Fibromyalgia - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Fibromyalgia. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Art (California) on 07/10/2020 2182 posts

I would like to talk about one of my favorite supplements, again. You guessed it, it's melatonin, of course!

Yes, melatonin has shown in multiple studies that it can be quite useful in some people who have the chronic and painful disease, Fibromyalgia!

I was noticing that in the EC section listing remedies for Fibromyalgia that melatonin is not listed, but it should be because studies show that melatonin can ameliorate depression, anxiety and pain while lowering inflammatory and oxidative stress levels in people with Fibromyalgia! It also improved quality of life test scoring as well as mood.

According to these studies, melatonin is shown to do this at a relatively low dose of just 3 to 15 milligrams per evening, but it leaves one wondering if higher dosing might do even more?Melatonin has a fairly good safety profile and considering the limited benefit and considerable potential for side effects with standard Fibromyalgia drugs like steroids and antidepressants which come with the potential for a grocery list of potential for side effects, melatonin seems worth discussing with your doctor to find out if it is safe for you in your particular circumstances and if it will be compatible with all meds that you are currently taking.

In this first study, they used melatonin at 3,6,9,12 and 15 mg per evening and best benefit was seen at 9,12 and 15 mg in terms of a significant reduction in pain, anxiety and morning cortisol levels. Here is a link to the abstract, but the full study is a pay per view and I had to look at the study to see some of the particulars that were not reported in the abstract:

This next abstract is more of a meta analysis that confers benefit from melatonin supplementation for Fibromyalgia patients:

Melatonin in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Symptoms: A Systematic Review - PubMed

This last study shows melatonin to be more effective at pain relief than Amitriptyline.


Get Tested for H. Pylori

Posted by Debra (Sydney, Australia) on 07/17/2016 54 posts

I have suffered for years from severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Electrohypersensitivity. EMF's would trigger the Fibro flare ups and in open spaces I would develop lumps throughout my whole upper body. In close proximity closed spaces like a car, if a mobile phone was used, I would go into complete paralysis. This was like severe severe Anaemia where no oxygen was getting to the brain because all the red blood cells were sticking together, something I aware cellular radiation does. With the lumps, my partner would painfully massage them out while I would scream into a pillow but each flare could last for months and if not massaged out, would sometimes keep me completely incapacitated, needing a carer. I was also diagnosed with Hashimotos but I managed to reverse this and return my Thyroid to normal although I still suffered from swelling on the left side. I've treated myself for heavy metals, mold, Fluoride and toxins all to no avail. I had so much trouble with detoxification because I only had one and a half pathways out of the five in phase 2 Liver detox that were working, the rest had shut down, leaving toxins to recirculate in my body.

A few months ago, I listened to Dr Amy Yasko talk on a stomach bug called Helicobacter Pylori. She went into the hidden symptoms, namely shut down Liver detox and Thyroid so for the first time in all my research, I considered this talk. I had no other symptoms but I went to get tested. My Doctor refused, saying I had no symptoms and it wasn't necessary. Eventually, after a lot of persistence she agreed to do the test to rule it out. Two days later I was called back in. My Doctor was quite upset and extremely apologetic. My levels of Urease were so high, it implied I had had this bug since childhood, which would be true as it is inclined to make one Anaemic and I had suffered that at age 9 and had to have injections. I am 55 now and this bug is classified as a class 1 carcinogen. I managed to reduce some of it with Mastic Gum but eventually had to have the Triple Therapy. The eradication left me with terrible discomfort in the gut but the Fibro symptoms changed.

During this time, I learnt about Inclined Bed Therapy and I raised the top end of my bed 6 inches. All the chronic inflammation I'd had moved down to the gut, hips and legs and I got a flare up of Fibro there which took me 2 weeks to recognize as I was so used to having it in my upper body and I never got it there. I managed to clear it by adding a Chinese Herbal called Thunder God Vine which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. I started this because it showed it killed 60 Cancerous cell lines and I was worried about Gastric Cancer from the Pylori. The next thing I knew, all inflammation in my body went down, my weight dropped to my ideal weight, and no matter what I ate, stayed there. Between the Inclined Bed Therapy ( and the Thunder God Vine, and getting rid of the H.Pylori, I am doing so much better. The Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) changed too. I used to have to move at least 50 metres away from mobile phones to stop feeling them. Now it takes so much longer for those frequencies to cause inflammation, I get bad headaches from them rather than body inflammation but it all stops when I move out of range, and that never happened before. The Thunder God Vine (TGV) is also a powerful anti-viral and works strongly against Epstein Barr Virus and Herpes, both of which I have. It also works against Lyme Disease and all Autoimmune disorders. TGV is an immunosuppressant so is capable of recalibrating an overactive immune system. My brother in law is trying it now for MS as he's just lost the use of his legs.

Anyway I wanted to write this post and encourage anyone who suffers from Fibromyalgia to get tested for H.Pylori, even if you have no symptoms. If you've ever had Glandular Fever or have EBV antibodies in your blood works, try the Thunder God Vine. Its the only thing ever found to actually cure EBV and this virus is much worse than most would expect. It has 6 stages but only shows up in bloods in stage 2. It releases spirochetes just like Lyme does and it shuts down Thyroid and Liver function, just as the H.Pylori does.

I strongly suggest anyone with Fibromyalgia use the Inclined Bed Therapy. If you check out the website, you'll see its curing people of absolutely everything because it allows the Liver to continue detoxing 24 hours a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Magnesium

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 12/21/2010

Here is some research which confirms the positive effects of using malate (ACV) and magnesium to help cure Fibromyalgia (FM) and is yet more confirmation as to how alkalizing with ACV and baking soda (forming malates) plus taking Magnesium (as Mag Chloride or Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate) can help FM.

Here are the summary and abstract conclusions from the research:

"Primary fibromyalgia (FM) is a common clinical condition affecting mainly middle-aged women. Of the etiologies previously proposed, chronic hypoxia seems the one best supported by recent biochemical and histological findings. We postulate that FM symptoms are predominantly caused by enhanced gluconeogenesis with breakdown of muscle proteins, resulting from a deficiency of oxygen and other substances needed for ATP synthesis. We present data supporting a critical role for magnesium and malate in ATP production under aerobic and hypoxic conditions; and indirect evidence for magnesium and malate deficiency in FM. After treating 15 FM patients for an average of 8 weeks with an oral dosage form with dosages of 1200-2400 mg of malate and 300-600 mg of magnesium, the tender point index (TPI) scores (x±) were 19-6±2-1 prior to treatment and 8±1.1 and 6-5±074. Respectively, after an average of 4 and 8 weeks on the magnesium malate combination (p < 0.001). Subjective improvement of myalgia occurred within 48 h of supplementation. In six FM patients, following 8 weeks of treatment, the mean TPI was 6.8 ±0.75. After 2 weeks on placebo tablets, the TPI values increased to a mean ± SE of 21.5 ±1-4(p < 0.001). Again, subjective worsening of muscle pain occurs within 48 h of placebo administration. A double-blind placebo control trial is currently underway."


So, just taking two tablespoons of ACV with 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate in half a glass of water three times a day with split doses of between 300-600 mg magnesium per day is actually very beneficial against Fibromyalgia.