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Banana Peel

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Posted by Maya (Uae) on 03/13/2018

I have already used the banana peel remedy before on my genital area and it worked fine. It got rid of it and didn't scarred. Unfortunately, when I tried using the same method (banana peel secured by a medical tape) on my torso (chest and belly area) it didn't work and had somehow left burn-like scars from the medical tape's adhesive. Just use with caution, even if it worked on some parts of the body, it may not work on the other parts.

Banana Peel
Posted by Suzy (Eugene, Or) on 08/08/2017

I have a wart on my knee that I have been filing down and covering with a banana peel and duct tape every night for week. I have not noticed any serious change... it bleeds when I file it down... just looks red and irritated when I remove the peel and tape. Nothing is turning black.

This is the 3rd wart I have had in my lifetime oddly all have been on my right side and each one appeared years apart... my first at age 10.. the second at age 33.. and this one at 52. The first 2 I had frozen off with liquid nitro... but my insurance is not great these days, so I am trying a more economical approach.

Replied by Littlewing

Warts are viruses. One of my go-to's for viruses is Lysine. Garlic paste and fresh aloe vera are two other good cures. Good luck, warts suck.

Banana Peel
Posted by Minja (Banja Luka, Bosnia) on 02/14/2014

15 years almost I am fighting this crasy verrucas on my feet. Every year older become bigger, and new ones appear! This year that verruca claster become painfull! I started wolking strange way trying to avoid pain. Since I am mum and breastfeeding only natural remedy is an option! I found this great site and messages of you all who tried banana peel. I started at evening. Put the peel inside on verrucas and bandage it with duct tape. In the morning I take it of and find black places where verruas are. Also I discavered new little ones growing from inside of foot. I took foot file, and as much as I could, tried to eliminate that black spots. After I was foot and put propolis drops on it. And put socks. On evening I wash my foot, took a foot file and also tried to take off as much as I could, that infected skin. And then put banana peel again. I REPETED that procedure 7 days, and all ot that bastards are gone! After 15 years I finally have nice, soft, clean foot! It works - that great banana really works!!!

Banana Peel
Posted by John (Copenhagen, Denmark) on 02/06/2014

I have some small warts on my forehead and used banana peel scrapings to place on the watrs. Unfortunately a rather large amount of scrapings collected on my forehead skin and not on the wart. Now the skin in this are is depressed (like a small hole or crater) and it has been burning there for about two days. I'm afraid the skin won't heal itself and also There is still a burning sensation from the area. The are is a little darker as well. Is this a known side effect and will my skin recorver/grow back? Or am I stuck with this? Is there a treatment that can stop the burning?

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

John, I wouldn't worry much about it. Warts are caused by a virus and what is seen on the surface is just a small part of the total system, which is like an iceberg.

The banana peel is a very effective treatment and probably just killed virally infected cells under the skin, leaving the depression. it should grow back in time--try putting extra virgin coconut oil on it and up your vitamin c intake.

Replied by Mike62

John: More people eat bananas than any other fruit. There has been only 1 recorded case of somebody being allergic to them. There are only 2 possibilities I can think of. A non organic banana might have some pesticides in the peel. Normally the pesticides stay on the exterior and do not get that far into the interior. The disease might not have been confined to the wart and might also be under the skin. Maybe the nutrients in the peel killed them and they produced mycotoxins that caused the reaction.

Replied by John
(Copenhagen, Denmark)


Thanks Nanowriter from Hotspot. I do get that the wort is only the tip of the iceberg, hence the thicker skin where the wort is located. Unfortunately the banana peepl scarings slid down and colleted in an area where there are no worts whatsoever. My guess is that acid from the scrapings burnt into my skin, creating the depression in that area. The depression is the size of a small fingernail and is only where the scrapings were left. A lot of people seem to have benefited from the banana peel treatment. I would like to give the WARNING to be very careful if banana peel scrapings are applied and not just the banana peel. It is my experience that they can burn into the skin. One possible explanation that I can come up with is that I scraped too hard on the banana peel so that too much acid juice from the banana peel itself might have made its way into the scrapings that I applied on my skin. I haven't given up hope that the skin will grow back in the area, partly or completely and I will post at a later date about this to make sure others can take their precautions. In the mean time I will treat the area with virgin coconut oil and up my vitamin C intake, as you suggest.

Thanks Mike62 for your reply. I seriously can't see how I could be allergic to bananas as I have been eating them all my life and don't have any other allergies whatsoever. I'm pretty sure it was an organic banana but can't be completely sure of this. I am very sure, however, that the part of the skin, where the banana peel scrapings ended up accidentally, did not have any problems before what I presume is an acid burn cause by banana peel scrapings.

Replied by John
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

It's been a little more than 5 weeks since the banana peel scrapings burned a cavity on my forehead. It is still slightly darker and the whole is still there but it is less. I still hope it will disappear in time but I'm guessing it will not go away completely. I wish I had been more careful with the banana peel scrapings or just stuck to rubbing the skin lightly with the banana peel. That would probably have been completely safe. Does anybody know how long I should avoid being in the sun so that the tissue does not turn even darker?

Banana Peel
Posted by John (Phitsanulok, Thailand) on 08/19/2013

I have had this wart on my ankle for some time. Kind of annoying. So I took a look at home remedies on the Internet and saw the banana peel tretment. I live in Thailand, Banana Central, so thought, what the hell. I started the treatment (inside peice of green banana peel duct taped over the wart) exactly one week and four days ago. Every time I took off the tape it looked the same, including today. So I came back to this site for another look today. While reading, I pulled off the duct tape and the wart still looked healthy, but the area was kind of grungy from the tape glue. So I took a damp cloth and rubbed the area vigorously, and guess what? The wart rubbed off! Where it wase began to bleed rather profusely, but I am sure it will stop soon. So, another success story! While I wrote this, still bleeding, but better than the wart!

Banana Peel
Posted by Magola (Knoxvegas, Tn) on 06/26/2013

I almost never leave feedback. But this treatment/home remedy is the bee's knees. I have had plantar warts for 15 years straight, unrelenting. I've been to podiatrist to dermatologist back to podiatrist. I have tried ACV, silver nitrate, Aldara, tea tree oil, duct tape, salycilic acid, pumic stones, freezing kits, sand paper, liquid N2, colloidal silver, salt water, the list goes on. I was able to eliminate 10 out of the 11 on my own within 2 years of everyday constant treatments. But the real doozie was the one my heel. I got rid of it but it came back double the size. I couldn't walk very well for over a year and half. It felt like a screwdriver being driven into my foot. Even the podiatrist couldn't cure this sucker. I read the reviews about the banana peels and gave it a shot. The 1st week I wore the peel cover in plastic wrap and taped down on the sides for 23 hours a day. I would sand it down and re-apply a new peel after each shower. I saw marked improvement in 1 wk. The following week I wore it only at night time, every night. As for the peel, I used a perfectly yellow peel and froze it in a ziplock. My thinking is the peel + the frozeness might help in elimination. Currently, it is basically gone. I will continue a maintance of peel just to 100% it is really gone. I've told all my friends and family. I'm so glad that it works.

Banana Peel
Posted by Wart Toad (Spring Hill, Fl, Usa) on 04/04/2013

I am a 100% "true believer" in the power of banana peel treatment for the painless method of removing warts! I had one on the delicate side of my "soft spot' on my face by hairline. I was religiously faithful for 2 1/2 weeks putting a fresh piece of the fruit, and grey duck tape on it at night, I could slowly see the area darken more and more and smaller and smaller, filing gently and "wulla" in less than 3 weeks it is absolutely gone!

Thanks for the info. Try it it really works!

Banana Peel
Posted by Rahul (Dublin, Ohio) on 02/13/2013

Oh god! It really works in my hand, who invented this I don't know but really thanks to them. I was unable to bear the pain the wart caused in my hand fingers. but when I used banana peels overnight it is really working. I could see my wart slowly diminishing from my finger. Just I used for 2 nights only.... And plan to use as much as possible to get rid of it completely. I still have to try in my legs, where I have it in four places. In spite of keeping my legs clean I don't know how I got this wart and calluses. I have a doubt whether "it may be due to the winter climate" can anyone please tell me what may be the cause? I'm not sharing my shoes and other accessories with anyone then how it happened? Also it is spreading to two/three fingers. for others who see the wart area they will think its just small one like, but whoever have gone through the problem only knows how much it will pain. Will it be a vitamin or nutritien difficiency? Can we reduce/cure it through our diet? Can anyone tell how to remove that virus from our body? Since I m having a kid I m afraid whether it will affect her also? please give me suggestions....

Replied by Radgranny540
(Paris, Tx Usa)

Eating leafy greens (kale, mustard, turnip) will make the warts disappear and your skin will be much softer. Eat them at least once, preferably twice, a week for a month or so. Will also help with anemia as they have lots of iron in them.

Dan W
(Northampton, MA)

Are you kidding? I eat leafy greens every day and still have warts. They require external treatment.

Banana Peel
Posted by Carol (Elizabethville, Pa, United States) on 02/08/2013

I was so pleased when I found this site for banana peels. Several years ago a friend told me about there usefulness for getting rid of warts. It was good to know, but I've never had warts. A year or so after that our daughter was in a very bad car accident. Maybe because of stress or picking something up at the hospital (spent several days there with her). I found something on my back that looked like ring worm. About the size of a quarter and it burned and itched. Didn't go to a Dr. (don't like them). Decided to try the banana peel. My husband cut a piece and put it inside down over the mark, covered it with gauze and taped it down. Next day it was better. Continued this for three more days and the thing was gone. Haven't had a return of it. Have also tried peels on sore throat. Put the peel on your throat and wrap with a towel or something to keep it in place. Sleep or rest for awhile. See how it feels a few hours later.

I've only been online a couple of months, but I love earthclinic. I've always been one for alternative remedies and love having them at my finger tips. I've learned so much. Oh, I tried the oil pulling. Had an abcessed tooth and was using clove oil, which worked beautifully, but had to keep applying it. Started oil pulling on January 26, 2013 and three days later I didn't need the clove oil anymore. Don't have to put it on over night or anything. It's great and the pain is gone. Teeth are white. Also noticed my neck doesn't seem to sag as much. Don't know if that is from the constant movement for the 20 minutes of oil pulling or the oil itself doing something.

This is a wonderful site. Thank you. Carol from Pa

Banana Peel
Posted by Randy B (Calgary, Ab, Canada) on 07/25/2012

Banana Peel is amazing. My 7 yrs daughter had 3 little warts under her right foot toe. I was looking for an alternative to chemical treatment and found this web site. To be honest, I was not sure but I thought to give it a try before we see the doctor. Guess what, in just three days using the banana peel and duct tape the warts become black. I used an emery board to clean before applying the peel. In the fourth day they disappeared and left little scars that in about two weeks also gone.

Thanks a Lot for this website and the excellent feedback. This has spared my daughter the pain chemical or worse yet surgical treatment.

Banana Peel
Posted by Agatha (Davisville, Wv, usa) on 05/15/2012

IT REALLY WORKS!!!! My daughter 9yrs old had a planter wart on her foot, had them frozen a couple times, never worked. Then 6 months later all of these little warts started to pop up on both of her feet (cluster warts). Took her to the doctor they sent me to a specialist. They were going to put a needle in every wart she had , horified of the thought. She gave two other options freezing again, and another treatment that would also cause blistering. Well I left to get a perscription as a plan B option and it was going to cost $400 and with insurance to cover some- no thanks.

So I have been reading all the statements about the banana peel on this web site so I tried it what would it hurt. I was amazed of the results within three days the warts were turning black and starting to shrink and fall out within 10 days of putting a green banana peel with white surgical tape every night and taken off in the mornings they were gone. I just wish doctors would let you know that there can be a natural way to get rid of warts. I also gave her vitamin D3 for children to help increase immune system. Thank you!!!!

Replied by Jeanne
(Mahwah, Nj)

Dealing with a huge planter wart and have done almost everything to get rid of it, trying the banana peel method for 5 days, seeing a huge change in my wart but not sure we are heading the right direction, can anyone help with the stage of what they saw with there wart. Mine got very big, white, then brown, then spotted, still hurts like heck, just wondering if this is the way that it works...

Banana Peel
Posted by Monica (Bombay, India) on 04/15/2012

First I must start by saying a BIG thank you to the earth clinic!!! I was so fedup with a huge wart between my toes, was trying all sorts of treatments but nothing really helped and the pain I had with using salisic acid on my warts is another story!!! I was desperate to get it off my leg and finally found your website and started using banana peel on my wart regularly for the last 2 weeks and finally the ugly looking wart is off. I'm still using the banana peel just to be safe. Thank you so much!!!

Banana Peel
Posted by Cj (Atlanta, Ga Usa ) on 04/14/2012

Banana peels worked great for me! What I did was scrape some of the banana peel inner membrane off with a spoon, then put that substance onto a bandaid, and put the bandaid directly over my wart. I changed the bandaid about twice a day. After 2 weeks the wart was completely gone.

On a side note, I've also had some luck in the past cutting warts off with fingernail clippers. It doesn't hurt as much as you might think it would, although you have to make sure you get deep enough down to cut the base out. Warning though, it can get bloody. My success rate with this method is about 60%, and you do have to have a pain tolerance. IMHO though, go with the banana peel!

Replied by Nolan

I've also used the fingernail clipper method before with like u said about 60% success rate, but a much better way I found was when you make ur first cut, the wart skin is kinda like dead skin, and I peel it away. After peeling the first layer I take hydrogen peroxide and let it soak to kill off another layer, then I peel it off, then soak it again, and then peel it off. till I get really deep where I cant tell if there's any mounded skin left and then I just do one last soak. The skin healed back and haven't had the warts since.

Banana Peel
Posted by Nm (Wokingham, Berkshire, Uk) on 03/22/2012

Banana Peel worked on my 10y daughter's periungual wart. I did not realise it was a wart for about 8 months as it is quite an unusual wart. I thought it was a skin infection from a torn hangnail aroung her big toe then as it got bigger I thought perhaps it was some kind of foot fungus. We treated it with Golden Seal ointment every night for months and months and although this did keep it from getting bigger, it just wouldn't go away and when we stopped the Golden Seal it would grown bigger.

Then one day we noticed two small, more normal looking warts on the next toe. I realised the growth was spreading and after some online research discovered it was a periungual wart. I had heard of the banana peel wart treatment before, my daughter was not keen until she read the posts on here and then she wanted to started right away. We did it with with a piece of banana peel and band aid. We saw an improvement the very next day, we changed the peel every evening and it was only on days when she had barefoot PE at school that she didn't want the peel, so we just put a band aid on with a smear of manuka honey on those days.

It is just over three weeks now and the periungual wart is GONE. The other two little warts on the next toe are being a bit more stubborn but are smaller and I am sure they will be gone soon as well. My daughter loves reading the posts on earthclinic now, as much as I do. Thank you.

Banana Peel
Posted by Joie (Philippines, Philipines) on 01/21/2012

Banana peel really works!