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Posted by Joseph (Accra, Ghana) on 07/08/2015

dear all,

my name is joseph a Ghanaian, I must admit you guys are doing amazing job, . please , I got tested for the HBV and appeared positive and chronic. please the medicines you are recommending I have not heard of them before don't know where I will get them in ghana. please I need your help. thanks.

Replied by Bill

Joe, chanca piedra is common in Ghana. It is known in Akan as awoba ato woakyir (hope my spelling is right) in apparent reference to the seeds that hang under the leaves.

Replied by Nana

Chanca piedra is all over Ghana the local name is Awo ba agu nakyi .

Replied by Moses
Acca, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

I need Chanca Piedra to buy in Ghana. Please, where can I get some to buy? Kindly let me know the location, name and the telephone number of the person to contact. Thank you

Replied by Stacy

Chanca piedra grows naturally in Ghana, is a common weed and known locally as stone breaker or "at the back" in English & in Twi it's called Awo ba agu nakyi. You can check with Bill of Philippines posting as he has detailed pictures of Chanca piedra

Replied by Denis Tsoti
Tema Ghana

Where to buy chanca piedra in Ghana?

Posted by Caz (South Africa) on 04/21/2014

Hi, please could you advise where a person can buy Chanca Piedra in South Africa?

Replied by Lynne
Cape Town

Hi, has anyone found out where to buy CP in South Africa?

Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 04/12/2014

is there a place to purchase chanca piedra seeds or plants in the usa?


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

HI Cindy...You should be able to buy the chanca piedra herb at any health shop -- its fairly well known. I would either preferably use the the water extract in a tea or drink. Avoid the tablets, capsules and alcoholic tincture forms -- they don't seem to work so well. Try and buy organic for purity's sake. You can also purchase chanca piedra online at or from other sites like

Devon, Uk

Hi Bill,

I just got my delivery of Chanca piedra, and it's in 1000gm capsules! Talk about horse tablets. Is it OK that I opened the capsule, added to a glass of apple juice and then gently heated it. (It stopped the herb bits clumping together). I drank it, bits and all, and it was delicious.

Just hope I didn't do it wrong and it works - I am getting twinges in my left-side bladder and also the place where my gallbladder used to be, but nothing bad.

Replied by Wyandotte

I think that the alcoholic tincture form of Chanca works fine - at least for me. I had read that it is good for countless things, so I tried it for 5 days. I discharged gobs of mucusy-looking things, as well as other weird-looking "stuff", just for starters. I had read that it does indeed clean this stuff out.

Regarding kidney stones, yes, I would agree that consuming Chanca as a tea is the way to go. In general, different forms of a herb affect different parts of the body.

Replied by Betsy
Illinois, Usa

You can buy Chanca Piedra tea at Amazon.

Replied by Susan
Midwest, Us

Wyandotte--the "gobs of mucousy things"...had you been having kidney stone issues, or what do you think those were? I took the Stone Breaker tincture for a week and then two or three days after I quit, I passed a white gob of...something...myself. Hoping it was my stone, but it looked nothing like the stone I passed three years ago..

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Jacqui...You needn't worry about overdosing on Chanca Piedra. On the Raintree Database website it states that there is no known dangerous over-dose limit for chanca piedra. I take it all the time. Today I took the cooled concentrated decoction form. It's very bitter for sure. But I felt better for it. I take it because it puts the brake on excessive calcium and sugar in the blood. It also lowers blood pressure, gets rid of stones, supports the kidneys and liver, lowers cholesterol, antiviral and does a bunch of other things for your body that's all good. Just think of Chanca piedra as a good friend. And the way you are taking it is fine, so please don't worry.

Replied by Diane
United States

Hi Bill, I was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer 6 years ago. I am taking Anastrozole to stop hormone production. I have to take calcium the Dr. says the medication will deplete calcium. I also have multiple cysts on both my kidneys. I also have digestive issues, I can go weeks without a bowel movement and when I do I break out in cold sweat and shakes and its very painful.

Do you think it is safe to use Chanca Piedra. If so how much do you recommend. Thank you

Replied by Mary

Diane, I am not Bill, and I don't know why you wish to use Chanca Piedra, but I am concerned about your extreme constipation. This is just keeping toxins circulating in your body.

Please read up on remedies for constipation. And maybe consider carrot juice for constipation and anti-cancer. But don't take it until you have gotten your bowels moving properly.

Posted by Mnb (Philippines) on 05/06/2012

Bill could you please tell me where I can buy chanka piedra capsule or tea or plant here in philippines, I'm from cavite and positive of hep B virus

Replied by Bill

Regarding purchasing Chanca piedra in the Philippines, you can get it from Healthy Options stores which are normally located in SM malls throughout the Philippines. Here is a link that shows which SM stores have Healthy Options health shops in the Philippines:

You can also buy the fresh chanca piedra from Quiapo Market in Manila (probably much cheaper) near Quiapo Church in Quezon City.

I'm afraid I haven't much of a clue about India. But here's what I would do. Visit an Ayurvedic or Unani healer -- they will almost certainly have chanca piedra -- and purchase chanca piedra from then. I would also think that the health shops in the Indian malls would definitely sell it too.

In both the hot lowlands of India and the Philippines, Chanca piedra grows wild as a profuse weed. So if you can recognize the plant, you can get it for free. Just make a decoction or a tea from the whole plant (including the roots) and drink this several times a day everyday. Chanca piedra has one unique feature that no other plant has -- it's flowers and seeds are situated along and under the leaf petiole. That's why CP is also called "Seed-Under-Leaf". Here is a picture of the CP plant.

Best regards, Bill :)

Replied by Mary Ann
Pasig, Philippines

Hi , I've tried contacting Healthy Options (manila branches) and it seems they haven't heard it nor do they have stocks for these herbs. They even had a hard time understanding its name. Can you suggest where else can I find it as a tincture? Or has anyone bought it in other stores? It really means a lot. Many thanks!

Replied by Anne
Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte

I ordered 3 boxes of chanca piedra tea the other week I will try but I know a lot of the study shows that it really helps. Please contact this number 09162464635

Llo-ilo City, Philippines

Hi I'm Dover, Where I can buy the Chanca Piedra tea in the philippines? I need tea not a capsule. It's truly help to prevent the hepa b virus? I need the reply please help me I'm from Ilo-ilo City.

Replied by Marie
Olongapo, Philippines

I order 3 bottles Chanca Piedra capsules in Cainta Rizal Philippines. I drink it 1 capsule 3 times a day after 5 days I feel good all my pains are all gone. I urinate a crush crystal. That's why in USA it iss called a Stone breaker. I also recommend it to my cousin who has a Hepa B. I really thank the lady who sell the chanca piedra in the philippines. Anybody who wants to buy , may contact them at 0916. 246. 46. 35, I highly recommend them. They are not SCAM.

Replied by Big C
Quezon City

Look at the pictures Bill already posted. It is very easy to find CP in even the smallest street markets, just look to the herb seller, I saw them and used them for green juices even though I had no idea what they were previously. These grow wild all over Philippines, no need to stress if Healthy Options does not stock it. always has anything as a last resort, but herbs that grow wild is just oo easy to pick up off the side of the street.

Where to Buy - Canada

Posted by Anicka (Canada) on 06/04/2014

I need chanca piedra liquid 4oz ASAP. do you sell it . how much? How long for shipping? I live in Nelson British Columbia Canada. I went on and cannot be shipped before June 17-25 more that 15 days.

Waiting in pain


EC: Anicka, we don't sell chanca piedra.  If you google 'chanca piedra canada' you will find sources within Canada who may be able to get it to you quickly.  Good luck!

Replied by Shawn

Here in Canada you can get from - they ship very fast. I got mine the next day if you order before 10am EST

Where to Buy - India

Posted by Rintu (Bangalore, India) on 12/17/2014

Please let me know the store location in Bangalore , I am looking for Stone breaker or chanca piedra powder or tablet. Please let me know or suggest to me where can I get this.

Where to Buy - Kenya

Posted by Jane (Nairobi) on 11/02/2016

Re: Chanca Piedra - Where can I get this plant in Kenya?

Replied by Rose

Where to buy chanca piedra in mombasa?

Where to Buy - South Africa

Posted by Tebogo (South Africa) on 07/30/2014

Hi, please advise if you have a store in south arica. please provide the address if you have a store in gauteng.

Replied by Lebohang

Hi..where can I buy chanca piedra in South Africa?

Replied by Maureen
Free State

Can someone please let me know where to purchase Chanca Piedra online in South Africa. Thank you.

Replied by Bee
New York

I am not sure if you can get this shipped to where you are? Im in the U.S... I order it from a company called sunfoods online.......... maybe you can check with them..

Posted by Caz (South Africa) on 04/21/2014

Hi, please could you advise where a person can buy Chanca Piedro in South Africa

Where to Buy Seeds: Australia

Posted by Debram (Australia) on 10/12/2014

I have searched high and low to find seeds for the Chanca Piedra, otherwise known as Phyllanthus Niruri and the 2 places I did find online, were sold out. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the seeds of this plant. I live in Australia. Thank you.


Replied by Timh
2114 posts

Maybe you can find the plant seedling already potted from an international nursery and then do grafts or harvest seeds from adult plant.

Replied by Debra

I have tried international and still no luck finding seeds or plants. Its a very hard plant to find.

Replied by Alex

Hi Debra, did you find the seeds sold online? I would also really like to buy them! Thanks xxxx

Where to Buy: Africa

Posted by Leshan Sakaya (Kenya) on 01/30/2017

How can I access this product in Kenya. chanca Piedra

Where to Buy: France

Posted by Hanela (France) on 08/08/2016

Where can I buy Chanca Piedra in France?? is it safe to buy from online or

Where to Buy: USA

Posted by Sheilaann (Long Beach, Ca) on 06/17/2018

Just signed up for the site after reading some great information. My question is what brand name of chanca piedra is best? I have been reading about so many benefits. People are talking about dosage all day long, but no brand names. And when there is anything, the links are so old they are non-existent. The only one I found was Swanson. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! If we can't list brand names, then please state as such😄

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
182 posts

Sheilaann, chanca piedra is a herb, search for the organic dried herb, this is best. Mine I bought as a tea but the only ingredient is chanca piedra in loose, dried form. 5 cups a day to break stones. Best to you

Posted by Chris (Valley Village, California) on 09/19/2014

I have been looking for Chanca Piedra, in the San Fernando Valley, Ca. Where can I find it?

Replied by Sandi
Wichita, Kansas City

If you are having a hard time looking for the seeds or the grown plant in your area, why not buy the capsule form instead. Bill had mentioned several sites where you can buy chanca piedra. My sister got hers from Raintree Formulas. They have it in capsule and extract.

Replied by Zarina

It might be about a 30 minutes drive however; I purchased it in El Mercadito in East LA. It's on 1st Street and Lorena on the 2nd floor. You can also try Hierbas de México on Whittier Blvd and Indiana.

Replied by Cathey
Covina, Ca

You can order Chanca Pieda online from