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Cashew Oil Treatment for Warts

| Modified on Nov 09, 2023

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Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 12/02/2020

I've read so many people telling about their wart problem. In the Philippines, we just use cashew oil. Dip a q-tip in oil, apply it on the wart, mole or skin tag. Make sure to avoid the normal skin. It burns the wart in 3-5 days.

It's applied once or twice a day. There is a slight pain coz the wart is dying n getting black. After 3-5 days it falls off. It's used on warts all over the body. I guess it sensitive areas caution must be practised maybe once a day application only. Especially if the skin in that area is thin.

Hope this helps!

Replied by Luma

I would love to try this where does one find this oil? thanks!

EC: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy is what we found from a quick Google search.

Replied by Nina

In the Philippines it is called kasuy oil. It can be bought online through shoppee but I'm not sure if they ship abroad.

Wart remover pure kasuy oil by organic manila, extract pure kasuy oil, daesu authentic korean pure kasuy oil. Those are the popular and effective brands with excellent reviews.

Please follow instructions, use a qtip n apply only on the wart try not to apply it on the surrounding skin.

Replied by Bill

Hi Nina...Hello! I also live in the Philippines. I had a big wart on my little finger for a long time and decided to get rid of it. First I tried dabbing the wart separately with hydrogen peroxide, lugols iodine or using turpentine. This didn't work because the pathogen causing the wart was buried deep in the skin and was protecting itself. As well, only about 8% of the iodine is absorbed into the top layers of the skin.

So I bought some DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide) and used that combined with lugol's iodine. DMSO has the major advantage of penetrating and carrying any other chemical with a molecular weight of < 1000 through the skin into the blood.

So I shaved back my wart to the skin and then first applied lugol's iodine on the wart and surrounding skin area just using a Q-tip. Then I dabbed the wart area with DMSO which combined with the iodine to carry it through all layers of the skin, essentially disinfecting all skin layers and also killing the pathogen causing the wart. It worked well to cure the wart and there were no dangers or side-effects.

I also purchased the lugol's iodine + DMSO from Lazada. Because it worked so well, I now always use the combination of DMSO + lugol's iodine for any skin problems because it worked so well to get rid of my wart. Lugol's iodine has wide pathogen-killing action and it will kill most bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, mycobacterium, parasites and fungus. And iodine is not poisonous for the body.