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Posted by Sayno2gmo (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 12/14/2011
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I tried the borax solution on my hair, and within 30 seconds it started to tingle a little, then it got really hot and felt like it was burning. Touching my head, I could notice it really was hot, some kind of instant reaction. I quickly rinsed it out, but it kept stinging a bit, and my head was really hot for a couple hours. I also got a headache, or maybe could be described as pressure in my head.

Has anyone else had a reaction like this? I used the 20 mule brand. About 1/2 tsp in 180ml spring water.

This scared me enough to not try it again. I was hoping the borax would cure my issues of dandruff that doesn't go away unless I use baking soda/acv rinse (I want to be able to use shampoo again! ), and rapid hair thinning that has recently showed up, only about 6 months ago. I believe it could be a fungus issue. Maybe it's from fukushima radiation, who knows, I'm on the west coast, and this started about 1 month after the incident.

I usually use a baking soda solution every couple showers, mainly if my head is itchy, flaky, this definitely helps. It tingles like it should, but never burns. I also usually use a ACV 1:5 parts ACV to water rinse with 10-15 drops tea tree oil and 2 drops rosemary oil.

I have haven't been able to use any shampoo for the last 2 years because it just gives me crazy dandruff. Doesn't matter what type of shampoo. I now use completely natural shampoo every once in a while, but still get lots of flakes after using it, although they are finer and less noticable then what I used to get with the chemical shampoos.

Any ideas as to why my head started to feel like it was about to light on fire? I'm scared to try it again as I don't want to lose anymore hair from these experiments!