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Pickling Vinegar
Posted by Colin (Mississauga, Ontario Canada) on 10/18/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had a wart on my end of my thumb and the root was under my thumnail. I had tried the store remedies but they did not work. I decided to use Pickling Vinegar as apposed to Apple Cider. The reason was that Pickling Vinegar has a higher percentage of Acetic Acid @ 7%. Apple Cider and regular vinegar has only 5%. I placed the vinegar on a small cotton swab, placed it on the wart, then wrapped a few pieces of duct tape over to seal it in and allow not air to get in. I die this ever 2 to 3 days The wart was gone in 10 days. WARNING: The sting and pain I endured from the acidity was very intense for the first 4 days.