Chanca Piedra Herbal Benefits

Kidney Stones
Posted by Loretta Joy (Virginia) on 06/30/2024

Years back, before I knew of CP, I had a kidney stone which became lodged and then infected. Even though I believed in nutrition & natural healing then, was in absolute agony for a night, walking the floors. My cousin insisted on calling an ambulance and I was transported to a hospital where I stayed for a full week, and they were prepared to keep me longer.

So, in more recent years, my heart sank when I felt the familiar side/back pain. After a little research I hurriedly ordered capsules of the Chanca Piedra, which has turned out to be life changing for the better! Usually, it just takes two capsules once or twice a day and by the following day at the latest I'm pretty much pain-free.

Well, this past week, i'd been under a lot of stress (loss of a beloved dog, relative coming to visit, etc.) and also was drinking a much higher amount of ACV with honey, stevia and water because it's hot here. I suddenly became nauseated, dizzy, fatigued and in a great deal of pain which kept me from sleeping. I began drinking Vitamin C powder with a little baking soda a few times a day, plus colloidal silver in case of infection.

Due to feeling so poorly physically, it took a day or more for me to suddenly recognize what the pain in my side was! It would also shift to lower back at night. I instantly began taking two capsules of the CP twice a day, which helped, but the pain at times remained almost unbearable. This had never happened before, as it ALWAYS worked at that dose quickly for me.

I came onto this website and saw a comment in which someone related taking the CP capsules every four hours until relief. So I moved up to that amount and began getting wonderful RELIEF. Today for the first time since this started, I felt almost normal the entire day. I'm tapering off of the CP, vitamin C and colloidal silver knowing I'm better.

It's impossible to express how grateful I am for people willing to share their experiences and for this special plant. I believe for whatever the reason/s, one or more extra-large kidney stones became stuck, or perhaps a bunch of them, but the Chanca Piedra came through for me.

I want to add that my neighbor suffered for six months with kidney stones a few years ago, before I knew. He was constantly in pain and going in for checks and procedures. After the last appointment (which I think involved some kind of surgery) he came home and gradually resumed activities. Suddenly, he told me he had another bout of kidney stones beginning! This time I knew and gave him some CP capsules and told him how to take them. Within a day, the neighbor said the problem was resolved!! I think this happened at least one other time and he ended up getting his own bottle.

And today, I just heard of the restaurant manager (where a friend works) breaking down in tears and having to get to the hospital because of a kidney stone/s. I'm going to try to get word to her as well! Because this is such a gentle powerful amazing remedy for humans who have gone through a kidney stone ordeal.

Kidney Stones
Posted by leole (valentine, ne) on 01/26/2024

I have used chanca piedra in capsule form for 5 years and have not had a stone since. They used to occur about one time per year.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/15/2022

A friend of ours related a story to us that I thought I would share.

Her elderly mother was in the hospital. Her mother has many health problems including dementia and heart problems. (I am not even sure why she was in the hospital.)

While in the hospital, her mother was having severe pain but couldn't tell them why (due to the dementia) and our friend and the staff were mystified.

Then our friend remembered that her mother had a history of kidney stones. She asked the doctor if they could check. Sure enough she had kidney stones, according to a scan. They wanted to do surgery, but it would be a few days out and of course, surgery had its own risks with her age and health problems.

Our friend asked if they could try Stone Breaker herb, that her mother had used it before. The hospital was not willing. They said they didn't know how it might interact with her medications, and she had a feeding tube so that complicated giving it to her.

Well, surgery was taking a while to schedule and our friend was very kind and but persistent. She finally found a doctor to agree to try it, even though, he said, it wouldn't help.

They gave her stone breaker 4 times a day. After a couple of days, it was clear that the pain was gone. Surgery seemed to have been forgotten and they were going to send her home.

Our friend asked if they could check about the kidney stones. The doctor was reluctant but did another scan, and what do you know, the stones were gone!

There are several morals to the story - one is that hospital patients benefit greatly by having an advocate, family who knows them, especially. Second is that kindness goes a long way, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as the old saying says. And third, stone breaker works!

~Mama to Many~

Kidney Stones
Posted by Jc (Florida ) on 11/07/2021

I had my first stone about 5 years ago. The ER doctor told me to take potassium citrate 3x day to keep urine alkaline. Then I was told about Chandra piedra. It's a Godsend to me. When I first feel that ache in the kidney before it get to pain, I take 2capsules 3 times a day. If severe I do it 5 times a day. It takes about 30 minutes to work. They are alway with me. As I get older I don't tolerate oxalates well which can cause stones. If I want a handful of nuts, or a spoon of peanut butter I'll take 1 capsule of Chanda piedra. It wards off the ache or pain.

I now use Whole World Botanical. Their capsules work up to thirty minutes. Usually twenty. They are pharmaceutical grade, been tested and without any fillers. They are wonderful to work with. They also carry the liquid. I use that in emergencies. Takes ten minutes or less.

find the number of oxalates in the foods you like. You'll save yourself in pain knowing them. I still eat things with oxalates in them but not as many and I took a capsule or capsules to counteract. I first discovered them drinking Bai drink with stevia. Had the backache then pain and discovered stevia has 92% oxalates.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Judy (Michigan) on 09/06/2019

I started having very painful kidney stones about 10 years ago. I'd have at least one a year and then nothing for awhile, then more stones. I have always been able to pass them, but not without several days of excruciating pain.

After having the last one 3 years ago, I searched the internet for a cure and chanca piedra popped up. I purchased a tincture of chanca and after taking for several days, I passed a large stone without having pain.

Several days later I passed a number of very small ones. I have been using this tincture daily for the last 3 years without having any more kidney stones.

P.S. I do take magnesium and potassium along with other vitamins because of the diuretic effect of Chanca piedra.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Andrei (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) on 05/16/2015

A family friend recommended Chanca Piedra to my brother as a natural way of removing kidney stones about four years ago. He took it in capsule form as it is more convenient than brewing the plant. Very effective indeed!

Kidney Stones
Posted by Bernadine (Gloucester, Ma) on 03/31/2015


Hi, I find chandra piedra works very well for my phosphorus stone problem, but it interferes with my sleep so I have to take a very low dose for short spurts, then after being off try again. It has calmed my renal system totally doing that. Does anyone know if chandra piedra helps get your parathyroids to start producing hormone again?

I have both hyperthyroid and hyperparathyroid issues and then at times I fluctuate to hypo. I also have Hashimotos. With this autoimmunity going on it appears that it and much more get past the brain barrier for me and cause the insonmia. Have tried everything and am working on healing my leaky gut, but I am a thin, fit, woman already with alkaline urine ph, and I don't have the associated gut symptoms. I suspect chemical and or heavy metal toxicity. I take lots of magnesium chloride and don't think it effects my sleep.

Any advice?

Kidney Stones
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/10/2012

Hi Sanjay... Chanca piedra is well known in India. It is known and used widely in Ayurvedic medicines and is called bhumyamalaki. There are also many Indian herbal formulations such as Chayawanprash that contain Chanca piedra and these are fairly cheap. So you might be able to actually buy the Chanca piedra or bhumyamalaki from an Ayurvedic herbal vendor where you live.

You might also be able to buy the Chanca piedra at the malls where you live. But this, I think might be expensive.

What you really need to get rid of kidney stones is to take the tea form of Chanca piedra. You can buy one pound bags organic Chanca piedra powder at this internet site reasonably cheaply:

Failing this, Chanca piedra grows all over the lowlands of India, so you might be able to find it locally and even grow your own CP and make the tea or decoction for no cost. The plant grows about one meter high and looks like this:

Kidney Stones
Posted by Big Pygmy (New York City, New York) on 10/07/2011

Chanca Piedra is a MIRACLE! I recently had my fourth kidney stone (I'm 53, vegetarian, very healthy). I toughed it out but after HOURS of agonizing pain and realizing I had two at once, which might mean hours more pain I finally went to the emergency room at 3 a.m. They gave me some strong painkiller (tylenol w/codeine previously was worthless). They do an MRI and find three more stones in my left kidney, just sitting there waiting to torture me. I go home, scour the web, scour my herb books. I discover Chanca Piedra here at Earth Clinic. Local herb shop has it (Herb Pharm product called Stone Breaker, it also contains hydrangea root, celery seed and Burdock seed). Herbalist recommends I also take marshmallow for good mucous membrane health. I take them for two weeks.

I feel three stones pass PAINLESSLY. I find last two of them in toilet, they look ENORMOUS. I bow down to the Chanca Piedra. Get some and keep it on hand- it is also an analgesic, you can take it during an attack.

I found out that a lot of studies have been done on this herb. They all agree- Chanca Piedra is the rill dilly-o even from a western perspective. Also clears gallstones and heals your liver. Just an AMAZING herb! It should be much better known.