Diabetes Type II
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Fenugreek for Diabetes Type II

Posted by Om (Hope, Canada, B.C.) on 02/21/2013

Fenugreek seeds, soaked in a little water and left to sprout are wonderful and I would not want to be without them. I take a good teasp. of seeds and have two more lots in wait for the next days. These seeds are very nutritious and in my case, I do find the taste agreeable. Take and chew well before having a meal, say one half hour before. These seeds are available in Indian groceries as well in healthfood stores. They bring the blood sugar down. In adition I use ACV, two teasp. in a tall glass of warm water with a teasp. honey to sip during the day.

I am taking to using smoothies and juicing. However, I find a homemade vegetarian soup helps to keep the wolves (hunger) at bay.

I have had a very scary experience with europaean cheese of the B. and C. type. A little while after having it on rye bread there rose from the liver region a very extremely hot and concentrated energy in about five pathways right to my breast and dissipated there. The power was like electricity and very hot. NOW I know! It must be the extremely high amount of hormones in the poor cows that cause breast cancer. Even though here in Canada, the growth hormones are illegal but a farmer told me they go across the border and obtain it for their cattle.

I never thought I would become vegan but now I am on the way. I use sometimes whey powder, buttermilk heavily diluted and until recently goat milk. But I am on the way out. I am now on Essiac to ward off the likelyhood of breast cancer, etc. I do Essiac periodically to detox. My big dog has a growth on her haunch but the Essiac tea seems to work. She is detoxing and the tumour seems to shrink - a bit too soon to tell.

People, wake up and smell the (imitation) coffee . We are being poisoned. The planet is being poisoned. We are empowered by mutual help and education. Go for it.

By the way, dandelions are extremely good for detoxing and new energy. A six week cure of using the entire plant in tea is very good also for kidney and diabetes. Even my poor cats who have to eat synthetic vits. Slurp the tea in their food with relish. All the best to you and God bless. Om.

Posted by Frank From Lebanon (Beirut) on 12/17/2012

Being an Alternative Healer in this part of the world (middle east), I would like to share with you two kinds of food that really does wonder for Diabetes 1 and 2.

1) Thermos seeds - raw. They are as hard as stone but you can and should grind and take 1 small spoon daily for a month, then take a 2 weeks break. You can add them to soups, shakes, and just about anything, but my advise add them to something small so you can eat it quickly as it is bitter

2)Fenugreek seeds, whether taken as tea form, as boiled and eaten with vegetables, they are also a god send for diabetic people, and help treat dozens of diseases. very rich in B vitamins and minerals.

3) Cinnamon.

Best Regards, Frank

Posted by T.S.Rajah (Wimledon, UK) on 12/07/2007

Fenugreek's leafy form belongs to the spinach family. However, its seeds are useful when cooking to combat the flatulence caused by certain foods, such as lentils and cauliflower. Its anti-viral properties mean it also helps against sore throat and mouth ulcers. Historically, fenugreek has been used to treat diabetes and is now thought to reduce blood pressure.