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White Vinegar

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Posted by Christina (Sunrise, Florida) on 11/11/2008
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I've had one finger wart on the back of my left middle finger for four years now and one on my right index finger for a year and a half... I tried everything under the sun and one night I just decided to check out home remedys for it. I read and the apple cider vinegar and said no it couldn't be that easy. Than I sat and thought to myself if it could clean a penny and make it shine like new than why not. I only had white vinegar so that's what I used. I took a cotton ball and soaked it with vinegar and taped it on. the next morning there was some pain. I unrapped it to find it super swollen and white but also black in the middle signifing that it was killing the root. I put vitamin e oil on the surrounding skin to sooth it from the vinegar. this time I took bandaids and just poured the vinegar on the cotton part and placed it over the wart. I left it on all night. the next morning before jumping in the shower I took it off. I was amazed to find all of the swelling gone and the warts were all black and looked healing. I've never seen my fingers look like that in years. I wanted to cry. I wasn't my hands and repeated the step with bandaids and vinegar. I'm on my third day today and it looks even better. I was so moved and happy I had to share. I hope you get the same feeling of relief after trying this. good look and don't get discouraged of the pain. keep that sucker covered with the vinegar at it at all times till its gone. no air so that it dies.

White Vinegar
Posted by Deb (New Jersey) on 11/30/2006
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I had a recent outburst of a vaginal wart. It looked like a raised bumpy mass and it kept on growing, fast. It got to the size of a thumbnail and raised about 1/4 inch. I did not want to use traditional medications so I saw that Apple Cider vinegar worked on regular warts. Well I had no Apple Cider vinegar, how about regular white vinegar. I soaked a q-tip in the vinegar and treated the wart directly for 10 minutes a day. After about 8 days the wart started to disappear, more and more each day. Then the area would bleed where I applied the vinegar, something was happening. As it bled the wart was disappearing. I treated the area every day until it bled. Eventually the wart was gone and a hole was there. The vinegar ate away the wart. This took about 2 weeks. If the wart threatens to come back I re-treat with vinegar for a few days, and its gone again. I hope this helps someone else.

Yellow Sulphur Powder

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Posted by Simon (UK)
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Try yellow Sulphur powder - from gardener supplies. It's used as an anti-fungal, nothing else I tried had any effect but if you keep removing the wart seeds then it should heal up with this stuff


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Posted by Chad (Us) on 07/07/2017
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For warts, 100% effective for me was ionic zinc sulphate w/ copper. I researched and experimented with every treatment and found the holy grail of wart killers. I truly feel sorry for all the acv hype out here on the internet, it is truly torture. I burned healthy skin and withstood weeks of agony because of vinegars, oregano oils and 35% hp all for little to no return on my investment of pain. When I apply the zinc undiluted it has maximum killing power and fast (the sting/burn subsides in 15 mins unlike some treatments. Post treatment soreness is all that can be expected.

In 2-3 days it will fall off leaving a small hole in the skin. Repeat the process again to kill anything that may be deep seated. You'll love how normal skin has no effect by zinc, but anything viral (hpv, herpes, etct) will self destruct.

Please tell everyone and stop the trend of long drawn out pain. This treatment has medical studies behind it per my research on pubmed. It is beyond my understanding why dermatologists don't use this stuff.

P.s. Not all zinc is equal. In study's i've read the sulphate form of zinc was absorbed the best. Choosing ionic form makes it even more absorbent.

Posted by Dave (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/07/2010
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Zinc at 100mg of elemental zinc per day (as zinc gluconate in my case)got rid of a large wart I had had for 14 years after about 6 weeks. Below is the abstract of a trial done on the effects of zinc on warts.


Replied by Sue
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Try oil oregano and coconut oil. This will cure your warts with persistance. My husband went to the doctor every week for over 2 months to have his plantar's wart burned off. It never went away no matter what the doctor did. When he started this protocol I recommended to him, his warts disappeared in 2 weeks. However, he applied this mixture twice a day, everyday. You have to be very persistant, and you will be free of this problem quickly. Sue

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Do you take the zinc, apply on the wart or what?

Replied by Dave
(Bangkok, Thailand)

You take the zinc orally, with food as it can upset some people's stomach. For some it is better to start with 50 mg a day, and increase it once you are used to it. Dave.

Replied by Steph
(Kc, Mo, Usa)
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I had a wart on my face for ~10 years. I tried ACV, urine, duct tape, banana peel, aspirin, and maybe more I've forgotten. Read Ted from Bangkok's post about zinc, looked up the study and gave it a try. I took 50mg four times a day. Took more than a month, but one day I looked and it was gone!

Zinc Oxide Cream

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Posted by Jason (New York) on 01/30/2018
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My young son (3) had 8 warts on his hands and I had 2. Used zinc oxide on them. They were gone painlessly within a month and haven't come back. I read that warts are a sign of possible zinc deficiency.

Zinc Pyrithione

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Posted by Jane (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 06/09/2012
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This didn't work for me. But I have found something that does and is a LOT LESS painful than ACV. I caught 3 warts from a manicure/pedicure and for the life of me couldn't get rid of them. I tried Compound W, then finally ACV. ACV was VERY painful and just outright torture. I did the whole band aid at night with the vinegar and it did turn black but never fell off. I had to pull it off with tweezers. Well, this didn't get the whole thing (and it also gave the surrounding skin a chemical burn), there was still "dots" left in the skin so the darn thing was still there growing back. After doing 2 rounds of excruciating ACV treatments I finally gave up. I was tired of the pain and open wounds.

I then tried Brewer's yeast pills but for some reason, supplements make my moods go awry so I had to stop. Then I read a post by a girl who used Selson Blue anti-dandruff shampoo. It's main ingredient is Zinc Pyrithione. This was going to be my last ditch effort to combat these warts, and I just knew it wouldn't work. Well... It did! Several times a day, I gently wash my warts with this shampoo (with a nail brush). After about a week, they were GONE. They just dried up and went away. You have to try this, you don't have to endure this painful vinegar treatment anymore, zinc pyrithione is your new friend. They have not come back and my skin looks so healthy now where the warts used to be. Thanks be to GOD!

Replied by Jackie
(Grand Rapids, Mn)
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About 1 month ago, I came down with a plantars wart below the great toe and just above the instep when I noticed a burning sensation. It was a small white spot. I had 13 warts between the 2 feet when I was a teen and I don't remember them hurting this bad at the onset. Maybe this one is a different type? Anyway I think the ACV worked but it burned constantly and it just wore me down, so I tried the shampoo with zinc pyrithione (a sample size of Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo) last night. I got immediate relief. Did it again before I went to bed and this morning I can step on my foot. Everytime I put the shampoo on it seems to get better, the deep pain around the wart when pressed is much less. I used it full strength and scrubbed it gently with an old toothbrush and let it dry without rinsing it off. The center is dark. I hope this is the ticket. They sure are miserable things.

Replied by Jackie
(Grand Rapids, Mn)

I came across a website today recommending grapefruit seed extract as a remedy to cure warts. Apply a few drops to the wart and cover with a bandaid. Starts to work right away to soften the wart and kill the roots. No filing necessary. GSE is antiviral and useful for many things. Warts are caused by a virus. I'm hopeful. So anxious to get rid of it. I wonder about some remedies such as over the counter acids and nailpolish. If the wart is open at all wouldn't these products get into the blood stream?

Replied by Jackie
(Grand Rapids, Mn)
4 out of 5 stars

Update: I happened to have grapefruit seed extract so I tried it on the wart for 2 days. It got on the surrounding skin but didn't harm it. Made it difficult for the band aid to stick so I kept it in place with an ace bandage. Lots of pain in the foot yesterday, throbbing even with range of motion to the foot, couldn't step on it hardly. Soaked my foot in white vinegar last night for about 20 min, then went back to the selsun shampoo with zinc pyrithione. Pain gone shortly. What a relief. I'm walking normally today. If it will be cured or not will remain to be seen but this treatment is an excellent pain reliever. Thank you Jane for posting this.

Replied by Lisa
(Petrolia, Ontario)

Hello has the zinc pyrithone worked with your wart? Please up date as I am in such agony and a state of depression over a wart on the tip of my middle finger and a planters wart on my foot (foot I have had for at least 6 yrs and finger about 2. 5 years. I recently have had them froze at least 4 times now a week apart. The pain is horrible. I also soak them with Apple Cider Vinegar and sea salt then gently file. I have been using thuja ointment and duct tape alternating at times to relieve the painbut the pain is too much. Please update on the zinc pyrithione.

Replied by Joanna
(Greenacres, Fl)

hi I had a hand surgery ( in the palm of my hand) I had 2 tumors on it. Well to make story short, the surgeon, open twice my hand in the same week. I have a little bit of keloid but the part of the scar line between the index and the tumb, grew a wart and its really painful. I still dont know if it really is a wart. Its painful and has is a bump with minimal red dots on it. I cannot even touch it bc its painful. I thought it was some kind of stitch wanting to come out but it doesnt have any fluid on the inside. The ACV will help with this painful"wart"?