign of toxins leaking into my system. (it's not good if gallstones sit in the bowel, or the toxins are taken back into the system via the bowel walls). Anyway, that's when the stones came out. Headache immediately gone!

This stuff is nothing short of amazing!!

P.S. I took 5 doses yesterday - and 5 doses today. Will continue, until I feel the gallbladder is cleared out. My tummy is way less distended than it was yesterday, as well!!


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Posted by Ong3 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 10/02/2021

Chanca piedra is a better remedy for gout. I have tried ACV, tart cherry juice and some others but I find chanca piedra most effective. I mixed a teaspoon of chanca piedra powder in a glass of warm water and drink the mixture. You should feel the pain lessen in a few hours. Twice a day if you are already suffering from gout. The mixture is quite bitter or take chanca piedra in capsule form, without the bitterness.

Replied by Joseph A.
(Stockton, California)

The capsules of Chanca piedra are how many MG milligrams? Currently I am taking 500mg daily, I still have pain, I will have to increase. Let me know how many MG and how often. Thank you



If the chanca piedra does not work out for you, I can offer another suggestion with at least one study to support its effective use for gout.


Hepatitis B

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Posted by Frank (Kenya) on 08/17/2013

Was Hep B+, took chanca piedra (boiled- which grows as a weed locally) for about 6months, the virus fully cleared!

Replied by Leon

I really need help with hep b.... Any one out there.... Should I stop doctor medication and start BHT and chandra piedra... Any advise plz

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

You will NEVER get me to advise going against a doctor's advice. If you choose to try BHT and or chianca piedra, I suggest doing so along with any prescribed medications...Oscar

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Leon: Good news is there are a variety of treatments effective at killing Hep-c AND restoring liver function. The path you take to wellness is your choices, so here's a link? to the hep-c page for your perusal.

Back to the decision making process. You have 3 options: 1. Fallow your MD's prescription & advice, and monitor your outcome. Did you get better?? If no, 2. Try integrating the conventional medicine prescription w/ alternative remedies here or 3. Stop conventional med treatment (assuming it's not working) and adopt an alternative med protocol while monitoring results.

Replied by Nur

Hi Frank, Good news. How you boiled and eat it? Boiled mean cooking or something else? Requested to share recipe.

Replied by Shella
(Saudi Arabia, Jeddah)

I am in saudi arabia & dont no where can I buy lab grade chanca piedra capsules or powder or seeds

Replied by Lorey

Sheila, try for Chanca Piedra.

Replied by Josephine

am Josephine from South Sudan am chronic Hbv and I got the web site I got the chanco the wild not planted am continue taking I just boil water and get the greens dip into the hot water and drinking it like tea am not yet gone for check up for how long will I drink and how is it suppose to be take and is the wild one Good

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Josephine, I have not used chanca piedra for hbv but would recommend covering and steeping your tea for minimum 20 minutes before you drink. Steeping longer brings out the bitter properties which can only be beneficial for the liver. Best to you.

Replied by Deborah

Hey Frank, what's the local name for this plant, please?

Replied by Lacusman

How do I prepare herb for tea?>

(New Zealand)

Hi Lacusman in Ghana,

Chanca Piedra Tea (Sometimes known as "Stone-Breaker" Tea)

Preparation: Add 4 level teaspoons of Chanca Piedra to 5 cups of boiling water. Reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for between 15 to 20 minutes. When cool, you strain the tea and discard the leaves. This will make 4 cups of tea. Serve hot or cold. Store in a refrigerator in a glass container (with a lid on) for up to a week. This may save you some prep. time.

Chanca Piedra Tea is claimed to support the health of the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, bladder and pancreas. It is also said to promote healthy fat digestion.

For Urgent and Immediate use take one cup of tea 3 - 4 times per day for liver-gall bladder support and 6 - 8 times per day for kidney-bladder support on an EMPTY stomach (important) for up to one month or as directed by your health care professional.

For a Maintenance Dosage you take one cup of tea once or twice daily on an empty stomach for 5 or 6 days per week.

Wishing you well on your recovery journey

Cheers from Down Under

Kidney Stones

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Posted by leole (valentine, ne) on 01/26/2024

I have used chanca piedra in capsule form for 5 years and have not had a stone since. They used to occur about one time per year.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/15/2022

A friend of ours related a story to us that I thought I would share.

Her elderly mother was in the hospital. Her mother has many health problems including dementia and heart problems. (I am not even sure why she was in the hospital.)

While in the hospital, her mother was having severe pain but couldn't tell them why (due to the dementia) and our friend and the staff were mystified.

Then our friend remembered that her mother had a history of kidney stones. She asked the doctor if they could check. Sure enough she had kidney stones, according to a scan. They wanted to do surgery, but it would be a few days out and of course, surgery had its own risks with her age and health problems.

Our friend asked if they could try Stone Breaker herb, that her mother had used it before. The hospital was not willing. They said they didn't know how it might interact with her medications, and she had a feeding tube so that complicated giving it to her.

Well, surgery was taking a while to schedule and our friend was very kind and but persistent. She finally found a doctor to agree to try it, even though, he said, it wouldn't help.

They gave her stone breaker 4 times a day. After a couple of days, it was clear that the pain was gone. Surgery seemed to have been forgotten and they were going to send her home.

Our friend asked if they could check about the kidney stones. The doctor was reluctant but did another scan, and what do you know, the stones were gone!

There are several morals to the story - one is that hospital patients benefit greatly by having an advocate, family who knows them, especially. Second is that kindness goes a long way, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as the old saying says. And third, stone breaker works!

~Mama to Many~

Kidney Stones
Posted by Jc (Florida ) on 11/07/2021

I had my first stone about 5 years ago. The ER doctor told me to take potassium citrate 3x day to keep urine alkaline. Then I was told about Chandra piedra. It's a Godsend to me. When I first feel that ache in the kidney before it get to pain, I take 2capsules 3 times a day. If severe I do it 5 times a day. It takes about 30 minutes to work. They are alway with me. As I get older I don't tolerate oxalates well which can cause stones. If I want a handful of nuts, or a spoon of peanut butter I'll take 1 capsule of Chanda piedra. It wards off the ache or pain.

I now use Whole World Botanical. Their capsules work up to thirty minutes. Usually twenty. They are pharmaceutical grade, been tested and without any fillers. They are wonderful to work with. They also carry the liquid. I use that in emergencies. Takes ten minutes or less.

find the number of oxalates in the foods you like. You'll save yourself in pain knowing them. I still eat things with oxalates in them but not as many and I took a capsule or capsules to counteract. I first discovered them drinking Bai drink with stevia. Had the backache then pain and discovered stevia has 92% oxalates.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Judy (Michigan) on 09/06/2019

I started having very painful kidney stones about 10 years ago. I'd have at least one a year and then nothing for awhile, then more stones. I have always been able to pass them, but not without several days of excruciating pain.

After having the last one 3 years ago, I searched the internet for a cure and chanca piedra popped up. I purchased a tincture of chanca and after taking for several days, I passed a large stone without having pain.

Several days later I passed a number of very small ones. I have been using this tincture daily for the last 3 years without having any more kidney stones.

P.S. I do take magnesium and potassium along with other vitamins because of the diuretic effect of Chanca piedra.

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