Diabetes Type II
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Gymnema Sylvestre for Diabetes Type II

Gymnema Sylvestre
Posted by Julie (Ellwood City, Pa, Usa) on 09/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Gymnema Sylvestre is used successfully to keep blood sugars lower. It prevents the peaks occurring after eating. Also helps with insulin resistance. My father in law takes this herb once per day (400mg) in the morning. He was taking his oral medication and insulin injections twice per day -- AM and PM -- number of units dependent upon blood sugar readings. He usually always run around 350 to 400 in his readings. Since taking Gymnema Sylvestre, his blood sugar is now in the 145 to 155 range; he has stopped his AM and PM insulin injections. His Alc is also down slightly below 7. *** IF YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE PLEASE MONITOR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR READINGS CLOSELY TO PREVENT HYPOGLYCEMIC EPISODES. As with my father in law, his medications have had to be adjusted.

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