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Stimulate Blood Circulation

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Posted by Marcus (Shreveport, La) on 04/03/2012

I cant believe there are no more replies to this!! Hair loss can be cured in as little as 3 minutes per day by stimulating the scalp!!!!!!!!!! First off I am speaking specifically about male pattern baldness. As we get older, our scalp gets tighter which chokes off the blood supply. As we get older, our general circulation gets worse, compounding the problem.

My story:

I am 31 years old and starting losing my hair around 18 years of age. I had a bald spot about 4 inches in diameter atop my head and my hairline has receeded a great deal.

A couple months ago I decided to just shave my head because it was a real mess up there. Upon shaving it I realized that I didnt want to be bald and decided to find a cure and document my results.

I did countless hours of google searches and one thing that I ran across consistently was lack of circulation and tight scalp. Upon pinching the skin on my head I realized something very interesting. My skin was extremelytight where hair loss was occuring, and loose RIGHT next to it where the hair was full.

That right there made me confident that my scalp wasnt getting enough blood due to the galea (fibrous "sheet" below the skins surface whose shap matches exactly the worst case of MPB) being pulled tight by stress.

What did I do? I started drinking a circulation boosting tea (organic ginkgo leaf, 1tbsp to 2.5 cups of water) as well as massaging my scalp and rubbing my fingertips lightly through my hair stubbles for 1-2 hrs a day. I also do tom hagerdy scalp exercises for about 5 minutes per day.

All of these methods have ONE thing in common. They promote blood flow to the top of your head, which is the hardest place for the heart to pump blood due to being the highest point of the head.

Now to the exiting part. Over the past 5 weeks I have completely stopped my hairloss and regrew over a hundred new black hairs. I know it sounds too good to be true but its not. Hair loss is primarily a function of poor circulation to the hair papillae. Bottom line.

I have a topic in an open forum called immortal hair. My username is slowmoe and you can track my progress pictures there.

I hope you have the faith to believe what I am saying is true.

-Marcus B.

Stimulate Blood Circulation
Posted by Marko (Christchurch, Canterbury, Newzealand) on 01/11/2012

A lot of hair loss is due to lack of circulation at the top of the head which is supplied with blood in a different way to the hair at the back and sides -I started losing my hair at 33 years slowly but surely. I tried a few things like E C vaseline & crude oil which improved the hair loss a bit but took a long time also topical herbs (chinese) which helped but didn't fix it so I searched the internet for natural alternatives and found a site that suggested doing head taps with fists, not hard just to get circulation going -no blood, no hair -you can lower your head to your waist tap over scalp for 30 secs or sit upright tap 2 mins also scalp squeeze and pinch about 6 times daily this and a few other things (holistic approach) turned the problem around for me at 56 -I got this from a site called -how to naturally regrow your hair in 15 minutes a day. This really works and will override most underlying causes for hair loss.
Look it up, you won't regret it -good luck you won't need it. Marko

Stop Omega-3

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Posted by Storage-girl (St. Louis, Mo) on 01/04/2011

Have had hair loss (including eye lashes and eyebrows) for 2 years. This hair loss started after I started doing cleanses and eating healthier. CRAZINESS! Anyway, I have tried numerous things to stop the hairloss to no avail. Hair was still growing, but falling out.

Flash forward to two weeks ago - I found a site where someone was talking about Omega-3 causing hair loss. I started the Omega-3 about two years ago. So, I stopped the Omega-3 that day. Now, my hair/eyelash/eyebrow hair all seems to be shedding a lot less. Anyone else experience something similar?

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

S-G: I also looked over a half dozen forums, and the experiences were both for and against taking Omega-3's as a cause of hair loss, in both men and women. However, two things I noticed:

The claim was made by several people that when they just reduced their omega-3 intake from typically 3 1000 mg capsules or more per day to just one, their hair loss stopped and reversed!

The second thing is that the ones taking ALSO the omega-6 fatty acid GLA (gamma linolenic) were getting no fallout and hair regrowth. I'm not saying it can or will work for everyone, or not even for any specific person, but it's probably worth trying for a month or two.

GLA is found highest percentage in borage oil, but also lesser % in evening primrose oil, hemp oil and black currant oil.

Why or how could this be so? It turns out there is an extremely important class of short-life messenger signal & switching molecules made throughout the body known collectively as prostanoids, which includes the prostaglandins, eicosanoids and thromboxanes. To be made in the cells, they need the omega fatty acids of all kinds. Most people who take oil supplements take the usual fish oils, high in DHA & EPA, which satisfies the RH side of the flow chain here, but take no GLA at all except a puny amount from the diet. Note the bottleneck or blockage down both LH and RH chains, where poor % conversion limits the amount. Taking DHA & EPA directly gets around the RH chain restriction problem; taking GLA gets around the LH chain restriction problem. So then the PG= prostaglandin molecule production is not limited. IOW, it could be poor cellular signaling that is corrected with the GLA.

Sulfur-Rich Food

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Posted by Nancy (Houston, Tx) on 10/17/2012

I had severe dandruff for about 5 years, saw a dermatologist, use tar shampoos, etc. One day I read severe dandruff was a sign of sulfur deficiency, and several good sources of sulfur listed was onions and garlic. Just so happened, I had followed a way of eating for years that excluded onions and garlic.

I didn't really believe it applied to me, I thought surely I consumed enough other sulfur foods to not have a deficiency. I immediately prepared a salad with raw onions, and within a day my dandruff was completely gone. That was several years ago, I have continued eating foods with onions regularly and it still works for me. The connection was amazing, and I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it myself.


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Posted by Hisjewel (New York) on 09/23/2020

Re: Hair and Nails Growing While Using Supplements for COVID19

AS I shared earlier my hair started to grow while taking supplements to fight COVID. What I forgot to mention was that I had a dent in my thumbnail that kept growing dented. I would cut my fingernail down in hopes that it would grow up normal, but the vertical, upright dent continued to grow.

While I was taking my COVID concoctions and supplements the nail began to grow normal and is back to normal. So my hair and my nails went into recovery as New York was in level two of the emergency.

Since I had started on the Berberine during the time I noticed the growth, I had thought it was the berberine that put my hair and nails into recovery, after all it is said to regulate sugar, and fight against UTI. And I can tell you it did that for me, I have not had a UTI since taking the Berberine. However, after continued use, and cutting down on the emergency concoctions and supplements, I realize it is not the Berberine that cured my hair and nails. Which supplement helped my hair and nails? I don't know. I guess I will continue all of them to some degree until I find out.

I'm looking at my long list and thinking, "there's something good in this! " Was it the Vitamin C, Was it the Zinc, Was it the Iodine, or one of the other so many things I used to kick the virus? If I can figure, it out I will share it with you.


Replied by Art
2159 posts

Hi Hisjewel,

If you were insufficient or deficient in zinc, supplementing with zinc is likely to affect hair and nail growth. It should be most noticeable in the nail growth before the hair growth.



Thanks Art.

Replied by Hisjewel

Greetings EC,

I don' t know where it is listed, however, the original post was sent in answer to Romina of Fort Lauderdale where I shared some of the COVID 19 Concoctions and supplements I took.

Here is a copy of the second post about my hair posted in August, 2020 I don't know were it is listed either:

Regarding hair growth since Covid 19 survival routine. I am amazed each time I wash my hair now. No hairballs, No sink full of hair! My hair was, was… coming out by the handfuls. After menopause I began to get hairballs and hair knots and a ball spot, o' my. What was happening to me? With all the hair products the most I could get was a little added hair that was soon go where the other lost hair went.

I had been taking supplements for hair for years and I still am, however, none of them stopped the hairballs. The baking soda and lemon juice drink alone did not stop the hairballs; the molasses baking soda drink did not stop the hairballs. The Biotin, Bamboo or Silica did not stop the hairballs. They all did health wonders for healing, but did not stop the hair knots and breakage. But since my survival routine my hair is growing. My hair has stopped getting hairballs and knots, No breakage. Amazing. The Berberine I'm taking has 10 percent Royal Jelly, also I forgot to list the zinc.

Anything else I use is in pretty much the same amount as before Covid 19, but the ones I listed in my previous post was in elevated amount during Level one Covid19. Even my eyes smile now.


Posted by Tygiag (St Louis, Missouri) on 01/25/2013

Can't figure out what supplements are causing my hairloss. In the past I took an SSRI and it induced a significant amount of hairloss. I stopped the drug and regrew almost everything that I had lost. Since then, I have been on a routine to try and regrow my hair. I have been trying to replace the SSRI with some natural medicine to help my anxiety and all of a sudden my hairloss returned.

My supplements were:

3g Glycine, 3g Lysine, 1100mg of St Johns Wort and 200mg Curcumin

I have stopped everything because of the extreme hairloss. The Glycine seemed to help me the most, but I have heard that glycine can deplete taurine. Is this true and can that cuase my sudden onset of hairloss?

If not, do you see anything out of the ordinary that can be causing these issues for me?

Replied by Anon

Hi, I think it could be the lysine. Try taking b50 or b100 and eat eggs.


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Posted by AR447 (Austin, TEXAS) on 01/09/2009

I am also young with no history of hair loss in my family, but had been experiencing hair loss, slowly and gradually since I was 20. I am now almost 30 and have been having success with monthly acupuncture and chinese herbs taken twice daily. My hair loss was a result of a kidney deficiency which is actually pretty common. western medicine refused to acknowledge other possibilities aside from anemia and hereditary balding. I was desperate too but am starting to see some results. It's only been 6 months but I am hopeful.

Replied by Al
(Deerfield Beach, FL)

hey AR447 from Austin, TEXAS -- have you seen hair growth after taking acupuncture and chinese medicine? And on what part of your head have u been losing hair? Have you been doing the acupuncture for 6 months? Do you eventually stop?

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
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Hello Al,

Are you using a dandruff shampoo such as Head & Shoulders, Zincfrin or any other shampoo with the same active ingredients.

When I was using them, I found myself losing hair until it suddenly dawned on me that it had started a few weeks after switching shampoos. Worked fine for the dandruff, but the hair loss stopped when I threw out the dandruff shampoo. I know several other people who lost hair from the same products. I find the dandruff problem was corrected by using 50/50 apple cider vinegar and warm water final rinse after shampooing.

Replied by Al
(Deerfield Beach, FL)

Actually Joyce I'm not. I used to use regualr shampoos but lately Ive been using organic ones. I cant explain it. I mean I remember I used to take hydrocut to lose some fat in my stomach, years ago. I dont know if that might have cause my hair to fall out slow. Its been 3 or 4 years that my hair has been thinning.

Replied by Vee
(Ft. Hood, Tx)

Well, my hair has been always been thin on the sides, but for the past 5 years since I was diagnosed with fibroids, I see that my thinning has become worse. I was diagnosed with anemia because of the fibroids & I thought this & the medicine that I was on caused the hair loss. Recently, it has become really bad & I almost have no hair on the side of my head but fortunately have enough hair to cover up the bald spot. I see that you mentioned that your hair loss got worse when you used dandruff shampoo. Well, I have had so many changes happen in my body due to this illness & dandruff is one of them & I have been using Head and Shoulders Every time I shampoo, and my hair loss has been worse. So I'll stop using it & try other remedies mentioned here and update when I see results!

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Kelie (Costa Rica) on 10/06/2013

I keep trying to find Ted's remedy, but I only get comments on the remedy. I know I saw it about 6 months ago.

Replied by Tara

Both of these links to Teds remedies are broken or not found. Have they been deleted or are they moved? really hoping to find them, thanks.

EC: Hi Tara,

Most of Ted's posts have recently been moved to our new site One of these sections (most likely the first link) will have the info you are seeking:

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lbb (Houston, Texas) on 03/19/2012

I have been looking for a means to address my hair loss and irritated scalp. I have been to many doctors and they have given me everything from cortisone shot, to rogaine and olux foam. All of these things were not covered by insurance because they were listed as cosmetic. After 5 years of various treatments nothing improved. I decided to pray that I would find other ways. Fast forward to today. My scalp was on fire at work and I went to the pharmacy to get the items for Ted's ACV/Hydrogen Peroxide mix and Tea Tree/Lavender Oil mix.

I came home and applied the ACV mixture with a spray bottle. I was surprised at the film that was lifted from my scalp. I knew my scalp itched but didn;t see any build up until I used this mixture and an oily mixture came off my sclap as I massaged the ACV mix. I then left the mixture to sit for a bit and then rinsed with filtered water. My scalp felt many times better instantly. There is no itching. I then loosely flat twisted my hair in 10 flat twists from front hairlinw to the nape of my neck.

After this I applied the Tea Tree/Lavender oil mix from an applicator bottled in between the flat twists. I feel tingling and it is refreshing. This was my first time using these remedies. I have immediate relief and am so thankful for that. I will continue on with these mixtures and hope this not only keeps my scalp clean but provides an environment for regrowth. Thank you to Ted, Earth Clinic members and Earth Clinic.

Replied by Barbara
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Sayno from Vancouver, BC, Your dandruff is an internal issue. Most everyone is lacking the health essential fatty acids in their diet. I cured my seborrheic dermatitis a skin disorder on my scalp with organic extra virgin coconut oil. I took 2 table spoons each day of the 29 oz jar and after I finished I noticed my scalp healed completely and it felt as smooth as a baby's bum. My scalp prior to using extra virgin coconut oil was very dry with scab like bumps that were also very painful at times and would also bleed a little after I scratched it. I only flaked a little and itched a little, but mostly it was sore and extremely dry. Before I decided to experiment with extra virgin coconut oil, I was consuming flaxseed supplements and oil for about 12 or so years.

It definitely helped, but this past summer for some reason the flaxseed oil was not doing a good job and so I decided to search for something else. I am soooo amazed at the results of extra virgin coconut oil and it's many many other medicinal healing properties. Just google health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil and you'll be amazed. Mother Nature always come through for us, we just have to look for it.

Replied by Sayno2gmo
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

I tried the borax solution on my hair, and within 30 seconds it started to tingle a little, then it got really hot and felt like it was burning. Touching my head, I could notice it really was hot, some kind of instant reaction. I quickly rinsed it out, but it kept stinging a bit, and my head was really hot for a couple hours. I also got a headache, or maybe could be described as pressure in my head.

Has anyone else had a reaction like this? I used the 20 mule brand. About 1/2 tsp in 180ml spring water.

This scared me enough to not try it again. I was hoping the borax would cure my issues of dandruff that doesn't go away unless I use baking soda/acv rinse (I want to be able to use shampoo again! ), and rapid hair thinning that has recently showed up, only about 6 months ago. I believe it could be a fungus issue. Maybe it's from fukushima radiation, who knows, I'm on the west coast, and this started about 1 month after the incident.

I usually use a baking soda solution every couple showers, mainly if my head is itchy, flaky, this definitely helps. It tingles like it should, but never burns. I also usually use a ACV 1:5 parts ACV to water rinse with 10-15 drops tea tree oil and 2 drops rosemary oil.

I have haven't been able to use any shampoo for the last 2 years because it just gives me crazy dandruff. Doesn't matter what type of shampoo. I now use completely natural shampoo every once in a while, but still get lots of flakes after using it, although they are finer and less noticable then what I used to get with the chemical shampoos.

Any ideas as to why my head started to feel like it was about to light on fire? I'm scared to try it again as I don't want to lose anymore hair from these experiments!

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Chris (Vern, Ut) on 06/08/2011

Under teds remedies for hair loss he writes about using borax as shampoo. After reading the directions I was a bit confused. Does he mean to dissolve 1/2 Tablespoon of borax in 1 liter of water for 30 minutes until completley dissolved, then wash the hair and scalp with the mixture but do not rinse until the next morning.


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Tm (Brisbane, Queensland) on 04/05/2011


My hair comes out in handfuls and it has for years. It gets especially bad during times of stress, but for the last couple of months it has been really bad. I decided to try Ted's peroxide/ACV remedy using the 1:10 ration (20ml ACV, 20ml HP, 200ml water). I massaged this into my scalp and then washed with a organic shampoo made from coconut & essential oils (parabens & sulfate free). I made a mix of tee tree and lavender oil which I massaged in and left overnight. The hair was still coming out excessively. The next morning I shampoo'd my hair again but still had a fist full come out in the shower. More came out after the hair had dried and I was gutted. I really hoped this would have worked. My hair is so thin now, I can put all of it up with the smallest hair clip. As the day wore on though, less hair started to come out. I woke up this morning and no hair came out at all. Usually I'm pulling 5 fist fulls our every morning, but not even 1 strand came out. I would definitely recommend this.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by subh (London, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) on 07/30/2010

Severe hair loss augmented after delivery and breastfeeding:

Dear Ted, I have had hair loss for almost 20 yrs now, took several treatments with no results. In past 3 yrs, I delivered two boys and am breastfeeding still. General health is poor, sweet n oily food addiction, although I do eat healthy food as well. Have always had poor energy levels. In March was diagnosed with Betchets syndrome, an autoimmune disorder and am now on steroids. My scalp is very oily and itchy and very scaly, it almost looks very unhygenic. I do have some new hair growth but even they seem to fall out now. Can you suggest what I should use as I am breastfeeding? meds I'm taking :prednisolon 5mg , calcium supp 1000mg/day, iron supp. Thanks a lot

Replied by Christy
(Yuma, Az)

I can't seem to find Ted or Bill's remedies, when I click on a ailment at the top it says Teds remedies but when I click on that it takes me to a list of peoples post. How do I get to the actual remedy?

EC: Hi Christy, sorry about that. We are in the process of transferring Ted's recipes to the new Treatment tab (next to Ratings & Reviews) on each page and hadn't reached the Hair Loss page yet. However, we just did that particular page so please check out the top of this section and click on "Treatment" to open Ted's recipe.

Please let us know other pages you are interested in for Bill and Ted's recipes and we'll update those too so the recipes are easier to find!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Nkz (Ny, Ny Usa) on 02/03/2010

Hello Ted, I was reading your remedies for hair loss and use of Maganese Sulfate. I couldn't find it @ Vitaminshoppe, they had all other kind of Maganese but not sulfate. Also, on the internet I read that Maganese Sulfate is harmful if swallowed.

["Inhalation: Inhalation can cause a flu-like illness (metal fume fever). This 24- to 48-hour illness is characterized by chills, fever, aching muscles, dryness in the mouth and throat and headache. May irritate the respiratory tract. May increase the incidence of upper respiratory infections (pneumonia). Absorption of inorganic manganese salts through the lungs is poor but may occur in chronic poisoning.

May cause abdominal pain and nausea. Although they are poorly absorbed through the intestines, inorganic manganese salts may produce hypoglycemia and decreased calcium blood levels should absorption occur.

Skin Contact:
May cause irritation with redness and pain.
Eye Contact:
May cause irritation, redness and pain.]

Are you talking about something else? Please reply as I have thining hair (female) and like to try your remedies.Thank you.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by ADDIE (LA, USA) on 04/06/2007

Ted' remedey works great borax, tea tree oil and lavender oil helped me allot. I take apple cider vinegar internelly and some vitamin c but i am still lookin for managanese sulfate. i looked every where but i cant find that product, so please ted can you recommend me where to buy that supplements and thanks a lot for helping us out god bless you

Ted's Remedies
Posted by David (Orange County, CA) on 02/21/2007

I discovered this sit because i had a scalp infection and wanted to find out how i could cure it. i started to take the acv and baking soda internally that ted suggests. i felt really good and it seemed to help a lot. i put some acv on my head as well and i don't know if i worked. i also tried the peroxide on my head but i hasn't really done much either. i had read that eucalyptus oil is really good, so i realized that vic's vapor rub has eucalyptus oil in it so i put some on my head and it had the greatest effect than anything i tried. i can say that i went to the nutritional store to buy the tea tree oil that ted suggested, but unfortunately for me i listened to the homeopathic doctor there and didn't buy it. instead i bought the pills he suggested and the ointment that contained alison, i guess it's an extract from garlic, which is also suppose to clean your blood. that didn't seem to help at all so i started rubbing on the vic's again. i am going to buy the tea tea tree oil and maybe eucalyptus oil.

i also have to mention, that i had blood work done there at the health food store and my blood was really clean. he said that he never gets to see such healthy blood and was very impressed! i had been taking the acv and baking soda for at least a month though, so i guess it really worked. i use to have a little bite of lower back pain and that even went away. i want to give a special thanks to tedd, your a gentle man and a scholar. well thanks to everyone as well, who have taken the time to try to help others by contributing to this site. god bless all of you and your families!

p.s. i forgot to note that the infection seemed to be fungus and discovered it because my hair was falling out. i decided to just go ahead and shave my head and discovered i had the read fungus/ringworm on different parts of my head .the acv and vic's vapor rub really helped and i started to regrow my hair and it's not falling out anymore. it even seems to be growing thicker on the area's that were growing thin. thanks!