Tooth Abscess
Natural Remedies

Tooth Abscess Natural Remedies

Arsenicum Album - Homeopathy
Posted by Mindy (Utah) on 01/17/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Griselda for being so detailed in your description. This is super helpful. I was looking for something to put over my tooth at night and propolis is perfect! I actually got some gum out to try it but I thought it would hurt with the sugar content. I tried some polymer clay to protect it but it wouldn't stick. I figured if I could put something over it then the air won't hurt it so much or the water. Even room temperature water hurts now.

So far I've been trying to consume raw garlic. I have put a fresh piece over the area but it can burn. I've also found that I can wrap a piece of bread around the fresh garlic and chew it together so I can consume it without burning my tongue while chewing. I've also swished with garlic oil mixed with some olive oil. I try to force it between my teeth while swishing to get at any painful or infected areas.

I've had good luck getting a small piece of cotton from the end of a q-tip and saturating it with water. Then I put a drop of pure clove oil on it. I put this cotton carefully where the broken tooth is or between the two teeth that hurt. This cotton keeps the cold air from getting into the gap in the tooth. The clove oil then numbs the pain and keeps the area clean. Sometimes I am desperate enough to gently rub a tiny bit of the straight oil on my gums at the base of the tooth. If done too much it burns the gums.

For pain I rub some tea tree oil over the abscess area or at the base of the tooth where the nerve is. This gives relief for several hours sometimes.

At night I make up some clay mixed with colloidal silver and tinctures like echinacea, calendula, cleavers. I spread the clay on a long slender piece of gauze and stuff it between teeth and gums in the area of the infection. In the morning the pain is often gone for good.

Also had good luck swishing watered down tincture made of 'toothache plant' aka spilanthes. This relieves the pain for quite some time. It has antifungal properties and actually can numb.

Arsenicum Album - Homeopathy
Posted by Griselda (Valencia) on 08/31/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yay! I have just been to the dentist and I don´t need it pulled out! (3 weeks ago an emergency extraction was necessary!!! )Thank you so much to everyone here who wrote in with your brilliant remedies. I spent 7 hours reading everything about teeth here starting with pain after extraction! Then I happened on posts saying they´d saved their tooth and I thought I´d try.

What I did:

First thing in morning: seawater rinse then oil pulling over the bad tooth for 10 to 20 min with eco coconut oil then rinse with seawater then 1 tsp colloidal silver ( argentyn 23) (ie 23 ppm which is apparently the best) held for 2 min over tooth. All this I repeated 3x a day.

I took throughout the 3 weeks:

1000 mg vit C 5x a day olive leaf extract 1 capsule every 2 or 3 or 4 hours
propoleo tincture about 5x a day in water
zinc citrate 50 mg 1 capsule a day
vit D3 2000iu 1x a day
Turmeric 600 mg 2 or 3x a day

then added to the stuff taken during all 3 weeks pycnogenol 2 tabs a day for the 1st 2 weeks
Neem 325 mg capsule 2 a day for the last week
Ashwagandha 2 caps a day for the last week
Wild oregano oil gels 3x a day for the last week
Bromelaine 2 tabs a day for the last week
Arsenicum Alb 7ch I dose 5x a day for the last week

All 3 weeks I also made a cataplasm of activated charcoal powder with slippery elm powder mixed with coconut oil (the first 2 weeks I added 2 drops of clove essential oil) and put it over the tooth keeping it there for half an hour to 3/4 hour (at least 2x a day) and all the rest of the time including at night while sleeping I placed propolis over the tooth(pure propolis no other ingredient - it's like a chewing gum)

I also ate a raw vegan diet (only 2x in the 3 weeks did I have a boiled potato ) I carried on drinking coffee - eco using a paper filter 2 mugs a day. Needless to say - no refined sugar but I did have honey Only mineral water never tap Btw I will continue all this but less frequently until the infection is 100% gone And probably very important- I took anti biotics for the first 5 days prescribed by the dentist (in preparation for the dreaded extraction)

Again thank you to all of you for saving my tooth, and saving me from an agonizing ordeal, and a huge gap, never mind all the other things teeth are so important for like memory and nerves to organs!

Best of luck.