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ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Mzellie (Bristol, WI USA) on 08/14/2007
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Ailment, fibro, all the symptoms,but now am much better from apple cider vinegar & baking soda tonic. i need to know how to use iodine in my water, and to use for painting, how long may i do this? all of the water and all day?I need to be able to fix the water i drink. i have been using cayenne peper for a yr now. i am starting the blackstrap molasses now and i will let you all know how that goes.Thank You for this WONDERFUL site & all this awsome info you are so willing to share, may you always walk with GOD.

EC: We emailed Mzellie for more info about the ACV and baking soda.

08/15/2007: Mzellie from Bristol, WI USA replies, "Howdee and yes it is much better !!!!I have been taking the acv combo for about 9yrs ..I drink b.soda for headaches & i always brush my teeth with b.soda. I do not take any prescriptions for 12 years now,i go to doctor for tests and look up in my-book for health alternitives{book ] for what's wrong and then go for it... find what my body is in need of ..I really need to know what i can do for infectious endocarditis ?????I have the signs of splinters under my fingernails .... heart infection ,,I am taking Triphala now , just started it last week,my doctor said it was there because of my age.....and a lot more things will change.... that this is just the start of aging... well i will be 62 in6mo. and i have very little gray hair ony at the temples and very little...soooooo but i use vinger for rinse,i am in gooooood health now 12 yrs ago i was ready for the wheelchair and NO HELP from dr. so i had to dig for myself and now i am much better.. all with combo, but somthig is missing and i think it my be the iodine,i bought a bottle today..the product called ...... COMPLETE MINERALS H2o....iodine100mg...potassium 75mg serv.1 TB. If Ted will help and Thank " You " for all your help..................may GOD always walk with you also mzellie