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Posted by April (Michigan) on 10/23/2017

Clove Honey: I took a teaspoon for an abscess tooth ache. It worked!

Posted by Sandy (sandhya) (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 08/17/2009

I took a couple of teaspoons of raw honey in my mouth and kept swishing it around for 20 minutes (procedure same as oil pulling), and the spat it out and rinsed my mouth. Voila! Toothache gone immediately!!

Replied by Deedee Shadowmist

Did not work at all- why not just swallow the honey tho'?

Replied by Juston


Posted by Jarrod (Fillmore, CA) on 01/18/2008

Apparently, there are three types of sugar. Glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sucrose is the only kind of sugar which is detrimental to the strength of your teeth. The other two turn out to be good. They trap bacteria and do other good stuff. I don't know all of the technical, scientifical (I know it's not a word, but it should be) theory behind it all, but I have tried this remedy myself and it works! I had a sore tooth for months. I had to stop rinsing my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide because the pain was unbearable. I bought some local honey and started eating a lot (two tablespoons with my coffee in the morning and more here and there when I had the time. Up to probably 10 tablespoons a day. I like honey, so this was easy. I don't think you need that much though. I also chewed on some honey comb that was in the jar. Not sure if that helped either, but it was a good gum substitute. Anyway, my pain is completely gone now and I can rinse with hydrogen peroxide! God bless!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda

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Posted by Lynn (Vero, Florida) on 03/10/2012

I suffer from horrible absesses. Pain almost as bad as giving birth. I had a molar pulled 2 years ago due to one that I had left untreated.

I also gave up on comercial toothpaste. I started using ONLY baking soda to brush all my teeth. I was advised by my last periodontist to brush UP and DOWN, not side to side. Side to side brushing causes gum irritation and eventually will cause receeding. Mine have. Start at the gums and brush down ( for your bottom teeth you'll actually be brushing UP :)

I will actually wet my brush with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, then dip into the BSoda. Now I will begin the brushing. I do this several times a day, even in the car while driving.

In conjuntction, I use those little plastic flossers found at the dollar store, as much as possible thru-out the day, in the car, at work, in front of the computer, on the phone, etc. You can HP rinse any time of the day as well. A quick swish and your done.

I have not had an absess (infection) in over 10 years since the first one. Once you get an absess, or even something as common as a toothache, your tooth may be damaged and should NEVER be ignored. Getting rid of the pain is a temporary fix. The problem is still there, and by ignoring it, you are putting yourself at risk of serious infections going in the bloodstream, and/or brain. I read of a man who died from a tooth absess finding its way into the brain. After I heard that, I stopped ignoring all tooth pain.

The general health of your entire body is connected to oral hygiene.

Bypass the Colgate. Try the BS/HP brush and wash instead... You won't regret it, you'll save alot of money, your teeth will be whiter and your overall health will be better. TRUST ME, an experienced absessor!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Glue

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Posted by Jack (Toledo, Ohio) on 11/18/2009

Just like thousands of other's I had 3 fillings fallout which I attribute to drinking "Mountain Dew" which at the time I had no idea it cause's teeth to lose emanel and even split or break off.!

and now just like others I have no insurance to pay the exorbitant fee's of dentist's and I knew,and felt the pain and abcess had to go ! "But how"??

Well, for the past 3 months I've had "no pain" and I filled the lost fillings with "no pain"! For the fast relief of the pain and to stop the abcess that I had I took the cotton off of a cotton swab and soaked it in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, and put it in the cavity where the pain and abcess was,until all the pain was gone,which wasn't very long !After that,every time I shave or use bathroom I swish a small amount of HP around in my mouth(this kill's all the germs and bacteria in your mouth) "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LOST FILLING'S?"

I tried some "DEN TEMP" and all it did is fall out after the first meal I had! But I got a small bottle of
gorilla glue AND put about 6-8 drops on a plastic surface, let it set until it started to harden and took a tooth pick and put some of it on the end of the tooth pick, then applied it into the cavities until each was filled,(I also found the cavity doesn't need to be dry!)it sticks just fine and I eat with the GG in and I still swish the Hydrogen Peroxide and My abcess has stopped and "I'm in "NO PAIN AT ALL"!

I fully realize I'll need treatment at some future point when I can afford it. "BUT FOR NOW I'M HOLDING MY OWN!"

Replied by Hollygolightly
(Tigard, Oregon)

I am so glad to hear I ain't the only one trying to hold them own on the dental front! Resourceful guy - thanks for your advice. Made me feel better, too :)

Replied by Joy H.
(Saint John, Nb)

The glue is a temporary fix. All dental procedures damage teeth and denten. Much research that is ignored ($'s) show that Vitamin D will regrow teeth and denten! Best option is to eat whole fruits and veg for the body to process properly. Try the Butler Gum Wax instead of the glue. It will fall out, but will allow the tooth to "breathe" and regrow.

Re Brushing - above - A pioneer doctor was advised to have all his teeth removed because of gingivitus - Dr. Hall maybe. Instead he researched where the bacteria grows. I believe it is 95% under the gum line. So if you brush top down and bottom up you will def get gingivitus! You need a small soft brush and need to brush gently at about 45 degrees into the gum line top and bottom. About a 5 minute process once or twice a day. The good doctor died with all his teeth intact!

Also much research everywhere except North America on Coconut pulling. The coconut oil is a natural antibacterial (Must be cold pressed! - All goodness is removed in heat or hydrogenation processes the latter being a poison! ) 1 to 2 teaspoons in your mouth - softens to liquid quickly - swish through the mouth for 20 minutes. (Longer than that allows the bacteria that was removed to be reabsorbed! ) Spit into garbage not sink - this is full of poison. Rinse with warm water then brush gently as described above. Your teeth won't require whitening - the coconut does that. Your gums and teeth will be happy. There is lots more info about dental myths out the - check it out!

Replied by Scott
(British Columbia)

I had wondered about using glue I'm glad you took the time to write this out, I've used the zinc oxide powder and clove oil recipe to make temp fillings and even had dentists say they prob could not have done a better job. but as a temp filling they eventually wear out (I've found you need to cure them properly for a few hours and then light use for a day or so after that they last weeks even months, I plan to get one of those uv dental lights off amazon now that they are $30 or so.)


Replied by Green Augustine
(Mold, Denbighshire)
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Thank you very much Bill. I'll get a hair analysis done for zinc and copper issues. Are you saying I should not try Ll iodine until this problem is sorted and the zinc and copper are balanced ? Or is it OK to start and hope it helps other issues like Thyroid, hormones etc whilst I'm sorting out copper zinc thing? Thank you again.

Replied by Maureen

tks. for thr info.; I will certainly try it! Between crowns; 1 broke after 30 yrs. and another after 5 yrs.; I'm tapped out; money wise.

I started using Nature's Smile; over 1 yr. ago; brushing my teeth; as I started to have gum problems. this did the trick for it! Stopped having my gums recede! But it isn't cheap. So I used Sensodyne toothpaste; on and off with this.

Quit with Coca Cola; after yrs. of being addicted to it and it didn't help my teeth! Drink reg. Polar gingerale; I have a sweet tooth.

but have a toothache; in what few btm teeth I have left and I grind my teeth! Have for yrs. Got an appliance and I nearly chocked on it from the dentist; yrs. before and threw it out!

Thanks so much! Will see if I can get the coconut cold pressed oil tomorrow!

Jaw Bone Infection Remedies

Posted by Spring (Anywhere ) on 02/25/2014

Hello everybody, I am looking for a jawbone infection remedy, the dentist recommended to pull everything out, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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It is wise to keep all body parts as much as possible. Swishing Colloidal Silver in the mouth will proly be your best first try for this infection. If this doesn't work, try swishing MMS (Miracle Mineral solution) as directed. Check Genesis II Church Of Health & Healing dot com for specifics.

Replied by Debbie
(Lodi, Ca)

Hi there, just curious if you are taking Fosamax or the generic drug for prevention of osteroporosis? A side effect of the drug is a condition called osteonecrosis of the jaw also known as jaw death. Both my mother and mother in law recently had teeth pulled due to this drug. Last spring my mothers femur broke due to this pill that was supposed to make her bones stronger! Needless to say neither women are taking this dangerous drug any longer.

Good luck to you! Sincerely, Debbie

Replied by Faith
(Sd, US)

I had a root canal gone bad. I was aware of how dangerous root canals are , so I had it extracted and the dentist put a bone graft right over an hidden brewing infection that was in my jaw bone. For a couple years I suffered the following symptoms : brain fog , light and movement sensitivty, tremors, shortness of breath, wheezing , weight loss, nausea, heart palpatations, memory loss, aching joints, chronic sore throat dizziness, brain swelling burning and dry eyes, blurred vision, hives, dry heaves , rash and general weakness. Very fortuanate to have loving supportive family. I had a million tests, and saw 4 holistic dentist they did not possess the knowledge to help me . I also had ultrasound, MRI and x-ray of my jaw and the infection did NOT show up . Finally I found an expert cavitation specialist who was an expert . Who went in and simply made incisions into all the extraction dental sites, all the sites were cleaned scaped, sterlized by laser. I had a serious necrosis jaw infection the bone was mushy, Cavitation dental surgery is way easier than an extraction it seemed pretty straighforward, simple easy procedure took two pain killer for two days and I was fine. Bone infection is just the first level have it addressed now , it can turn into gangrene which is the next level and then amputation. You see the seriousness of what you're dealing with, it is an medical emergency you must have surgery there is no other way to get into the jaw bone it is a closed blood system. I wasted my time with ozone injections, and poultices that did NOT addess the serious jaw bone infection. The sooner you have it addressed the sooner you get feel better.

Replied by Teresa
(Tampa, Florida)

What dentist did you finally go to? I had 2 roots canals removed by my biological/holistic dentist, and now am having a great deal of pain in my jawbone, neck and throat, ears, and now affecting my vision (which an opthalmologist says is 20/20 - inflammation is coming from behind the eyes). My dentist took an xray that didn't show infection, and keeps trying to send me to a naturopath for IV DMSO. Unfortunately DMSO is sulfur, and I cannot tolerate sulfur, not even sulfur foods. I don't detoxify well (50-70% impairment) due to genetic mutations, so I have to be very careful what I use or ingest. I was also recently diagnosed w breast cancer, which corelates back to those root canal teeth (thyroid & breast meridians), and also have multiple nodules on my thyroid and salivary glands. I am now on a raw food diet (sprouts & veggies, veggie juices, and some fruits). I've been a painful swollen mess for several months and don't know what to do to get rid of this infection.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Teresa: To help your body detox sulfur supplement Molybdenum. For the infection swish Povidone Iodine or Colloidal silver w/ added Hydrogen Peroxide drops, and do Coconut Oil pulling. For further improvement w/ the infection a Don Croft Mini Zapper will help a bunch.

As you are entering a toxic crisis I would also recommend a whole body hot bath w/ 1/4 cup Epsom Salts & 1/4 cup Borax (you will first need to take the MolyB for about 10 days because the Epsom Salts contains lots of sulfur) at least once per week. For the Cancer, reduce sodium and increase Potassium, Lipospheric Vit-C twice daily; Oil of Oregano softgels prior to retiring.

Replied by Anon

Someone else posted this on earth clinic and it will take your fear and drown it out with testimonies of healed people.

Jaw/dental issues can be overcome without a dentist just as brain issues can be overcome without a brain surgeon.

Jaw Cavitation Remedies

Posted by Britee (New Jersey) on 12/28/2013

Hello, Anyone have Cavitation surgery and know of less invasive ways to get rid of a cavitation. Really nervous to do this but have TMJ and the biological dentist found a cavitation and seems so invasive and makes me sooo anxious. I don't know if I can do it. Any alternative treatments?

Replied by Oldriska
(Prague, Cz)

Hi Britee, sorry I can't help answering your question because I haven't had that surgery myself (although I do have TMJ and a nerve damage in my face). I suggest you look up "Cavitation Surgery Forum" on Curezone, there's a lenghty tread about this treatment there and you are likely to find personal experience of people who'd been through this. Hope this helps. Oldriska

Replied by Britee
(New Jersey)

Thank you so much. I have been on that and every site trying to find some alternatives or help but it looks like it is what it is.... I think the only way is to go in and clear the infection.. ugh.. thanks for the response.

Replied by Sail

I've had cavitation surgery it was not bad. They can give you a pill to take the day of the procedure to make you calm down. Cavitation surgery I had it done twice on five sites in my mouth it is like any dental procedure it may take a little longer, and more scraping, but you are numbed so you will not feel it. If your that scared have them just put you to sleep. Doing a sauna helps draw out poison from an infection and mixing little Dmso with a 1 drop of oregano oil and Grapefruit seed extract in distilled water and swish your mouth with it might help.

Replied by Suzyq
(San Diego)

I wanted to avoid surgery. So, I asked a expert cavitation dentist , if there was any other way to cure a jaw bone infection besides surgery ? He said, No, surgery is crucial because the infection must be scraped out and off the jaw bone, once this is done it gets the blood circulating to the area. The scraped infection is sent to the lab for identification, then have your doctor can treat the findings. Before surgery I had 25 shots of ozone in my mouth in a two week period . These shots did not touch my infection my case is severe. Another option is go to hospital bone infections are treated with long terms (like six months ) IV antibiotics this is standard.

I had cavitation surgery done twice one site was done three times, I guess that is pretty common.

Replied by Kayla

There is another option, which is weekly ozone shots at the infected sites, if it fails have surgery. My ND did weekly ozone shots at all infected dental sites The side effects started on day 2 -- a bad headache, brain fog lasted 3 days the 4th day turned into migraine, I felt super weird, my brain off kilter. Second, time I had ozone, again same effects!

( I could not stand how ozone made me feel so had oral surgery. Ozone is great for some people, not for me.

Replied by Jessie

I wonder if that was detoxing?

Replied by Maureen

Cavitation surgery in the US? What is that? Peridonatal surgery?

The prices for procedures here are HIGH! Even with a little insurance; pays $8.00 toward a 125.00 filling.

What did this surgery cost you?

Many thanks and good luck.

Lemon Water, Turmeric

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Posted by KT (USA) on 09/22/2019

Hi EC,

I started out with an abscess under a tooth that had a crown removed. It was one that had a root canal so it was dead and I felt no pain. I think I didn't use garlic or tea bags enough to completely remove all infection and the inflammation went into my neck and across both shoulders, my right side up the back of my head, the occipital bones and outside my scalp. My Pickle juice eased the right shoulder pain then I guess the inflammation affected my spleen since that organ is supposed to filter bacteria. I've never had pain like bad I couldn't move without loud grunts. I got up at midnight but was afraid to take anything until I looked up on EC. I would have probably thought about the ER if it wasn't for you guys!! I remember reading how lemon can detox the liver but I couldn't find anything for the spleen at that time...I know it was my spleen from what my husband had gone through a year ago in Feb. so I made warm lemon water (a whole small one)...relief was almost immediate. Then I figured I'd take about 1/2 tsp. turmeric in some warm tap water and went back to bed. I woke up about 3 in less pain so I just took more lemon water and went to bed again. Up again at 7...pain almost completely gone. This is just a report of what I did for neck is still pretty stiff but the other pain is gone.

Replied by KT

Just having more thought processes…wondered if my “spleen” pain was from using unlimited spice varieties in conjunction with food. Even though that pain was resolved by the use of lemon, my head & neck pain is still there so I started taking acetaminophen and aspirin. Turmeric and cayenne pepper are high in oxalates that can contribute to other problems so I'll try the aspirin and aceta…every four hours since they are supported with studies.

Replied by mj
(tampa Fl)

hi KT . I hope you get my msg…not sure how this work…new on EC about responding back to someone. Back in 2014 I had root canal done and tooth extraction done on the right lower back area. Not sure what #s is the 2 teeth. but all on the right side. within 6 months later I woke up with pain running down my neck /right side of my shoulder out of no where. I didnt do anything physically day/week before so it cant be that. so spend few yrs going fm one doctor to next. ENTs/CHiros/neurologist and all did tests blood work and could not answer to Why for this issue on my right side. got pain and I thought maybe fm my neck but went to chiro and did therapies for over year total and nothing. then it came to me that I had the root canal and another tooth on the right side done 6 months prior to this. so researched and found out root canal is BAD and I could have cavitations fm the other tooth extraction. so spent few months recently researching because last 2 yrs my right ear started to have constant buzzing/humming and does not stop. Night is worse because trying to sleep but its quiet without tv or other activities to help mask this some so night is bad as its so bad to not get good rest hearing it louder/more distinct in my ear. So now its all on my right side with these issues. I have gut feeling its from my root canal and one other tooth on bottom right side extraction. I researched more on this and found out root canals /tooth extraction can leave cavitations . so my reg dentist does not use 3d scan and that is said to use to get too image of cavitations/bacteria . I went yesterday to new dentist with 3d scan and he tells me I have 3 cavitations and also the root canal is bad. thus all these areas has some sort of bacteria going on. I am so upset because it meant that the work was not done right for bacteria to get in these spots. uggggh. so I dont have dental insurance and its $30,000 to do all kinds of work. pull out root canal/put in ceramic zirconia. clean out the 3 cavitations. and for whatever reason dentist say its be good for me to wear the invisalign for bottom teeth becaus it crowded inward….not sure what he meant and why this has anything to do with what I came in for which is to see why my right side feels achey around jaw bone/ringing in right ear. at least I did see the areas where he said cavitations are n root canal shows something bad going on. I am just wondering in the meantime can I do something to get to the bacteria and kill it? thank you


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Posted by Wongas (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 06/17/2012

For Gum Disease = 1x Multivitamin each day

Tooth Abscess = 1/2 tsp crushed Magnesium Chloride in a Glass of Water 2-3 times a day

With both of these remedies you will notice results within a few hours. Pain, tenderness and swelling will gradually reduce until it is complete gone in a 2-3 days. If you have some Magnesium Chloride just before bed, you should notice your abscess has greatly improved by the morning (instead of worse as usually happens). But as the day progresses you will notice it start to become tender again. I believe the reason this happens is because your magnesium levels are still very low and you need to take some more in the morning, and again at lunch time if you feel it necessary, to get your levels up to a satisfactory level.

I am convinced by my own experimentation that both of these conditions are the result of a nutritional deficiency. One being Magnesium deficiency and the other being a deficiency of some or several nutrients in a Multivitamin. I'm yet to nail down exactly which nutrient/s cause gum disease but I know that it's not Vitamin C (well not solely) because I have tried High dose Vitamin C and it didn't work.

My gum disease was confirmed by an xray when I went to the dentist with a suspected tooth abscess. The infection was between the roots in the gum and had not yet reached the tooth. When I asked my dentist how one gets gum disease he said that it can occur when you are run down and your immunity is low; maybe after a hard weekend (wink, wink). As soon as he said low immunity a light bulb when off in my head, 'DEFICIENCY!!! ' My dentist prescribed antibiotics, but I went home and started taking a multivitamin each day. And sure enough it got better! Due to being inconsitent with most things in life, my gum disease has often returned in the past year and I have successfully treated it each time with a Multivitamin a day.

My tooth abscess on the opposite side of my mouth, was not confirmed by xray but the reason I am certain it was an abscess is because the Multivitamin didn't work at all and the tooth had partially broken away. After much research and experimentation I healed the abscess and gum with Magnesium Chloride. I am now seeking to try and remineralize my broken tooth (something I've heard many rumours about) by taking the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as per Weston A. Prices claims. At the moment I'm taking Cod Liver Oil for A & D, a separate vitamin E capsule and still need to find a good source of Vitamin K. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Replied by Maureen

You recommended Magnesium Chloride crushed in a glass of water. Do you drink it or use it like a mouthwash and then, spit it out? Many thanks. this website/blog is great for answers!

Many thanks.

Posted by Nadine (North Bergen, NJ) on 01/01/2008

Hi, I've recently begun taking Magnesium Citrate in powder form on a near daily basis along with blackstrap molasses. I'd had a very painful toothache for several weeks (in addition to or resulting in an earache..) and without dental insurance I really can't afford a dentist. After about 3-4 days of taking a teaspoon of magnesium the pain was completely gone! I also no longer have any sensitivity from sweet or very hot/cold foods and beverages. I've made this remedy part of my daily routine and hope to discover more health benefits of this great mineral.

This brings me to something I hoped perhaps Ted or another reader may shed some light on; I came across something called Transdermal Magnesium Therapy which allows the body to absorb magnesium through the skin, and it's supposedly superior to oral supplementation. Several articles mention that magnesium chloride is the preferred form, although they don't describe the application method. They only refer to Magnesium Oil which is a little pricey. Is there a homemade version of this therapy? I appreciate your help, thanks in advance!

Magnesium Oil

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Posted by Melody (ON) on 05/27/2023

Tooth infection/smell/implant

I had an infection under the crown of my implant. I bought a water pick thinking that would really clean it. Started using Peroxide in the water, and using something similar to theives oil in the area 2 or more times a day. NO improvement at all. I was persistent for over 4 months. Went to the dentist, he basically said the crown would have to be replaced etc.... THEN, I was reading an article about how magnesium oil can help with tooth infections. I sprayed both sides of the tooth, swished for 10 min. In 3 days there was more than 50 % improvement. I am 7 days now. There is no odour at all. I am going to continue for a few weeks because I had it for so long. I am so happy and relieved!!

Hope this helps someone else.

Replied by Linda

Try using 20 ppm colloidal silver in your water pic. Numerous people have seen great results. More info on The SilverEdge .com (under articles ). I healed my infected molar in 4 days . It's great for oral health.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Arlene (LA Florida) on 11/20/2021

I just wanted to report my experience and to thank everyone for their input because using several remedies has helped me so much.

Out of the blue one day last week I got a sharp pain in my lower molar. The pain stopped and I thought no more of it until eating lunch the next day I thought I was going through the roof-like someone stuck a stick in my ear. Right away got on EC for help. The first thing chewed garlic and pain let up quickly. I tried the salt water rinse but it brought the pain back but it subsided after a few minutes. Then I put some put of oregano on it. It helped. Later on the evening I had a slight fever so I ate a bowl of soup and put turmeric powder and cayenne powder to the soup. Fever went down instantly.

Started oil pulling the next morning with EVOO. I cannot pull longer than 5 minutes but my teeth look nice afterwards. As a side note here I was distressed that 5 minutes is about as much as I can handle but reading one of Ted's posts, clearly states that 5 minutes is all he recommends. He thinks that any longer than that can be counterproductive because the bacteria can escape and cause further problems.

Also someone posted how your teeth may hurt as you first start pulling- not really painful but more like how it feels when you get a cleaning. This did happen to me and that should subside. I also think it's time to toss the whitening toothpaste because maybe it's harsh on teeth. Also, I switched to a soft brush.

Another thing about the oil pulling is that EVOO will cause fewer side effects than coconut or sesame or sunflower according to Ted. I must mention that I read years ago in Dr Peter D Adamo blood type book that type O should not use coconut oil. As I have Italian heritage EVOO is probably best for me.

Ted mentioned that daily oil pulling is not good. He said you should take two days a week off to give your body a chance to rest. Do make sure to keep hydrated. A remedy that helped me was in the morning and before bed I put a few drops of oil of oregano on a Q tip and then dipped it in to turmeric powder and rubbed it on gums and teeth and as far down inside of my cheek that I could. 5 days later I have no pain or swelling. I plan to continue this regimen for at least a week and regular oil pulling for the future.

I'm sorry this is so lengthy but I had to report. Stay well and stay positive❤Arlene

Replied by mj
(tampa FL)

HI Arlene

I am going to see if anyone has advice on what to do for teeth cavitations/and bad root canal. I do plan to eventually pull out the root canal as I am learning its a dead tooth in mouth and will cause bacteria in that tooth /bone area and go to other parts of our body and into our blood. but in the meantime I was told by my dentist yesterday I have few cavitations on the wisdom teeth where it was extracted! Great now I have few cavitations and bad root canal where I trusted the dentist at that time to do good job. so the only thing to do now is try my best to KILL the bacteria in the cavitations area and root canal. do you think anything can reach below my gum line into these areas to kill bacteria/germs? thank you.

(somewhere, europe)

Mj, you can try frequent rinses with: diluted h2o2, baking soda in water, coconut oil.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Andrea (Houston, Texas) on 06/10/2020

** I will post a summary of my regimen at the bottom**

I had a tooth abscess that seem to be at the root of my gums. I am still not 100% but my pain is greatly reduces and the abscess is now at the top of my gums, there is no more swelling at the root. Today is Wednesday. On Sunday I felt very light tooth pain, it was not severe and I was able to press through the day. By Monday the pain increased so I started using clove oil on the tooth and took Naproxen. By Tuesday the pain was so unbearable that a normal dose of Naproxen no longer worked on the pain. My go to remedy is always golden milk. In the golden milk I am adding coconut oil, and trying to get at least 2 tbs of coconut oil a day. Along with golden milk I am swishing with tea tree oil and Himalayan salt. I also made a poultice of turmeric, ginger, and bentonite clay. I apply it with gauge for as long as I can stand having the gauge in my mouth. This really helps with the pain. As soon as I take it off there is intense throbbing that seems to subside pretty quickly. I believe this is what moved the abscess to the top of my gums. My only dilemma is will the abscess rupture on its on eventually. I will continue this course of treatment for 10 days.

** Regimen - I am following for 10 days **

I am not following any sort of schedule and just taking it as it goes.

Take daily: 2 to 3 cups of golden milk w/ at least 1 tsp coconut oil you should try to work slowly up to 2 or 3 tbs per day or you could experience diarrhea. Poultice packed on the area w/ gauge hold in mouth as long as you can - poultice = pinch of bentonite clay, pinch of turmeric, and pinch of ginger or black pepper mixed with enough coconut oil to make a paste, at least twice per day After every meal and before bed - swish with tea tree oil and Himalayan salt mixed into warm water.

I hope this helps!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sylvia (Sterling, Va) on 08/25/2018

EC you are a lifesaver. Had bad abscess but I do not have dental insurance and I'm gearing more toward natural remedies. Colloidal silver 1 tsp 3x a day as well as swishing to the bump, alpha lipoic acid 600 mg 2x, applied mixture of baking soda and pink salt over it, dab apple cider vinegar and cloves essential oil. Take 3g vit C 3x. Applied frankincense essential oil over the swollen jaw, face, and lymph, this helped a lot with pain and allowed me a good night sleep. By morning abscess is flat, very slight pain. Will continue treatment for maybe a week for good measure. Thanks to all who posted comments.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by E (London) on 02/13/2018

Absolouely agree with you, Purelife, we truly have to thank GOD for all these cures that HE has created. We have to remember to ask for His help and be grateful always.

My tooth was so bad that I was in pain that I have never experienced in my life. I never thought that such pain existed

the first thing I did was deeply pray to GOD and I was so blessed to receive such good information through many different directions

i only ever knew about conventional toothpaste and I have stopped using it all together

# I started oil pulling with unrefined coconut oil swishing for twenty minutes in the morning before brushing teeth then spitting out in the trash as you don't want to clog your drains. This helped in bringing pain down.

# I have been using bentonite clay with very good success thank GOD. It pulls out the toxins from whichever area you put it on. I mix the bentonite clay with water to make a paste that is the consistency of peanut butter.

# I then put this in an empty teabag and place on gums and tooth over night, every night, sometimes during the day on my days off.

# I also try to brush my teeth after every meal, if I cannot brush after every meal when I am out then I will always swish my mouth with tap water x3 times thoroughly.

# I will put oregano oil all over my gums, usually around x3 times a day.

@ In the morning and at night before going to bed I do a thorough deep cleaning of my teeth and mouth.

@ In the morning I first do raw unrefined coconut oil pulling for twenty minutes.

@ I then swish with a solution of salt, sodium bicarbonate, half teaspoon of each in warm water for around x5 minutes with one drop of clove essential oil mixed in the solution.

@ I then brush my teeth with a paste of bentonite clay and calcium carbonate. I do the same at night but without oil pulling

i do not have any pain thank GOD and I am going to carry on with this routine for at least x3 months to remineralise my teeth and gums and get rid of infection.

i will never go back to conventional toothpaste. I have also changed my diet. I eat salads, make green juices, take vitamin d 4000 Iu and cod liver oil liquid X1 tbsp nearly every day.