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Kidney Stones

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Posted by Bernadine (Gloucester, Ma) on 03/31/2015
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I find chandra piedra works very well for my phosphorus stone problem, but it interferes with my sleep so I have to take a very low dose for short spurts, then after being off try again. It has calmed my renal system totally doing that. Does anyone know if chandra piedra helps get your parathyroids to start producing hormone again?

I have both hyperthyroid and hyperparathyroid issues and then at times I fluctuate to hypo. I also have Hashimotos. With this autoimmunity going on it appears that it and much more get past the brain barrier for me and cause the insonmia. Have tried everything and am working on healing my leaky gut, but I am a thin, fit, woman already with alkaline urine ph, and I don't have the associated gut symptoms. I suspect chemical and or heavy metal toxicity. I take lots of magnesium chloride and don't think it effects my sleep.

Any advice?

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Well, it is a uterine relaxant and I read that the Amazonian use high dosages of it to induce abortion. Maybe you could try Apple Cider Vinegar or magnesium for the kidney stones? Because the stones are made of calcium, supporting with magnesium, which is antagonistic to it, might be a good idea.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Look what I found about Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil):

"Dissolves kidney stones: The holy basil being a great diuretic and detoxifier is great for the kidneys. Tulsi helps reduce the uric acid levels in the blood (one of the main reasons for kidney stones is the presence of excess uric acid in the blood), helps cleanse the kidneys, the presence of acetic acid and other components in its essential oils helps in breaking down kidney stones and its painkiller effect helps dull down the pain of kidney stones. To relieve kidney stones one must have the juice of tulsi leaves with honey, every day for six months to help wash out the stone from the kidney.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Sanjay (Bangalore, India) on 12/09/2012

Hello. I'd come across knowing about 'Chanca Piedra', a natural remedy for Kidney stones. I'm one among those millions suffer from kidney stones. Recently I had expelled one thro' urine and got to know it was Calcium Oxalate.

Could you help me provide a consultation about "Chanca Piedra" to know if it would be a real permanent remedy for kidney stones. Can I know how can I get it (pills) in Bangalore, India.

Thanks in advance. Sanjay

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)
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Hi Sanjay... Chanca piedra is well known in India. It is known and used widely in Ayurvedic medicines and is called bhumyamalaki. There are also many Indian herbal formulations such as Chayawanprash that contain Chanca piedra and these are fairly cheap. So you might be able to actually buy the Chanca piedra or bhumyamalaki from an Ayurvedic herbal vendor where you live.

You might also be able to buy the Chanca piedra at the malls where you live. But this, I think might be expensive.

What you really need to get rid of kidney stones is to take the tea form of Chanca piedra. You can buy one pound bags organic Chanca piedra powder at this internet site reasonably cheaply:

Failing this, Chanca piedra grows all over the lowlands of India, so you might be able to find it locally and even grow your own CP and make the tea or decoction for no cost. The plant grows about one meter high and looks like this:

Replied by Diane
(New Jersey)

Hi Bill,

I have just been diagnosed with a 2.5mm kidney stone which was too dense to respond to laser lithotripsy. I believe my doctor wants to go the kidney surgery route next which would be a nightmare for me! I may be able to put it off for a few months, but I am on borrowed time. I read in your previous posts that "tea" is your preferred method - is this just putting a powder in hot water or letting the leaves soak for a few minutes, then straining? I have also bought the "liquid herbal extract" - is this the water extract you referred to? I need something that works quickly and effectively (you should have seen the look on the doctor's face when I referenced CP). I appreciate any tips you can give me - I am new at this thing. Thanks.

Replied by Diane
(New Jersey)

Bill -

Correction to my post: The size of kidney stone is 2.5 cm. Sorry! Thanks so much!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Diane...Take either the tea or the capsule form of Chanca piedra for best effect. Make absolutely sure there has been no high heat, additives or chemicals applied to the herb. Make sure to buy organic or wild-crafted CP for the best outcome. The CP will gently remove the stone -- but sometimes its quite quick. There was a gent who emailed me four years ago who had a seriously large kidney stone problem. He said in his email that he had just taken the first dose of CP that day and was wondering whether the dose was OK. Next day a joyous email arrived where the man stated that the large Kidney stone (he called it a 'boulder') was successfuly expelled without any problems the next morning.

The Chinese understand well the the importance of the synergistic behaviour of herbs in TCM -- the main beneficial action of most herbs is because of the unique combination of hundreds of natural chemicals in the plant. Allopathic research tends to do the exactly opposite -- just find a singular plant chemical nutrient that has some beneficial action against a certain disease, isolate that one chemical, and then invent a patented chemical equivalent that hasn't got a chance of being recognized by the human body thus causing a hundred side effects. That's also why the drugs companies and doctors won't or can't use herbs -- because allopathic research always demands "standardization of ingredients". That means only one or two ingredients in the herb are [chemically] emphasized and, along the way, you completely destroy the natural, combined beneficial synergistic chemical healing effects of all the chemicals that these herbs contain in the first place. Stupidity itself.

I also agree with Ben, gallium nitrate is extremely effective for hypercalcemic problems and is very effective against many pathogen species. Both Gallium Nitrate and Chanca piedra are effective against kidney stones, but the real difference between them is the price.

From George Eby's website a 14% half liter bottle of gallium nitrate solution will cost you $90. And a 42% half liter will cost you $250. This is a fair price for gallium nitrate. But its a Rare Earth metal -- so that means its rare and therefore unavoidably expensive.

A thirty day supply of wild-crafted Chanca piedra will probably cost you about $15. Up to you. If you take the capsules then I would take at least 500 mgs twice a day for best effect.

Replied by Diane
(New Jersey)


I have to thank you so much for your help. A site like this can give so much relief, knowing that there are others in the same circumstance and knowledgeable people like you who encourage a natural approach. I will look into both suggestions.

I have to say Bill, you made a very good point about high heat - I had been taking CP liquid tincture in a very hot (to hot to drink right away) cup of water for 3 weeks with a "weak" effect at best - that may have been my mistake.

Bill, if I use the CP capsules, is it safe to use them at this 1000 mg/day dosage for several months? All I've ever gotten is sand. How do I know when to stop? These have been "silent obstructions", so until the x-ray, I don't know if I'm clear.

Thank you again -

Boy, would I love to show the doctors a clean x-ray!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Diane...I would just keep taking the Chanca piedra on a daiy basis until the 'sand' stops coming out. Also, CP has no known toxicity when used in large amounts over a lengthy period of time. So you're pretty safe with CP.

Replied by Diane
(New Jersey)

Hi Bill...It turns out that the kidney stones I have (incl. the 2.5 cm.) are uric acid/calcium. I am continuing on the CP capsules and have added 240 mg/day magnesium (as amino acid chelate) as well as doctor's prescription of potassium citrate (15 meq). The Dr.says I will never dissolve these stones and wants to operate through my back and retrieve them. Will the chanca piedra still work on these types of stones? I will continue the CP regimen for as long as I have to if it means avoiding this surgery. I am also going to start the tea form if it is more potent. Thank you so much.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Diane...Chanca piedra is well know to dissolve cysts as well as stones that contain high amounts of calcium and that's because of CP's wonderful and gentle ability to liquify calcium. Since you have such a severe problem I also think that you should at least double the dose of the Chanca piedra that you are currently using since CP is very friendly and has no known overdose limit or side-effects. This should help to work more quickly in dissolving your serious stone problems which are such a priority with you.

If all else fails, you could perhaps try using a 1% solution -- drink one litre per day -- of gallium nitrate which is used currently by modern medicine to reduce calcium in the blood for cancer patients. But this will be much more expensive for you than using Chanca piedra. You can read all of Dr George Eby's research concerning gallium nitrate here. Eby also firmly believes that gallium nitrate is very effective at killing any calcium-loving nanobacteria that are also sometimes involved with kidney problems and kidney stones.

My own opinion is that what you are taking now -- Chanca piedra and magnesium -- should be enough to resolve your stone problems. Just give it a little time. And I also would agree with you about the tea form of CP. I think its more effective than the capsule form.

Replied by Diane
(New Jersey)

Bill, thank you so much for your prompt response -

2 more questions:

Are there any dietary restrictions/limitations during this regimen (dairy, calcium, oxalates, purines)?
Can the tea form of chanca piedra also be taken daily for a longer duration(months)?

Your input is much appreciated - thank you.

Replied by Diane
(Pompton Lakes, Nj Usa)


I just wanted to touch base with you-

I've been on 3 cups/day of chanca piedra tea + magnesium and potassium citrate daily for about a year now. There a no changes in 2.5cm. stone size according to ultrasound, although I don't know if density has changed. I will stick with it if this needs more time, or will increase dosage of tea if necessary. I am not in any pain at all, and don't mind continuing with this regimen, but would like to dissolve this boulder once and for all. I am hesitant to go the gallium nitrate route as I prefer a gentler way of dissolving such a large kidney stone. Can chanca piedra take this long to work? Thanks so much for your input.

Replied by Art
1849 posts

In reply to Diane (Pompton Lakes, Nj Usa),

I've only used the 500mg capsules taken two at breakfast, 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner for a total of 3 grams per day. This generally works for me within two weeks or less. My friends that have tried it have had pretty much the same experience as me.

Bill Thompson has stated previously that the tea works well also, but I don't remember how much tea he recommended per day. Chanca Piedra can sometimes have a rather strong taste so I avoid the tea in order to avoid the taste.

This is what I and my friends have used to good effect:


Replied by Joanne
(Victoria, Canada)

Yes, it will work. Best to add K2 and D drops to your diet to avoid them in the first place.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Big Pygmy (New York City, New York) on 10/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Chanca Piedra is a MIRACLE! I recently had my fourth kidney stone (I'm 53, vegetarian, very healthy). I toughed it out but after HOURS of agonizing pain and realizing I had two at once, which might mean hours more pain I finally went to the emergency room at 3 a.m. They gave me some strong painkiller (tylenol w/codeine previously was worthless). They do an MRI and find three more stones in my left kidney, just sitting there waiting to torture me. I go home, scour the web, scour my herb books. I discover Chanca Piedra here at Earth Clinic. Local herb shop has it (Herb Pharm product called Stone Breaker, it also contains hydrangea root, celery seed and Burdock seed). Herbalist recommends I also take marshmallow for good mucous membrane health. I take them for two weeks.

I feel three stones pass PAINLESSLY. I find last two of them in toilet, they look ENORMOUS. I bow down to the Chanca Piedra. Get some and keep it on hand- it is also an analgesic, you can take it during an attack.

I found out that a lot of studies have been done on this herb. They all agree- Chanca Piedra is the rill dilly-o even from a western perspective. Also clears gallstones and heals your liver. Just an AMAZING herb! It should be much better known.

Replied by Abigail
(North Carolina)

Hi! I have been taking Chanca Piedra for about a week and today my kidney is absolutely killing me. Is this normal while taking this medicine? I'm taking it for kidney stones.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Abigail, I would stop taking it until the pain stops. Then you might start again but in a much lower dose.

Kidney Stones, High Blood Pressure

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Posted by Hackerszzz (Malaysia) on 08/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

5 years ago, I had a kidney stone.

During the night, I felt very painful area around the liver area, and I thought I was having appendicitis. Went to the emergency ward, and they said it was something else. After doing MRI, it was a kidney stone stuck in the urinary tract between the kidney and bladder. But to proceed with the procedure they said I need to wait another 3 months, because of many others are waiting in line. I could only afford the government funded hospitals.

Tried to research the internet, and I found something about Chanca Piedra. Fortunately, this herbs grows wildly in my garden. I took a bunch of it and simmer it in water and drank it half a cup daily.

To my astonishment, the pain diminished. Previously I couldn't eat too much since if I eat too much it presses on the affected area and it became painful. I couldn't sleep well at night because of back pain and just tossing around the bed became painful. There is something in Chance Piedra that acts as analgesics. After drinking it, I can sleep better since the pain reduces to tolerable threshold.

One day, I have the urge to urinate, and it felt a bit difficult since I need to push harder in order for the urine to flow out. Suddenly, I hear a loud sound from the toilet bowl like a big pebble clashing down the toilet. It was the kidney stone, coming out without any notice. After that I felt a great relief, I can eat more food, since the pain was already gone.

Another thing that I notice is, my blood pressure reduced to a normal level. I've been taking blood pressure medication without any success, it only capable of reducing my reading in a small numbers. I'm not sure what Chanca Piedra has done to my blood pressure, but the normal value persists for a month. But it came back to abnormal level, perhaps because I was not taking Chance Piedra anymore.

Gonna try again if it could fix my blood pressure since changing several bp medications couldn't fix my bp level.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Fascinating report out of Malaysia but once again, an essential bit is missing!!??

I must be becoming an irritable, old grouch but would people PLEASE, PLEASE let us know what many, many, posters are oh so eager to hear- namely, "How long was the interval between commencing the treatment and actual relief occurring?". Hours, days, weeks, years??

This sort of info. gives hope and encouragement to those contemplating similar treatment on either themselves, family or their friends faced with a similar predicament.

There, not too hard was it?

Cheers from Down Under

P.S. I DID gave this posting a thumbs up - it WAS good. (I'm currently enrolled in a support group for old grouches & learning to be positive and kind to the afflicted).

(faithville, Us)

Yes, this would be helpful if it included the weight of the person, their history, their fitness level and age, the family they grew up in and how the dynamics worked, the town they lived in, the water supply and air quality, and then the person's medical history. example would be downwind of a power plant. Thyroid issues ect. What type of education did they get, Who programmed their thoughts? What religion did they ingest? Is healing free or do they have to get it by works or has it been done away with and sickness is for training purposes? What is their regular diet like and how much do they exercise daily /weekly and what type of spouse/co workers do they have? How many kids are they trying to manage and raise into upscale citizens? Believe me, one challenging kid can cause all your health problems. I watch supernanny and AML on drug addicts.

As far as grouches go, I could say I have topped the list over the years with a constant stomach ache, pain in the spine, pelvic pain and dental pain and emotional trauma and split personality with migraines. So please spell out the above so we can help you to the best of our knowledge. I have overcome the above. Sometimes the problem is the thing keeping us from the real hurt, as a lovely distraction.The more the pain, the better the distraction. If your back hurts get some pliers and squeeze your finger and your back will be hardly noticeable. : ) . Not trying to step on your toes but everyone is trying to post insights, not cures. We are all putting out fires. It still far exceeds the doctor who is treating symptoms so you will keep coming back to pay his light bill. By the way. Love your post, charity

P.s. I figured out how placebos you believe you receive


Obstinate attitude for sure!

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Tiffany (Tx) on 07/11/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Chanca Piedra lowers blood sugar and my guess it that it creates a more alkaline PH so the mineral balance of the body remains intact. I had a rash of ringworm on my neck which didn't budge for weeks with the topical... Well I started drinking chanca piedra tea for my painful kidneys and guess what? The ringworm died! Rash totally cleared up!!

Once again, something to do with the blood sugar levels? Also, my TMJ doesn't bother me when I drink it. My blood pressure dropped to very low 96/69 or something like that.... SUPER low. Obviously...this makes one very drowsy so I don't drink it as often as I should.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Nicole (Chantilly, Va) on 01/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter was having an extremely painful gallbladder attack and I gave her the herb Chanca Piedra and it quickly subsided. I always have it on hand as I use it for myself for general detoxing of the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys of sludge and stones. I presumed this was the cause of her pain based on the location.

I continued to give her 1 pill a day for another week (after the first day of 2 pills) and she has had no signs of gallbladder issues like she used to get. Now I give her just 1-2 pills a week for safe measure. She would occasionally also get twinges and sharp pains in the past that were temporary...but those have completely stopped as well. It's an amazing herb that aids in all digestion issues, softens stones and sludge in your gallbladder and kidneys so your body and excrete them, detoxes and cleanses the liver/kidney/gallbladder, and is also anti-parasitic. The first time I took it my urine became cloudy one time, for the first time in my life. I became concerned and looked it up and discovered that it's actually a sign that your kidneys are cleansing/detoxing. It made sense and I was pretty amazed.

It does lower blood sugar slightly so if you're hypoglycemic I don't recommend it. I take 1 pill a day for occasional time I went to 2 pills and started feeling symptoms of low blood sugar so had eat. One pill I'm fine though. Incidentally I do give it to my dad and my son who have high blood sugar issues and it helps them. It's also known as an herb for diabetics.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 03/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've been living in the Philippines for over five years now. As an uprooted Englishman, my own adjustment to the tropical climate was necessarily swift. For some years I've had a fascination for and have used herbs, but I was astounded at the proliferation and variety of fresh tropical herbs that I am now able to grow in my garden so easily. These range from simple well known herbs like Thyme and Oregano to more oblique herbs like Chanca Piedra, Heart Vine, Aloe Vera, Tumeric root and Neem. So, over a period of time, I experimented and used many of these herbs very successfully for my own systemic candida and other problems, which are now all gone. I have also used both Heart Vine and Chanca Piedra over the years to successfully help people with diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, arthritis and candida problems.

There was one old Filipino who was quite badly constipated -- in a serious condition -- he hadn't been able to go to the toilet for over a month!! His family had tried all the usual laxatives with no success at all. I figured it must have been a blockage caused by a lack of liver bile, so I gave him the Chanca Piedra and Heart Vine remedy. He had a rather large evacuation after about 3 days of taking this decoction and he is now fine.
But I have had more recent success with my old and favourite Chanca Piedra and Heart Vine decoction remedy. I live behind a large but poor Filipino shanty where I have a friendly relationship with the community. They are lovely, happy people. Recently, an uncle of a Filipino friend said he went to the doctor complaining of abdominal shooting pains and bloating. The doctors diagnosed gallstones and insisted that they would have to operate to remove the gallbladder (gallbladder removal rarely, if ever, cures gallstones in the long run).

But the uncle was far too poor and couldn't afford the operation anyway. So a family member mentioned this problem to me and I taught him how to recognize and find the herbs, which all grow in the area, and I showed him how to make the standard decoction -- which consists of just two herbs -- Heart Vine (Tinospora cordifolia) and Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) with daily dosages. In the Philippines, both these plants are regarded as useless weeds believe it or not. But in Indian Ayurvedic medicine these two herbs are revered for their rejuvenating and tonic properties.
Anyway, two months went by and word was eventually passed to me that the uncle with the gallbladder problem had successfully passed out all his gallstones naturally while taking the decoction and he was healthy once again. I really love it when I get feedback like this. To me it is simply the best sort of confirmation whether a remedy works or not.

EC: Bill's above feedback on Chanca Piedra and Heart Vine was originally published in our recent 02/28/2011 newsletter. Read the newsletter in entirety here.

Replied by Isabelle
(Cotonou, Benin)

Bill, would you have the name of these plants in french? I even searched with the botanical names you gave, but couldn't find them. Are they plants only growing in Phillipines? Do we have the equivalance in France or better, in West Africa? as many people around me suffer from chronic constipation.

Thanks again, and God bless your work.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Isabelle, Chanca Piedra (Phylanthus niruri) and Heart Vine (Tinospora cordifolia) are easily found using Google Search or Google Images. Here are some pictures and herbal descriptions for each plant which should help you.

Chanca Piedra
This plant is unique because it bears all its small seeds underneath and along the very center of its leaf stem. This plant stands about 30 - 50 cms high

Heart Vine
This vine herb has a unique pimply stem. Here is a description with some photos of the plant.

I'm afraid I was unable to locate any French equivalent names -- but even using French sites on the web you should be to find them using their Latin equivalent names. Both these plants are lowland tropical plants which should exist in similar areas of West Africa.

Also, both using virgin coconut oil and Neem leaf tea (Azadirachta indica) would also be highly protective for the intestines against infection, constipation, parasites etc. These plants are also widely found in the tropics.

Best regards,

Bill :)

Replied by John
(South Carolina Usa)

Bill, thank you for the information on your home grown herbs. Do you have a source for the seeds of the tropical herbs you grow? Thank you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi John...Unfortunately, almost every herb that I grow is grown from local cuttings or twigs and there is no need to buy the seeds. The Chanca Piedra grows as a profuse weed in my garden which I am very thankful for. My partner does buy seeds from the local market in San Fernando to grow okra, sunflowers etc so she really has no need of an internet source. We also buy one or two herbs -- such as Aloe barbadensis and Holy Basil from the local garden centers. I try and avoid internet purchases if I can because the costs can be pretty high for shipment to the Philippines.

Replied by Debra
51 posts

Hi Bill,

I was wondering if you would consider selling me some seeds from your Chanca Piedra plants. I'm in Australia and have searched tirelessly for weeks to find them online with no luck. I really want to grow this plant myself to make my own tinctures. Any help would be much appreciated.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Debra...I'm afraid exporting/importing whole live plants/seeds from one country to another is extremely complicated, laden with rules, expensive and just not viable I'm afraid. It's also unlikely that Chanca piedra will ever be sold as a garden plant -- because it is a very plain plant that is essentially a weed with small flowers.

My opinion is that Chanca piedra might also grow in the jungle regions of northern Australia because chanca piedra also definitely grows in the western Pacific Rim islands and countries opposite northern Australia -- all jungle areas. So perhaps you could take a holiday sometime in these hotter Aussie jungle regions and find the plant and pick the seeds and grow them for free.

Chanca piedra grows about a meter in height. It's one single distinguishing and unique feature is that its small seeds can be found directly underneath and along the main stem petiole of the leaves of the plant. Here is an image of it to show you what I mean:

Chanca Piedra

If you use Google images search, then you can find plenty of images of Chanca piedra. And if you can adequately recognize the plant from this one unique feature that I've described, then you may well be able to recognize and find it in the jungle regions of northern Australia.

Replied by Debra
51 posts

Thanks Bill,

I know a guy who was making a tea from it which he was getting from an old guy in the next suburb but the guy died. I'm even thinking of seeing if I can get the address and got and ask the new owners if I could buy the plant of them but not sure if I can even get the address. You might be right though, they may not let it in via customs. Thank you anyway. Debra

Replied by Léa

Hello Bill Can you please help me to tell how much tinospora cordifolia and chanca piedra should I take and for how long to pass one single 1.5 cm / 22 mm gall stone? My doctor ask me to remove gall bladder and I am very scared of surgery please help.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Lea...Just use Chanca piedra (CP) on its own for gallstones -- that should easily be enough to dissolve and get rid of them. After all, CP's other nick-name is "Stone Breaker" with a long and highly successful history and reputation for dissolving both kidney stones and gallstones.

Take the Chanca piedra as a tea four times a day if you can (CP is not poisonous). If this is not possible then take 500 mgs capsules three times a day.

Avoid buying any herbs that have added chemicals or are denoted as "chemically standardized". Adding chemicals to the herb ruins the synergicity of all the herb's active natural chemical components and so this form does not work so well. Instead, you should always buy herbs that are either organic or wild-crafted in order to preserve the natural synergicity of the chemicals in the herb. This form always works the best.

It's difficult to say how long it will take to dissolve your stone. In fact, it's probably more correct to say that you probably have many gallstones and not just one stone. I estimate that you will see results within the week and you should feel much better after 3 or 4 weeks on this protocol. I would also cut down on dairy foods for a while -- avoid foods like milk, cheese, yoghurt. Calcium is a formative constituent of gallstones, so you should also avoid calcium rich foods.

Also, taking magnesium citrate -- 250 mgs twice a day with meals -- will also help to both alkalize the cells and it will also help to more properly balance the Calcium in the body.

Also be aware that supplementing CP lowers blood presssure, lowers blood sugar and helps to remove excess calcium from the blood. So if you are currently taking any drugs that do the same thing -- then taking CP might be contraindicated.

Replied by Nanette
(Gainesville Florida)

For the decocción for constipation

What amount of leaf of vine heart? and what amount from chanca piedra?in how many cups of water? How many cups to take a day?

Replied by Micol K.

I have been taking Chanca Piedra tea for a few weeks, 3x/day bags, not loose, and have not seen any gallstones (which I apparently have) being flushed out. For how long does one need to drink the tea to see any results? Also, I have just bought the CP tincture, any success stories with that to dissolve/ flush out gallstones?



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Posted by Janie (Magnolia, Texas) on 09/16/2017

Bill, I also have osteoporosis in my right hip and I have been put on Calcium and vitamin D but my blood test show my calcium is normal. My Vitamin D and magnesium were also within normal range. My Dhea, Estradiol, Progesterone and Protein were low. I am taking a supplement which has calcium algae, Boron, Magnesium and Vitamin D along with vitamin k2 and another supplement of 7 Keto DHEA. But I do have calcium deposits noted on my aortic valve which causes a mild stenosis. Would I be able to take the chanca piedra and expect to see this clear up?

Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Janie...There can be several causes for osteoporosis. You should continue taking the supplements you are taking, including the chanca piedra, but I would add the following supplements as well:

* Take 5% lugol's iodine -- 6 drops a day in a glass of water(work up to this dose slowly). Or you can take 50mgs to 120mgs of potassium iodide per day if you prefer. The iodine/iodide will ensure proper production of the calcitonin thyroid hormone which is the regulating hormone for the bone-forming iconoblasts cells in your bones. So increasing your iodine intake should also help to properly regulate and increase bone formation in your hips and bones.

* For the osteoporosis, I would also take Ted's lemon alkalizing remedy(See Ted's alkalizing remedies on EC). I would also change Ted's lemon alkalizing remedy in the following way. Just add the zest of the lemon(about 1/5 of lemon's surface area) to the alkalizing remedy. Then drink it and make sure you also chew and swallow the lemon zest as well. Take it once a day. Following this simple protocol once a day helps to protect the body's bone density. Lemon peel also contain high concentrations of hesperidin(as well as quercitin, limonene, gallic acid etc), which is a bioflavinoid that helps prevent bone loss in the human body. See this research article:

* To help remove the dangerous LDL LipoA build-up on your heart valve, Linus Pauling's Vitamin C + Lysine protocol is probably the best and cheapest remedy for you. For serious problems ie arteriosclerosis in the heart, I would take 1/4 tspn Ascorbic acid(1000mgs) powder and 1/4 tspn lysine powder(1000mgs) in a half glass of water, at hourly intervals, at least 4 times a day. If you can do it, taking the vitamin C + lysine in a half glass of water 6 or 8 times a day would be much better. The short explanation for this remedy is that the vitamin C actively removes the dangerous build-up of LipoA on the arterial walls whereas the lysine actively deactivates the dangerous LDL(LipoA) in the blood so that it cannot be used to cause artery build-up. Here is an explanation of Linus Pauling's research with some testimonials:

Heart Disease Vitamin C and Linus Pauling

Pseudogout (CPPD)

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Posted by Tim (Fla) on 08/16/2022
5 out of 5 stars

After having had my knee drained several times - calcium in the meniscus. Pseudo gout, I started taking a chanca piedra tablet 5 days a week. I have not had a flare up since even though I did bruise my meniscus on a recent bikepacking trip - I did not have a flare up where I certainly would have been off to get it drained in the past

Uterine Polyps

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Posted by HisJewel (United States) on 02/17/2020
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RE Chanca Piedra and DHEA,

Just checking in with my DHEA experience and further info on my Chanca piedra experience also. I have been taking 25mgs DHEA. I would simply love it if some of the older women would chime in with what they experienced with DHEA.

As I mentioned last year in April of 2019 my menstruation returned and lasted all of one day. I initially cut down to taking DHEA 2 to 3 days a week, but I found I felt better when taking it at least 5 days a week. I also take Pregnenlone 50mgs on the days when I do not take DHEA, however I have taken both in one day. I just wanted to share that one day monthly may have been the beginning of something unconnected to the DHEA, a Polyp. I thought I was getting a re-visitation because of a poster, an elder lady said that's what happened to her while on DHEA. I did not believe her, but began to wonder that day when I noted my monthly seemed to have returned in April 2019. Anyway, I did go through some trauma and drama at the end of 2019. For 3 months I once again had what I thought was the return of my monthly. I finally went to the doctor because the bleeding was excessive. The verdict was it was a Polyp, The doctor said, it had already began to break apart on its own, she wanted to make an appointment to have it removed or simply watch it. I decided to let the Lord finish the work. I believe it was the Lord that gave me a mind to give the Chanca Piedra a second try before I had even gone to the doctor.

When I took the Chanca Piedra in April last year I got a reaction from it, "the ithes". I did Not have my eye glass on when I read directs before, so the two capsules I was taking equaled 1800mg a day, so what I did this time was only take One capsule instead 900mg a day. This time there was No itching as before. When I looked at the date that I started to take the Chanca Piedra, I wondered if that polyp was already there in April and it started breaking down the Polyp then and that's what caused the bleeding, but I stopped taking it, but it had not fully flushed out yet.

Interesting enough I would fall in and out of love with lemons a lot between those months which probably also help to break it up, and then I topped it off by trying the Chanca Piedra again. Whatever happened, they say the Lord works in mysterious ways bringing about miracles.


Replied by HisJewel
5 out of 5 stars

I see that I was not clear in the amount of Chanca Piedra that I took. The directions said to take two capsules once a day. Each capsule is 900mg. In April 2019, I took two 900mg capsules, that equaled to 1800mg. In January 2020, I tried them again, this time I took one capsule that is 900mg with No problems. Directions on my supplement bottle did not say whether to take with or without food. I generally take mine with, or after breakfast. HisJewel

Where to Buy

Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 08/25/2015

Just wondering - has anybody in Australia been able to get their hands on chanca piedra as I would like to try for gallstones. Thank you.

Replied by Terry

Amazon sells chanca piedra.

Where to Buy
Posted by Joseph (Accra, Ghana) on 07/08/2015

dear all,

my name is joseph a Ghanaian, I must admit you guys are doing amazing job, . please , I got tested for the HBV and appeared positive and chronic. please the medicines you are recommending I have not heard of them before don't know where I will get them in ghana. please I need your help. thanks.

Replied by Bill

Joe, chanca piedra is common in Ghana. It is known in Akan as awoba ato woakyir (hope my spelling is right) in apparent reference to the seeds that hang under the leaves.

Replied by Nana

Chanca piedra is all over Ghana the local name is Awo ba agu nakyi .

Replied by Moses
(Acca, Greater Accra Region, Ghana)

I need Chanca Piedra to buy in Ghana. Please, where can I get some to buy? Kindly let me know the location, name and the telephone number of the person to contact. Thank you

Replied by Stacy

Chanca piedra grows naturally in Ghana, is a common weed and known locally as stone breaker or "at the back" in English & in Twi it's called Awo ba agu nakyi. You can check with Bill of Philippines posting as he has detailed pictures of Chanca piedra

Where to Buy
Posted by Caz (South Africa) on 04/21/2014

Hi, please could you advise where a person can buy Chanca Piedra in South Africa?

Replied by Lynne
(Cape Town)

Hi, has anyone found out where to buy CP in South Africa?

Where to Buy
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 04/12/2014

is there a place to purchase chanca piedra seeds or plants in the usa?


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

HI Cindy...You should be able to buy the chanca piedra herb at any health shop -- its fairly well known. I would either preferably use the the water extract in a tea or drink. Avoid the tablets, capsules and alcoholic tincture forms -- they don't seem to work so well. Try and buy organic for purity's sake. You can also purchase chanca piedra online at or from other sites like

(Devon, Uk)

Hi Bill,

I just got my delivery of Chanca piedra, and it's in 1000gm capsules! Talk about horse tablets. Is it OK that I opened the capsule, added to a glass of apple juice and then gently heated it. (It stopped the herb bits clumping together). I drank it, bits and all, and it was delicious.

Just hope I didn't do it wrong and it works - I am getting twinges in my left-side bladder and also the place where my gallbladder used to be, but nothing bad.

Replied by Wyandotte
13 posts

I think that the alcoholic tincture form of Chanca works fine - at least for me. I had read that it is good for countless things, so I tried it for 5 days. I discharged gobs of mucusy-looking things, as well as other weird-looking "stuff", just for starters. I had read that it does indeed clean this stuff out.

Regarding kidney stones, yes, I would agree that consuming Chanca as a tea is the way to go. In general, different forms of a herb affect different parts of the body.

Replied by Betsy
(Illinois, Usa)

You can buy Chanca Piedra tea at Amazon.

Replied by Susan
(Midwest, Us)

Wyandotte--the "gobs of mucousy things"...had you been having kidney stone issues, or what do you think those were? I took the Stone Breaker tincture for a week and then two or three days after I quit, I passed a white gob of...something...myself. Hoping it was my stone, but it looked nothing like the stone I passed three years ago..

13 posts

No, I wasn't having kidney stone issues - that I know of. But there can be gravel gathering there for some time. I think that was the case with me.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jacqui...You needn't worry about overdosing on Chanca Piedra. On the Raintree Database website it states that there is no known dangerous over-dose limit for chanca piedra. I take it all the time. Today I took the cooled concentrated decoction form. It's very bitter for sure. But I felt better for it. I take it because it puts the brake on excessive calcium and sugar in the blood. It also lowers blood pressure, gets rid of stones, supports the kidneys and liver, lowers cholesterol, antiviral and does a bunch of other things for your body that's all good. Just think of Chanca piedra as a good friend. And the way you are taking it is fine, so please don't worry.

Replied by Diane
(United States)

Hi Bill, I was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer 6 years ago. I am taking Anastrozole to stop hormone production. I have to take calcium the Dr. says the medication will deplete calcium. I also have multiple cysts on both my kidneys. I also have digestive issues, I can go weeks without a bowel movement and when I do I break out in cold sweat and shakes and its very painful.

Do you think it is safe to use Chanca Piedra. If so how much do you recommend. Thank you

Replied by Mary

Diane, I am not Bill, and I don't know why you wish to use Chanca Piedra, but I am concerned about your extreme constipation. This is just keeping toxins circulating in your body.

Please read up on remedies for constipation. And maybe consider carrot juice for constipation and anti-cancer. But don't take it until you have gotten your bowels moving properly.

Where to Buy
Posted by Mnb (Philippines) on 05/06/2012

Bill could you please tell me where I can buy chanka piedra capsule or tea or plant here in philippines, I'm from cavite and positive of hep B virus

Replied by Bill

Regarding purchasing Chanca piedra in the Philippines, you can get it from Healthy Options stores which are normally located in SM malls throughout the Philippines. Here is a link that shows which SM stores have Healthy Options health shops in the Philippines:

You can also buy the fresh chanca piedra from Quiapo Market in Manila (probably much cheaper) near Quiapo Church in Quezon City.

I'm afraid I haven't much of a clue about India. But here's what I would do. Visit an Ayurvedic or Unani healer -- they will almost certainly have chanca piedra -- and purchase chanca piedra from then. I would also think that the health shops in the Indian malls would definitely sell it too.

In both the hot lowlands of India and the Philippines, Chanca piedra grows wild as a profuse weed. So if you can recognize the plant, you can get it for free. Just make a decoction or a tea from the whole plant (including the roots) and drink this several times a day everyday. Chanca piedra has one unique feature that no other plant has -- it's flowers and seeds are situated along and under the leaf petiole. That's why CP is also called "Seed-Under-Leaf". Here is a picture of the CP plant.

Best regards, Bill :)

Replied by Mary Ann
(Pasig, Philippines)

Hi , I've tried contacting Healthy Options (manila branches) and it seems they haven't heard it nor do they have stocks for these herbs. They even had a hard time understanding its name. Can you suggest where else can I find it as a tincture? Or has anyone bought it in other stores? It really means a lot. Many thanks!

Replied by Anne
(Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte)

I ordered 3 boxes of chanca piedra tea the other week I will try but I know a lot of the study shows that it really helps. Please contact this number 09162464635

(Llo-ilo City, Philippines)

Hi I'm Dover, Where I can buy the Chanca Piedra tea in the philippines? I need tea not a capsule. It's truly help to prevent the hepa b virus? I need the reply please help me I'm from Ilo-ilo City.

Replied by Marie
(Olongapo, Philippines)

I order 3 bottles Chanca Piedra capsules in Cainta Rizal Philippines. I drink it 1 capsule 3 times a day after 5 days I feel good all my pains are all gone. I urinate a crush crystal. That's why in USA it iss called a Stone breaker. I also recommend it to my cousin who has a Hepa B. I really thank the lady who sell the chanca piedra in the philippines. Anybody who wants to buy , may contact them at 0916. 246. 46. 35, I highly recommend them. They are not SCAM.

Replied by Big C
(Quezon City)

Look at the pictures Bill already posted. It is very easy to find CP in even the smallest street markets, just look to the herb seller, I saw them and used them for green juices even though I had no idea what they were previously. These grow wild all over Philippines, no need to stress if Healthy Options does not stock it. always has anything as a last resort, but herbs that grow wild is just oo easy to pick up off the side of the street.

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