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Banana Peel

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Posted by Sean (Boston, Massachusetts) on 09/22/2009

Banana peel for plantar warts

I had a nasty case of plantar warts on my right foot (three of them) and I tried acids, vinegar and duct tape for months before deciding to try banana peels. All I did was cut up a bit of banana peel, put the inside of the banana peel on the wart, tape it on with duct tape, and live my life without thinking about the warts at all. I was rock climbing, surfing, running -- just doing whatever I wanted. I was changing the banana peel bits twice a day, and leaving them on at night. Two days of constant treatment later, the warts turned pitch black and literally just fell off my foot. I continued the banana peel for another 4 or 5 days to ensure all of the HPV virus in my skin would be dealt with soundly, and I'm happy to say that I am now 100% wart free for the first time in about a year!

Definitely go nuts with the banana peel cure AS SOON as you have a plantar wart. It's incredibly effective. The only down side (and this is true for the effective treatment of ALL plantar warts) is that afterwards you have craters where the wart used to be, and you have to regrow all the skin you would have had if not for the infection. So get plenty of neosporin and bandaids to keep your baby skin around the craters clean and protected while they heal.

A top notch cure! So simple, so easy, so much better than acid, burning, freezing or any of that nonsense :)

Banana Peel
Posted by Ll (Melboune, Australia) on 09/13/2009

I taped banana peel to my 6yo son's wart on his foot after being told it was an Indigenous cure for warts in Australia and it worked within a week. No more warts appeared.

Banana Peel
Posted by Susan (North Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 08/15/2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Honestly I had plantar warts for six months or longer. I believe I got the first one from a pedicure. Eventually I had 3. Occasionally I would try the salicylic acid pads - but after a couple boxes -they irritated my feet - killed the healthy surrounding skin - and never seemed to affect the warts. My doctor did not offer much help - she told me freezing it out would be about as effective as the pads.

I was up at a condo in Whistler searching to get information on the internet and came upon your site. I had bananas and the wart pads from the expensive kit. I treated my warts for about 3 days - and GONE!

Did I say thank you? ;-)

Now I am going to this site for any ailments. Toe fungus (vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide soak followed by Tea tree and ) worked fast. Ted's cure for Acid reflux is working great (although because mine is mild I only drink it occasionally) and I am currently trying some natural cures for my husband's tinnitus. I may post feedback on those cures as well

Oddly when I went to find the original cure (banana peel) to add a comment the ACV cure came up but I really had to search for the banana peel. weird - and glad it was easier the day that I was looking for an answer - shouldn't the top answers show first?

Banana Peel
Posted by All Gone (Lismore, New South Wales Australia) on 08/14/2009

Plantar Warts Banana peel treatment:

Back when I was 5 (before my parents even knew about the internet), I had some rotten little warts over my hands. A girl at school pointed them out to me, so I told my parents and they had heard the Banana treatment rumor. I told them "Ew I don't want to do that," so they gave me that option, or to go to the Doctors and endure hours of painful freezing and cutting. Naturally, being 5, I disliked pain and decided to go with the Banana.

I put band-aids over a small slice of banana peel over the warts each day and after a couple of days, all the warts were gone. They turned white and reduced in size.

Proper conduct for best results are:
1. Replace with a new bandaid when needed
2. Do not use the same peel for more than one session.
3. Let it air for maybe an hour or 2 a day

Almost 15 years later, they're still gone, and all thanks to bananas.

Replied by Tony
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

I have been trying to get rid of two warts for years. I think one is finally gone. The other seems as big as ever. Even though I used curad acid tape and tried freezing removing pieces of it every few days. Tonight I taped a piece of banna peal to the remaining one.

I hope this works.

Banana Peel
Posted by Viaone (Rosemead, Ca) on 08/13/2009

You must read this if you are thinking about trying the banana method. I give you my word that this will help your warts no matter how hopeless you feel about your wart. Never give up. Sometimes the simplest answers are the best ones for you.

I had a terrible plantar wart that was so big that it looked like a spider laid an egg in my foot. It was so painful to walk on I felt that I would rather crawl on the floor to get a cup of water rather then facing the pain of walking. It had been growing in my foot for about 3 months and I tried acid pads which only made it worse because the acid would irritate the healthy skin around the wart. It got worse because it started to grow taller and larger.

The only option the doctor told me was to surgically remove it. I booked the appointment only to find out that my appoint for surgery was a month and half away. I had nothing to do but wait for this idea of the doctor cutting me up. I was terrified of having a huge painful hole cut out of my foot so I looked for other options. Since I had nothing but time on my hands to kill I wanted to go on the web to see if there was something else I could consider doing. I found this website and read testimonial after testimonial and felt that I had nothing to lose.

I cut my first banana peel (non frozen)into a circle shape in the exact size of the wart and put a band aid over it with masking tape all around it so it would move at all. I had it on for 24 hours walking around with it and then sleeping with it on.

The next day I saw that the wart had turn white and change in quality like a sponge like surface. It use to be as hard as a rock but it was still painful after day one. I changed banana peels every day...sometimes twice a day so it was always a fresh peel.

One week later using the same procedure for the entire week the wart began to change color and reduce in size height wise. It also became less painful in about half of the area of the wart.

I did let it air out for a few hours to let the wart dry and begin the decomposing process. I don't think it should stay wet or moist all day.

After 2 weeks of this treatment the wart literally began to crumble off. I could see all the dead blood vessels inside the dead skin. I used my finger nail to peel off the dead skin and it all came apart without any pain. I have a small crater in my foot with no pain at all! I seriously had my doubts and felt silly along the way but it only took 2 weeks.

I thank God everyday that I found this website. I never appreciated walking this much before. I no longer feel that I have to have surgery and if you are even thinking about trying this method you should definitely definitely go for it.

All you need is a banana peel, band aid, masking tape, and patience

Good luck and God speed

Replied by Carrie
(Roseville, Mn)

Your testimonial is certainly encouraging. I would just like to add a caution about about using a fingernail to pick away at the dying wart, just in case not all of the area picked is completely dead, and you end up with warts under the fingernail.

Replied by Crater-scared
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi, I'm gonna try the banana peel remedy maybe starting tomorrow, but just wondering, how noticable/ big is the crater left on your foot for plantar warts? I don't want a hole left in my foot.. And how long does it take for the skin to regrow and look normal again?

Replied by Tom
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The crater left is not from the treatment but from the wart. No matter which method you use for removal of the wart a crater will remain.

Banana Peel
Posted by Mariella (Westfield, NJ) on 07/20/2009

Took a few weeks, but it worked! I've been dealing with a pretty big plantar wart on the heel for about 3 years and got two more on the same foot in the past 2 years. I tried freezing them several times with over the counter remedies, but I had the feeling that it only got worse. Then I came across this website and just had a go with the bananas. I used organic bananas and put a piece of the skin (the inside facing down) on each wart, and covered them with tape. I kept the tapes on 24/7 and renewed every time they got shifted. After about 2 1/2 months I was about to give up but then all of a sudden all three of the warts disappeared. It's amazing what mother nature can do! All it took was persistence and a lot of patience. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but three weeks ago I started taking an organic Acai juice blend from a health food store every morning.

Banana Peel
Posted by Judy (Cullowhee, NC) on 07/04/2009

A round, smooth wart on my temple was getting larger and puffier. After a couple of days of trial and error, my best result was then achieved by using a small piece of blackened banana peel big enough to completely cover the wart under a watertight bandaid (having adhesive on all 4 sides). I changed the banana and bandaid morning and night.

Day one: the wart was completely flat, a little whitish, and it was clear that the wart was comprised of 3 equal sections. Day 2: edges of the wart were black, granular and broke off when touched. It appeared the wart could perhaps be lifted away, but it could not. Day 3: the wart was GONE. Vanished. Not a trace remaining. The skin underneath was not red or raised. Today, a good year later, it has not returned.

If there's a next time, I'll use the following amendments, as others have suggested: first, lightly roughen the wart with a pumice stone or fingernail file to make it more susceptible to treatment. Then, apply scrapings from the peel's interior, so as to reduce the bulk of the peel.

This was unbelievably simple. Thanks to all those who shared their experiences.

Banana Peel
Posted by Donna (Montreal, Canada) on 06/14/2008

I was looking for a natural cure for warts as I recently had one on my middle finger and decided to try the banana peel & duct tape. I cut out a piece of banana peel that covered the wart and taped it there with duct tape. The next day I removed it and got another piece of banana peel and applied the duct tape again. On the third day I was teaching so I just applied the duct tape for the next few days and then it was practically gone. It didn't turn black, but the wart/skin started to slough off. Now there's a slightly pink area and no wart.

Banana Peel
Posted by SHIRLEY J (Ft. Myers, Florida) on 07/02/2007

# 1 cure. My grandson, age 11, had about 20 warts on his abdomen. Some had been removed by his Doctor but was a painful experience. I recommended he tape a small piece of banana peel to each wart. He did. Within a week they were all gone! Thanks you Earth Clinic! #2 Cure At the very first sign of a cold or flu put 3 drops of Peroxide in one ear. Lie still for 20 minutes. Repeat in other ear. A miracle!

Banana Peel
Posted by Wendy (Spokane, Wa)

My daughter had flat warts on her face for more than 4 years. She also had several seed warts on her hands, wrists, knees, and feet. I originally found this site while trying to find something to help her. After visits to her pediatrician and pediatric dermatologist we were frustrated. They just kept saying that the virus needed to run its course. She was starting junior high and these warts only exasperated her anxiety. The banana peel worked on her face in just 3 days! Imagine how ecstatic we were! Nothing seemed to work on her hands and feet though. Finally we found a cure that also worked in 3 days. A co-worker, who's father was a physician, said to soak her hands in very hot water with a couple capfuls of Lysol. After years of suffering, my daughter has been wart free for over a year.


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Posted by Happiernow (Sydney, Australia) on 09/27/2011

Banana Peel didn't work for me and I did try it. Here's my story: I was sharing a shower with others in a house I used to live in. One of the occupants came to me one day and asked me if I knew of how to get rid of a plantar wart. I didn't even know what one was though it was apparent it grew on the bottom of the foot. Months later, I noticed what I thought was a splinter in my right foot and due to exhaustion, I kept putting off tending to it as I didn't feel it sometimes. Finally, I got someone to look at it and they said that it looked like a wart. Then came the research about it. I was glad I didn't pick at it before and was determined to get rid of this wart on the bottom of my foot even though it was very small. I wasn't happy about it because it meant I too now had to be careful not to go barefeet anywhere as I may give it to someone. I went overseas very shortly after and due to (long story) I couldn't see any medical expert about it because they couldn't speak English anyway.

I tried for months, in between tears and anger, the following to get rid of them: apple cider vinegar, brown vinegar, white vinegar, toothpaste, banana peel, duct tape (useless because it didn't stay on) salt, iodine, nail polish, nail polish remover, white out and probably a few other things. None of it worked. I was furious and by this time, one plantar wart became two and then it spread causing me to have a plantar wart on the bottom of my left foot, then I think I got another wart on my right foot. Great. What now? I began to quite hate the person who ignorantly used to walk around barefoot everywhere in the house not bothering to tell me that he had something contagious on the bottom of his foot. I felt a bit like a leper.

Finally I returned to my own country and tried to see a specialist who wasn't in and so I saw the doctor who prescribed a very expensive cream for me that could have been dangerous. I threw the script away and soon after, came across someone's site where they were explaining in general the following, which made sense to me so I tried my own slightly different version of their instructions. First I must say that months before, I noted almost by accident that when my feet were enclosed for long periods of time, my skin almost looked like it was suffocating (under my feet) and the plantar warts really rose up and looked quite scary to me. I wasn't sure what to do so I'd let my feet 'air' as much as I could. (Wrong. )

Ok - here's the method, and it WILL work because it makes sense AND it worked for me. Close to a miracle. Duct tape doesn't work because it's NOT STRONG ENOUGH and continues to let air in to allow that stinking plantar wart to breathe! You've really got to suffocate it. Go to the Chemist or Pharmacy or Drug Store and buy some ATHLETIC TAPE. It's very STRONG bandaid that's on a roll. The one I bought was also called Sportsplast. The tape I bought was wide and a brown type colour. You cut about four or five inches across (maybe 15cm across) and basically on your clean foot, you simply put that 'tough as nails and concrete' bandaid onto the bottom of your foot - making sure to COVER entirely the plantar wart/s. This particular bandaid has NO GAUZE on it. You DON'T NEED gauze on it. It's very tough. You can even take a shower with it on and it won't come off. I left my first bandaid on for about 7-10 days. I really felt like it was making a difference. Then I slowly ripped it off. Didn't hurt, just felt a bit weird. I saw a DIFFERENCE! It looked like it was receding - going away/healing. Ok, what the bandaid does is, not only is it SUFFOCATING the plantar warts, apparently it is causing them to have NOWHERE to go. Remember, when they suffocated on my foot before, they rose to the top of the skin and looked even worse. This is the plantar wart PANICKING!! Now, when the bandaid has enclosed around and over the plantar wart, the plantar wart tries to get air and when it can't get it, it PANICS causing - wait for it - your IMMUNE SYSTEM to notice something funny going on down there. It goes to check it out and finds the foreign entity namely, the plantar warts. What does it do then? The immune system begins to kill the plantar wart because it knows it's a foreign body. Bit by bit, the plantar wart weakens and gets killed off. You start to feel happier. Yes. It's possible, but you must find the bandaid preferably without gauze and as tough as CONCRETE man!! It's got to stick to your foot through hail and storm. I put another fresh lot of tough bandaids on the bottom of my feet again for a further 10 days or something and the plantar warts continued to get even smaller but of course, I had to make sure they were totally gone. Every now and then I felt a sting - probably the virus still trying to set up house down there. I think it was the third or fourth time after taking the bandaid off, I couldn't believe it - when I took the bandaid off, the actual plantar warts came off with the bandaid!! It was like looking at the dead enemy. To make triply sure, I put more bandaid on there. This is totally the cure. Sometimes I put two layers of bandaid on the bottom of my foot, just to make sure. I don't have any stings at this point and my feet are bandaid free but I haven't walked on any floor barefoot yet due to paranoia and always wear sandals in the shower these days. My feet look all clear but after that experience, I don't know when I will walk barefeet on any hard surface anymore as who knows if a teeny-tiny bit of whatever might infect someone else. I'm possibly being paranoid though, but my feet look normal again. You've got to try it - make sure it's REALLY TOUGH STURDY TOUGH AS CONCRETE BANDAID.
This is what was on the website: SPORTSPLAST PREMIUM STRAPPING TAPE.
Flesh colour.
Serrated edges.
137 Mtrs (45' 8") length per roll
For all high stress joint sports strapping needs.
*I don't recommend putting it on the top of your foot as the skin is more sensitive there and will hurt if you try and take it off. Good luck, although you probably won't need it!

Black Walnut

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Posted by Launa (Belgrade, Montana) on 03/24/2009

My husband had warts on the bottom of one foot from before we were married. After about 16 years of marriage I had gone into one of the local grocery stores and spoke with the lady who supplied herbs to the store. She suggested that my husband should try using black walnut (also known as English walnut) suppliments for his warts so I purchased a bottle and he followed the directions on the label. The capsules were 500 miligrams each and the directions said to take two capsules with a meal twice daily (1000mg with breakfast and 1000mg with supper). At the time he had started taking the black walnut he had so many warts on the bottom of that one foot that one half of the bottom was completely covered with them. He took the black walnut for a few weeks and in less than a month all the warts were gone. He has not had a single wart since and it has been over 8 years now. We have had 4 other family members who have taken black walnut for their warts and all four of them have had the same success, all of them dissappeared and none have returned. There was no need to remove anything, the warts shrunk, leaving no trace that they were ever there. I was hesitant at first to give black walnut to my six-year-old because I didn't know much about it. I did a little research and found nothing that indicated that it would be bad for him. I looked in an herb book written by an ND (naturpathic doctor) to figure out how much to give him. In the book the ND gave a general guideline for herb dosages as follows: Preschool children take 1/4 of an adult dose, children ages 5 through 10 take 1/2 of an adult dose, early teens take 3/4 of an adult dose, and then when they reach the size of an adult (usually between ages 16 to 21) then they take the full adult dose. I decided to go with the 1/4 dose for my 6-year-old though because he was small for his age. He had 3 or 4 warts on his one hand, with the largest being in the center of the palm. I was amased that in 2 to 3 days his warts shrunk significantly and were completely gone within 1 or 2 weeks. It has been 5 years and like the other family members, he has not had another wart.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Leanne (White Rock, BC) on 07/16/2023

Yes Blackstrap molasses works on warts. When I was a young child my mother gave us 1 tablespoon a day. We would have it in milk. My mother got this idea because we would give our cows a molasses block to rid them of warts. It works and you're welcome everyone!

Replied by Not a farmer
(Off the farm)

I have used molasses quite a bit and still have warts. What brand? Sulfured or unsulfured?

(White Rock, BC)

Any brand of Blackstrap molasses will do but I like using Wholesome foods Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap molasses. My brother and I got together recently and he had a wart he was trying to get rid of so I gave him some of my blackstrap molasses and 3 days later he said it fell off. I just said I told you so!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mae (Cape Neddick, Maine) on 02/08/2010

I am wondering if blackstrap molasses, the brands that have over 700mg of potassium per serving, is comparable to the amount of potassium in banana peels and therefore would be as effective on plantars warts?

Replied by Leanna

Yes, Blackstrap molasses works on warts. When I was a young child my mother gave us 1 tablespoon a day. We would have it in milk. My mother got this idea because we would give our cows a molasses block to rid them of warts. It works!


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Posted by Betty R. (Hurricane, UT) on 07/29/2009

I had planters warts that covered my entire heel. The surgeon said he would have to remove my entire heel down to the bone in order to remove the painful planters warts. I then went to an old family practice DR. He suggested that I soak my heel in straight chlorine bleach. I soaked my heel in the bleach 3 times a day for about 10 minutes each time. Within about 3 weeks the warts were gone!

EC: Some doctors might question the wisdom of soaking any part of the body in bleach, but soaking the toes in a dilution of bleach and water is a widely recommended remedy for nail fungus.