Hepatitis B Treatment and Holistic Cures

| Modified on Dec 11, 2023

What Is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a serious health condition that can be described as infection of the liver. Caused by hepatitis B virus or HBV, hepatitis B can become chronic if not treated appropriately and lead to liver failure, cancer or cirrhosis. Most affected individuals fully recover, though, even if they have experienced severe symptoms.

Both signs and symptoms of hepatitis B tend to develop gradually. With an onset of symptoms typically taking three months, an individual can be infected with the virus for a long period of time before realizing it. Common symptoms of the condition include abdominal pain, dark urine, joint pain, fever, decrease in appetite, gastrointestinal distress, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and jaundice or yellowing of the skin and eyes.

Hepatitis B is caused by the hepatitis B virus and is passed person to person via blood, semen and other bodily fluids. As the infection invades the liver, the HBV cells multiply causing inflammation and further symptoms. Most individuals avoid contracting hepatitis B by getting the hepatitis B vaccine; however, some instances still occur. Behaviors that heighten the risk of contracting hepatitis B include having unprotected sex, sharing needles or drug paraphernalia and accidental sticks in the healthcare field.

Natural Hepatitis B Remedies

With proper treatment and care most individuals recover fully from hepatitis B. Schizandra, alpha lipoic acid, selenium and chanca piedra reduce liver enzymes, inflammation and fibrosis. Vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin C, standard multivitamins, mineral pills and lipid monolaurin are all important supplements to take as well. Additionally, eating a diet low in fat and high in fiber is important for supporting overall health and treatment of hepatitis B. Continue reading below for more hepatitis B remedy recommendations from Earth Clinic contributions, including Oscar's famous BHT remedy for all hepatitis viral strains.

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Advanced Stage Hepatitis B Remedies

Posted by Danbuzu (Katsina, Nigeria) on 05/09/2013

Am I dying sooner please? Good morning, I finally uncovered that I've a chronic liver problem. And I'm dying any moment from now. My ALP alkaline Phosphate is 12. My total and direct BILIRUBIN are 22 and 14 respectively. HBsAg, anti HBe and anti HBc are all reactive. While HBeAg and Anti HBs are non reactive.

I'm thinking of withdrawing from my studies since I'm already dead. Pls I'm waiting for a medical advice from the Medical Expert. I've experienced mild enlargement of the liver according to radiologist. The liver show decrease parenchymal ecogenicity with with uniform parenchymal echo pattern. There's accentuation of the portal trisds giving the so called starry sky appearance due to inflammatory changes. He concluded that SONOGRAPHIC ARE THOSE OF HEPATIC INFLAMMATORY CHANGES MOST LIKELY DUE TO VIRAL HEPATITIS. However, whenever I'm lying on my back I do feel something is not normal in the right side of my chest, and it increasingly paining me. Pls I need more explanation.

Thank you!

Replied by John
(Sydney, Australia)

Buy shizandra, alpha lipoic acid, selenium and chanca Pedra immediately to reduce your liver enzymes, inflammation and fibrosis. Hep b can be controlled and cured as well. U don't have to die. Take this supplements 2 tablet twice daily at different times (reduce drug interaction) except selenium one tablet twice daily for two weeks. Other tablet for one month.

take virgin coconut oil 2 teaspoon twice daily and order BHT and take as required.

you will be surprised at this amazing treatment after two month.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, USA)
2063 posts

Danbuzu: There is treatment options and you may improve upon your condition. Try some of the remedies used by others on this page: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/hepatitis-b.html

Good luck.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Well, there is the BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] treatment for hepatitis B. It did work for me and others for hepatitis B as discussed in this group`s forum. People living in Nigeria can purchase BHT here:


The BHT treatment is discussed in this group`s archives here:

01/19/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear James from Bangkok, I have tried many times to copy and paste what "T" for tablecorn has to say about the use of BHT to treat chronic hepatitis B. I will try again:

Here are my HBV test results:

HBV IU/mL: 260, 230
HBV Copies/mL: 1, 514, 500

HBV IU/mL: 204, 890
HBV Copies/mL: 1, 192, 500

HBV IU/mL: 28, 970
HBV Copies/mL: 168, 600

After the first three months, I had a 25% reduction between my first and second test, and a 86% reduction between my second and third test. 1, 514, 500 to 168, 600 is amazing!

Though, it's hard to say exactly what has contributed to this. In addition to BHT, I started taking Chanca Piedra and Monolaurin these last three months. I also cut out a lot of my workout supplements/super dosing of vitamins.

Chanca Piedra is said help prevent certain viruses from replicating and monolaurin is said to destroy lipid coated viruses, similar to BHT. I'm sure they've both had a big impact on my results.

There are other reports discussed in this group`s archives regarding BHT and also Chanca Piedra. Click here to read the many reports with or without BHT here:


Replied by Jamaal2013

Danbuzu: You are not dying and you need to maintain a very positive outlook. It is all the same for us when we first dicscovered our HBV status. But as you read more and get your test result you will be so convinced that you will likely grow old and die of something else. You need to know that HBV is manageable. There are good therapies out there and your gastroenterologist will likely make some recommendations. Also there are many herbs and other alternatives you may explore as mentioned in the forum. I just started trying Chanca piedra (it grows as weed in my compound, so easy so cheap). Just so you know it is called 'geron tsuntsaye' in Hausa. If you are interested in having a conversation we can exchange contacts and discuss more.


I like your message! it's encouraged me to go on and continue my life!

Replied by Danbuzu

Jamal, I really want chat with you. Are you on Facebook? My account there is Facebook.com/danbuzu.Musawa. What of you?

Replied by Davey D.
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

To Jamaal 2013 How about trying to cure your hep b instead of managing it. There are products that are having a large succes rate in doing so. I will name them for you so you will know.

BHT (butylated hydroxy toluene) 350mg once a day proven to kill all lipid coated viruses. Chanca Piedra 500mg once a day with food at fifferent times. B12 5,000mcg sublingual, Vitamin D3

The thing is knowing what not to take like grape fruit juice, and milk thistle blocks these compounds and vitamin E helps the virus to replicate.

Davey D.


Hi Davey D.

- My sister was diagnosed about 25 plus years ago with Hepatitis B. I did not find out until today that she has been on Vemlidy prescription all these years. Doctors have told her that she can't stop taking it otherwise she will die. I don't know much about this disease but I am a firm believer in natural remedies and thanfully she is open to holistic remedies. So, the first place I thought of checking is with my Earth Clinic community! So grateful for this forum and everyone who takes the time to share their testimony! Thank you for your message breaking down each supplement dosage and instructions. It's very helpful. I have never heard of BHT or Chanca Piedra. Where do you recommend I buy it and which brand best? Is this a regimen that has to be maintained forever? Is it okay to take with her prescription? Hopefully, she will be able to wean off of it and eventually just take the natural supplements. Thanks in advance for your help and anyone else who has had success with this method of treatment. Liz

Replied by Jamaal2013

@Danbuzu: I will send you a personal message on FB to commence a chat.

@ Davey D: Yes Davey, Cure is the thing. I am trying to see how I can order for BH, Chanca piedra and Salvia ligustrum. In fact, anything that can take it away. I can't seem to find any local store here in Nigeria that sells them. So I have to order online. As for chanca piedra, I have it growing all around my house, the problem is the dosage. I just make a decoction of it but I will prefer to have in tablet form.

Replied by Al
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi All.. I have HBV for 7 years, have being taking Baraclude all the time, everytime I stopped it VL went back up. Total waste of time. Really want to try everthing you are suggesting here as far as what herbs to take.. I want to clear HBV, just sick of stress living with this..

Reading the forum, thanks for sharing everything.

Also is there are any good natural docs to see in LA area that can guide me with these "ulternative" treatments. Rhanks

Replied by Danielle
(Libreville, Gabon Republic)

Am confused. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know if my life is already finished if I should give up or not. I have been reading all the comments here and I must say it's giving me some little hope. I wish to talk to some one who is really getting much positive responds to this. Here are my result

- Hbe Negative
- HBs Ag ELISA 2.701Abs
- Nv: l 0.154

Please what does this means??

It's so difficult as I don't even know about the viral count nothing. I read alot and here I saw much on chanca piedra which I found here. I stated taking it and also I bought selenium, BTH, Astragus V D3, Alpha lipoic Acid and NADH rich in Coenzyme. I have been taling the chanca along side with Immunoplex that was prescribed by the doctor. But must of the time I really get pains on my right stomach and am scared if am doing the right thing. Also making virgin coconot oil from coconut myself which am taking 2 spoons everyday. I don't eat salt, I never smoke or drink alcohol. Please can any one give me some advice. My fiance is negative and all my two X girfriends are negative too. They have never been vacinated against Hep. Please I need some advice what should I do, if she take the vacine can we make kids?? and how can I go about taking this medications??

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Danielle, I will start my response by saying I also have NO idea as to what those numbers and their corresponding acronyms mean. Also, one of the questions you asked is whether or not the treatments you mentioned were safe to use if considering getting pregnant. I very much advise against getting pregnant until and unless this hepatitis B issue is resolved. So first concentrate on resolving this hepatitis B issue before getting pregnant.

If you choose to try the BHT treatment, use that treatment and none of the others. The BHT treatment does NOT work well with other treatments.

The BHT treatment is:

200mg to 350mg of BHT taken once or twice a day with water only on an empty stomach. People who weigh less need and desire less BHT. You have to find a dosage you are comfortable with.

The supplements that work well with BHT are:

1. Vitamin B12 in a daily dosage of 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ]. 1mg [ milligram ] is the same as 1, 000mcg.
2. Vitamin C in a daily dosage not to exceed 1, 000mg
3. A regular type vitamin B-complex tablet
4. A standard multi-vitamin and mineral pill.
5. The lipid monolaurin is OK to use.

Do NOT take any other supplements with the BHT treatment. Do NOT take milk thistle. Do NOT take vitamin E supplements. Do NOT drink grapefruit juice

In short: Keep the BHT treatment simple for best results... Oscar

Replied by Ethel

hello I"m Ethel. I have been carrier of hep b, I only knew this since june 2012. I did try chanca piedra, with vit b complex, vit c and warm lemon juice for my my liver detoxification first thing in the morning. I ordered salvia ligustrum and and BHT and now I don't know about the dosage and If I can take both of them.. pls I need your help.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ethel from Australia, I hope to be of some help to you regarding BHT dosage. It is a tricky issue. You have to find a dosage you are comfortable with. For people of average weight you should start out with no more than 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. The more you weigh the more you need but it need not be that much. I myself was using only one or two 250mg capsules of BHT per day and I weighed about 175 pounds when I succesfully treated my hepatitis C infection. There are many people who tolerate as much as two 350mg of BHT per day=700mg per day. There are others who have adverse reactions to even one 250mg of BHT per day. These capsules are easy to pull apart so you can lower the dosage if needs be. You have to find out for yourself what you are comfortable with. For an average size woman 250mg of BHT taken with water only twice a day seems to be plenty enough and may be too much. If adverse effects are felt stay with one dose per day. Age is also a factor. Younger people seem to tolerate larger doses better than people over 55 or so. Trying to help, ...Oscar

Replied by Ethel

Thank you so much Oscar. I am petite and only weigh 100 pounds. I did try taking 250mg BHT twice a day on an empty stomach and haven't experienced side effects so far. I cut down fatty foods and eat more fruits, vegetables, daily exercise and prayers of course. But how about taking Salvia ligustrum with BHT? or Should I take BHT simply with my vit c and vit b complex? Thanks again.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ethel from Ausrtralia. You are a petite woman at only 100 pounds. If you tolerate the 250mg of BHT taken twice a day=500mg of BHT per day that should be plenty enough. If adverse effects are experienced lower the dosage used.

Now those B vitamins work well with the BHT treatment. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] which is the same as 1,000mcg [ micrograms ] is especially helpful. Also the lipid or oil monolaurin works well with BHT. Vitamin C in a dosage of between 500mg and 1,000mg also works well with BHT.

I do not know whether or not the other supplements you discussed will work well with BHT or not.

Many supplements do NOT work well with the BHT treatemnet including milk thistle and iit`s extracts, grapefruit juice, and others.

There is the BHT CURES CHAT GROUP if you wish to be in contact with other people using the BHT treatment here.

Please do report your results here at the EARTH CLINIC....Oscar

Replied by Rob

Oscar, thanks for your great work here..

1. I was wondering if you heard of anyone using BHT transdermally with any success? Saturate an oil with BHT and apply it to the body?

2. Did BHT really fill in your bald spot?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Rob from Manhattan, The BHT does seem to be what cleared up that bald spot. This bald spot was quite obvious prior to my using BHT on a daily basis starting in 1997 when I was 48 years old. I am now 64 years old and that bald spot is still gone. One of the women at THE BHT CURES CHAT GROUP has also reported that an area of her scalp that had significantly thinning hair has filled in and improved greatly. Others have reported receding gums about their teeth filling in and becoming normal.

The more you look into this BHT stuff, the more health benifits you find if and only if you use sensible dosing. You need to find a dosage you are comfortable with. For me, a 200 pound male 350mg per day seems to be about right. If I use more than that on a regular basis I do experience an undesirable stimulant effect along with some stomach discomfort. When I was younger I was able to tolerate as much as 350mg of BHT twice a day=700mg of BHT per day. But I can no longer tolerate that much BHT on a daily basis without the adverse effects I just described.

This is no miracle cure. It is based on sound, proven chemisrtry. BHT very readily deactivates free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

For example when hydrogen peroxide is split or cleaved you have two very reactive and destructive free radicals called hydroxy radicals. Look at how simple it is: H-O-O-H , hydrogen peroxide becomes two O-Hs. BHT deactivates this by donating one hydrogen atom to each O-H and thereby becomes H-O-H [ water ]. This is done in pairs or two at a time. Then the two different carbons that gave up those one each hydrogens bond to each other. Those two carbons bonded to each other now satisfy the octet rule. Simply stated: the carbon atom`s need to have 4 chemical bonds to be a stable compound. There are exceptions to this octet rule also. But that is another fairly complex aspect of organic chemisrty.

You can join in the fun at: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/THE_BHT_CURES_CHAT_GROUP/

This group is there for those interested... Oscar

Replied by Danielle1010

Hi Oscar, this is Daniel from Libreville again. Oscar, I need to know if its normal to have all this pains on my right stomack when taking the BHT treatment?? before I started taking any medications I feld no pains at all, but then when I started the treatment thats when all the nightmare started. Please could you give me some more tips on this please am really kinna confused now

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Danielle, I'm not Oscar, but as with anything you might try, if it's hurting, STOP!! Then if you want to try again, start MUCH slower: much less dosage and fewer times (like once in two days instead).

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Danielle from Libreville, I have consistantly stated than whenever adverse effects are experienced LOWER the dosage of BHT used. You do use the plural as in medications. What other medications are you using ? BHT does NOT work well with many of the other treatments discussed in this forum. How much BHT are you using ? How much do you weigh ? ...Oscar

Replied by Leon

Oscar from Syracuse, New York. I am reading all these post my question is: can I use BHT and Chanca piedra and, salvia all at same time? My email: omyg56 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Leon from FL, We had at least one report that BHT taken seperately with water on an empty stomach worked very well with the herb chanca peidra taken seperately, not at the same time as a treatment for a chronic hepatitis B infection. So apparently these two different treatments do work well together for a hepatitis B infection.

There are numerous reports of both the BHT and the chanca piedra treatment working well for a hepatitis B infection and NO indication that they do not work well together.

I know nothing about salvia and have NO opinion about it good or bad.

Also for people with liver disease a moderate, regulal type vitamin B complex tablet along with a vitamin B12 dose of 1mg per day helps . 1mg [ milligrams ] is the same as 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ]. Vitamin B12 is sold in mcg [ microgram ] dosages. Also vitamin C taken in daily doses of 500mg to 1, 000mg does seem to help. But vitamin E supplements should be avoided because vitamin E supplements have been proven to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate. Of course you need some vitamin E, but a healthy diet provides plenty enough. And importantly: BHT does NOT work well with milk thistle and it`s extracts.

I base my recommendations on the feedback available as to what works and does not work. And there is substantial feedback about all this in this important forum and others also....Oscar

Replied by Chucks Ben

Listen to me all. I was once a hepatitis b carries for 10 good yrs.but nothing happened to me and at last it was cured with prayers. After my pastor prayed for me he told me to to go back and have another test., and after the test it found negative. This just a simple thing to god because can also cure HIV .there is nothing god can not do if you believe and meet the right man of god to pray for you on this issue. thanx

Replied by Shemustwin
(Sheffield, Uk)

Long time since I last wrote on this forum. Was waiting for my lab results and to see the level of the HBV.

Before I go ahead I will first of all say thank you to all the people on this forum and most especially to those who have tried these remedies and then posted their results for others to see. My greatest thanks also goes to Oscar who has helped many to be strong and never to lose any hope on this disease. Well, I will let you see my recent results soon.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Semustwin from Sheffield, UK: I very much appreciate your thank you. I can only hope I am worthy of it. We, I was getting a number of very impressive reports at my now non-existing BHT cures group. I ended that group because of threats of legal actions against me by one of that group`s members. He had been taking BHT for about one year and began complaining about muscle cramps in his shoulder blades. He was treating a hepatitis C infection with BHT. When asked if he had ever had any testing done to determine if the BHT treatment had worked or not he said no, but was determined to cause me grief for my efforts. That is why I ended that group. I do not have the fortitude that Ted does. I am unwilling to spend my life and what little money I have fighting it out in court with such people.

Anyway, some very impressive results were reported with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis B and C. Many did achieve UNDETECTABLE with those viral load count tests. I very much hope you will be one of them....Oscar

Replied by Raja

Hi. It is long time when you wrote this post I am wondering how you are getting on with any treatment for Hepatitis b. Regards Raja

Replied by Yasir

Dear Davey,

Thank you so much for your valuable comments, could you please advise the meaning of treatment? Is HBV curable as in it can be removed from the body completely with medication? I am a chronic HBV carrier and I have been told that there is no cure for HBV.

Replied by Sani Ahmad

Dear Oscar, I bought BHT (butylated hydroxy toluene) but the capsules contain 250mg and I don't know how to convert it to 350mg, since I am huge and fat. Please advise me on what to do, because I waited for almost one month to get this from US to here in Malaysia. Looking for your reply

Replied by Samo
(Phoenix, Az)

Hi there,

To answer your question, please allow me tell you about my own experience. I found out that I have a chronic Hepatitis B in 2006. I felt fine at that time, However, Doctor gave me a medicine (entecavir (Baraclude)) and said it will help to bring down virus load, but not cure (I should ask more about "not cure"). I trusted him 100% without any question. And I took it. 3 months late, test result looked very good. the virus load went to most under detect it. Then about 6 months total after taking that medicine, I felt pain in my back where kidney area, and body pain.

Long story short, then stop taking it after about 10 months from when start taking it. All my kidney pain, and body pain issues went away. But down side is virus load spiked back. Plus this medicine made virus change from inactive to active, based on last blood test result from doctor. And after 1 month stop taking that medicine, I started having all kind issues with my liver.

I had been used natural herbs/foods since then to treat any symptom that I had. Here is how I live with it so far:

1. Don't take medicine for hep B, if it doesn't cure it. Specially you feel fine. And if you make a decision to take it, then please ask all kind of questions, reach for second, third, even fourth opinions.

2. Don't take painkiller, It will make our liver getting worse. And most of the time, we need to feel pain that how we know what wrong. I always look at this way, pain meaning our body tells us that change life style: the way we eat, exercise, mood.

3. I always taking supplement:
main for HEP B: SELENIUM 200 mcg, NAC sustain, B-Complex, R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid every day. Zinc 30mg for 3 days and skip 2 or 3 days.
SPECIAL: MILK THISTLE taking 5 table spoons. Yes 5 table spoons per day. When you feel any issue with liver. And drink dry Artichoke leaf (boiling about 1 big leaf in 16 oz of water like making a tea). Need to taste that bitter.
dandellion, Red Reishi mushroom are good to take too

4. If feel any pain at liver side (right side). I took 1 tsp of black seed oil in morning and 1 tsp at night before bed. This works for me all time. Also see step 7

5. Vitamin D. either taking a sunbath or taking supplement. Lately, I found out that we need to take Vitamin D with K2 ratio.

6. Vitamin C. I take high dose until feel soft stool, when I have flu/cold. And in the past, I often went doctor at naturopathic medicine college to iv vitamin therapy session. Lately, I feel fine and busy at work, I stopped doing that for more 3 years now.

7. Juice vegetable: I always juice "Beet, Carrot, Kale, ginger". those are main ones for liver. And sometime I added parsley for kidney.

8. Water. make sure enough mineral water if we can. Now a day, we have filter drinking water which filter everything including mineral.

9. RELAX. Often relax. Don't get anger, there is nothing worth more than our health. If start feel anger, laugh with it. It took me years to find out how to relax. Even now, I would say I am not complete relax yet. How do I practice to relax? jump into pool and play dead. feel all joins, muscles and let them relax completely. And Meditation, it is not easy to sit still ( if we can slowly increase time to more than 1 hour), when I started. And then I would say I know how to relax. :-)
PRAY also is good way to relax too.

10. Foods: I don't eat meat for at least 8 years. so I just say what food I eat most every day
- oils:
extra virgin Olive 3-5 table spoons
sometimes taking cold express virgin coconut oil. specially when I feel tired
Avocado oil for fried food
Black seed oil for cure my right side pain
Seeds: chia seeds or power flax seeds for morning, pumpkin seed/sunflower seeds for snack
Nuts: 2 full hands for mixed nuts without salt for Costco
Fruit: wild blueberries, goji (little bit expensive), cranberry. all kind of berries. wild and organic or non-GMO at much as possible.
Gains: I am Asian, rice is the main dish. Now, I try eating less rice and adding more seeds in whole wheat bread. I got seeduction bread from whole foods.
Additional, every morning I drink 1 glass of water with lemon before brush my teeth.

11. Massage: often self massage every inch. special in the shower. rule to release pain for myself, massage more on the side not feel pain. if pain on the right, massage similar spot on the left. And brush teeth, I always told my kids massage teeth. meaning massage gum and tongue. This will help our taste better, liver function works properly.

In case you ask me if I have a family. My wife and 2 kids have negative. Thanks God!

Hope it helps you. Wish all the best to you.

Cheers to our health!

Replied by Billy
(Darwin, Australia)

Hi Samo, thank you for that input, it's very encouraging. I've battled with HBV now since 2011. I also take entecavir and my viral load is basically undetected but I get heat sensation on my upper back now for a year and it can be very uncomfable at night or when I'm not working or moving around..Fatigue is there too. I'm thinking of stop taking entecavir and follow a strict diet and lifestyle you've made. I just want to know how has it been now for you?

Thanks again


Replied by Mary

For what it is worth I had Hep b 43 yrs ago when my son was born. The doctor was a specialist in this disease. He bioped me told me it was hep b from a dirty needle. 6 months later he did the same biop I was cured.

His method was sucking on hard candy, slow release of sugar was his answer. I do not remember how many a day but I do remember horehound and christmas wheels.


Hi Mary,

May I ask which exact candy did you use to restore your liver? And how many candies per day did you use up?

I would love to check out the ingredient list of the candies you used? I am curious if they contained glucose(dextrose) and or fructose and or crystalised white sugar or al of these??

Thank you

Replied by Wendell
(Flushing, Ny)

can you take thc/cbd/cannabis with bht?

Replied by Wendell
(Flushing, Ny)

but the multivitamin has vitamin E (1333% daily value)

Replied by Wallace

My wife is having liver disease issue pertaining to HBV where her viral count is over 7,000 iu and went up from 4,500 6 months ago. She also has the Chronic Kidney disease. Can you let me know how to contact Oscar for BHT treatment and how expensive it is for a month, and how long you need this treatment?

(Los Angeles)

Consider Oxymatrine. It is protects the kidney's as well. It protects against fibrosis, cancer and reduces hbv replication. Also try chanca piedra/pyllanthus nirruri at low doses, for extended time. Include AHCC for more complete cure.

Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)

Hi Danbuzu...I'ld like to tell you a story that is relevant to your problem. Three years ago my wife's cousin, a young 20 year old Filipino, applied for his first job. And whenever you apply for a job dealing with people in the Philippines you have to get checked by the doctor. When the cousin had his check-up, they discovered that he had the Hepatitis B antigen.

He spoke to me about his problem and I advised him to gather the Chanca piedra near his house and then make a decoction with it and to drink a glass of that decoction twice a day everyday. The advised decoction can be made by taking one whole mature plant(with roots) cut it into one inch lengths, bash it roughly, and then add it to a large pot together with 2 liters of water. On low heat, boil it down gently until you have one liter left. Remove, cool, strain and put into a container in the fridge. Take two glass of this decoction every day outside meal times.

After about 6 months, I spoke with the cousin again and I asked him about his Hep B problem. He told me that he went for a check-up after about 3 months of taking the decoction and said that the doctor's tests could no longer detect the Hepatitis B antigen anymore. And he also told me proudly that he now had a new job.

I know for a fact that the Chanca piedra plant commonly grows as common a weed in the lowlands of Nigeria - just like it does in the Philippines where I live. And the plant is very easy to identify because it grows up to a meter high and is the only plant in the world where its seeds are uniquely found along the underside stem of the leaf petiole.

Here is an article on Chanca piedra which will show you images of this plant so you can identify it and gather it for yourself in your region:

Chanca piedra(aka Stone-Breaker, Seed-Under-Leaf)

If you take this remedy as described, it won't cost you a dime. And, from my own experience with this herb, it will cure Hepatitis B. Another piece of research in 1988 that involved 37 young children in the UK -- all with Hepatitis B. They gave these kids chanca piedra in capsule capsule form. After only 20 days of taking the Chanca piedra, the Hep B antigen could no longer be detected in 22 of 37 children involved in the research. The cured children were also tested again after 9 months with still no trace of the Hep B antigen.This research is here. And Chanca piedra also has considerable efficacy in eradicating both the Hepatitis C virus and the Herpes Simplex virus. So Chanca piedra undoubtedly has strong anti-viral action against several prominent viral diseases that has been well proven from the research.

Replied by Mary

For whatever it is worth. 45 yrs ago I just had a baby a week later I was sick, went to the hospital the nurs said my eyes were yellow.

They called in an expert in hepatitis. He came in brought a huge needle with a blunt end and drew out a liver biop.

I went to his office the next day, he said I had lost 1/2 of my liver and to restore it suck on hard candy SLOWLY, he said the slow release of sugar will heal the liver. 2-3 months later he did another biop on me and my liver was completely restored.

I have told this story many times but... everyone wants a pill.


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Posted by Stella (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 07/10/2020

I took 500mg of BHT every day for about two and a half years. Food Grade BHT and putting it into a capsule by myself.

My virus load HBV-DNA (hepatitis B) even increased that period from 15 IU/ml to 133 IU/ml. During that period also my cold sores (herpes) outbrakes increased (because of having stress) so BHT didn't protect me at all, even though I took it before my outbreaks in order to deal with my hepatitis.

BHT doesn't dissolve at all in water because it is a lipophilic organic compound. So why taking it on an empty stomach without food with lipids according to Oscar's treatment protocol? It will not be absorbed in the small intestine.

I had many expectations from BHT and had even two major negative results. So that's why I am giving it only one star.

I had no side effects at all (but not direct either!).

Posted by Phoday (Freetown) on 11/19/2018


Hello to all EarthClinic.

I was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2013 but my doctor always told me I NOT a good candidate to be placed on treatment most likely my body will easily cleared the virus for itself. I was in this condition till 2015 doing my regular every six month liver function test when the result gave a little high increase in ALT and AST, at that time the Doctor decided to put me on tenofovir for three months treatments to help bring the AST and ALT to normal. I was on this treatment when I came cross earthclinic websit through several research on where to have a possible cure of this virus. 2015 I discovered EarthClinic and the BHT treatment while on my third month of Tenofovir after I complete the three months treatment of Tenofovir I went again for another liver Function test the result shown no much different in level on the AST and ALT from normal level, this means they were still a little higher from normal.

After a month different I decided to start the BHT treatment within four months on BHT, when I went for another liver test, this time I got a very good liver test result which shown a normal level on ALT and AST l. I was on BHT a through 2015 to 2016 and 2017. My first doctor Had to leave, he was an India doctor, he left in 20017. but I was still on my BHT treatment, later on I had to contact another Doctor for another Liver Function Test and also to see my Hepatitis B status with BHT this test proved very well after taking BHT for almost 11 months just it alone. the Doctor asked me to stop taking if I was on any drug for Hepatitis B because I don't currently have any active a Hepatitis B in my blood. I should only be repeating my normal Liver function test this happen ending of 2017 at that time I have to stop since I was not experiencing any difficulties with me as use to be and the BHT quantity was almost finished.

After like five month went for another liver function test which also shows a good result and my urine was also very cleared in color. So I was in this state with no troubles until 16 October this year when start felling some fever so I went to see another Doctor since I was unable to access my old Doctor and explained to him my problem so he ordered me for Hepatitis B, Liver Function Test, Malaria and Typhoid. When the result came out I had AST 118 and ALT 91 which both shows high.

Hepatitis B Virus Profile:

Hepatitis B Surface antigen Reactive

Hepatitis B Surface antibody Non Reactive

Hepatitis B Core Igm Non Reactive

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Reactive

Hepatitis B Surface Envelop Antigen Non Reactive

Hepatitis B e antibody Reactive.

In this condition I'm also experiencing difficult in breathing weak body. So the Doctor also asked to do and Ultrasound that is liver scan, the liver shows that my liver is in good state but my New Doctor decided to admitted for three days for the difficult in breathing I was experiencing and also put me on tonoforvir and another drug call LIVERIL contains milk thistle and sylirum . I was discharged after three days when my difficult breathing problem was resolved. Presently I'm taking the Tenofovir treatment and the LIVERIL treatment I have been in this almost three weeks now. Since then I have also been experiencing some abdominal pain though not severe and also experiencing heaviness on my leg when walking or standing. I have placed an order for BHT which I'm expecting to have before end of week so that I can go back to my old BHT treatment. My serious challenge now is the heaviness on my legs and feets, this why I also wish to have the BHT treatment see if it can take care of this heaviness. I will appreciation for any advice on the various drugs and other treatment that can help to clear this condition, I'm really a little bit worry for my present health condition. Thank you all

Posted by Kay (Va) on 12/29/2016

Hi Oscar, I started BHT treatment 5 months ago, I followed recommended by your protocol. 250 mg BHT in the morning and before I go to bed. I also take vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin B12 on daily basis. I am have chronic Heb B. My doctor is saying I am still in immunotolerant stage. Here is my lab results:


HBV Quantitative copies/ml: 12978600000

08/20/16 started BHT protocol


HBV Quantitative copies/ml: 10126800000

that is 21% decrease of viral load. Not as much as I read some other people had. I am still continuing taking BHT, I also try to exercise everyday and reduce my red meat intake. My liver enzymes are within the norm. I also drink Chanca Peidra tea on daily basis. I got labs done on 12/27/16 and still waiting for my results.

Dear Oscar, thank you so much for your input, this virus is affecting my dating life and my self esteem and I hope to get rid of it one day.

Replied by Marco

Why is Oscar not answering anymore on recent posts?

EC: Hi Marco, unfortunately Oscar posted about a year ago that he wouldn't be answering any more posts. We miss him!

Replied by Chito
2 posts

Hi. As far I know there is no cure for hep b.

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 10/17/2016

Hi, I believe it is important that people share their experience using BHT supplement.

As I reported here for about 2.5 years, I consume BHT to treat my chronic Hepatitis B disease.

I consumed 750 Mg per day and my viral load remained very low, but unfortunately I have not achieved complete healing yet.

My last blood test showed a result of 548 HBV QUANTITATIVE PCR (One year ago it was 860 which is also not very high)

I wonder how I can improve my results, despite I am taking relatively a large amount of BHT every day (750 mg)?

All the best, Sarah

Replied by Timh
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S: Try taking 350mg BHT once a day and fallow 1hr later with either one capsule of Echinacea Extract or St John'sWort Extract. If this doesn't achieve complete remission try doing this 2x per day. You may also consider taking 1000mg Lysine per day as this amino acid helps the immune system.

If you don't experience an increase in the viral numbers this is enough to go on living and not worrying about it, but if the above treatment doesn't get & keep the numbers low, then you will need to do some whole body detox & cleanses so to get your immune function back to normal.

Zinc deficiency is common in cases of chronic infections so consider supplementing Zinc/Copper 50mg/1mg per day away from fiber foods.

Replied by Mary
(Los Angeles)

What I recommend is incorporating chanca piedra (either phyllanthus niruri, amarus, urinaria or all of them all together. you can find some good online vendors, some of which are tropilab, wholefoodbotanicals...etc) they reduce hbvdna, hbsag, hbeag (i went negative for hbeag a couple months ago after using nirruri for 4 months in a row, morning and evening as a concentrated tea). Phyllanthus amarus has the ability to also lower the risk for HCC.

Also, I recommend monolaurin. that thing is pretty good as well and has a similar function to bht. Oxymatrine is also quite good and is antifibrotic.

With all of these, also try to build your immune system. AHCC is a great example of something that can help a lot. Rebounding as well is an excellent way to stimulate lymph flow. try to reduce proccessed food, but also eat a lot of good hearty balanced foods. Practice deep breathing, positive emotions, and try to develop an even stronger personality. By doing this, we reduce tension in our bodies, which can otherwise suppress circulation and interfere with our healing hormonal responses. You can also take Alpha glucan, which improves specific immunity to hbv. Only with the right balance of hbv replication and immune system "warriors" can we develop immunity. Even if we develop immunity, there is still going to be low grade replication. So after we earn immunity, we also must continue with natural antiviral treatments such as chanca piedra, monolaurin, oxymatrine, and maybe even bht. When you combine a few things, please read about any possible interactions first.

I am currently taking 3 types of chanca piedra morning and night, 3 pills of oxymatrine, and building up to 3 scoops of monolaurin. All of these are powerful antivirals.

Only with phyllanthus nirruri treatment (and some oxymatrine, some bht but more religiously, the phyllanthus nirruri) on and off, I was able to reduce my hbv viral load of 500,000,000 to 64,000, and turn hbeag to negative (with the addition of phyllanthus amarus).

I've had enlarged spleen for years, and only now it's starting to reduce in size (related to fibrosis of the liver and portal hypertension). I did a fibroscan last month as well, and it came to a result of Fibrosis 0-1 stage. For fibrosis, I also have been using serrapeptase though. I recommend it as well ( start with very small amounts as some people will have violent vomiting reaction if they start with regular dose). Be on monolaurin with full dosage for 2 weeks before starting serrapeptase if you plan to do so. For anyone with splenomegaly I recommend red root extract or tea. For anyone with platelet issues (related to splenomegaly most likely) I recommend papaya leaf extract. with both of these, start with small doses.

Posted by Gary (Greece) on 12/07/2014

I would like to know the best drugs that combine effectively with BHT FOR THE QUICK CURE OF HEPATITIS-B AND HOW TO GET THESE DRUGS IN ATHENS Greece as soon as possible. Thanks.

Replied by Timh
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Gary: For Chronic Active Viral Hep I take one 250mg BHT fallowed minutes later w/ one of these three antiviral herbs ---Echinacea, Saint John'sWort, Chanca Piedra, once daily w/ good results.

Replied by Smith
(Cameroon, Bamenda)

Please I will love to get directives in getting the the BHT shipped to Cameroon. Any help will be appreciated.

Posted by John Jack (New York, US) on 09/30/2014

Hi Oscar, This is John Jack if you remember me? Hope you're well?

I was on the Yahoo group with you. That group was so good until you deleted it,

Do you or are you on any forum that I can follow you regularly?

My hcv viral load has come down to 7000 till this month, however I reduced my dose sorry to say I've been taking 3 pills a day and it spiked up to 2000 but I'm going to try to go back to the regular dose.

I think by keeping the body saturated with bht regular dose is what keeps it working well, I reduced my dose and kept on getting blood work done as the viral load was reducing.

Take care.

Posted by Emmanuel (Lagos, Nigeria) on 07/29/2014

Hello mr oscar, I really want to appreciate what God is using you to do in this forum, may God reward you and your generation to come, am so happy so many people from Nigeria is commenting and explaing their difficulties in purchasing BHT capsule, I remember u directed me to lifelink.com and whole sales nutrition and I even called them but they said they dont shipped to africa, finnally I was able to discuss it to a pharmasist who told me he has someone that purchase goods from the usa, He actually helped me out, but it took like two months if u can remeber my first post with this same name, but the challenges I have now is that before it came I went to LUTH, LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, they gave me livolin forth and ask me to use it for three months, before going for fabroscan and other test prescribed before they should know what next, I actually went to this hospital because the pain was unbearable and I was not too sure they could purchase my BHT capsule, but as God will have it, I have BHT capsule now, lifelink brand and Lauricidin(monolaurin supplement), the issue I have now is that, can I use bht capsule, the lauricidin and livolyn forth together, bcos am afraid to stop the livolyn forth bcos am almost gone before I started it and my health state has improved since am using it, but I know its not antiviral neither does it cure hep b, so am planning using the three of them together but I want your advice before I begin, and also please for God sake becasues I know God will reward you, if there is anyway u can establish a sales point here in Nigeria or if you can talk to lifelink to get a link here bcos my dear brother, most Nigerians are poor and cannnot afford peggassy interferons, so bht is the only hope they have for those that has been able to know about earth clinic, we will appreciate, thanks so very much and hope to get your responds, I placed my email in the directed space, thanks oscar....regards

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria, I can NOT buy BHT for you because of the mistrust between the USA and Nigeria. I know there are many good Nigerians, but there are some who are considered terrorists by the USA. Also, I am on an American FBI watch list because of our President [ Obama`s ] " operation vigilant eagle ". This Obama policy places all war veterans on said watch list and I am a war veteran. This is a serious issue for me. I was placed in or on a psychiatric lock ward last year when I went to the VA [ Veterans Administration ] for help for pain resulting from an old but severe gunshot wound to and through my abdomen. They took me into custody and sent me to this lock ward. You are locked up and considered a mental case. Luckily I got a good psychiatrist who realized this was non-sense and saw to it I got released in about one week.

So I am in a situation where I am already being watched by US authorities for being a war veteran. If you think that is BS you can learn about operation " Vigilant Eagle " here: http://pamelageller.com/2013/05/obama-war-on-free-speech-targets-our-vets-operation-vigilant-eagle.html/

In conclusion: You Nigerians need to find your own sources for BHT. I can not help you with that.

Also, I do NOT know what these other medications you are on are and have no way of knowing how they will effect the BHT treatment. There was an African who was infected with both hepatitis B and malaria who did very well using the BHT along with his malaria treatment. Also an AIDS patient who did VERY well using BHT to treat his hepatitis C type 1a infection [ HCV type 1a ] is the hardest to treat. He cut his HCV viral load in half in one week using BHT while on his AIDS medicine which was PLEXARA or something like that. My point being the BHT seems to work well with at least some potent other anti-virals and also some malaria treatments. But do keep the treatment as simple as you can with the understanding that you may need these prescribed medicines. I wish I could be of more help to you. For the reasons I discussed: I need to be careful to protect myself from USA authorities. This is the sort of crap that happens when trust breaks down between peoples governments. Good people have a hard time helping each other....Oscar

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

@Oscar: I am very sorry to hear of your persecutions and am glad you have the courage to voice them.

I too lost my privacy about 25 yrs ago because I am a conservative Christian Artist. It's not widely known that gov authorities have long been antagonistic to those who really know what's going on. I watched a foreign film about 2yrs ago of a small community of artist and idealist in post Nazi Germany (forget the title) who were under constant illegal surveillance from gov, then personally followed and trapped into something or other for crimes of treason. Anyway, ever since I got disabled especially, and to some degree a few yrs before, I have had to be very careful to always watch my back and soon found it necessary to get certified to carry a concealed deadly weapon.

Fast forward to the recent past and I have been routinely denied medical diagnostics of verifiable symptoms as reported to md's and then dr worked up a case of mental illness, denied me home health and recommended entry level psychological counseling. As I am a conservative Christian w/ a Major in Psychology from an accredited university I abruptly refused and was then told I would need to be institutionalized. After reviewing the liberal political circumstances of Ky's Medicaid provided healthcare (of which I am reduced) and also the liberal dc obamacare policies gutting medicare and home health, it seems quite obvious that the "practice of medicine" follows very closely w/ the controlling political agendas.

It is so sad to witness the collapse of what was once a great country, but the big liberals are having the time of their life and everything is going their way, while we conservatives are suffering opposition & persecution. The way I see it, this world is theirs and the next world is ours. I think Christ's Sermon On The Mount says it very well on a variety of injustices heaped upon the good folks "blessed are you".

I am grateful for what little I do have in this world and am glad to share healing remedies here on E.C. so maybe others won't get so far down as is my misfortune.

Hope you can wiggle yourself from the worst of such bad circumstances as seems you had the fortune to have already w/ an a-political dr of psychiatry.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear TimH, I always appreciate hearing from you and know that in spite of your own serious health problems you are here helping other people.

I do not want to say much about politics. But we can NEVER give up hope for America. Our Nation has gotten through MANY difficult times including poor leadership. Please hang in there and keep faith in that fact. The problems we face as a nation never end. The same is true for many Nations. But America at this time is the ONLY hope the world has. There are MANY Americans dedicated to seeing our Nation and the rest of the world through these difficult times. Hang in there and keep the faith alive.

I do not have any big answers to the problems we all face. I, like you, try and do what good I can. Hang in there friend, ...Oscar

Replied by Lekan
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Emmanuel, please help out. Introduce me to the phamacist that helped you get the bht capsule. You could save a life by doing so. Please help me out. I need the capsule and have searched everywhere here in Nigeria. Please help me out, loud I cry.

Replied by Mercy

I am a nigerian, if I import bht to nigeria, how much can you people afford to buy it there in nigeria?

Replied by Femi

Mercy, when will you start importing them. This seems to be killing a lot of people. I went for a lab test and I was told am Hepatitis B positive, I have never heard of it till that very first day and reading about it's really scary Livolin is giving me burning pain, rashes and mild headache.

Replied by Femi

Mercy, when will you start importing them. This seems to be killing a lot of people. I went for a lab test and I was told am Hepatitis B positive, I have never heard of it till that very first day and reading about it's really scary Livolin is giving me burning pain, rashes and mild headache.

Emmanuel and Lekan, Please I will like to know if there's a pharmacist here in Nigeria that sales BHT. Am reading about Chanca Piedra and Salvia leaf what is their local name here in Nigeria. Thanks

Replied by Idowu

Pls Mr EMA can u tell me the pharmacy were they help u get bht in Lagos, I am seriously in need of it thank u. Reply me via WhatsApp or text 08025985535

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 07/06/2014

Dear Timh, I have to begin my response somewhere. Thank you for your kind remarks. Do you have any blood test results you can provide ? Liver function test results and viral load counts are what I need. I am sad to know what you are going through.

I expect by now you know how adamant I am about keeping this BHT treatment as simple as possible. For about 3 years I tried to have a BHT cures group. The last straw for me was to have a group member threaten me with legal action from the FDA. He had been on the BHT treatment for about one year for hepatitis C and was claiming BHT caused cramps in his shoulder blades. I asked him if the treatment had worked or not for his hepatitis C infection. He said he did not know because he had NEVER had ANY blood tests done. I told him to quit taking BHT if he felt it was harming him. I guess he forgot all about his hepatitis C infection and wanted to blame me for these cramps in his shoulder blades. That is why I ended that BHT cures group.

But let's get back to you. I suggest giving the treatment a try for one month with NO other supplements. If dramatic improvement does NOT happen you can always go back to the use of other supplements. I have worked with many people with this BHT treatment. For the treatment to work BHT or more accurately speaking the metabolites of BHT must readily seek out these lipid coated viruses and penetrate those lipid coatings. To do so these BHT metabolites can NOT be too large. The metabolites of BHT can and will combine with many compounds including Vitamin B12 and the extracts of milk thistle. Large compounds that make it so the metabolites of BHT are too large to penetrate said lipid coatings.

This is not based on my opinion. The WHO [ World Health Organization ] has MANY long and extensive reports that include studies that discuss exactly how BHT is metabolized. BHT has to be made somewhat water soluble to be absorbed and enter the blood stream. This is accomplished by BHT adding hydroxyl [ H-O ] groups at some few of the hydrogen atoms in those tert-butyl groups and or combining with the amino acid glycine at the methyl group on a BHT molecule.

Ok, so we know BHT can and will combine with glycine. And glycine being an amino acid can and will combine with many other compounds by way of a peptide bond. Many of the people who discuss BHT seem to me to be unaware of this fact. This is why we have to be careful about taking a very many other supplements. So give the SIMPLE BHT treatment a try for one month. If dramatic improvement does not occur you can always go back to whatever other supplements you wish to....Oscar

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Oscar: Sorry to hear of the escapade at the Y BHT group, it seems the natural order of social collapse where liberalism is flourishing. Somehow, as children, self-respect is replaced by self-importance and it's all downhill from there. The first step of spiritual growth is, according to the teaching of Don Juan as recorded by Carlos Castaneda, "dropping self-importance".

The severity of my environmental illness does not allow for "exclusions" as I have been completely overtaken by the heavy metal - parasite - pathogen trifecta and near dead for over 3 yrs now. My liver test never indicate elevated enzymes probably because I use aggressive natural remedies to keep it going. This means general toxicity, fatty infiltration (including fatty acid metabolic disorder as my cholesterol numbers go down and my overall health goes up while taking small intermittent doses of Statin drug plus Red Yeast Rice).

If this isn't enough I have been suffering tapeworm cysticercosis as I successfully removed 2 ft of apparent beef tapeworm from my intestines using a grapefruitseed extract enema. I have two cyst in each jaw (known in cattle as "bovine measles"). From my reading & research, the cyst love to reside in the jaw but 80% are found in the liver. I would venture to guess that older livestock ready for slaughter almost all have the Taenia cyst abundant in a necrotic liver. These cyst spew out toxic malonic acid, as well as a host of virus, fungus, and bacteria. On top of this I have been battling Ascaris infestation that reached deadly levels but am happy to report progress in this area. Again, according to Hulda Clark, the Ascaris also spew out a host of pathogens.

As far as the viral, it seems logical that I am battling two or more species. I am now rotating BHT & Echinacia w/ Chanca Peidra w/ good results. I also take Lysine. Since my hypertension is improving I am considering returning to occasional Licorice/DMG. Japanese dr's found that infusing Licorice root extract w/ Glycine and administered via IV was quite effective for hep, so I tried it w/ the DMG w/ very good results as DMG is itself an immune modulator & booster as well as complimenting the Licorice directly.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Timh, I hope you and others will take me seriously when I discuss the importance of proper food safety measures.

1. Never eat any type of ground meat including fish, beef, pork, etc..

2. Always cook any meat product to well done.

3. Always cook any vegetables you eat.

The days of safe uncooked foodstuffs is long gone. New, highly virulent strains of E. Coli and other diseases have evolved. I know this is a big turn off for many people but this is one of the new and unpleasant realities we all have to live with. Also only drink distilled water or at the very least boil any water you drink for 5 minutes. These newly evolved diseases require that people do so to prevent becoming infected. It is much easier to prevent infections than it is to try and treat them.

This over populated planet [ 7 BILLION PEOPLE AND GROWING ] has polluted the very vast oceans along with all lakes, ponds and rivers....Oscar

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

You are very correct on the tipping of the balance between a safe & healthy world into a polluted & sick one. Way to many people and the disappearing of wild places and wild life is very sad. They are helpless but to face extinction at our dis-concern. It's a rapid transition from a magnificent earth to a dirty sex & money world.

I do eat occasional ground beef but I always strain the fat out. And that Beef Tapeworm I mentioned I can attribute to recalling eating a fast food burger undercooked, otherwise I always cook meat well done.

I have not been able to eat commercial eggs for many yrs as they are full of staph germs and totally disturb digestion. Organic eggs are OK, on-the-other-hand. Grapes look inviting as a substitute for apples but they consistently cause the digestion problems (no so bad as the eggs) as they are high in germs. I have been experimenting w/ zapping the grapes but nothing conclusive yet. I have an Ozone generator unit that has a hose that can be used for purifying food as well as water, will be trying that out on the grapes after having zapped them and if that doesn't work I don't know what. Soaking veggies in Colloidal Silver may work.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)


You are so ingenious! You also never give up. That's probably why I always enjoy reading your posts, and I have learned a lot, too! Stay well, my friend!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

TY Rsw for your friendship. It has been only recently that I have been able to post w/ any efficiency, so that's proof of improvement of my condition, although I am still in the trenches.

Yours & others support here on E.C. cannot be overstated as I have received really lifesaving info. It's a long, long, way to any kind of substantial and sustainable recovery, and possible but not much likely. I am currently satisfied w/ my progress howbeit slow.

While I've got you in conversation, and since you are our C.S. enthusiast here, I have been wondering if you are familiar w/ Leonard Horowitz's product called "Oxysilver"? Any way of combining Colloidal Silver (in vevo or vetro) would certainly potentiate the effectiveness. Any elucidation on this is welcome.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Timh,

I think Dave from SC and Bill Thompson would be more knowledgable about the silver than I. I have been looking at CBD oil recently, after hearing a doctor in Mexico say he is having very good success with it, even with brain cancer. It is legal in all 50 states and does not contain the ingredient that makes people high, although if I lived in a legal MJ state, I would try that because I imagine the two would work synergistically and be even better at curing various illnesses. I've been taking it for less than a week and found it gives me a slight headache, but I wonder if it's working on the part of my brain that will not turn off so I can sleep, so it may be good news! Not sure if there is an answer to the autoimmunes since the researchers on the SOS site think the statins do permanent, irreversible DNA damage in some susceptible people. Still, hope springs eternal, and one can't help but continue to research for what may still be unknown but helpful. Wonder if the CBD oil might be helpful to you in balancing your system and correcting what needs to be corrected? I like Oscar's BHT protocol, and I have seen people do well, but not cured, with Alpha Lipoic Acid IV's or sustained release ALA combined with low dose naltrexone, which can easily be purchased overseas at a fairly low cost if you can't get a doctor to prescribe it. Just something to think about. Take care.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Rsw: When I noticed Dave's post a few earlier, I thought I had made the error of misidentification.

About the Hemp/CBD Oil. I started that a little more than a month ago w/ big improvements of both body & mind. From what I've read, the whole plant is the best for broad spectrum affect. If one had a prescription or lived in Colorado or Washington finding the exact strain would be necessary and those vendors know that science well because of such variations in the human condition/diseases. The breeders are now working out the perfect ratios as there are vast differences between the stoners and the ill.

I am taking almost 1 full dropper once a day although I think it best taken 2x daily.

Have you tried Chinese Skullcap for the insomnia? It has a positive affinity for the brain so maybe that will help.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

... forgot to mention I came close to purchasing Naltrexone but couldn't get VISA card approved so since I got such improvements w/ CBD I am putting the Nal on hold for now. The LDN seems a little tricky and is a pharmaceutical but working out the kinks usually seems fruitful for many of the immune disorders. If I can ever rid myself of the heavy metal/parasite loads the LDN may work very well in tandem w/ the CBD but I don't know. Have you any knowledge of combining these which may be the only real solution for severe cases?

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Timh,

The only thing that LDN cannot be taken with is opiate based drugs. They both compete for the same receptors and LDN will always win, which would block the painkilling mechanism of the opiate and could put a person who has been dependent on the opiate into a dangerous withdrawal. I have taken them both (CBD and LDN) on the same day with no problem. The overseas suppliers will often only take an international VISA card, which can be purchased online at Walmart. If you buy one in a Walmart store, when opened, you will see it is only good in the USA, which would be better if it said this on the front before it is bought! There have been a few complaints of credit card fraud, so the online card in the exact amount is the safest way to go in India. Israel and Mexico have good track records on credit cards. The 50 mg pill is the most cost effective, diluted in 50 mg of distilled water so that 1 ml=1mg, and you can choose your own best dose up to 4.5mg. Hope you find the answer, and you start feeling much better soon. Never stop looking, because the answer is out there, somewhere, just waiting for us to discover it! Best wishes.

PS, I've never tried the skullcap but I will give it a try! Thanks.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

TY for the concern and suggestions. Rsw! I have joined the LDN group and been reading the post regularly.

Going back, I was near dead from Aplastic Anemia/Pancytopenia in 1997 and refused bone marrow transplant at Vanderbilt as my case was very much beyond conventional and had no doubts that that radical procedure would have killed me outright. Sever pain developed in my feet which quickly led into a life or death crisis. The pain became so severe that I was hospitalized, given 3 more units of blood, and put on Morphine pump. For the first time in weeks, I was able to get substantial or near adequate sleep. The severe diarrhea also lessened. Holes that were blown thru the top of my feet began to miraculously heal. I ended my refusal to eat as I could stand the suffering no longer and was ready to leave this world. In less than 2 wks I made remarkable, miraculous, substantial recovery. In two months my blood returned to low-normal without additional transfusions.

Point being, the only identifiable suspect in such drastic recovery was the opiate Morphine. My feet soon healed and I no longer needed the pain meds and returned home; and one yr later became able to stand & walk again. From the medical textbooks I have read, this bone marrow disease is caused by one of two (and maybe both in rare cases like my own) factors. 1) Toxic Insult 2) Autoimmunity.

The last physician I visited I personally informed of this history as well as other very important symptom disclosures as my condition was again fast deteriorating. Dr's response was that I needed psychological counseling; as I am a conservative Christian w/ a Bachelors degree at the University w/ major in Psychology, I reclined that request and was told that I would need to be institutionalized, rather than receive some essential home health assistance.

Sorry for the rant, but this testimony underscores the major problems of people who suffer environmental related illnesses. So, from such horrific neglect, words of help & encouragement from folks like yourself are very uplifting.

It seems obvious that w/ that distant Opiate intervention as well as very positive recent results from Hemp Oil, that I am suffering from somewhat severe immune dysfunction (not-to-mention chronic infection of bacterial, viral, and fungal species). So I am definitely going to try the LDN soon, but for now am very encouraged w/ the slow progress. One more nutrient of interest that I have been experimenting with is Resveratrol. Resveratrol seems to have much potential in inflammatory conditions as well as free radicals, both of which I have. Problem is Resveratrol is poorly absorbed. After having LET'd some capsules in grape extract then taken orally, I experienced a very rare and short-term (only about 2 hrs) feeling of wellness. I actually felt like my old self before becoming grave. Unfortunately that moment didn't last, but was a very important indicator of the proposed condition. So I will soon try LET pure Resveratrol powder which is available from bulk suppliers.

Let us know if you try the Skullcap w/ results.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Thanks, Timh. I ordered some skullcap liquid that you take as drops last night. Looking forward to trying it out. Was thinking about ordering some of the tea. The short reprise you received from your liposomal Resveratrol experiment tells me you are on the right track! It's been a long time coming, but maybe you are nearing a breakthrough. Keep us posted!

Replied by Femi
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Oscar thanks for enlighten me. Am in Nigeria and need your help regarding BHT, have been going to severe burning pain since I started taking Livolin and I don't think it's really helping me. Am so confused right now and I will like to get back to my life style and daily routine

Replied by Pelu Adewumi

Hello Femi and Lekan. I am also a Nigerian. I came back from Nigeria not too long ago only to discover I too came down with Hep B. I have seen my doctor who is also a Nigerian who PROMISED me that if you attacked Hep B with Glucose D and Lucozade, you will get a cure after a while. You know why? Because he has been there. He got infected with the blood of a patient while operating him, through the carelessness of one of the operating room nurses. The only thing he took was to bombard himself with drinking a lot of Glucose D and Lucozade. I am drinking both of them on a daily basis, while at the same time I have started taking BHT and Chanca Piedra. I got mine through Amazon.com. So if you guys have access to Amazon America you might be able to order your BHT and Chanca Piedra. But in the mean time keep drinking that Glucose D and Lucozade. You will definitely start feeling better. According to my doctor that was the only thing he drank for a long time and he eventually got cured.

Replied by Femi

What a great testimony and thanks for the update. I bought BHT from a drug store in UK. Are you talking about Chanca Piedra tea or leaf. It amaze me why all this things are not here in Nigeria. Thanks for the update.

Replied by Pelumi It Is Well
(New York)

Femi, sorry for replying so late. Yes I bought the Chanca Piedra tea.

Now let me give an update about my own case. My doctor had told me that not only did I come down with Hep B, but also Hep C. The Lucozade and the Glucose worked miracles because by the time I went back it has gotten so much better.

But the very first time I googled about a natural cure for Hep B and it brought to me to this site it was John from Sydney Australia's remedy I first saw. So I ordered everything on the list from Amazon. I got Schizandra, BHT, Seleniun, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Virgin Coconut oil capsules. I used them every single day. I stopped the lucozade and the Glucose D altogether at that time. By the end of one month and I went back to my doctor, they drew blood, the result came back, and he told me there was no trace of either Hep B or C in my blood test anymore. He shouted for joy and almost hugged me. I told him I had gone holistic. He just was so happy and wanted to know what I had used. He said I would not be needing the sonogram he had originally ordered which I didn't go for. Now I've been able to eat. I had lost 20 pounds while I was battling with the disease from July to now; which was the best thing I got out of being sick. But now I am so happy that I am cured.

So, you CAN be cured holistically, with BHT in particular. And the other supplements enhance the cure too. Thank you guys very much.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Pelumi [ New York ], Thank you so very much for posting your results about the use of BHT and the other supplements you discussed to treat both hepatitis C and B.

Like you I was infected with both. And like you my response to the BHT treatment was rapid and dramatic. Though I was only being tested for hepatitis C. It was noted I was also infected with hepatitis B. At least for the hepatitis C my blood was testing negative in about one month.

But you need to understand that this did NOT mean I was cured. It meant the treatment was working the way hoped for.

It took years, and I really do NOT know how many years before I tested negative for both infections using the hepatitis C and B antibodies tests. Mike [ Twodragunns got negative with the hepatitis C antibodies test in somewhat less than one year ]. That is the record as far as I know with the use of BHT to treat a hepatitis C infection. This is was with continued use of the BHT treatment.

Keep in mind that: BHT does NOT uninfect an infected liver cell. What BHT can do is prevent uninfected liver cells from becoming infected. And all liver cells have about a 200 day lifespan. So with continued treatment a true CURE is possible and has been achieved by myself and others including Mike with the use of BHT.

Look the treatment you described is working very well. But you are still infected until you test negative with that antibodies test.

The hepatitis C forums are full of people who relapsed after getting to no virus detected in the blood using the now dated interferon + ribaviron + whatever treatments.

So it is VERY important that you continue with the BHT treatment for at least two years. You do NOT want to relapse. This is great news you posted. I wish more people would. Also you added some supplements that apparently work very well with the BHT treatment. There is no arguing with success. You are helping this forum and many people with your input....Oscar

Replied by Femi
(Lagos, Nigeria)

What a great testimony and am so happy for you.

Replied by Ango

I want to thank you Oscar for the good work you're doing on this website. I commenced treatment for hbv March 2015 with viral load of over 14 million ui/ml copies and I repeated the test in September 2015 and came down to less than 90 copies after been on Tenofovir for that same period.

I do not want to continue with the Tenofovir again. What herbal remedy would you recommend for me to help totally get rid of this monster. My LFTs are very normal now and symptoms again.

Thank you Oscar-d-genius!


Replied by Jesy
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Hello Femi, In case you need BHT 350mg Capsule in Lagos, Nigeria, just send your contact details to jesuslives360 (at) yahoo.com. A bottle of the 350mg contains 100 capsule but please be ready to pay to get a bottle. I only have less than 5 bottles left. Thanks. Jesy.

Replied by Ling

Hi Oscar,

I have read your post regarding the Hep b treatment. My GI doctor has put me on entecavir (Baraclude). I am the type that doesn't like to take medicine. My viral load is > 5 mil. I had fibroscan performed this April...the doctor said that there is cirrhosis. Though the liver ALT is <30 for the last 20 years.

I purchased BHT, Chandra piedra tea & tincture and also Ayurvedic Yakrit.

Should I start all these alternative treatment before looking into taking entecavir? Thanks for your kindness in assisting!

Sincerely, Linda

Replied by Lee
(Cape Girardeau, Mo)

Oscar, never get weary of doing good. It's like many missions who help the less fortunate. Some come there to abuse the system not needing the help. They already have a job and food and can make it on there own but see it as free food so they take it. Others truly need the help and have children who also need the help and really appreciate the support of donations and time. It is for the latter of the two that we continue our missing to help people . Both will come and I accept that I can not change it. Always remember Oscar you are here for us who need the help. I wanted to thank you for all your help and time and compassion. Many things come and go but your good deeds will forever be remembered!!! Best Regards, Lee

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lee, Thank you for your encouragement. I need to inform all BHT users that in my opinion the product sold as BHT by " Wholesale Nutrition " is NOT pure BHT. It is a mixture of BHT, cellulose [ a cheap filler ] magnesium steorote, [ unsure of spelling ] and silicon dioxide. This powdery mixture is NOT any thing close to pure BHT. Why it is allowed to be sold as BHT is a mystery to me.

I just bought a bottle through AMAZON and am NOT happy with it and will NOT use it. The silicon dioxide is finely ground sand and is used in some toothpastes and cosmetics and has known dangers.

So if people are using this " Wholesale Nutrition " brand of BHT and having poor results and or bad side effects it is NOT pure BHT and lists those other ingredients I noted on the bottles.

I do not spend the time here in this forum like I used to. I am in a lot of pain. I had hoped these metal sutures could be removed. Two surgeons advised against trying to do that. Was told I would likely end up in MORE pain and worse off than I am. They are willing to try but strongly advise to leave things as is.

The thought of being in even more pain does scare me. I am sorry I do not have it in me to be here more. I know for sure there are MANY far worse off than me.

What can I say? Take Care, ...Oscar

Replied by Chito
2 posts

Hello, just checking if for real someone hep b chronic was cured and what they used and how long. Thank you waiting to hear from the cured people.


Soy lecithin granules 1 tbsp with meals up to 3x a day, or sunflower lecithin powder same dose. I weigh less so I only need 1/2 tbsp w each meal. this is Ted's remedy for fatty liver but it helped clear my hepatits.

I also took bhumiamalaki. most people recommend bhumi amla though (chanca piedra).

I took BHT 100 mg once a week but I didn't rely on that alone.

I also shifted my diet towards keto (high fat, moderate protein, lo carb) with added fiber and that was important, couldnt have done it w just herbs alone.

im not cured. but I turned my health around to where I can go jogging without pain again after 3 years of severe swelling and pain so bad I couldnt jog

i also take charcoal once a day, 1 tsp, and I sweat hard a couple times a week. buy a 100$ sauna off amazon and use it with good quality water a few times within 1 week and watch plenty of ur pain disappear. be sure to rub castor oil over ur liver before the sauna. the heat will help it penetrate and do it's magic on the liver.

i do that if I have flareups. compared to how I was, I consider myself cured. I relapse if I start junk food or letting exercise go again

do exercise. burst training. 30m every day just walk 3 min and run 2 min, do that for 5 or 6 cycles w a 30minute timer on your phone. do that 3x a week (or every day at first) and watch your immune system kick into gear

also, magnesium drops every day. most drinking water has none added, either tap or bottled. mag chloride or mag oxide. body needs both in varying amounts. I take ted's mag oil recipe daily. its 60% magnesium crystals by volume and 40% water. I take roghly 8 drops a day, between meals I take a few at a time. dont take all at once if u decide to take it.

magnesium is very important for the liver. lots of heart and liver dis-ease is due to magnesium / mineral deficiency.

shilajit or humic/fulvic acids can help in this area, too.

eggs, cruciferous veggies, meats and fish, and lesser are nuts seeds, and legumes, but all have phosphatids, cholines and sulfurs (and for cruciferous veggies boron) which are extremely healthy for liver regeneration

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 01/13/2014

Daniel from Libreville making remarkable recovery using BHT to treat hepatitis B.

Jan.4, 2013 report here:

Salut you all

I have been a member of this forum for a while now but has just been sitting on the sight lines whatching the wanders Oscar is doing. Hi Oscar. This is Danniel from Libreville, hope you are doing great.

After we spoke on earth clinic, I dropped all other medications like chanca Piadra, astragus, and some other bunch of medicine I got from Amazon. At first I started with 350mg of BHT on an empty stomach and I was doing perfectly well. I will wake up every 5am to take and will eat by 8 or 9 am. Then latter I added the does that is two tablets of 350mg a day. But when I did that I got head arch, body inching and fatigue and after I week I stopped and went back to the normal regime of 350mg a day on an empty stomach. For about 3 months Oscar my body has never been so energetic, and I was feeling me again. But for some time now, my body colour has completely change from brown or fairly clear to black and for about 3days now I have been completely down. Sevier head arch, some fatigue, fiver. The only thing I have not seen a change in ever since taking BHT is the Yello or dark Urine that fluctuate to fairly dark and dark as well as my eyes.

At the moment am home sick and the bad news is we do not have possibilities to carry out a vital count test here. So for about 1 week now am thinking of relocating to US were I will get all these facilities. My questing is, where could I have gone wrong?? Is the treatment that difficult for HBV patients?? Because I can see must of the success stories here are all Hep C.

happy new year to you Oscar, Rachel, Catchy, Gene and Rosa


Jan. 12, 2014 here:

DanielTo MeToday at 2:08 AM HELLOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONEWhat a great day and I know every one is waiting for my result.I am just so sorry for not putting them up sooner or letting you know what I got from the doctors office. trust me the doctor was as confused as a drunken caw lol. The first result which is my the liver function test shows my liver is as good as that of a new born baby. am now waiting to get the titters count which also determines the viral load.the conclusion of the doctor was, Daniel, you are just a carrier, and you cannot infect any one and can never get that sick of it. well for me I know its the doing of the BHT and nothing else. he may be right I cannot infect Yes because my two X girl friends are negative but getting that sick of it is something I don't believe. Rachel, Cathy and the Great Oscar I cant thank you guys enough, Oscar specially for introducing BHT to me, and I can tell that very soon I will be off this and be a BHT hero.when I get the titters result I will upload the whole result.Oscar forgive me but I don't know were to start the new topic.

We have other hepatitis B success stories here;


My point being: BHT seems to work very well for both hepatitis B and hepatitis C....Oscar

Replied by Danielle2020

Hello Oscar, this is Daniel from Libreville its always good to come back to the Forum.

I have been doing really good all these while and been just going around doing my work as every other person. Last February I was at the Hospital and the viral count is still going down, though at a certain time I lost track of my diet and things were not as it use to be and my viral load went back up with some little abnormalities on my liver enzymes. Since October 2014. I have been having this very crazy side symptoms which I don't understand. I constantly feel like my stomach is full. I have been to the hospital, did a fibre scan, blood test for enzymes and everything looks normal, there is no inflammation somewhere, nothing. Now I dont know if there is anyone here who is going through the same issue with Hep B, and have been able to deal with it. Please if there is any one here please let me know. I am still on my BHT treatment and I think its getting me on the right track.

It will be nice hearing from you Oscar.

Posted by Kumar_pp123 (Kerala, India) on 12/07/2013 9 posts


Hi, I have Hep B since 2009, I was taken so many treatment not to the control the virus replicate, but finally I got one doctor no from Earth clinic, He advice to take BHT, I am taking since last three month it is quite good and my viral load are completely came down and the ALT, AST seems to good, but I hve the itching in whole body and it cant mange to terrible, the doctor said to take BORAX with baking soda but still it not to control fully the itching is running the hole body and I having the brain fog also any one can suggest the medicine for this would be appreciate. Please see my lab report



HBS.Ag Ratio - 1.20


Sr.BILIRUBIN TOTAL - 0.5 mg/dl

DIRECT - 0.2 mg/dl

INDIRECT - 0.3 mg/dl



PROTEIN - 6.8 gm/dl (6.5 - 8.0)

ALBUMIN - 4.5 gm/dl (3.7 - 5.3 )

GLOBULIN - 2.3 gm/dl (2.3 - 3.6 )

S.G.O.T - 16 U/L (UPTO 38 U/L)

S.G.P.T - 20 U/L (UPTO 38 U/L)

ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE - 181 ul (36 - 141)

A/G ratio -1.95

Regards, Ranjith

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ranjinth, If the BORAX is not helping stop taking it. Keep the BHT treatment simple. The B vitamins are espescially helpful. When did this itching problem first occur ? Before or after you started the BHT treatment ? ...Oscar

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Ranjith: Bile acids and toxins are accumulating in the blood, causing the itching. Detox the blood with kimchi, lemon juice, water, green tea, ginger vegetable juices, shilajit, himalayan salt, and epson salt baths.

Replied by Kumar_pp123
(Kerala, India)
9 posts

Dear Oscar: Thanks for reply, I started the BHT is just 3 month back only, but I have the itching from when I found the Hep B, it badly in the night time in all over my body espacialy in my arm , face head and genital area , it is looking like pimples and my skin color is bacame a grey in face. Daily night time I am getting worst means worst, after bed I could not wake up tired ness my leg nerve is paining and could not one step after wake up, due to every day I am wrapping my genitil area . Whole day I am getting brain fog, in front my collugue meeting everybody looking I am fool. What I should do oscar please advice. There is no systems except the itching. Regards, Ranjith

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Kumar from India, I am NOT a doctor. BUT, the symptoms you describe seem consistent with some sort of skin infection. It could be many things only a doctor can diagnose. I know very many Hindus are compelled to bathe in the Ganges River. Did you bathe in the Ganges River prior to this onset of what appears to be some type of skin infection ?

When I was a child I caught a very itchy skin infestation that seems similar to what you have while swimming in an infected pond. It went away on it`s own eventually. I would think the doctors in India would be familiar with such skin infections. I wish I could help more but this is something you need to see a doctor to deal with....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Quick follow up: Ask doctors to test for new strains of E. Coli infection. Many doctors are not aware of this newly evolved disease. Drinking distilled water will help. Just drink a lot of distilled water. It won`t hurt you and should help....Oscar

Replied by Kumar_pp123
(Kerala, India)
9 posts

Dear Oscar, thank you and I will do that test immediately. Regards, Ranjith

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Kumar from India, This is Oscar. I have been concerned about you. Did you get a diagnosis for the skin condition you were having problems with? Is it getting better or worse? Hoping you are Ok and getting over this skin condition you discussed.... Oscar

Replied by Milena

Hi there, I went to get my physical blood work, and again, after a year I still had hepatitis B. When it was discovered in my blood work a year earlier, a naturopath doc suggested I take certain vitamins and that it would clear. My family physician had a presciption for me to take but I chose not to take it and take the vitamins. It obviously didn't clear and I am wondering how much BHT costs to order? Thank you, Milena

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Melina from Woodbridge, You can buy 500 250mg capsules of BHT here for less than 35 dollars:


This is a trusted retailer in my opinion....Oscar

Replied by Mint

Hi Kumar_pp123,

Where did you buy BHT in India..please help.

Replied by Ranjith
(Kerala, India)
9 posts

hai mint

Where are you from in India? I have got from coimbatore, if you want to talk to me, kindly send me your mobile number


Replied by Mint

Hi Ranjith,

My mail id is [email protected] please contact me via mail

Best Regrds

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 11/19/2013

Here is one of our BHT as a treatment for hepatitis B success stories as reported by Kuba:

Name: Kuba
Age: 30
Illness: HepB
Infected since: 1983 (since birth)
BHT started: 03.01.2013
VL test: 14.01.2013 - 1530 ui/ml
VL test: 25.03.2013 - 139 ui/ml
test method real-time PCR

Protocol log:
03.01-10.01 1x350mg BHT bedtime
11.01-11.02 1x350mg BHT in the morning, 1x350mg BHT bedtime
12.02-12.03 cut the dose to 1x350mg BHT at bedtime due to independent severe food poisoning that took almost 4 weeks to ged rid of.
13.03-now got back to 1x350mg BHT in the morning, 1x350mg BHT bedtime

Every other day I take (at least 2 hours away from BHT): vit D3 5000ui, multivitamin iton free, B12, 200mcg selenium (yeast form, non organic forms are bad 4 U)

I could do better with hydrating my body and with workouts.

I do my best to keep the protocol simple as possible. - Kuba

Now that is an over 10 fold DECREASE in viral load count in 25 days of the BHT treatment as discussed by Kuba.

We are:


Our focus is on the use of BHT to treat viral diseases....Oscar

BHT: Where to Buy

Posted by Emmanuel Princewill (Lagos,nigeria) on 05/01/2014

Oscar, I was diagnosed of hep b, viral load below 2o but quantification about 4700, I want your bht and other products. How can I reach you in earth clinic?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Emmanuel Princewell from Lagos, Nigeria. I will do my best to provide helpful information. I do NOT sell BHT products. But here is a website that claims to have a worldwide distribution:


Now, because I have been in contact with some Nigerians I have learned there may be a problem obtaining BHT in Nigeria. Try the above link to see if you can buy BHT from them. They are a trusted retailer of BHT. Also they sell the 250mg capsules of BHT. For most people one or two 250mg of BHT per day works very well as a treatment for hepatitis B and C . The BHT capsules should be taken with water on an empty stomach for best results. Also BHT works best by itself and NOT mixed with other treatments. Do NOT use milk thistle, vitamin B12, or any other supplements with the BHT treatment.

Now as I mentioned earlier some Nigerians seem to have a problem obtaining BHT. I have no idea why this is so. You have to find a source. You may have to contact a friend from some other Country to buy it for you and mail it to you. I really do NOT know. Some people seem to have no problem buying BHT through the mail in Nigeria but others do.

I do not live in Nigeria. I do NOT know why this is so. I wish you well and hope you have no problem getting some BHT. Sincerely, ...Oscar

Replied by Banky

How much does this BHT cost in naira, and how long will a patient take it before it clears the virus? (hbsag)

Castor Oil Packs

Posted by Joe (Coeur D'alene, ID) on 03/10/2014

Great website. I'm 62 years old. When I was a young man I contacted hepatitis B. For many years I've lived a fairly healthy life style but recently my liver swelled and began giving me pain. I did the research for natural cures and I've began taking them. I'd like to start applying castor oil packs to the area but years ago when I used oil packs for a sore neck that was out of place the following day I had fainting spells. I don't know if it was related or not but I don't want to experience that again . Also, is there any difference in using regular castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil when applying packs? I realize that Jamaican black castor oil has roasted castor beans added to the oil. I don't know if that is more beneficial or harmful. Thanks in advance for your help.

Chanca Piedra

10 User Reviews
5 star (5) 
3 star (1) 
1 star (2) 

Posted by Jay (India) on 05/19/2020

I am HBV carrier. Luckily by Earth Clinic I came across Chanca Piedra and had it capsule form. Really wonders happened, like in a month by taking two capsules per day I felt like I am having a cell in the place of my liver. I do drink regularly. Never visit the doctor. Bcz ur liver tells ur energy levels So my suggestion is Just take Chanca pedria capsules. They are available online Indian name for Chanca pedria is Bhumi Amla So you don't need to work On other medications hope it helps you. Any questions welcome

Replied by moe

Hi, can you let me know which brand did you buy?


You might try Banyan Botanicals. Also; when I was looking at Ted's remedies for liver problems, livre failure, galbladder etc; he commonly recommends lecithin granules or powder (oil free) - either non gmo soy lecithin granules or sunflower lecithin powder. I have been on both for almost a year and its the only thing that got me back in my health above everything else. I did take Bhumiamalaki for a year, and it was a lifesaver too for my galstones. hepatitis, galbladder, fatty liver issues are all connected. any treatment that helps one help the rest. Also; fatty live doesnt mean avoid fat in diet. eat good fat like unsalted real cow butter / ghee, coconut oil, eggs, fat from clean grass fed meats, milk, cheeses. it's all very healthy for fatty liver. fatty liver happens because of too many carbs, not too many fats. the carbs get turned into fat and stored for later when u have too many, and the liver has to do all that work, and it raises blood sugar. Eating lots of fat on the other hand, it all gets burned by the brain and liver and tissues as fuel, not stored away contrary to what popular diet recommendations on tv / school might say. in fact, a diet high in healthy fats helped healed my liver after pos. hep b test, years of inflammation, and gal stones. The lecithins are mostly fat. try to eat mostly fat, moderate protein, and make carbs the smallest portion of grams in your dietary intake. only once I achieved this balance did I reverse my liver problems and blood sugar irregularity. no herbs could do it alone. diet had to turn around. this doesnt mean strict keto or eliminating favorite foods. I just add more fat and protein to all my regular favorites and opted for healthier organic versions and im good. I still eat carbs, some organic wheat, some cane sugar sweets like jam and jelly, just not as much as I ever did before, and always paired with fat like butters or milks, because fat helps pass the carbs and sugar out of the system instead of being stored in the body as excess and instead of spiking blood sugar. its not a ticket to go overboard on junk food just to pair everything with fat. youll still get yourself sick if you do that. develop your own practice with common sense and continued research when you have time I did go strict keto (80grams or less per day of carbs) for about a month when I first turned my health around, but I have since been able to slowly incorporate more carbs Fasting will get the body into ketosis, too, where it utilizes fats and eats fats better..which will initiate autopjhagy and any fat stored on your organs and liver will start to get recycled and eaten by your body and finally passed out of the body where it belongs. dont go back to fried foods and processed sugar high carbs after you make the shift and your body will thank you. Moderation in all things

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