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Combat Warts Naturally: Top Remedies Ranked for Effectiveness


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Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 02/13/2011

After reading a comment about this method to get rid of warts here I tried.... But it didn't work! Several times a day I would rub some onion on two warts, I did that for almost two weeks but I saw no changes. They are small so it wouldn't be difficult to get rid of them, I suppose, they are very flat but nothing seemed to happen so I stopped.

Posted by Luckygirl (Calgary, Ab, Canada) on 01/30/2011

I used onion to treat my warts, they dissapeared and never got any warts again. It is fairly easy and if you do it properly, takes only a few days of treatment. I simply applied fresh onion juice on them. If you cut an onion slice and take a layer and break it in 2, there will be fresh juice juice coming out of there. Squeeze that right on the wart, make sure you soak it in Juice. You can also rub the wart with that side of the layer where you made the cut, where the fresh juice is. Just let it dry, no Bandage needed. Now your skin will smell so if you have to go to work, do it at night time. Ideally you should do it 2-3 times a day, but once a day will work too, it'll take a bit longer to fall off. Put the onion on the fridge and next time cut a new slice. The secret is to not just rub the onion on it, but make sure you soak the wart in juice or rub the juicy part on it. I only repeat this because I gave the advise to a friend and he was not doing it properly. When he started applying the juice, the warts on his hand and foot were gone in a few days, after trying lots of remedies with no results. This treatment leaves no scar and there is no pain. I hope this helps.

Posted by Carol (Sea Cliff, New York) on 02/24/2010

I have been fighting nail fungus for about 25 years. I have tried all of the prescription meds. Penlac, which is very expensive, is the only one that sometimes works. The others did not work at all and can cause problems with the liver. I cannot wait to try the ACV treatment.

Regarding warts. My daughter had a couple when she was very young. We went to a couple of dermatologists who used the usual treatments that hurt her and did not work. I looked for a natural remedy on-line. I found an onion remedy that works everytime.

Take a small bit of onion (about the size of the wart)
crush it and place it on the wart
use tape or a bandaid to keep it on for about 24 hrs.
when you take it off, you will see that the onion actually eats through the wart and burns it off.

NOTE: only put enough onion on to cover wart or your healthy skin can get hurt.
Good luck to all
You will get a scab and when it heals the wart should be gone.

Orange Peel in White Vinegar

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Posted by Nicola (Agassiz, Canada) on 08/27/2008

We tried the banana peel remedy for removing Warts for almost 2 months, but with no effect. Our doctor suggested soaking Orange peel in white vinegar for 1 week (in a sealed jar) and then applying the peel (white side down on the wart) with a bandaid at night (and removing in the morning). We did this for about a week and got dramatic results, within two weeks all the warts (that had been there for months) were gone. We tried everything from freezing, duct tape, banana peel etc. This was the only thing that worked.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Marie (Va) on 03/07/2016

My daughter had two warts appear at age 6, one on her finger and one on foot. At age 8, we were fed up with over the counter remedies. We waited a year after her doctor treated with the 'frozen method', they came back bigger and spread on her fingers.

I used Oregano Oil dabbed on a cotton swab and they were killed and never returned after two weeks.

Warning....Oregano Oil is a hot oil to the skin and can burn the skin if too much is applied or rubbed on skin. Only use directly on the wart with a q-tip. It works! Use twice a day for a week or two. Hers went away after two weeks and did not return. It worked for us and she has been free of them for 2 years.

Good luck.

Remember Oregano Oil can be hot once on the skin or burn the skin. Do not rub on skin. Only use a Q-Tip!! The frozen method the doctor used actually was more painful our daughter mentioned and what we witnessed then the slight sting on the area from the oil. It must kill the fungus at the root of the wart. They just fell off about two weeks later and haven't returned.

Look it up as it has other uses as well. I believe it is an anti-fungal.


Replied by Arf
(Northampton, MA)

It's a virus, not a fungus.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/25/2015

My daughter had something on her hand that we assumed was a blister because she was riding her bike a lot. But she would pick at it and it would bleed and such. We finally realized it was a wart. (Perhaps a plantar's wart.) We had a bottle of diluted oregano oil on hand. (We bought it that way. It is 1 part oregano oil and 3 parts olive oil. It was quite inexpensive.) She put 1 drop of this solution onto the wart once or twice a day for a week or ten days or so and it is gone now!

~Mama to Many~

Oregano Oil
Posted by Crystal S. (Carolina Beach, Nc) on 04/30/2015

I had a large wart, a little smaller than the size of a dime on the back of my left foot for at least 7 years. It was also about 1/8 of an inch tall/thick. I tried the freeze off stuff, the "fast acting gel", acv, banana peel, all of it, and none of it worked. after some time with all of the treatments, they spread to a little cluster on my heel and other places on both of my feet. it got to where I was so self conscious of my feet that I never wore sandals anymore, I always wore tennis shoes, and even when I would go to a friend's house, I'd make sure to wear nice socks so they wouldn't see the little bulge on the back of my foot.

After years of not wearing sandals and really wanting to, I decided to really look into what to use. I tried the "fast acting gel" for weeks, and it shrunk slightly, but not anything really drastic. I was looking on amazon at essential oils, and came across Oregano oil. several reviews said that it was the best thing to use for warts, it's an all natural antibiotic, and kills the virus quickly. I ordered some, and gave it a shot.

Now, several people will say that you need to dilute it because it will burn you. I never had this happen to me, so, I can't testify if that's correct or not. I took pieces of cotton balls, torn up into roughly about the same size as my warts, and put a generous amount of the oregano oil - straight, no dilution - on the cotton ball, placed it on my wart and covered it with a band-aid. this worked, but I thought, "why not try it with duct tape?" when I did use the Apple Cider Vinegar for the warts, I noticed the most effect when I had the duct tape on it, because it suffocated it, and made it to where the only contact it had was the vinegar, or ointment you were putting on it, and it makes it really soak in and generally makes it work faster and kill it. so, I did that, and it really sped up the process. within 1 week, the wart was already skin level. I was totally amazed, and even more so: it didn't hurt! I was sold.

What I Did:

Whenever I would get home for the night, I would take my shoes/socks off, and I would tear my cotton ball piece and get my oregano oil and put it on there and duct tape it to my foot overnight. the longer you can keep this stuff on there, the better. but you may need to change it every so often. I found that I didn't need to do that. I just left it on overnight. in the morning, i'd take it off, and shower. Now, when you've worn the oil on your foot overnight, it really soaks into the wart, but it doesn't make it swell up like vinegar does. if you take a shower right after you take it off, your wart will swell up with the water, and it will hurt. mine hurt quite a bit. to where I would take it off a few hours before I had to get into the shower, so it wouldn't hurt so much, but that's up to you. then I wouldn't wear anything throughout the day, just let it dry up a little. then, when I would get home for the night, I would get my foot file out and file it down as much as I could. I would file it until it hurt, or it seemed I was getting no where. then I would put my treatment on, and rerun the cycle.

I would stop treatment for a few weeks if I was really busy or if I was too tired to do my ritual before bed, and it didn't seem to grow back or anything, just kind of waited for me to start back up. I was worried how I was going to get the wart out of under the surface of my skin. I had read on here about how after your wart is gone it's nice pink skin underneath, and that sometimes you'd have a crater. maybe it was because the wart was on my heel where there wasn't much flesh or meat behind it, but when I used the treatment, it seemed to pull the wart out of the skin, like it just came to the surface, and when I would file it, it was filing it away for good. I was concerned it would try to spread under my skin or something, but it didn't. once I saw that the edges were shrinking, that it was getting smaller width wise as well and height, I really attacked it, and wore the treatment every single night without fail. soon after, it was gone. my skin was really red like a burn underneath the wart, but it didn't hurt.

I did have one wart on the inside of my foot that I had tried several treatments on first since it was easier for me to see how it was reacting, and it was also in a meatier place on my foot. it would get this hard covering and I could peel it up, but when I would start to peel it up, the whole wart wanted to come out, but instead of coming out cleanly, it wanted to rip away (sorry if it's too much information) from the healthy skin. nothing else was working and filing didn't really do anything, so I got brave one day and had a sterilized pair of nail clippers and just clipped it out. it bled a little bit, but since it's healed, it's all better.

I can wear sandals again, and it's wonderful.

The bottle that I got was 1/3 fl oz. and it was around $8 online, and it took a bottle and a little bit of the other. This was for the large wart, and the cluster on the outside of my foot. I still have 95% of the second bottle, so a little goes a long way! Try diluting it first and see if that helps, but for me, I used it undiluted. this stuff is a life saver!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jackie (Fair Oaks, CA) on 03/16/2008

I have had a large plantar wart on the base of my foot for several years. Had tried over the counter remedies, went to a foot doctor and nothing seemed to work. I then started using Oreganol P73 (mixture of oil of oregano & extra virgin olive oil) 3 drops onto a band-aid then placing on top of the wart. I did this every day, and after 2-3 weeks the wart dissapeared! Amazing stuff, as the wart I had was very large and I thought I would never get rid of it.

Parasite Cleanse

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Posted by Ashley (Virginia ) on 09/15/2020

My son has a few warts, as do I, so I jumped on EC, mainly to see if there were any testimonies about a specific remedy I have known of for a while. I was really surprised to see that, out of the many wart remedies, the one I was looking for wasn't even listed! Dr. Morse (ND) says that warts are a result of parasites in the body and he recommends doing a parasite cleanse for it. I'm going to try the ACV remedy because I am impatient and apparently this remedy works quick, but I just wanted to share this information because the root cause of the issue should still be addressed as well.

Petty Spurge (Euphorbia Peplus)

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Posted by Leanne (Adelaide, Suoth Australia) on 12/16/2010

My daughter had a number of large warts on her hands which she contracted about 5 years ago. Multiple visits to a doctor for burning, cutting, freezing didn't work. Neither did any of the over the counter remedies. We tried the ACV, the duct tape etc from here. When she used the ACV recommended here, her arm ached unbearably after a day or so of use.

Anyway, I did a little herbal research of my own. Now it's hard to convince a young woman (which she is) that the use of a weed from the garden will eradicate warts, when we had used so many rememdies and medical procedures that had failed. Anyway, the weed from the garden is called Petty spurge (or botanical name Euphorbia Peplus) It is quite widespread here in southern Australia in gardens. It likes damp cool conditions. It is a low growing weed. It is also called Radium weed and can be used similarly for little skin cancers and sun spots. Anyway, when you break the stem of the plant it oozes out a white milky sap, which contains a number of alkaloids.

BIG Warning do not use this plant near your eyes.... It can cause blindness. Likewise do not eat it... Otherwise you'll find out why it's called SSSS... Purge! Anyway rub the sap on the warts and cover them with a bandaid-so you don't touch it and then rub it in your eyes. Do this for a few days and you will see results in a short time. Try not to get it on the good skin around the warts if you can. If the good skin becomes red or sore, discontinue for a few days until the skin heals up again.

For my daughter, it took a couple of weeks to (finally!! ) remove the big warts. We are still doing mop up operations on a couple of little ones which we had ignored while doing the bigger ones, but they too are responding to the weed! There are pictures of the weed on the net, so that you can make sure you find the right one. You can also use a herb (weed in some places) called Greater Celandine, which also has a sap that can be put on the warts. Anyway, good luck to all.

Pickling Vinegar

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Posted by Colin (Mississauga, Ontario Canada) on 10/18/2006

I had a wart on my end of my thumb and the root was under my thumnail. I had tried the store remedies but they did not work. I decided to use Pickling Vinegar as apposed to Apple Cider. The reason was that Pickling Vinegar has a higher percentage of Acetic Acid @ 7%. Apple Cider and regular vinegar has only 5%. I placed the vinegar on a small cotton swab, placed it on the wart, then wrapped a few pieces of duct tape over to seal it in and allow not air to get in. I die this ever 2 to 3 days The wart was gone in 10 days. WARNING: The sting and pain I endured from the acidity was very intense for the first 4 days.

Pin Prick Method

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Posted by Lover Of Truth (In) on 01/10/2016

Every once in a while I get a plantar wart, I suspect from unclean showers. This can be avoid by cleaning your shower and or wearing slippers. But its hard to be diligent all the time.

Last several times I got a plantar wart, I tried a new revolutionary method that just came to me. I know that getting rid of warts in large part is an immune system thing. I figured if I could get my immune system to recognize it it would take care of itself.

So I sterilized a pin and poked myself deep past the wart layer till I could feel some pain. This told me I had reached under the wart. I did this a few more times spaced out over a period of some days. Within a relatively short period of time my wart went away.

Plantar warts can be hard to see accounting for their location, but you can tell they are there as when they get bad enough they start to hurt your foot when you walk. I'm happy to report I'm now pain free. :0)

Potassium, Zinc, or Vitamin D

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Posted by Art (California) on 09/04/2020 2159 posts

If you look at the two top remedies listed on EC for warts, you will quickly notice that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Banana Peel sit squarely at the top of the list by a very large margin compared to the next closest treatment. ACV is the clear leader over banana peel, also by a wide margin.

Based on those ratings it is interesting to note that both contain considerable amounts of potassium and lesser amounts of zinc. Both zinc and potassium have studies to show that they are both effective for topical application to warts. In fact On the EC list for warts, if you scroll toward the bottom of the list, you will see zinc listed as a remedy.

Another study proven effective wart destroyer is vitamin D, but it is not listed on EC's list of wart removers and I can understand why. Most people start taking vitamin D for healthful benefits, but understand that those benefits are not likely to be visible and few people take vitamin D for the sole purpose of destroying a wart and consequently if you start taking vitamin D for health benefits and weeks later you realize that a long term wart is just gone, you may not draw a connection between the two events. Vitamin D should also be on EC's list of wart destroyers and it should now be clear that vitamin D may be adjunctive to all of the other wart treatments like zinc and potassium.

One of the mentioned drawbacks to the number one recommended wart remedy on EC, ACV, is that it can burn and generally be irritating. Perhaps this can be avoided by taking vitamin D, Zinc and Potassium orally. In this way you are likely to get rid of the wart plus gain benefit internally from these three supplements as well as prevent the return of the wart or warts. Perhaps even add in the a topical zinc ointment directly to the wart to speed the process up. This method is likely to be very useful for people who tend to get warts frequently!

I did not include any study links to keep this a bit shorter, but there are many studies to confirm the above.


Replied by Missm
(New Hork)

Hi Art,

Warts. I had a fairly large plantar wart on foot. I soaked with ACV everyday, but also used Cimetidine also known as Tagamet everyday twice a day.

The Tagamet did help remove the wart but guess what, it's also an immune booster! When everyone else got the ful, I did not get while on the cimetidine.

I found out about the immune boosting benefits on Life Extension. Cimetidine does work if you feel like you're getting sick from cold or flu, but you need to take on onset.

Not recommended as a daily viral preventative.

Replied by Art
2159 posts

Hi Missm,

Thank you for the tip on getting rid of warts!

You didn't say, but are you adding the Tagamet to the soak or taking it orally and how much are you using?

I agree with you, probably not good as a long term antiviral.



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Posted by Sayward (Columbia City, Indiana, Usa) on 10/25/2012

(I'm sorry, I've been a fan of the site for a couple years, and just now have something to add. I'm not sure if this is even how to go about submitting my information, so sorry if it's extra work for someone.)

About 7 years ago I bought a pair of flip-flops from a dollar store and wore them the whole summer. Problem is that the thong portion had a rather nasty plastic seam, which cut my first toe.

My toe healed, and I went about my life. About 2 years later, I discovered what I thought to be a corn on my toe. I'm not one for doctors, so I just let it be. But it grew. And it grew. And it grew. Then it began to spread.

5 years after it's appearance, I went to the doctor for a completely unrelated issue. In passing, I asked the doctor about my 'corn'. He looked at it, said "It'll hurt if I cut it out. " and left.

Turns out it was a humongus nasty ugly plantars wart. Which by the time your site allowed me to discover the grisly fact, it had multiplied to both feet and 3 toes.

Apple cider vineger didn't do a dang thing. Nor did banana peels, peroxide, nail polish, wart removers or duct tape.

I became rather ashamed of my toe. Until recently. When, thanks to my loving boyfriend, I discovered the hot ticket. POTATO PEEL. Yup. You heard right. I took a small peeling of a potato and taped it onto my foot, changing the peel every day.

After 7 years and multiple dime sized warts, my toe looks just as beautiful as it did before I bought those cheap sandals. No pain, no burning, no problems.

Replied by Art
(Tustin, Ca. Usa)

Sayward, I was wondering how long your potato peel method took to get rid of your warts? Thank you for posting your wart remedy. Art

Posted by Denise (Arlington, VA) on 03/26/2009

For warts use a raw potato piece and rub it directly on the wart. It will turn black disappear within days..!!!