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Posted by BJ (Everett, WA) on 01/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was reading your voodoo section on warts. When I was a child, I hate an enormous wart on my wrist. My mom took me to the doctor and I had it burned off. It soon grew back to TWICE the size! I was horrified. Then my step-grandma told me to pop a vitamin E oil capsule and put that on it everyday with a bandaid and in ONE MONTH it will go away. I did it religously every night and it took my HUGE wart away, never to grow back again! I recommend it to everyone!

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Vickie (Fernandina Beach, FL) on 11/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

When I was 13 I too had a problem getting rid of warts on my hands. One day a family friend was visiting and noticed my hands. He instructed me to get a raw potato. He peeled the potato and cut it in half. He then had me take a bite of the raw potato, and rub my remaining potato on all of the warts. He took his half of potato and also rubbed it across all of my warts while chanting something in spanish. He told me to bury my half, not letting the location be known to anyone, and he would do the same. After we had buried the halves, he told me that once the potatoes dissolved, my warts would be gone. After two weeks the warts had disappeared! To this day they have never returned.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Deb (Silverdale, WA) on 08/05/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I'm amazed at how many people know about the Potato Remedy for Warts. When I was about 10 years old (40 years ago) my stepmother told me about the potato remedy. At the time I had about 15 warts on my hands. Of course, no one at school wanted to hold hands with me. I didn't really believe the hocus pocus would work, but after cutting a potato in half, peeling one side and rubbing it on my hands and burying the other half, a few weeks later my stepmother asked me if my warts had gone away. I said NO, but when I looked at my hands, the warts were gone. She told me that when the eyes of the potato grew out in the yard where I'd planted it, the warts got smaller and smaller and finally went away. Forty years later I've never had another wart. AMAZING. It still amazes me after all these years.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Lawrence (Christiansted, St.Croix U.S.V.I) on 07/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had a large annoying and sometimes painful wart on the pinky side of my wrist. I had this wart for from about the age of 10 to 13 when during a family get together my great uncle told me he could remove it. He had me cut a potatoe in half and he rubbed his half on the wart and I then rubbed my half on the wart as to make sure the wart was sufficiently wet. Then he instructed me to take my half of the potatoe out and bury it in the yard where only I knew its location and he would do the same. Within 2 weeks this monster wart dried up and began splintering and falling out until nothing remained, not even a scar. That was 23 years ago and it never came back. I am a believer!

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Carolyn (Newburgh, Indiana) on 04/27/2006
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When I was about 12, I had a planters wart on the ball of my foot that was about a quarter inch in diameter. My aunt took an uncooked navy bean and rubbed it on the wart and then had me throw the bean in the trash and told me to forget about it and about 2 weeks later the core of the wart fell out and I never had another wart after that.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Boshena (Australia)
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I have a wart cure that sounds truly as voodoo, but it works. My daughter had few warts on her hands, which were very irritating, as they kept coming back no matter what we did. My grandmother from Europe sent me a method that has been used to cure warts for centuries: Take a piece of cotton thread, tie as many knots in it as you have warts, then take the thread to some moist, dark place that you do not visit, place it under a rock then leave. When the cotton thread rots, your warts will disappear. I feel quite stupid even writing about it, but it did work, and the warts never came back.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Janine (Los Angeles)
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Well, my mother used half a potato for tiny warts all over my knee when I was about 10 and similarly buried the potato in the garden! Same thing happened -- the warts went away within a week. So there is something to these strange voodoo-ish remedies!

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Dylan (Newcastle, NSW)
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One of my mates told me that a method is that you get a piece of uncooked red meat and rub it on your warts and bury the meat somewhere where nothing can dig it up and don't tell anyone you did it otherwise it won't work.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Trudy (ALTOONA, PA)
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When I was in first grade, I had a wart on my thumb. My mother had told this story that to get rid of it... you had to steal a piece of fat from someone's refrigerator, rub it around the wart 3 times and bury it where it will get wet. My sister who was in 4th grade decided to help me. we took a piece of bacon fat from mother's refrigerator, rubbed it the 3 times and buried it under the rainspout... wah lah... it went away!!! and we were kids doing it.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Wendy (Collegeville, PA)
5 out of 5 stars

My Great-Aunt Pauline gave me an old wives tale remedy, she said to rub a potato that was starting to go bad on the wart. Then you close your eyes and throw the potato in the woods not seeing where you threw it. When the potato rots your wart will fall off. I was a kid when she told my mom and I about it, and I thought she was nuts, but it worked.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Marcia (Cleveland, GA)
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I had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot about a year ago. After using the acid patches and visits to the podiatrist, nothing worked except this: Cut off a small piece of fat meat (bacon), trim the wart until it bleeds, put some blood on the fat meat, bury the meat and say a prayer believing that the wart is gone. Works every time.

Replied by Michelle M
(Waukesha, Wi)
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Here is another remedy for plantar's warts. My daughter had one on the palm of her hand (same type of skin as the bottom of foot) which was growing inward. The root started putting pressure on the bone beneath in and really started to hurt. I combined baking soda and castor oil to form a gummy paste, put a piece of it over the wart and covered it with a bandaid. We put a clean piece of "gum" and bandaid on daily. In about 7 days the roots of the wart started coming outward and when they were long enough, I took a tweezers and carefully pulled the roots out. The wart went away after that and never came back. This is a great alternative to getting plantars warts on the bottom of your feet burned off. Just make sure you careful pulling out the roots so that they don't break. If the root remains under the skin, the wart will most likely. If so, repeat the remedy, making sure to get ALL the root the next time.

Voodoo Remedies for Warts
Posted by Kay (Costa Mesa, CA)
5 out of 5 stars

By the time I was 17, I had accumulated more than 250 warts, mostly on hands and arms. My sister told me to rub my hands, arms, knees, feet, wherever the warts were, then repeatedly say "I wish the warts away." Rubbing so many places seemed way too time-consuming. So, every night before falling asleep I collectively thought of all my warts and repeated in my mind "I wish my warts away." I think it took two or three weeks of falling asleep "wishing", but it made me very happy to have a wart-free hand (& body) when I got my engagement ring shortly thereafter.

Wart Removal Tips

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Posted by St (Eugene, OR) on 03/06/2021
4 out of 5 stars

I am using a natural wart remover similar to ACV, on a wart right on my hairline, on my forehead. I also did a lot of research on do-it-yourself wart removal. In the past I have smothered a wart by simply putting a band-aid on it but can't do that with it being in my hairline. So I am simply applying the "cure" with a Q-tip several times a day. It's been a few weeks and it's going but I think I might also try the ACV.

What I wanted to stress is this will not be the same for everybody. People who have very fast results are lucky. I'm wondering if it may be something to do with the type of wart/mole. As for panicking over it being cancer, I wouldn't. My research indicated that the ones that turn really black and cause a hole, could be, but it will still work with perseverance.

It's paramount to be patient and not pick at it. I still think smothering is at least half the solution but, if you can't, like me, it still works but takes longer. Nothing works in exactly the same way for everybody. For some people (maybe me) it can take months. But I see it working. Just an interesting aside, my father used to do what we called "predict warts". People would show him a wart and he would say it would go away at such and such a time and I saw it work several times. I never had any for him to predict and he's gone now but warts--and people--are funny things. Maybe keep that in mind. But, mostly, be patient and don't let up.

Replied by Lisa
(Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada)

I have never heard of using banana peel for warts until I came on this site. Another cure for seed warts is rubbing a onion on it. My neighbor had one on her foot and my daughter had one on her foot and my neighbor told me that someone had told her to slice a onion and rub it on it 3 or 4 times a day and each time to rub it with a new slice and that in a week or so the wart would go away. I started doing this to my daughter and in about a week or so the wart was gone.

Some time after that I took my son to a dermatoligst and I was telling the dermatologist about the onion and how it got rid of my daughters wart and he said no that don't work the wart just goes inside of your body when you do that. My intuition or gut feeling was that he was just saying that because he was afraid that I might tell other people about it and knock him out of some buisness. I would have never believed that the onion would work until I tried it myself and seen the wart go away.

Replied by Monique
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, Our son had over 50 warts on each foot that we tried for a year to have removed. Nothing worked - not compound W, weekly vists for a year to a podiatrist who painfully scraped and put cyrogenic freeze on his foot each week, $300 in skin cancer medicine that caused him nosebleeds it was so powerful. He had clusters of warts that deformed his foot - it was to the point that I thought he was going to lose his feet and this kid played hockey 6 times a week.

Finally after turning to the internet, we started doing banana peels and duct tape every night - I set it up in our calendar to remind us. A couple of times early in the process we quit after a couple of weeks but finally I was so worried about his feet that we decided to do it and keep doing it because we really had nothing else and with this it seemed to stop it growing at least. I guess I was expecting faster results and completely taping his feet every night was a lot of work.

We did two other things:

I also tried to limit sugar in his diet which is really hard for an 11 year old who plays sports every day of his life and is so active. Something about sugar and the immune system.

We also seperated his socks (I had purchased triple what a person normally needs) and I put them thru a sanitize cycle when I had a load (2 hr wash with bleach).

The end of the story is that our son's feet are completely clear - wish I had before and after pictures because the results are truly amazing. His feet were so bad he would not let me take pictures but I really wish we had. Nothing short of a miracle if you ask me.

Good luck - I had to post this testimonial in case it helped someone else. It took a few months but it really did work. We used fresh banana peels since he loves peanut butter and banana for breakfast (we put it in a baggie in the fridge in the am to use at night).


Replied by Aanal
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Hi, This is Aanal from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It seems very interesting and helpful. My husband is suffering from almost 30 warts on his right foot since last 3 months and he is in very painful condition. I am trying salycylic acid and other OTC drugs but it has no improvement. From today I will use Banana Peel. Would be very happy if it will beneficial.. Will keep posting if have any queries.. Thank You :)

Replied by Tom
(Raleigh, Nc)

I had 3 plantars warts show up on my feet at once just about, 2 on 1 foot inbetween 2 toes and 1 on the ball of the other foot. I picked at them for MONTHS, I even used sand paper and a razor blade and cut them off and they just came right back. Embarrassed wearing sandles

I finally went to the Podiatrist, He put on on 60% Sialic Acid paste, This stuff burned the crap out of me, The bandaids I used to keep this stuff in place would slip off or move and then the paste would pretty much kill all the skin on my foot and do very little to the wart itself.

Finally went to a different podiatrist and He put me on Formaldehyde 10% in a roller, Went on easy and dried pretty quick so no need for bandaids, I only applied it to my right foot warts 2 times a day because I had no faith in it at all.. 1 week later NOTICEABLE difference. 2-3 weeks later They where completely gone, And the wart on my left foot disappeared also. Im assuming it built up my bodys immune system!

Ask for this stuff!!!! Worked great I searched the internet and NEVER heard anybody talk about this stuff when getting rid of warts and I feel like people should know.

Replied by Sras
(Perth, Wa Australia)

Does the banana peel have to be the same size as the wart? Mine are all quite small and in about a 2cm square area so it's hard to cut lots of little banana peels. I just put a big chunk over the whole area for the first time, should I take it off?

White Vinegar

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Posted by Tom (Villa Park, Illinios) on 05/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I went to the doctor for a year trying to get rid of 15 plantars warts on my feet. He scraped them down then froze them every three weeks. I applied a drying agent everyday. He prescribed a pill that change my body PH to help combat the warts. After a year of this , we eradicated 2 warts, 1 of which came back. He said my only option was to have them surgically removed. My feet would take 3=4 weeks to heal.

I work on my feet all day so I would be off for this time plus pay all the medicle bills. The warts were not hurting my feet, so I looked into an alternative cure.

I found this site and decided to try soaking my feet nightly in white vinegar and duct tape during the day. After 11 months my warts are all gone. Smaller one went away quickly, The bigger deeper ones took more time. I wish a went to this site first.

White Vinegar
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 03/22/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have had a few warts for a number of years. A while ago I read here about the treatment with ACV and decided to try. As it didn't go fast enough I tried white, normal vinegar. I applied it to a pad and then taped it to my leg. Everything appeared well, once after my bath I saw that the top layer of the skin was pealing off so as we were going on a 10 day trip the next day I decided to apply it once more and leave it as usual during the night. The next day my leg turned black, not only the wart but all the skin around it and it became more and more nasty. I was worried to death I have to say. It hurt and I couldn't touch it at all. It took a couple of weeks to heal. Now the wart is gone but there is still a bruise on the skin around it far bigger than the wart was. I hope that it will heal..... Bottom line, the white vinegar was maybe far too strong so be careful. I had two other on one hand, smaller ones, did the same treatment but had a smaller wound and I have to say that the warts are still there. I will try again but only with ACV.