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Top Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

| Modified on Jan 02, 2024

What is fibromyalgia? Until recently there have been questions whether fibromyalgia syndrome is a real health condition, but those who suffer fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms have no doubts whatsoever. Fibromyalgia is now recognized as a chronic pain syndrome caused by nerve or central nervous system issues. Other symptoms of fibromyalgia include fatigue, brain fog, tenderness to pressure, and emotional effects.

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Cure Fibromyalgia Naturally

Exercise, healthy diet, stress reduction, and good sleep habits can all reduce fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms. Acupuncture and movement arts like tai chi and yoga can increase relaxation and ameliorate pain. However, the popular theory on Earth Clinic is that fluoride poisoning is a frequent cause of fibromyalgia syndrome, and our readers have uncovered strategies to detox the body to cure fibromyalgia.

Continue reading below to discover many home remedies, supplements and natural cures that our readers reported helped alleviate their symptoms of fibromyalgia. If you have a new one to add to the list, please share it with us!


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Posted by Terri (San Jose, CA) on 11/11/2006

5HTP is greatly helping myself and my daughter with our symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have tried low doses of antidepressants in the past but nothing worked as well to improve my sleep as 5-HTP has. I take 200mg per night. My type comes with several essential cofactors to assist in proper seratonin production. No side effects for me, unlike with the other drugs. I'm considering it for more members of my family. We have a genetic sleep and pain disorder. Hopefully we can find the right dose for all of us. I advise everyone to see a qualified ND or sympathetic MD before self dosing to be extra safe but side effects are rare thankfully.

Replied by Lily
(San Antonio, TX / U.S.A)

What is 5HTP? My grandmother suffers from Fibromyalgia, and I hate it. If there is something helpful, I would really like to know more. Please respond ASAp. Lily.

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, CA)

I had very serious side effects with 5HTP: weakness, nausea heart fibrillation... For those sensitive to the increased level of the serotonin (serotonin syndrome, it is rare) - don't take it!

Replied by carmel
(Essex, England)

I have fibro and tried 5 htp, a dose of about 200 mg per night. To help with relaxation and sleep. I found the first day it helped, and the day after it made me feel less pain and more relaxed. But if I took it for two or three days in a row, I would feel rough/worse the second and third day.

Replied by steve

The reason this occurs is that some people (ie me) have a SNP that prevents us from converting tryptophan into serotonin. We don't have the ability to convert tryptophan into 5-htp. 5-htp when given allows us to produce serotonin, and when we start feeling tired it is being converted from serotonin into melatonin the hormone required for us to sleep. I'm glad this worked

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Posted by Robin (Chicago, Il) on 07/30/2010

Let me start by saying that I've always been into natural health and supplements, and am very aware of my body and what goes into it. I knew something was wrong for about 6-7 years, but when fibro/CFS finally hit me like a mack truck last October, I was absolutely shocked that I was nearly crippled and could not stop sleeping. I knew I wasn't dying only because I had been trying tirelessly to lose weight since my daughter was born in 2005. It just wasn't happening. However, I could not imagine what could possibly give me so much pain and fatigue, but not be killing me at the same time?! Needless to say, I figured it out. Great... One of those things no one really knows what it is, where it comes from, etc. Well, the internet is now my best friend, which I'm sure is something to which all of you can relate. Okay, so I'll get to the point!! In May, I began taking acetyl l-carnitine with alpha lipoic acid (must be taken together) after okaying it with my rheumatologist. The acetyl l-carnitine actually GOT ME OUT OF BED and able to play with my daughter and do a bit of housework. Although, I still have a lot of pain, I no longer sleep for hours on end and some of the fog has lifted. Apparently, acetyl l-carnitine works with mitochondria and helps them to properly utilize energy sources. I'm also happy to report that, since I started taking this supplement, I've lost 12 pounds (in 2 months). I'm not sure if it's because my body is better processing my food intake or just the fact that I'm out of bed. All I know is that I have done nothing different calorically. For those of you with chronic fatigue, this is really, really worth a try. I thank God EVERY DAY!!

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Great info Robin... Thanks... Apparently the Alpha Lipoic Acid is better utilized with Biotin.. Some brands have this in addition.

Replied by Marxzanna

I have been taking L carnitine for about two weeks and it is amazing. It has stopped the build up of lactic acid every time I would exercise. I have had fibromyalgia for almost 30 years. I was searching for something for the pain and I am so blessed to have researched this amino acid. I don't eat much meat so that may be part of the reason. I have twice the energy and I am not suffering with debilitating pain as of now.. If you suffer from chronic fatigue and fibro, give this a try. I just take the carnitine as a single pill with a fish oil supplement.

ACV and Baking Soda

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Posted by Mzellie (Bristol, WI USA) on 08/14/2007

Ailment, fibro, all the symptoms,but now am much better from apple cider vinegar & baking soda tonic. i need to know how to use iodine in my water, and to use for painting, how long may i do this? all of the water and all day?I need to be able to fix the water i drink. i have been using cayenne peper for a yr now. i am starting the blackstrap molasses now and i will let you all know how that goes.Thank You for this WONDERFUL site & all this awsome info you are so willing to share, may you always walk with GOD.

EC: We emailed Mzellie for more info about the ACV and baking soda.

08/15/2007: Mzellie from Bristol, WI USA replies, "Howdee and yes it is much better !!!!I have been taking the acv combo for about 9yrs ..I drink b.soda for headaches & i always brush my teeth with b.soda. I do not take any prescriptions for 12 years now,i go to doctor for tests and look up in my-book for health alternitives{book ] for what's wrong and then go for it... find what my body is in need of ..I really need to know what i can do for infectious endocarditis ?????I have the signs of splinters under my fingernails .... heart infection ,,I am taking Triphala now , just started it last week,my doctor said it was there because of my age.....and a lot more things will change.... that this is just the start of aging... well i will be 62 in6mo. and i have very little gray hair ony at the temples and very little...soooooo but i use vinger for rinse,i am in gooooood health now 12 yrs ago i was ready for the wheelchair and NO HELP from dr. so i had to dig for myself and now i am much better.. all with combo, but somthig is missing and i think it my be the iodine,i bought a bottle today..the product called ...... COMPLETE MINERALS H2o....iodine100mg...potassium 75mg serv.1 TB. If Ted will help and Thank " You " for all your help..................may GOD always walk with you also mzellie

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I just mixed some ACV and water and stirred in 1/2 tsp. aluminum-free baking soda. It's giving me a bad headache and tastes just like beer. I
HATE beer. Has anyone else noticed this?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Lou,

I had to smile. I think it tastes just like beer, too! Now I have not had a beer in decades but that is what I think when I have it. My husband says it does NOT taste like beer. :)

However it it does not give me a headache. Sorry it gave one to you.

Mama to Many~

Replied by Kennywally
46 posts

That headache could be a herxheimer reaction, give it a week or so. kw

Replied by Kennywally
46 posts

That headache could be a herxheimer reaction, give it a week or so. kw

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Edna (Cobb CA ) on 07/31/2005

Just started the Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking soda yesterday. Feeling 50% better today from fatigue & pain. Also did the clove oil rub last night. (I am Already taking Vit D, Multi Vitamin, Sea Weed, & Calcium). will let you know how I progress. July 31, 2005 Thank You!


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Posted by Aurora (New Mexico, US) on 12/05/2014

What works immediately to reduce my fibromalygia pain attacks is to eat an apple, fresh or even dried apple slices. The malic acid removes the pain.

Replied by Rosemary

You may find this of interest. It's written by a doctor. She got the illness and found this to be a huge help.

Replied by kj
(Pacific Northwest, Oregon)

Malic acid in the apples should be helpful as it reduces oxalate in the system. Reduction of oxalate iis known to reduce kidney stones and also to reduce the pain associated with fibromyalgia. A low oxalate diet can significantly reduce fibromyalgia pain in some people.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Moses (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 05/24/2011

ACV - On The Verge Of Curing My Fibromyalgia!

Talking about alternative medicine, I was a total skeptic. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998. And I've been living with it for the past 13 years. I have been personally convinced that it will NEVER go away, except perhaps through toxic overuse of pain killers like ibuprofen, etc.

Due to the overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence of ACV used as a remedy on Earth Clinic, I decided to go to my local supermarket and to buy a small bottle of ACV with a very perssimmistic mindset. When I got home, I opened the bottle and it smelled just as the name suggested, pure vinegar and apple juice. The bottle cost a measly $1 and I thought to myself.. "what the heck?".. Could this be what they're raving about ? Vinegar & Apple Cider ??

Anyway I immediately started to take it in ; I used the standard dose of 2 teaspoons in a teacup filled with water. It tasted just like vinegar. I don't find the taste of vinegar "strange" or difficult to swallow at all. To me, it's just an elevated tangy taste like I would expect in mayonnaise. I only took ONE dose a day (once a day 2 teaspoons in a teacup filled with water). In my case I didn't care whether my stomach was empty or not, whether it was early morning or not. In fact I took it when I came back from work, and after taking it I would immediately get back to my normal daily habits (tea, slice of bread, TV, Internet/Facebook, and my usual favorite indulgences). I would drink it as if it's my first cup of tea as I arrive home, then I would immediately follow with a normal cup of tea because I am so so addicted to TEA!!! :)

The past 4 days have been rather surprising! After 13 years of Fibromyalgia daily pain, when I stand up after taking ACV ; when I walk around in the house, I've noticed that there is a ** Feeling Of Something Being Lifted Off My Shoulders **, which is the VERY SPOT where the majority of pain was focused in my case with Fibro!

At first I did Not want to attribute this to ACV, cuz I was suspecting that I might be creating this feeling. I know Fibro to be a very resilient disease. But after this same thing happening 4 days in a row, I became suspicious that the ACV is involved in this :) I think I am on the VERGE of healing my Fibro with this stuff man!! I cannot believe how I feel "AFTER DRINKING IT"!! I cannot believe that it has a DIRECT effect on something in my body. This is so unbelievable for me! Let's see how long I'll keep feeling this way with it. I now believe that my Fibro is probably a case of too many toxins in my system from the time when I was young back in the 90's, taking lots of soda/Coke multiple times a day. I believe that these toxins were NOT about to be moved or to go away anytime soon. And if this ACV trick has any direct effect on these toxins or my underlying persistent excruciating pain of Fibro, then I'm going to increase my dose for the next 3-4 days to see where I am going with this. I hope I will Not awaken the devil within.. But I don't think 3 days of vinegar at 2 or 3 tablespoons-a-day will cause me anything noticeable, let alone "illness". Even the toxins themselve seem to TAKE YEARS to show their presence & symptoms in your body.

I'll keep you posted people.. But right now I am all too excited to see SOMETHING NATURAL that has a direct effect on my Fibro (without it being a prescription drug or pain steriod) after so many years of trying a pile of tricks, methods and advice.

I am hoping to see radically interesting things going forward with ACV!

Replied by Kimmi
(Park City, Ks)
12 posts

Hurry back, I want an update!! Lol!

Replied by Eunita
(New Zealand)

Hi, thanks for sharing. I got so excited when I read this. I have heard about it before but not really gave it a go.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 8 years ago, two years I moved to New Zealand. I have tried all sorts of medication etc.

So basically what I want to know is, did it actually help you in the end?

I wish you all of the best and once again thanks for sharing.

Replied by Timothy

Any update on this, very interested to find out more since your first post some months ago.

Replied by Sijai
(Wichita Falls, Tx, United States Of America)

Are there any updates on Jason's Fibromyalgia paper? The one person made a reply as to how well ACV helped. Is there another reply from this person?

Replied by Gypsywoman
(Tempe, Az)

I started taking ACV because I read it would help with weight loss. The next morning when I walked down the stairs, which the first time in the morning I usually hobbled down, there was NO pain. After a couple of weeks, I stopped (dumb but a good test) - well pain came back. Started again on the ACV - gone and it is almost immediate results. Great stuff, no poisons/toxins like most medications. LOVE the stuff!!

Replied by Lori

Interesting to read. I've heard a lot about vinegar helping with different ailments but I'm still skeptical. I've had fibro for 22 years. At times its livable, at other times not. Thing is, I'm 68 and never sure what is pain from the fibro and what is just the "olds".

I'll give it a try, but after this many years, I've pretty much given up.

Replied by Sajjad
(Uttar Pradesh)

Thank you for sharing a possible treatment for Fibro, I am curious to know the present day effect of ACV on your condition. Is it still working for u, the way it gave relief to to you earlier? I am a 31 year old man, robbed of a job by Fibromyalgia, desperately seeking solution to get out and better. Thanks

Replied by Sajjad
(Lucknow, India)

Hi, your post on Apple Cider Vinegar was very inspiring. Suffering with Fibromyalgia past 7 years that has made me jobless. I tried ACV myself too. Must say it reduced my pain. I'm taking it past 7 days. How is your fibro now? Do you still take ACV? Is the pain gone permanently?

Replied by Lynn

If you believe Fluoride is a cause for Fibromyalgia, be careful with tea consumption. Non-herbal teas have fluoride in them.


Here in the UK any tea has fluoride in it as it comes from tap water, not what you put in the cup with the water.

Replied by Shelisa

Is there any update on long term success with ACV? Looking for help for my husband.


Look into teasel root extract. I've read some very positive things about using it for fibro pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tina (Manchester, UK) on 07/05/2008

hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for a this wonderful site. i suffered very badly with cfs and fibromyalgia, basically stopped having a life and suffering with pain that was unbearable. i started using acv/borax/bs/cayen p/ [apple cider vinegar/borax/baking soda/cayenne pepper] and drank a glass every day. after 3 months the pains stopped, if i was in a lot of pain i would take 2 tbs of acv straight and within half an hour the pain would go. please do not drink tap water,check the internet for what is in water from taps, no wonder people are ill. the most important thing for me was, when the drs said their is no cure and it will get worse. thats the biggest lie i have heard.i decided not to believe them and KNEW I COULD GET BETTER. i do not suffer from cfs/fibro anymore, and it happened so quikly after suffering with it for 8 yrs. all i can say is stay positive and seek and you shall find. xxx

ps. i took all the advise on earthclinc, cutting out all the things they have mentioned and taking all the stuff they have mentioned.

Replied by Lara
(San Diego, Ca)

Can you please tell me the amounts or dosages you used for the ACV, Borax, etc? I tried to find the recipe here but could not find it. Thanks!

Replied by Mattie
(Douglasville, Ga)

Could you tell me please the amount of each of these products you used for each serving? My sister suffers terribly from fibromyalgia and I am trying so hard to help her find a cure.

Tks, Mattie

Replied by Saf
(Colombo, Western Province. Sri Lanka)

This site is such a gem, I feel like I hit pay dirt, even though with god's grace I don't have any ailments I do know lots of people with chronic pain or fybromyalgia.

It would be really great if there was a way to get the answers to questions about the dosage, as I find that some times there is a whole heap of the same question on dosage and sadly no answer :-(

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sherrine (Valrico, Florida)

I started taking two teaspoons of ACV three times a day only six days ago. I am taking it to ease the pain of fibromyalgia and my pain is getting less and less! I plan on continuing it but am having a hard time drinking it.

Replied by Jim
(Madison, Wi)

To Sherrine in FL. I started drinking acv a year ago different ways and had a hard time with it but it was worth it to get rid of the inflamation in my low back. I suffer from spinal stenosis and scoliosis. The best way I have found to drink acv is to put about 1 or 2 ozs. in a glass of vegetable juice. It makes it easier to drink for me.

I am so very pleased to have been able to find this website. It has really helped me a great deal!

Replied by Triciarr
(Tecumseh, Ontario)

I love this site too! I just found it. I was diagnosed with MS, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia two summers ago. Yikes! I am treating my body with an all-natural approach. As I am sitting here, I am drinking my nightly apple cider vinegar tea (yeah, I know yummy eh). I will post all that I am doing one day but I just wanted to agree with the above-poster that this site is great! I can't wait to find out more good natural things to help myself.

Replied by Natural4ever
(Hudson, Fl)

Although I actually love the taste of ACV and only dilute it with water, the best way to take it is to mix it with apple juice if you like apple juice. You can't even taste it at that point.

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

Try mixing in a little baking soda (1/2 t) with the ACV... it will fizz!!!! But then it will calm down.. then mix in some water. The baking soda makes the ACV taste so much better (to me... and I hope to you!! )

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Linda (UK)

I have fibromyalgia, and had just started using cider vinegar on raw salad just to flavour it without knowing the benefits. Last week I i did not use it and the fatigue and pain were quite chronic. Twice this week I used it again and my energy levels rose. I am unsure if this is the cider vinegar as I am also taking supplements, but the coincidence is there already. Only more time will tell but I would recommend other sufferers try.

Replied by Jean
(Northland, New Zealand)

Thanks for this - I've had the same problem of the ACV being too strong. It goes very nicely with manuka honey too. I have just begun to use it for the bad mucus I get with fibro & it has helped immediately.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Magnesium

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 12/21/2010

Here is some research which confirms the positive effects of using malate (ACV) and magnesium to help cure Fibromyalgia (FM) and is yet more confirmation as to how alkalizing with ACV and baking soda (forming malates) plus taking Magnesium (as Mag Chloride or Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate) can help FM.

Here are the summary and abstract conclusions from the research:

"Primary fibromyalgia (FM) is a common clinical condition affecting mainly middle-aged women. Of the etiologies previously proposed, chronic hypoxia seems the one best supported by recent biochemical and histological findings. We postulate that FM symptoms are predominantly caused by enhanced gluconeogenesis with breakdown of muscle proteins, resulting from a deficiency of oxygen and other substances needed for ATP synthesis. We present data supporting a critical role for magnesium and malate in ATP production under aerobic and hypoxic conditions; and indirect evidence for magnesium and malate deficiency in FM. After treating 15 FM patients for an average of 8 weeks with an oral dosage form with dosages of 1200-2400 mg of malate and 300-600 mg of magnesium, the tender point index (TPI) scores (x±) were 19-6±2-1 prior to treatment and 8±1.1 and 6-5±074. Respectively, after an average of 4 and 8 weeks on the magnesium malate combination (p < 0.001). Subjective improvement of myalgia occurred within 48 h of supplementation. In six FM patients, following 8 weeks of treatment, the mean TPI was 6.8 ±0.75. After 2 weeks on placebo tablets, the TPI values increased to a mean ± SE of 21.5 ±1-4(p < 0.001). Again, subjective worsening of muscle pain occurs within 48 h of placebo administration. A double-blind placebo control trial is currently underway."


So, just taking two tablespoons of ACV with 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate in half a glass of water three times a day with split doses of between 300-600 mg magnesium per day is actually very beneficial against Fibromyalgia.

Replied by Jilly The Beans...
88 posts

OMGosh.... this concoction worked sooooooo well for me!! I feel like it should be posted in the arthritis section too. My arthritis had been getting worse and worse and then I had what I thought (and the doctor thought too the next day) was a fibromyalgia flare. I had exerted myself carrying in a heavy box. The pain and discomfort I felt in my joints and muscles in my upper back, arms, elbows, wrists, and hands was equal to the pain I felt pre-hip replacement. I was writhing, crying and could barely move. I was also getting weird spacey chunks of time. My doc started testing me the next day for what it was NOT and referred me to a rheumatologist. I started taking ACV&BS with water along with magnesium. Within 5 days my arthritis was feeling better. By day 10 my energy has improved sooooooooo much and my complexion is better too (rosacea).

I could never take ACV before because the taste was too extreme for me. But with the addition of baking soda, the ACV is so much more palatable!!

Replied by Youanna

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Magnesium

It works wonders! Yesterday I took 5 Advils, and I could barely move my neck 1-2 cm. I could not sleep all night from all the pain. This morning I started taking ACV, BS, and magnesium, and I could feel getting better by the hour. I still cannot believe how much the pain subsided. It is still there, but it is bearable. I drank ACV with water, about 3-4 tbls in a glass of water, and had 3 glasses today. I also bought ACV pills from the health food store. No stomach pain. Aside from FM pain, I also have a hard time digesting carbohydrates. Today, after taking the ACV pill, 20 min before the meal, I noticed a huge difference in how I felt. I did not want to lay down after eating. I know there are many benefits from taking ACV, and I am very excited to feel them.

Artificial Sweetener Link

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Posted by Shannon (Blue Water Bay, Fl) on 01/11/2010

My research is preliminary though I have experienced a reduction in all over body pain. I was beginning to think that I might have this new silly mutant desease that is now being titled Fibromyalgia. I am a daily reader of this site and was one day reading of aspartame poisioning. I was shocked that my beloved coffeemate creamer contained this new lab created sweetener stuff. I quit adding it to my coffee two weeks ago. Within a day/day and a half my all over body pain had quit.

I checked out this page today and was surprised to see so much pointing to flouride poisioning. I was sure I would see something about these artificial sweeteners causing what is now being diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

I read of airmen being poisioned in the gulf war of aspartame. What I read was it was linked to pallets of diet sodas shipped to the desert. Being in the desert these cans were exposed to heat. Aspartame and its related biproducts are known to become toxic both in consumption and exposure to heat. Unknowingly they were consumed and that is what made these veterans sick.

Check your diet! The FDA has approved this stuff for use in our food products. OMG!!! We (consumers) are the guinea pigs. Do some research of your own. You don't have to look very hard either.

I generally eat fairly healthy though I love my junk food/fast food as much as the next. I do not like this diet stuff and even turn down sugar free items as I don't like the taste of those artificial sweeteners. I was surprised to find it in my coffee creamer and stopped it immediately. As stated, my pain has been gone for two weeks so far.

Replied by Shannon
(Blue Water Bay, Fl)

I wanted to add to my previous post from last week on Fibromyalgia. I did want to add that I first suspected candida as the culprit to my body pains. I first read of candida and discovered coconut oil around the first of December 09. I read up and experimented with the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and diagnosed myself with candida as I was experiencing candida die-off symptoms right away upon ingesting the VCO. I backed off and used as a lotion/moisturizer after a shower and under makeup to start with. I backed off again if the die-off symptoms returned. I started taking about a teaspoon daily of VCO internally this past weekend, six weeks later. So far no more die-off symptoms have returned.

At the same time just over two weeks ago I quit drinking the coffee creamer I suspected had this sweetener in it. As stated, my constant all over body pains were gone within 2 days and still have not returned.

My point--before masking symptoms with these drugs, try and find the source. I am only 30 and don't follow history much...but where was Fibromyalgia 50 years ago...even 30 years ago? Take a look at what is in your diet and check out candida symptoms and check yourself out. Modern medicine mainly antibiotics is a big culprit in causing candida from what I have read.

Both aspartame and candida are linked to body pains and a multitude of other side effects. My previous post list some aspartame websites, below are some candida websites.

Eliminating candida and as many of these darn toxic artificial sweeteners from my diet I am positive is what has made my symptoms disappear.

Replied by Rhanna
(Colorado Springs, Co)

I read the comment about Fibromyalgia being a "new, silly, mutant disease" and was both shocked and saddened by it. The commenter asked where Fibromyalgia was 50 years ago.

It was here... Its been called many names over the years, but the same symptoms have been around for a very significant amount of time. It is not new and it certainly isn't silly if you happen to be one who really suffers from it. As for mutant, I can't say as we really don't know what causes it.

Most of the latest research leans towards a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes three main symptoms - Pain, Fatigue and Insomnia, and dozens of related symptoms.

Imagine that your whole body hurts - and not a little hurt - but as if some giant creature had tangled his claws and teeth in your insides and was apply agonizing pressure. So much pain it hurts to stand, to walk, to sit, to lay down. So much pain it hurts to breathe. And it never stops. Not for an hour. Not for a minute. Add the fatigue to that and it is like living a nightmare. That is a little bit of Fibromyalgia.

Please don't make the same mistake so many doctors and uninformed people do and dismiss Fibromyalgia as silly or imaginary. Its unfair to the people suffering from it.

I absolutely believe in Alternative Therapies and truly hope some people who are suffering find relief. I thank everyone who has contributed their experiences and what has worked for them. Thank you.

Replied by Alison
(Manchester, Uk)

i agree with rhana I suffer from fibromyalgia and its very much a real illness, my mother has suffered from this for over 20 years and was in a wheelchair for 8, I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have had some very bad times with this horrible illness, it can totally debilatate you, everyone suffers differently but I am going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar to see if it helps.

Replied by Dawn
(Kennewick, Wa)

Suffering from Fibromyalgia myself, I have been treated with such disdain from friends and family members. I agree we cannot dismiss what people are going through. I mean I have and will try supplements, changes in diet, choose or not choose prescribed medications, but over time, I am not finding anything that will get me to the point of being able to go back to work. There is no cure for something we do not understand. If cutting things out like sweetners and processed foods was the true and only answer, I wouldn't continue having the pains and fatigue I am now. I guess what I am saying is we already feel ostracized by society and even friends and family, we need people to be more mindful of what they say and how they say it.

Replied by Grateful
(Thank You For Earth Clinic, Usa)

So sorry about your condition. Hope you find some healing relief soon! I know of one person that connected her fibro to low thyroid. Wishing you well!

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi - "Google" Serrapaptase and Fibromyalgia.

I have been taking Serrapeptase (a natural enzyme that breaks down fibrin) for a couple of months now. It is good for MANY ailments, not just fibro, and has zero side effects if / when taken with other meds.

I am amazed by it, and plan to take it forever! My fibro is greatly improved and my blood sugar is now normal, (when I was in pre-diabetic numbers! ).

Also supposed to be fantastic for cysts and scar tissue of any type, which was why I first started taking it...

Good luck and good health!

Replied by Katy
(Waynesboro, Va)

I, too, found that artificial sweeteners were causing fibromyalgia-like symptoms 10+ years ago. For me it was Splenda, the "natural sweetener that is made from sugar." BS. That stuff made me ill, even when aspartame did not. I thought I had "cured" my fibromyalgia---honestly, I thought I was misdiagnosed or that it wasn't a real disease. Now, years later, I am finding myself with the same symptoms despite a pretty clean diet. I definitely steer way clear of artificial sweeteners and try to avoid processed foods. Since my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, we have also cut out beef, pork, and decreased dairy fat.

All that to say that fibromyalgia is real. For some lucky ones, a change in diet and/or lifestyle could put them in remission for a while but I now know that that is what it was for me---remission. I suspect that I will find some good remedies to treat the symptoms for a better quality of life but I think I've got this stinkin' disease for life :(

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, Canada)

Aspartame is neurotoxin! Many FDA scientists were fired for not agreeing to approve it. Then president Reagan, on the second day of his presidency approved it! Why? Because his friend D Rumsfeld had huge financial interest in it. Watch the documentary about it.


"...G. D. Searle applied for the first FDA approval of aspartame on March 5, 1973, and Dr. Martha M. Freeman of the FDA Division of Metabolic and Endocrine Drug Products was not impressed. In an FDA memorandum, she expressed her concern with the studies conducted, especially the single dose studies. According to Dr. Freeman, results from single dose testing could not generate accurate predictions of regular consumption. Freeman concluded that the information submitted was insufficient evidence of clinical safety.16 In 1974, the FDA rejected Freeman's recommendation and approved aspartame for use in dry foods."




Aspartame-induced fibromyalgia, an unusual but curable cause of chronic pain - PubMed (

Avoid Raw Fish

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Posted by Janet (Pasadena, Ca) on 11/18/2009

Jason Uttley's theory about fluoride poisoning causing fibromyalgia really resonates with me. I don't have fibromyalgia per say, but every so often I get a strange sensitivity, burning sensation on the tops of my legs, sometimes on my upper arms. I haven't been able to figure out what triggers this fibro pain except on two occasions. One of those occasions was today. I had seared tuna (raw sushi) on salad for lunch at a restaurant today and an hour later, I had (still have) burning on my left thigh. The other occasion was after I got a deep tissue massage. Both tops of my legs were so sensitive that if I brushed them ever so slightly the pain would be so intense I would scream. The effects lasted over 24 hours. I know raw tuna has mercury, but I don't know about fluoride. Anyone have ideas? I am going to start detoxing with Ted's borax remedy because it seems like one of the best things to remove heavy metals, fluoride and mercury. I thought I would mention this in case it solves part of the fibro mystery for someone.

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I know Chlorella supplements and cilantro will detox some metals. Try looking up a recipe for cilantro pesto. Mine is pretty basic, although I don't remember exact measurements. But it is walnuts, olive oil, cilantro and garlic in the food processor. Just pull those ingredients' measurements out of a recipe with more ingredients. Hope that helps.

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Oregano essential oil 6-8 drops with a carrier oil such as almond or coconut is very effective against fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis. Also Tarmarind juice can purge fluoride or so I've read. Cilantro will effectively purge heavy metals. The Vietnamese have been using it for years to do so. They make a soup with cilantro. There are several recipes online. It will purge, lead, aluminum, mercury from the system, through urination. There were many studies on this. After consuming this soup, the subject would urinate large amounts of metals out of their systems. Cilantro, is a staple in our home for that reason alone.

Baking Soda

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Posted by WindingDown (CA) on 01/16/2022

I had gout in 2005 lasted 6 weeks before I went to the Dr. he said it was gout. Wrote me a script. NOT MUCH was on the internet back then about home remedies. On a DEEP DIVE I saw someone charging for a cure. I kept searching and found it FREE!

Backing soda and water. YES!! FOR ME in 3 days of twice a day, 1 level teaspoon in water morning and late afternoon fixed 6 weeks of horrible pain in 3 days!!

Another time few years ago pre KETO way of life I was suffering from horrible Fibro pain, worse EVER! Finally went to the Dr she said its my new normal. I said NO WAY, I will surely die!! SO going home defeated, I remembered the gout pain years before. I realize after searching you can get gout everywhere. SO I tried my home remedy. THIS TIME it took a little over a week of 2 a day baking soda and water. IT WORKED THANK GOD!!

I then started Keto way of life, I don't care what anyone says, for me gout is from lots of carbs, like starches and sugars and grains. Since being KETO I do fall off the wagon sometimes but over all my body fibro and CFS issues are WAY BETTER FOR ME! GODSPEED everyone.

Biofilms and Nano Bacteria Connection

Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas) on 10/12/2012

I am female who has been suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for 15 years and have tried every remedy in the book, plus some. I would have success with some remedies short term but never long lasting. I have recently been doing an intense research on biofilms and nano bacteria which has helped me understand why I had not had a full recovery. Not to mention the relapses or excruciating. Any body with any chronic disease should research this information as I think this is what is needed at this time. I have read some postings on EC in regards to biofilm and nano bacteria however it has been hard to put it all together.

I am posting 3 links I have found most helpful. Two of them are protocols for biofilms and nano bacteria and the other is how vitamin D will actually make the disease worse (a must read). Vitamin D seems to relieve symptoms at first because it acts a secosteroid so a person has short term relieve. In the long run it actually makes the disease worse. The article explains in detail how it does and provides research, references and studies.

This has not been an easy journey for those of us who have suffered with years of chronic pain and conditions but I am hopeful with this information. One thing for sure I have learned the hard way, watch what you eat. There is no short cut or way around avoiding proper diet. Remember to stay optimutist has all things are possible with God or what name you call your creator.

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Having sarcoidosis I have always been told not to supplement d and stay out of the sun. My D was always about 18. Interestingly I read in a paleo book that sarcoidosis was thought to be a result of borrelia. I had two of my alternative doctors tell me I had the borrelia bacteria and I did not believe them. Had my MD do a lymes test and it was negative. I did some searches on google and found there have been studies back in the late 80's early 90's that made the correlation between sarcoid and borrelia. 3 decades of going to lung specialists and also sarcoid conference in New Orleans and this was never mentioned.


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Posted by Acrane (Ms) on 05/09/2017


I have just recently started taking Borax for what has been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I started taking concentrate of 1 tsp to liter of water and then take 1 tsp 3 x per day of that concentrate. (I have gradually increased to 12 tsps of concentrate each day since I am pretty sick, seizures, brain swelling, etc.) I have started taking 400 mg of magnesium and Tums (1000 calcium and 200 mg of magnesium) daily.. I am also taking a liquid multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement which keeps me from getting anemic. It has a 95% absorption rate which helps when you get older, etc.

I have bad thigh muscle pain, occasional calf pain and sometimes pain in the muscles around my shoulder. Pain medication does not help, Lyrica does no good. Pain rub Voltaren does help some.

Since starting the larger amount of Borax I have severe pain in legs and shoulder. One day I woke up in the morning and had NO pain for about the first 30 minutes after awakening. It freaked me out. I couldn't believe it!

I have gone back to a smaller dosage of Borax Concentrate and worked back up to 6 tsp a day. Pain is not as bad. I think I was having the Herxheimer reaction. (large die off). For the first time in years I have a little hope.