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Posted by Happiernow (Sydney, Australia) on 09/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Banana Peel didn't work for me and I did try it. Here's my story: I was sharing a shower with others in a house I used to live in. One of the occupants came to me one day and asked me if I knew of how to get rid of a plantar wart. I didn't even know what one was though it was apparent it grew on the bottom of the foot. Months later, I noticed what I thought was a splinter in my right foot and due to exhaustion, I kept putting off tending to it as I didn't feel it sometimes. Finally, I got someone to look at it and they said that it looked like a wart. Then came the research about it. I was glad I didn't pick at it before and was determined to get rid of this wart on the bottom of my foot even though it was very small. I wasn't happy about it because it meant I too now had to be careful not to go barefeet anywhere as I may give it to someone. I went overseas very shortly after and due to (long story) I couldn't see any medical expert about it because they couldn't speak English anyway.

I tried for months, in between tears and anger, the following to get rid of them: apple cider vinegar, brown vinegar, white vinegar, toothpaste, banana peel, duct tape (useless because it didn't stay on) salt, iodine, nail polish, nail polish remover, white out and probably a few other things. None of it worked. I was furious and by this time, one plantar wart became two and then it spread causing me to have a plantar wart on the bottom of my left foot, then I think I got another wart on my right foot. Great. What now? I began to quite hate the person who ignorantly used to walk around barefoot everywhere in the house not bothering to tell me that he had something contagious on the bottom of his foot. I felt a bit like a leper.

Finally I returned to my own country and tried to see a specialist who wasn't in and so I saw the doctor who prescribed a very expensive cream for me that could have been dangerous. I threw the script away and soon after, came across someone's site where they were explaining in general the following, which made sense to me so I tried my own slightly different version of their instructions. First I must say that months before, I noted almost by accident that when my feet were enclosed for long periods of time, my skin almost looked like it was suffocating (under my feet) and the plantar warts really rose up and looked quite scary to me. I wasn't sure what to do so I'd let my feet 'air' as much as I could. (Wrong. )

Ok - here's the method, and it WILL work because it makes sense AND it worked for me. Close to a miracle. Duct tape doesn't work because it's NOT STRONG ENOUGH and continues to let air in to allow that stinking plantar wart to breathe! You've really got to suffocate it. Go to the Chemist or Pharmacy or Drug Store and buy some ATHLETIC TAPE. It's very STRONG bandaid that's on a roll. The one I bought was also called Sportsplast. The tape I bought was wide and a brown type colour. You cut about four or five inches across (maybe 15cm across) and basically on your clean foot, you simply put that 'tough as nails and concrete' bandaid onto the bottom of your foot - making sure to COVER entirely the plantar wart/s. This particular bandaid has NO GAUZE on it. You DON'T NEED gauze on it. It's very tough. You can even take a shower with it on and it won't come off. I left my first bandaid on for about 7-10 days. I really felt like it was making a difference. Then I slowly ripped it off. Didn't hurt, just felt a bit weird. I saw a DIFFERENCE! It looked like it was receding - going away/healing. Ok, what the bandaid does is, not only is it SUFFOCATING the plantar warts, apparently it is causing them to have NOWHERE to go. Remember, when they suffocated on my foot before, they rose to the top of the skin and looked even worse. This is the plantar wart PANICKING!! Now, when the bandaid has enclosed around and over the plantar wart, the plantar wart tries to get air and when it can't get it, it PANICS causing - wait for it - your IMMUNE SYSTEM to notice something funny going on down there. It goes to check it out and finds the foreign entity namely, the plantar warts. What does it do then? The immune system begins to kill the plantar wart because it knows it's a foreign body. Bit by bit, the plantar wart weakens and gets killed off. You start to feel happier. Yes. It's possible, but you must find the bandaid preferably without gauze and as tough as CONCRETE man!! It's got to stick to your foot through hail and storm. I put another fresh lot of tough bandaids on the bottom of my feet again for a further 10 days or something and the plantar warts continued to get even smaller but of course, I had to make sure they were totally gone. Every now and then I felt a sting - probably the virus still trying to set up house down there. I think it was the third or fourth time after taking the bandaid off, I couldn't believe it - when I took the bandaid off, the actual plantar warts came off with the bandaid!! It was like looking at the dead enemy. To make triply sure, I put more bandaid on there. This is totally the cure. Sometimes I put two layers of bandaid on the bottom of my foot, just to make sure. I don't have any stings at this point and my feet are bandaid free but I haven't walked on any floor barefoot yet due to paranoia and always wear sandals in the shower these days. My feet look all clear but after that experience, I don't know when I will walk barefeet on any hard surface anymore as who knows if a teeny-tiny bit of whatever might infect someone else. I'm possibly being paranoid though, but my feet look normal again. You've got to try it - make sure it's REALLY TOUGH STURDY TOUGH AS CONCRETE BANDAID.
This is what was on the website: SPORTSPLAST PREMIUM STRAPPING TAPE.
Flesh colour.
Serrated edges.
137 Mtrs (45' 8") length per roll
For all high stress joint sports strapping needs.
*I don't recommend putting it on the top of your foot as the skin is more sensitive there and will hurt if you try and take it off. Good luck, although you probably won't need it!