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Fish Oil

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Posted by Mary (Port Orchard, Wa) on 04/27/2013

My daughter suffered from warts for years. I found that using vitamin. A 25,000 IU from fish oil got rid of them. She had them all over her face, hands, and feet. Most we're gone within a month or 2. She is 12 and did not always get ever spot. The one next to her eye took about 6 months. She didn't like the oil close to her eye. She put it on at bed time and she did smell fishy at night but the smell was gone the next morning. Just poke a whole in the soft gel and rub on.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Mary: I will presume to correct you as the fish oil does not contain appreciable amounts of Vit-A. Many people are using Fish Oil supplements for the omega 3 fatty acids. It's the fish liver, specifically cod liver oil, that contains very high levels of Vit-A.

I have been treating a heel wart unsuccessfully for several yrs. Lately it's getting worse, so I gave it a good H2O2 treatment then began the Cod Liver Oil rub and after about 4 of these treatments the pain is completely gone as is the swelling. Will continue and report if there is total eradication.

Flat Wart Remedies

Posted by Willow (California) on 10/19/2013

I am looking for a natural cure for flat warts that cover large surfaces of the legs. Taping banana peels or cotton balls does not work as affected surface areas are too large. Is there something to take internally or some sort of topical remedy that can be applied over large areas uncovered (can't wrap up the legs in tape or cotton! ). I would be grateful for a cure!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Willow!

I feel your pain - and am trying to get rid of warts also!

I have the garden variety of warts; I know my grandma told me not to run barefoot and to garden with gloves on but I didn't listen! Now I see why - gah, these warts on my feet and hands!

I have had success on warts here or there with the wart drops you buy at the drug store, but that is a tedious process. I have recently been soaking in epsom salt baths [2 cups to a tub, 3x week] and have seen some of the warts on the soles of my feet come off. Its too early to know if they are licked for good, but its a start.

Another consideration is clove oil; read up on it as there are several kinds. A friend's fiance' had a long standing ugly wart on his finger and she wanted his hands to look nice for the close up photo of the rings at their wedding, so she tried clove oil on him [drops on a band aid, daily for a week or so] - the wart came off never to return! So I am heartened with her first hand experience in treating his wart with clove oil and will try it myself. You might try this also but use gauze and an ace bandage and perhaps wear only to bed/over night.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Internally you could try taking green tea extract, folic acid and vitamin C. Look under HPV (human papilloma virus) in the remedies section for more info.

Replied by Cj
(New Zealand)

My 12 yr old son also has flat warts (plane warts) and I've tried the banana peel and duct tape to keep them on but because they are on his back, when he's sleeping, the duct tape seems to come loose from the constant moving I guess.

There was a suggestion that castor oil rubbed into the warts helped, I did this a few times and admittedly they did seem to sort of "dry up" just a tad, but never really showed signs of disappearing completely. Back to the banana skin, a friend of mine told me she peeled the very top layer of the outer skin and just a thin layer of the inner peel off and applied that to her sons warts and they were gone within 2 or 3 applications. The greener the better. However, they weren't flat warts and so were easier to apply being a smaller area.

I will try again with the banana, this time using a much thinner layer and as green as possible - but it's coming summer here, and bananas don't stay green for long at the moment! I believe they are our best option so stick with it each night.

Fulvic Acid

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Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl, Pa) on 03/21/2015

I'd had a wart on the ring finger of my right hand for years. I tried freezing, treatments, peeling it off but it always came back. Finally I tried fulvic acid in a 350x concentration. I would just put a drop on the wart 2-4 times a day and cover it with a band aid. I would peel or grind off the dead skin with an emery board. after a few weeks the wart was dead. I still have the dead flesh where the wart was in my finger but it hasn't grown back after 3 months.

Any tips on how to get rid of the remainder of that flesh from the wart below the surface?


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Posted by faeqa s. (Amman - Jordan) on 04/08/2023 66 posts


Two years ago, warts began to spread on my hands, and they increased at a rate of around one every two months, until they reached ten, I did not use any medical treatment for them during this period, until I read an information in an old Arab medicine book that says: If u kill the mother of the warts, the rest of the warts will die automatically without needing any treatment (the mother of warts is the first wart grown in the skin), so I treated it by placing a slice of fresh garlic on it every night and fixing it with a plaster until the morning, and sometimes I put it during the day also for hours, after a week gradually and slowly the wart began to dry, and the rest of the warts were also drying with it. It took nearly two months until it completely cured, and got rid of it all during this period, now after nearly six months of stopping treatment, there is no longer any trace of all of it, thank God.

I like to share my experience for anybody has the same problem.

Posted by Freethink (Lima, Peru) on 02/25/2014

Plantar Warts.

Abrade the exact spot exposing soft fresh skin. Slice fresh garlic and tape to said spot. Change two-three times daily wear sock, again at night with fresh application. (this if from my (traditional medicine doctor) naturopathic doctor. Keep it clean and as skin softens remove to expose fresh layers. Abrade with file, clippers, pumice file, the pumice is explicitly for limited use, discard after warts and get a new one. You must be meticulous!!

Improve diet, include bicarbonate and lime water.

Posted by Rani (Delhi, India) on 02/17/2013

Garlic for a wart. Question.. can someone help. I have done it for 3 days .. But could do only once a day for 5 minutes as it looked horrible and burned badly. Now the top skin is burned and I can see the yellow part which looks very bad.. Do I continue with garlic or it will now scab and shed on its own... I am little afraid to continue... please help...

Replied by Dan Cruz
(Edmonton, Canada)

Try to do this one: put the extracted juice of fresh ginger on the wart 3-4 times a day. Within 2 weeks you will see the results.

Posted by Suzanne (Mp, Or, Us) on 02/27/2011

I wish my mom had known about this when I was a kid and had warts on my hands that the dermatologist would freeze off (extremely painful, like putting a cigarette out on your skin!! ) and it doesn't work, they come back, plus I still have huge scars on my hands :(

So as an adult, when I got a wart on my nose, right before my wedding, I was horrified! I read somewhere about garlic juice to remove warts, so I thought I would try it, and I was amazed! It was very easy, I sliced a fresh clove of garlic and dabbed small amount of the juice on the wart with my fingertip, careful not to touch the healthy skin around it. I did this each night before bed, without covering it and within a couple days the wart turned black and fell off never to return again!! That was 4 years ago!! This website is wonderful!! Thankyou EC!!

Posted by Nsingh (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) on 02/22/2011

Few years ago I had really bad warts, a old neighbour said try a very very thin slice of garlic and tape it on if the pain gets to bad take it off. I done this for 3 days and within a week all my warts were gone. Also if don't want to use tape you can before sleeping rub raw garlic clove for around 5min and won't smell in morning. I had so many warts tried everything from doctors to freezing at hospital and nothing worked they would come back. After doing this they have never returned. Thank God

Posted by Robyn (PERTH, Australia) on 12/29/2007

Crushed Garlic Cure for Warts. Some time ago I had two warts appear on my nose. They seemed to increase in size quite quickly. GP tells me to come back in two weeks and she will burn them off. I didn't like the sound of that so tried a remedy that I'd heard about. Take fresh garlic cloves and crush them and apply to the warts. Keep on warts for as long as possible until they disappear. I used crushed garlic from the jar I purchased at the supermark and applied the crushed garlic to the gauze part of a bandaid and wore a fresh one every night for two weeks. Warts disappeared. Probably go in quicker time if I had used fresh garlic and used it in the daytime as well as at night.

Posted by Lori (Clearwater, FL) on 12/14/2006

My son had a wart on his finger when he was about 3. We tried everything. It would never go away and eventually there was probably about 7 warts that had spread onto his finger. I found on the internet to take a garlic clove and slice a thin piece(s) and put it on the wart with a band-aid over it (it does burn, but it works!). Keep it on there & covered for 24 hours. After that, it should turn into a blister. At that point, the wart is gone. Then just treat the blister with ointment. The warts are gone and have never come back.

Posted by Andria (London, UK)

Bad idea! The garlic got onto the surrounding skin (how do you just keep it on the wart?) and my daughters wrist has blistered badly and is very sore!

General Feedback

Posted by Pamela (Dubai, Uae) on 02/21/2011

My wart becomes hollow is it sign of dropping off? Please need your help...Thanks, pamela

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Althea (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/18/2011

I wanted to add my remedy for warts, but I don't see how to do that. If you cna add it for me that would be great, I really want to help others get rid of their warts too!

All I did was put one drop of undiluted grapefruit seed extrat on the wart each night and covered it with a bandage. I let it uncover the whole day and only used the GSE at night and withing one week it hade turn black underneath and fell off! Hope this works for others.


Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Robert (Salt Lake City, USA) on 01/13/2008

I had good results using Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). I put a small amount on the tip of a Q-Tip and placed it directly on the wart. Be careful not to get too much on the skin surrounding it, as it will burn. If the wart is in a place where it will get covered with clothing, I'd cover it up with a bandaid. This doesn't take long at all. Two or three days should be enough.

Green Banana

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Posted by Jecy (Cebu City, Philippines) on 03/06/2012

If you know a banana which you can eat right away. But you need the juice of it while it is still green and still growing. What you have to do is cut the green fruit (not ripe yet) while it is still in plant and put directly to your wart and will dissolve easily in just less than a week.

We call that banana here as our native "Tondan". Its not the one that we exported.