Scalp Infection Cures

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alayna (PA) on 03/27/2022 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

My entire scalp was red, painful, oozing, and covered in sores. After a week of various attempts at relief (mostly plant oils and cold water rinses), it was only getting worse. I ended up in the ER due to whatever reaction I was having spreading to my face, neck, and ears. I was prescribed steroids and given benadryl, yet after two doses, my scalp was getting worse. It was one of the most unbearable things I've ever experienced.

In desperation, I poured a 1:8 ACV/water rinse over my head. I was terrified it would make it worse, but after about 30 seconds of burning, I started feeling relief. I repeated the rinse 30 minutes later and OH MY GOSH, the results are nothing short of a miracle. Because I assume it was a bacterial infection, I blowdried my hair immediately to remove all moisture. The itching and pain are 99% gone, and the sores disappeared. I'm still in shock at how quickly and effectively this worked.

Aloe Vera + Borax
Posted by Pamela (Charente/France) on 01/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars


In perusing your excellent site, I came across a remedy for an itchy scalp, using a mixture of Borax & Aloe Vera.

But the instructions are not clear. It states:-

"3Tb borax with 1 liter of aloe Vera(100%) Massage into affected areas after shower and at bed."

Do I massage this mixture into the scalp - leave for ?? time - then shower it off plus ? massage more onto scalp,

then leave on for the night.???????

I would be most grateful for the definite & clear instructions as I have the ingredients at the ready & was hoping to start the treatment as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Posted by Miss M (New York) on 05/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I'm glad I found Earth Clinic.

Was at my wits end battling itchy, scratchy scalp. Like others I spend a fortune on shampoos, and deems and had zero luck. My scalp was always irritated and it actually made me feel sick. What worked for me as last treatment I mixed baking soda and borax into a paste and massage into my scalp and left on for ten minutes, then diluted it some in shower massaging mixture into skin. After rinsing followed up with Apple cider vinegar. Miracle! No peeling skin, or flakes. Amazing. I have a habit of touching my scalp from this affliction of a year, and there are no plaques! Ecstatic that such a simple remedy actually works. I have have also been using one part vinegar, one part 3 percent peroxide, pinch of borax, then the rest water as spray during the day, but what really worked was the baking soda and borax mixture. I did try just borax but it didn't give me the results. I am taking anti candida fungal herbals pau darco, caprylic acid, probiotics. Coconut yogurt.

Radiation Sores Remedies
Posted by RSW (OH) on 03/13/2019

Catherine, In the best seller, “Honest Medicine,” the Julia Shoepick describes how she healed her husband's head wound after repeated surgeries to the same area by using “Silverlon.” After struggling in the hospital for weeks, she was able to get a Silverlon bandage from a doctor friend and the would was healing overnight. Best wishes.

Radiation Sores Remedies
Posted by Marilyn (Norther Calif ) on 03/13/2019

Catherine, you should try Manuka honey on your Mother's sore, it has healing qualities.Good luck.

Radiation Sores Remedies
Posted by Catherine (United States) on 03/11/2019

Hi! I am looking for something to heal radiation damage done to my mothers' scalp. She is happy and healthy, but she cannot get the weeping sore to heal on the top of her head. She says it doesn't hurt, it just will not stop leaking a yellow substance. She's frustrated with the mess it leaves on her pillow at night. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Lugol's Iodine and Borax Spray
Posted by Missm (Ny) on 07/16/2020
5 out of 5 stars

This helped me rid my scalp of the itchy, peeling condition.

You'll need:

  • 2 ounce sprayer bottle
  • 1 ounce distilled water
  • .75 ounce 70/30 alcohol. Having this amount alcohol will keep this self-preserved!
  • 8 drops Lugol's Iodine
  • 1/8 tsp borax, this is equivalent of a tiny pinch

Allow solution to sit and dilute the borax or it will clog sprayer.

Note: You can use without borax.

Use several times a day. If you have demodex, spray as soon as you feel a tickle.

This may hurt on affected area, but as they dry up and flake off this will no longer happen. Benefits easy to use, less discoloration than using full strength iodine.

Use on body parts without having iodine stain, knees, feet etc.

Do not add any other oils, or herbs to this - it will make it hard to preserve and you can make the spray bacteria soup.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jeanne (Colorado, Usa) on 11/19/2018

If "they" are not sure you have candida, what do they base their assessment on? I used to work for a naturopathic physician in NYC. Some of his clients would come after going through "mainstream" medical exams. Blood tests did not show candida. BUT these patients had POCKETS of the candida that did not show up in blood stream. When those were addressed, patients healed. - They all seemed to get some periods of detox. The way we explained it to them was simple:

"If you are feeling great, and next morning feel lousy like catching the cold, it is detoxing. Why? Because your body was feeling strong, looked around and said- let's get some clean up done. Otherwise getting sick feels like coming DOWN with something. Hop into Epsom salt and baking soda bath - about 1 cup total, and you'll be good tomorrow." It was so true . Next day we got calls that the patient was feeling good again - and of course till the next detox. Usually one a week was what we heard, and saw.

Posted by Mary (Ca) on 03/29/2018

Thank you so much for your story, Lisa. I couldn't figure out how to verbalize what I've been going thru for a few years. I had this a few years ago. Now, just moved into a studio apt where there is mold and I've been sick as a dog and stressed and trying to move my son and I out.

My scalp has been on fire. I figured it was stress but now I'm sure it's also fungus from mold. I will try this remedy. Thank you so very much.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Sadie (Texas) on 03/27/2018

Wanda, have you found anything to help?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nikki (Phx ) on 02/18/2018

I'm interested in trying out this method for bacteria infection in my head but won't my hair change colors with adding the hydrogen peroxide?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Marnie (Madera, Ca) on 02/07/2018

Hi Shanti,
Borax (2O Mule Team) from the laundry aisle is the first thing I would try. It's safe and effective. It's anti-fungal. It's great for your skin. I would get some pure Castile soap (such as Dr Bronners). Get the soap lathered all over your scalp. Then add a handful of borax on top of your head and work it throughout your entire scalp. Massage it in and let it sit for a while. Rinse. If you're going to use conditioner, then only apply it to your hair and not your scalp. This should really help relieve the itch and get your hair nice a clean.

Other great things to try-
- Tea tree essential oil (added to shampoo or to some coconut oil for scalp treatment)
- Scrub wet scalp in shower with baking soda. Wash as usual. Final rinse with water mixed with some apple cider vinegar
- Coconut oil and / or Castor Oil (pure, 100%). If you feel your scalp is dry and irritated, massage with oil and leave on for an hour or overnight. 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil added in can be soothing.

Hope this helps!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Shanti (Austin, Texas ) on 02/04/2018

I am not sure if I have the same problem as you, but here is what happened. I have extremely curly hair. I stupidly left it in a bun for about 3 weeks without washing it. Once I took the bun out my hair was two giant matted knots on each side of my head. Same as you, they were very hard. It took SEVERAL sessions over a 2 week period of attempting to brush out. I tried everything I could think of and what I read on the Internet. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, Vaseline, several deep conditioners, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. never found the tangler teaser (name?) and didn't go as far as fabric softener or we-40, but on a daily basis I patiently used a pick, a stick, and my fingers- digging my way through the knots. My hair was pretty long- it took YEARS to grow it- I am biracial, and though my hair is thin I had lots of it. When I finally got the last knot out I was left with very little hair :-(. A couple of pieces of my long hair remain, but otherwise I have areas of very short hair and I have very little left of it. I can fake a hairstyle by moving the longer pieces near the short ones. But what worries me most is my scalp.

During the time I was brushing it out and now, my scalp is EXTREMELY itchy. There are no big splotches or bumps, but I am constantly itching. Feels as if small bugs are crawling on my scalp. Could this be from dry hair? Or does it sound like an infection or fungus of some sort. I fear that my remaining hair is going to fall out. Oh, AND when I was detangling it there were pieces of hair that looked like they were covered in a dark slimy oil substance. It's been about 3 weeks and I'm still constantly itching. Not sure if I should try natural products or if I need to go to the doctor-maybe it's the same condition you have? The difference is my hair knotted because I didn't take care of it and left it tied up.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Coconut Oil
Posted by James (Texas) on 01/11/2018

This is pretty old but I thought I would respond just in case someone has a similar issue. I found the item below. It says that there could be a yeast that is a part of the demodex. Supposedly, the yeast thrives on oil of any kind.


QUOTE: I would warn you that the use of oils on the skin may feed this lipophilic (lipid loving) yeast. The craze of using coconut oil liberally on the skin for a variety of skin afflictions may make the feeling of something crawling and itching skin worse for these people. In research labs when they study Malassezia hyphae, they have to give them a lipid source to get the yeast to grow hyphae in the lab. Other things that will generate a proliferation of Malssezia are the use of corticosteroids and or antibiotics.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sawyer (Nevada) on 09/08/2017

Holy cow I had to post a reply to you goodness gracious to her putting a lot of stuff on your head besides the burning in the peeling did all this stuff on your head work quickly? And was there like one simple tactic that work better than the others because frankly I don't really want the Arsenal that you have I'd like to just use whatever seemed to be the most potent and and and and and rewarding I guess I should say. I'm not itching I just have the really dry scalp it could be from the Nevada extreme hard water too much minerals but I've stripped my hair down and I did the T gel which seem to make it worse and I have like magic marker the fat kind little bald spots that are you know growing back slowly but still scaly dry so it's just going to get damaged in Fallout and if I don't do the T gel every single day and I don't take a shower or wash my hair the following day I literally like a scary amount of hair falls out so I don't know what the if I have and I'm not going to go to the dermatologist and get overcharged for prescription shampoo that's not going to work and then try another kind and constantly do the rinse and repeat game so out of all your stuff which one was most rewarding to get your hair to start growing back and these little patches to go away and yes I do have the weird painful lump area that is like enticing to pick especially for picker and it kind of hurt but those are actually going away with it shampoo. Now I just need my hair to stop falling out and bees little spiky spots to actually grow hairback with a quickness for I'm a natural blonde and we naturally have thin hair and don't mistake that for thin frail hair we can have a lot of thin hair and appear in sick but we still have actual thin strands dainty hair so it sucks to lose it cuz I need to actually take me feel like feel like you have thin limp hair and yeah it does a great deal of damage to your ego and mental state of feeling pretty. Sorry for the run on sentences using speak to text and making breakfast for my twins that are one-year-old which could also be while I'm losing my hair XOXO Sawyer

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sawyer (Nevada) on 09/08/2017

Hey I just totally saw this a few minutes after reading your post no it's not what I'm dealing with I just wanted to give you five things up for you are totally on track with your diagnosis and treatment why here it is sorry I feel the need to share but I'm going to :p

Demodex brevis mites feed on the glandular cells of the sebaceous gland that attaches to hair follicles (pilosebaceous glands) and meibomian glands. The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance known as sebum. Meibomian glands produce meibum which prevents tears from rapidly evaporating. It plays an important role in eye moisture.
Tea tree 5% ointment.
Mercury oxide 1% ointment.
Topical insecticides like permethrin and crotamiton creams.
Topical antibiotics like erythromycin and metronidazole.
Oral medication like ivermectin for people with weakened immune systems such as in HIV infection.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 08/15/2017

DENISE,,,,,,, Get you a plastic jar add 20 mule team borax until 1/2 full. Add water. The jar will be saturated. Pour on your hair after washing your hair and then shower. When done, rinse your hair. Do not wash again. Keep adding water to the jar until there is no borax in the bottom after you shake. Start over. Hey girl, it's just that simple. Keep doing this until your problem is solved or you know this ain't gonna help. I have been doing this for many, many years. The only scalp problem I have is due to the sun and Borax will not solve that problem. It should take care of dandruff or a fungus.

Wish you well. =====ORH====

Posted by Denise (Nc) on 08/15/2017

How do I mix and use borax on my scalp and for how long please?

Posted by Mel (Qld) on 08/13/2017

Has it come back at all? Did the itching stay away?

Posted by Jeanmae (Wichita, Is.) on 08/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had scalp issues for 4 years after 3 dermatologist & many scalp prescriptions.... I used two lemons just squeezed them on scalp and it cleaned my whole scalp from fungus, dandruff. & dustmites.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kévin (France) on 05/19/2017

Thanks for your reply Mama to Many,

So, just to recap :

- wash your hair with shampoo, rinse with water

- spray the acv/water (1:1 ratio) solution on wet hair (do you massage a bit the solution?)

- do not rinse and dry your hair with towel

I hope to get rid of my oily dandruff with this process. (I've already seen an improvement by using acv).

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Wanda (Cocoa, Fl) on 05/15/2017

Bumps that are itchy and scaly on scalp. I scratch it off and it comes back like the next day.. please help.. my white blood cells are elevated at one point up to 24000. I think I have a scalp infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/13/2017

Dear Kevin,

I have done this daily or every other day for long periods with no problems.

I do not rinse out the water/acv mixture; I let it dry on my hair/scalp. You end up smelling like a salad until it dries.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kévin (France) on 05/11/2017

Mama to many,

Do you rinse the apple cider vinegar solution or let it dry?

It isn't dangerous to do this rinse everyday until I'm cured?


Burning Scalp and Hair Loss Remedies
Posted by Sequoia ( Sacramento, Ca) on 05/06/2017

Me too. we have the same sometimes I try the anti-fungal shampoo the red one which does make it only work but they gave me this one in a white bottle and it was orange kind of did it really did work you could feel the difference see the difference and explore the difference but unfortunately they took it off of the shelf for Medicare people. I use espom salt in my shampoo which kind of works. And feels really really good on your skin. But I can't control the burning. I am going to the doctors .

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Nastasia (Leander) on 05/03/2017 1 posts

I have the same thing. I used tea tree oil but it does not help. The hair mats into a ball of dry dandruff like mess. Sometimes sticky ooze forms. What brand of tea tree oil do you use? Like you I tried everything. It sometimes gets painful.

Chronic Itchy Red Scalp Remedies
Posted by Laura (Virginia) on 04/25/2017

My scalp condition sounds familiar. I even thought I had psoriasis on my scalp at one point. The thing that has helped with the redness is vitamin c. I crush up a few pills, mix it with water and pour it on my head. Leave it on overnight, and it helps my hair too. It's a constant battle though, I have to use quite a few remedies. Other than that, I have found bi-weekly tea tree oil mixed with olive oil has helped (I think a 1/10 ratio, it irritates people's skin) and wash after 10 minutes or so. They say daily use is needed, so I also mix a little in my shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kévin (France) on 04/18/2017


I'll will try the 50/50 solution (acv water) an let it sit for 30 min before rinsing with my organic shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 04/17/2017

Dear Kevin,

I would be careful about using hydrogen peroxide in your hair. It can bleach it.

For the build up you might try baking soda paste. Just mix baking soda and water and apply to the scalp and rinse out after 10 minutes. Repeat once or twice a week but not more often and the scalp really wants to remain more alkaline.

Some use apple cider vinegar to rinse the hair daily.

I dilute Apple Cider Vinegar with water - half of each. Then pour over head. If I really want it touching the scalp, I put the mixture in a bottle with a little spout and can squirt it right onto my scalp. (Worked great when my head was itchy one time.)

As a teen with greasy hair I did vinegar after washing my hair every day for a good while. I used distilled white vinegar for that back then.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kevin (France ) on 04/17/2017


I got what I think a scalp infection. I've tried borax solution and it's worked but I have a lot of buildup on my scalp now. My scalp is still oily but much less than he used to be. I'm gonna try the Apple Cider Vinegar with peroxide now. But before I have a few question.

Do I have to spray the solution on wet scalp/hair?

How much the recipe is in order to cover all the scalp? (Ratio 1 Apple Cider Vinegar / 1 h202 / 10 water)

Could I do this every day before shampoo until my scalp is clear?

Thanks for your advices, Kevin

Posted by Kévin (France) on 04/14/2017

Thanks for your reply poppy. I'll try this. Could you tell me if your are cured now? Do you still have to do this? or can you do regular shampoo?

Posted by Kévin (France) on 04/12/2017


I'm washing my hair with borax to treat my oily scalp and I would like to take internally the borax solution to get rid of the infection that I think cause my oily scalp. (1/4 or 1/8 tsp in 1 liter).

I've seen that borax increase hormone so I'm a bit scary about that.

Does borax solution can cause hair loss if I drink the borax solution? (by increasing the lvl of testosterone in my body?)

Waiting for your feedback.

Thanks, Kévin

Posted by Poppy (Alabama) on 04/03/2017

You can do it like that. I had scalp sores so tried borax. My recipe was borax in water to make a paste, then add dish liquid. Apply to hair, lather it up, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. That helped a lot, but now I do this: stir borax into water, no need to measure because you want to dissolve as much as you can. Then you let the solid borax that cannot dissolve settle onto the bottom. Pour off the borax-saturated water, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix. Apply to your head, being careful not to let it drip into your eyes. I do this while standing in the shower and just keep my head out of the water. I leave it on long enough to get the rest of me clean, so 5-10 minutes, and then rinse.

Posted by Kévin (France) on 04/03/2017


I'm going to try borax on my scalp but I'm not sure how to proceed.

I've seen on the internet the following process :

1/4 cup of Borax

2 cup war water

Mix and pour it over scalp (dry or do I have to put some water before?) and let it sit of 30min to 1h and then wash.

Do I have to scrub my scalp with the solution or just pour it?

For the wash do I have just to do it with water?



Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jb (Home) on 02/09/2017

I am defeating the head, neck and shoulders issue with spots/sores. The easiest way to cover all areas for me is to take a bath with epsom salts, baking soda (50/50 mix) plus Apple Cider Vinegar OR Food grade vinegar in the bath water. This instantly treats and dries up the sores. They can and sometimes do return if not treated well in a couple of days again. I also apply 100% Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) during the day. It works well as long as I keep from scratching or irritating it further. Right now it's in a good stage of remission. There are many good ideas on here so I may get some Aloe Vera soon.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Cynthia (Mo) on 01/17/2017

My scalp feels like someone is poking a pin in it. I also have a crawling sensation in my scalp. I believe this is demodex. How can I get rid of it once and for all?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Stacey (Michigan) on 01/14/2017

Have you tried washing with borax? This will help kill any fungus you have that is causing the build up on your scalp.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Carolyn (Ks) on 01/01/2017

What is tcp?

Posted by Ed (California) on 12/23/2016

I'm sorry but what is TCP?

EC: TCP is a liquid antiseptic that contains phenol (carbolic acid.)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 10/28/2016

My scalp was badly embedded with an infection/fungus with extreme itching and hair loss. VCO & ACV did not help. What finally worked after trying so many products was non-deodorized mouthwash - cheap lysterine. From the first wash -- less itching. After daily use for a week, the infection and itching was gone and my hair started filling in where it had thinned. I applied to hair and scalp, scrubbed and massaged, waited 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinsed. No shampoos or conditioners required. It worked so well that this cleaning method is all I use and only once a week. I was hesitant at first but realized I occasionally use mouthwash in my mouth! As long as it beautifully works and I have no side effects, I'll continue using this cleaning method.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Namaw (Bama) on 10/27/2016

I, too, get eruptions on my scalp. I think it's fungus. I've been using turpentine on it. I usually dip a q tip into the turp and apply it to the spots but, sometimes, I can feel a spot coming on and then I smear it around. I had a fungus on my neck as a child (looked like I had a dirty neck) and it eventually went away on its own (my mom wouldn't apply the cream and I was only like 8 yrs old). Anyway, I see great results from the turp after several days of doing this. I put it on when I first get up and then, an hour or so later, take my shower and shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 10/27/2016

Patricia, try to find out what your body doesn't like and is trying to expel. Topical stuff is usually only temporary.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patricia (Michigan Usa) on 10/26/2016
1 out of 5 stars

About one month ago I started getting these small barnacles ( for lack of a better word ) I used a Rx shampoo

And I thought all was well UNTIL

I started getting these raised sores and stabbed areas.I went to dermatologist who then gave me Clindamycin and a gel - oily steroid to put on the open areas. That all went away ..BUT then comes these massive amts of sandy, grainy junk all over my scalp. I wash and soak it with OTC shampoos to know avail. I can pick off the mounds of sand but within a minute it seems there it is again. I am currently taking doxicyline for a month. I have tried a mixture of half n half organic ACV with water. Again no help. So does anyone have any ideas.?

Thank you for reading.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sam (Oh) on 10/12/2016

I see all these remedies for the coconut oil and peroxide but do you leave the mixture on overnight and wash it out the next day or wash it out after a few hours?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amber (Pa) on 08/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

About 2 weeks ago I noticed 3 different knots or small mats forming in my hair, they were about the size of a quarter. I didnt think much of it because my hair is very long to my butt, and has always gotten tangled easily. I had also been sleeping alot lately and not brushing my hair after showers. Well I a friend offered to brush out the knots because she is a hairdresser. So she worked on my hair for 4 hrs one night, and didnt get out a single knot, as a matter of fact, they all got BIGGER, and hard, they formed actual shapes, one was shaped and sized exactly like a computer mouse, one was perfectly circle and flat about the size of a 50cent pc, and the third was perfectly round like a ball. The amount of hair in each knot grew, like it was attaching itself to all the hairs. They got so big and firm that I couldn't even push a safety pin into one, not even a mm in! I scoured the internet along with my friends and family for 3 days trying to find anything that even came close to what I had, we couldn't find anything because these were no normal knots.

I came across and discovered It was from an EXTREMELY rare little known condition called Plica Polonica (I suggest anyone suffering from weird hair conditions, like sticky/tacky/dark slimy-like sections of hair, anywhere on the hair, look up this condition). Doctors still know very little about the cause and there is no cure or remedy except to cut the masses of hair off. But I suspected all along this condition is actually due to a fungal or bacterial growth. I tried everything known to man to get the knots out including wearing an entire giant jar of mayo on my head for 18 hours! I tried vinager, listerine, dawn, olive oil, hot oil, everything! I ended up cutting off the hair after a week of failed attempts to even remotely loosen them. But ever since I cut them all off 2 days ago, I have been getting these big pimple like bumps all over my head.

So I tried tea tree oil directly on the bumps, and its working! I don't know what the bumps are, but I know they have something to do with the scalp hair condition Plica Polonica, and the Tea Tree oil is killing it. If you have very knotty sections of hair, or you feel something kinda sticky in your hair, I suggest doing Tea Tree oil all over your scalp. I think if I would have paid more attention to the signs and treated my hair and scalp earlier, it never would have developed into Plica Plonica.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gwen (Pa) on 07/20/2016

Please get your Thyroid checked. I had the same happen to me. I made an appointment with an endocrinologist. I had low thyroid and a small area of cancer. Gwen

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jojo (Nassau, Bahamas) on 07/06/2016

I had the exact same issue with my scalp. I got those little bumps, some with pus some without and my scalp itched badly and felt sore and the bumps turned into cuts. Did you rinse the ACV and peroxide concoction out or did you leave it in. If you left it in, how long?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Helpmyhair (California) on 07/02/2016

Can someone please give me the details, measurements, and explain how to use two scalp remedies from Ted? How long do I need to leave them in my hair and do I need to shampoo afterwards? Please help. Desperately seeking advice as I have scalp folliculitis that is itching and causing lot of hair loss, clumps.

Posted by Pamela (Falls Church, Va) on 06/20/2016

Hi Lisa, how did you massage the borax/aloe at bedtime into your scalp? Did you sleep with it in and then wash it out in the AM? Thank you.

Posted by Tangie (Western Cape, South Africa) on 06/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

TCP for scalp infection/scalp odor/smell hair syndrome:

Use TCP which you can get from most pharmacies/chemists depending on where you live (I found it in the mouthwash aisle). Cover your scalp in TCP and let it soak under a shower cap for a few hours, then wash it off with normal shampoo.

Side effect - your head will smell like TCP for about a week. This is a strong disinfectant smell but not a horrible smell. So it's better to do this on a weekend or when you will be seeing less people. The smell of TCP will fade with time and the infection on your scalp that causes odor will be gone.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Tangie (Western Cape, South Africa) on 06/02/2016

I posted this a few years back and would like to add that the citronella oil did help a lot in terms of decreasing the smell but the odor would come back on hot days when I sweated. (Before that, the odor was there all the time, sunny or cold). But the real thing that removed the smell completely is TCP.

EC: Thank you so much for updating us after 6 years!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Songbird (Jackson, Ms ) on 04/25/2016

I'm going through the same thing due to some meds I'm taking, all but the smelly hair. Try searching salt and water. As a light paste on your scalp, not hard! Leave on ten min.and then wash it out be careful. Not to dig into the scalp to hard. Then shampoo and condition as usual. At first try, it twice a week. That's what I'm doing.

Treat for Demodex Hair Mites
Posted by Leo (Olathe, Ks) on 02/20/2016

Hello everyone.

From nearly all of the posts I see, it seems like most of you have demodex or hair mites. They thrive on oily skin and scalp. They live inside your hair follicle, hence your hair falling out. Also change your diets, this is a sign of a weak immune system. Eat organics and take organic vitamins to boost immune system. Best thing to do is see a dermatologist and ask for a natural treatment. If they don't help then YouTube and google are your best friends to finding a cure.

God be with you all.


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Leo (Olathe, Ks) on 02/20/2016

Its not SD. Some to most have demodex. It all falls within the symptoms categories

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Leo (Olathe, Ks) on 02/20/2016

You have hair mites (demodex) bro. Do some research. More and more people are getting hair mites. They live inside your hair follicles and eat at it which is causing your hair loss.

Jojoba, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil
Posted by Lenore (Massachusetts) on 02/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Staphylococcal Folliculitis Scalp Infection:

I have been very successful with a mixture of jojoba oil/tea tree/clove oil in a spray bottle. I put the nozzle to my scalp and get just the right amount with no mess. I massage my scalp and leave this on overnight. No more itch or follicle pain and my hair is growing back. I also added biotin to help the hair grow.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Rev B (North Carolina) on 02/10/2016


Can you say more about how you use GSE for teeth and gums? Thanks!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Sheila (Hallandale, Florida) on 01/07/2016 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I was originally using Tea Tree Oil for the scabs on my scalp. When it got worse (not from Tea Tree Oil) I used 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract in my shampoo, as suggested by someone. After only 2 hair washes, the scabs are 3/4 gone. I also use grapefruit seed extract for teeth and gums.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nate (Semmes, Al) on 11/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Scalp Fungus:

Used several RX shampoos and pills. I even tried multiple products and remedies over the years. Your site finally solved my scalp issues. I think it must have been more than one type fungus that was causing my head to itch, burn and go bald. I used the white vinegar, aspirin and Epsom salt spray twice a day for 7 days. The area burned and peeled but it was 85% better. Even the lumpiness of my scalp was immediately reduced. After it dried I applied pure coconut to soothe it. Sometimes the coconut oil burned. I occasionally used antibiotic ointment when peeling was too severe. Only the bald spot where fungi were burned and peeled. Then I used Absorbine Jr for a 7 days which burned more and peeled more. But still it was healing and getting better. Applied pure coconut oil to soothe. This also sometimes burned. I occasionally added an antibiotic ointment in place of coconut oil.

Finally I used Listerine as many times a day as I wanted. It tingled and felt refreshing but no burn. My hair is growing back and there is hardly ever any itch. I am continuing the Listerine twice a day until I never feel an itch! Thanks for your site Ted! God led me to this place of healing. I pray others with stubborn scalp issues are so blessed!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bell (Usa) on 11/09/2015

That sounds like the all around absolute best advice I have heard!! I think that gluten for many people causes a lot of ills. Thanks for posting and spread it around.

Posted by Deb (Fl) on 11/06/2015

I think it's up to 13 doctors now! Sad.

You and your beautiful tractor driver are always in my prayers.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/07/2015 2073 posts


From a post you made a few days ago plus others going back many months, I must say again what appears to be even more Ascaris stages released from wherever they held up and come flooding by the thousands through the blood and giving signs of heart failure. I had a pretty bad surge on July 4th weekend, did the parasite treatments and recovered within hrs. This happened again a few days ago but not quite as severe (no heart pain, but increased blood pressure and pulse). So long as one doesn't have an adult Roundworm in the gut killing the juveniles is a matter of proper treatment & time.

Being near to earth as you are, a bucket of fresh Green Black Walnut Hulls shelled, crushed, and added to a hot bath would be a luxury most city folks couldn't acquire. You could also do some zapping during the bath to further improve the killing power.

My thoughts.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/05/2015

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , ,

Got a scalp thing a year or so ago and have used all the medicated shampoos, and borax, etc. to no avail.

Today, I bought a shower cap which I can attach to my ozone generator and saturate my scalp with ozone. Know the cheap plastic will not last but a treatment or two, but it's a good experiment.

I recently started breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil to get an oxygen compound into my blood.

I am convinced that the expense of a medical ozone generator is worth the tin cans that must be gathered from the roadways to pay for this system. I can put it in my ears and it goes to my brain, nasal passages and eye sockets. It can be bubbled through water and drank to cure your bladder ails. It can go into a sauna suit and into your body transdermally. It can be inserted into your fanny and into your colon , thus your entire blood system. You can make ozone saline for your eyes.

You can bag your feet or hands to heal any nail or limb fungus. Diabetics can bag legs and heal ulcers instead of amputations.

Ozone therapy is one of my cancer protocols. My latest DNA test shows that I am only holding my own with my blood cancer. I have been doing Bill Henderson's take of the Budwig diet and recently added Issiac tea. I backed off my Rife Machine but must go back to that too.

Lordy, I now tell all not to get old, but it gives you chores to do.

Learned why the 6 integrative doctors were killed a while back. They had found a cheap way to detect cancer early and how to allow your immune system to cure it within weeks.

Life is interesting. =======ORH=======

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/05/2015 2073 posts

N: Boric Acid, Boron, and Borax are interchangeable substances but Borax is preferred for scalp conditions, however Boric Acid in small amounts added to shampoo would likely help.

Also, look for "medicated shampoo" at your local retail market, which would have a variety of medicinals for scalp.

Posted by Nisha (Mathura U.p) on 11/04/2015

Can I use boric acid in place of borax? borax not available in my place..can boric acid work same like borax..pls tell scalp is very itchy and painful for 8 years pls tell me

Ted's Remedies
Posted by William (Arizona) on 10/18/2015

Seborrheic dermatitis!!!! I have read most of the posts here! Most of what has been described here sounds like.....seborrheic dermatitis! First! There is no cure as of yet! All you can do is keep flare-ups down! I think, I got mine from a dog or cat! Baking soda and ACV or white vinegar works to keep it at bay! Hair loss will grow back in time! Hope this helps!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Diane (Edgewater, Md) on 09/26/2015

OMGoodness...After reading your story I have hope that what has been going on with me and my scalp is something that can possibly be cured or controlled. I started having issues with my scalp and then my hair...which I was proud to say, were the most beautiful locks and I never realized that what has happened to my hair , was possible . I am 49 years old and seems like out of nowhere I started getti g random pus pockets or blisters on my scalp . They didnt so much bother me other than they were very weepy once it popped and then my hair started feeling like I had put glue in it...kinda like the old time rubber cement from back in the day. Then my hair started falling out by the handfulls at my temples and top and crown of my head, but I think the strangest thing of all for me was the amount of gray hair I started to have...literally over a month or so time and it is very weird hair .In the beginning it was thick gray long hairs that were as strong as fish line and then it started to change into spiderweb looking hair as one peice would come out would just keep coming and coming as if I had 3 feet of this silvery white spiderweb mess...and then there were the bald spots from losing it . I am sorry for rambling but I havent felt hopeful in so long thatI had pretty much just accepted that I was going bald and wither away!!!!! Please tell me what if anything has changed and if u found out what it is and what it is called . And thank you so much for posting, Diane

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sarah (California) on 07/13/2015

Any word on the combo you used, Vegas? How much Apple Cider Vinegar & hydrogen peroxide? Diluted at all? Thanks.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dorothy (Ft Worth,Tx) on 06/19/2015

Where did you found the violet ray machine?

Scalp Infection Remedies
Posted by Susan (California) on 06/14/2015

Just thought I'd add this for everyone here who is suffering with scalp issues. Look into: "How to eat for your blood type" by Dr. Adamo. (You can google this info online.) Find your personal food chart / for your blood type. We all have beneficial, neutral and avoid foods. This blood type chart has always helped me feel and look better. Another critical step: drink a healthy organic green vegetable drink every day. These drinks will help keep your PH levels in a alkaline state; and will significantly help your skin and system detox it self. For the last 2 weeks, my scalp really flared up on me. It was super irritated, red and itchy with hair fall. Kind of a miracle happened yesterday; after I drank my green drink. My scalp completely mellowed out within an hour. I'm not kidding. I was pretty happy about this and knew I should share what happened. Any good combo of organic veggie's will work and add these things if you'd like. My green drink consisted of:

Kale, 2 carrots, 3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice, 1/2 of a cucumber, and a handfull of spinach.
( I added: 6 to 7 drops of pure oregano oil, heaping tsp. of tumeric powder, 1 tsp. of milk thistle powder and 1 tsp. of spirlina powder.

These drinks can be a bit strong at first, but I swear by them. I have seen how they have adjusted my Ph level into a alkaline state often, enough to know that this is a critical step in being healthy and helping your body defend against issues and immune weaknesses.

P.S. Oregano Oil, has some amazing healing properties. Research it .. and follow directions accordingly. It's powerful; so I would not over do it. Just use a few drops to start.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Micaela (Buenos Aires, Argentina ) on 06/01/2015

Change your diet! No more fats, no more dairy.. Diet is everything! I experienced myself! I did a fast, 5 days only water, and itchiness went completely away, after years! Then continued eating raw vegan, perfect, after a few months I started again with gluten (cookies, bread) and dairy and blooom, instantly dandruff and itchy scalp went back heavily, until I started to loose hair (I'm female 28 years old! ) and then I said stop! Did a 2 days fast to cut straightforward, and went back to eat fruit fruit fruit, and cooked potatoes, pumpkin, veggies, but nothing else. No oils at all, no avocado, no chocolate..

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elyn (Ontario, Canada) on 05/19/2015

To Lauren from Queens: I take Vitamin B12 1000mcg/day and a multivitamin, both daily, among other vitamins. But this insane scalp itching... I'm 57, and when I was a kid my mother used to tease me that I was scratching my head like a monkey, so it has indeed been lifelong. Wish the B vitamins worked for me; glad you found what works for you! :)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sarah (Texas, Usa) on 05/11/2015

When making your solutions in separate spray bottles, is it 10 parts water for each spray bottle (10 parts water in the ACY bottle and another 10 parts water in the Hydrogen Peroxide bottle) or divide the 10 parts water 5 and 5 (5 parts in one bottle and 5 in the other bottle)? Thank you! This is really helpful.

Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 04/26/2015

To Lisa,

I am going to try your approach with the borax/aloe vera mixture for skin itchiness. Upon showering in the a.m. and then applying this mix, did you leave it on your skin and scalp all day and then just apply more at bedtime or .... ?

Thanks, Larry

Posted by Lisa ( Syracuse, Ny ) on 04/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've been suffering with a fungal infection on my scalp and skin for 15 plus years. It took me 14 of those years to actually get a proper diagnosis, that a fungus was actually the culprit. I get what looks almost like mosquito bites on my scalp, skin-mainly neck, back, upper shoulders and occasionally legs.I start with an intense itch that burns and feels prickly. I scratch until it bleeds .A scab forms and it constantly itches.The scabs take a very long time to heal. So at any given time I usually have 100 or more of these in various stages. I went through total hell. At one point I was putting high heat on my head and skin thinking it would help. It made it ten times worse. Hence heat spreads fungus. Unbeknownst to me, it got so bad I thought it was scabies.

Went to every Emergency Room and urgent care as well as family practice docs. None were helpful at all.They looked at me as if I were dirty and crazy! To the contrary I am extremely obsessively clean. Finally had one doc scrape a small inflamed area and analyze it under a microscope.I have tried everything from lindane to nix, creams, topical and oral benadryl, calamine, apple vinegar, tea tree oil, Alcohol, bleach...

Borax was the only thing that has worked! It's amazing! 3Tb borax with 1 liter of aloe vera(100%). Massage into affected areas after shower and at bed.I am 85% healed.Some of my scalp was severe. So it's going to take a bit to completely heal. Literally spent thousands and dealing with an itch that has kept me from sleeping some nights. For under $5 and about 5mins to massage borax I am almost all healed! I recommend this to anyone suffering with itching/skin inflammation. It's truly a miracle. Finally after 15 years, almost completely healed! It's been a long time coming!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 04/08/2015

I was just reading through this and made a copy to highlight... there is alot of info here from Ted.

It seems the coconut oil probably put you into a healing crisis and affected your follicles and scalp broke out. Then you used antibiotics and your system got weaker and hair loss resulted. I've used the coconut oil overnight but nothing like that happened to me. Usually I do a test patch before using a lot of product due to the fact my system has a lot of problems that could be brought out as a skin or brain chemistry crisis. Your skin is your largest organ . Hope you can read through Ted's info and find out what would help you with the least amount of sufferring.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Vida (Minneapolis, Mn.) on 04/07/2015
0 out of 5 stars

I left coconut oil on my hair covered with plastic shower cap. After that I have red painful scalp with bumps and pimples filled with pus from the crown towards the forehead. My hair has has badly fallen on those affected areas. My scalp feels like its burning and the roots feels terribly painful. I took some antibiotics and it went away but came back shortly. Its being about 3-4 months now starting January 2015. Can anyone help me please. I will appreciate any piece of advice that you give.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Emily (Atlanta) on 03/30/2015

What are the measurements?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lauren (Queens) on 02/19/2015

Hi There....I experienced the same problem a few months ago and was going crazy with the constant itching. This had never happened before so I was really puzzled. I did the same thing as you guys....I used the selsun blue shampoo let it soak for a while and then wash it off. It would stop the itching for a while and then off we go again. In frustration, I went to my old friend Google (lol) for help. It was with interest that I read an article that said that sometimes a deficiency in B vitamins can cause this. So you guessed it.....I bought some and started using immediately. Don't know exactly when it happened but it was gone in I would say in a couple of days. Try it you never know it might help you....

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Runtwothree (Erie, Co) on 02/18/2015

I have the same exact problem. Hair loss just above temples, increased hairline on forehead, and thin 'bangs/fringe' area, and CRAZY amounts of hair falling out in my bed, in my brush and when washing it. You didn't mention the severity of your itching, but mine is absolutely unbearable after 2 days of not washing with ACV or Listerine. I have severely oily temple air only after 1 day of washing, and have a waxy build up all over my scalp and neck. I don't really seem to smell much, and I'd know, as my olfactory is extremely sensitive to smells and chemicals.

Just wondering if you have stuck with ACV on hair and/or intake, and if so, what type of results have you encountered. I use ACV on my scalp every so often 3 days in a row for 40mins. It seems to help, but then I wind up right back in the same boat after a few weeks of stepping away, even when using ONLY organic, sulfate & dimethicone free shampoos and/or conditioners.

I don't even like hugging people at this point and even feel weird snuggling with my husband and 3 yr old daughter, as I can't help but feel contagious and dirty, even though I know that is not the case. I'm 99.99% certain I have candidiasis (as I suffer from many, many other symptoms that are listed as common candida sufferers' problems); but many people and docs think that is a made-up, non-scientific 'diagnosis' of something they can't define/diagnose themselves either... so finding help with this has proven a crazy, disheartening, time consuming, money guzzling challenge for me.

Would love to hear how/what you have been doing. Thanks.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 02/05/2015

At first I would use a good application with coconut oil with about ten drops of clove essential oil for medical purposes. If there is itching afterwards, it could be parasites. Keep on for a few hours or as is convenient. Keep in mind, as with coconut oil always, it is a cooling oil and in cold weather a cover for the head is necessary. Repeats as often as convenient.

Borax is very good but oiling afterwards is necessary.

For shampoo, Dr. Bronner's pure kastile shampoo with a selection of essential oils is very good. I have used it for many years also for my pets .Available in health stores.

Making a wash from soap berries because it contains anti bacterials and is very mild but effective (see online).

Chamomile infusion. Soak a cloth and keep on for ten minutes. Very healing and soothing.

Internally Diatomaceous Earth with Bentonite clay but also externally. It has a lot of Silica for hair/nail/bones. It draws out toxins. I was surprised that my nails grew stronger and longer after only about four days of one tblsp. daily in a large glass of water.

You can find DE/Bentonite in feed stores or online. These remedies don't break the bank and they do work. Namaste, Om

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lisa (Dallas Texas) on 02/05/2015

I have had hair loss and whelps like acne on my head. Should I still use the Borax? Is there anything oral I should take?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Tommie (Long Beach, CA) on 01/28/2015

What is the Teds remedy? I have a fungal scalp infection I can't get rid of and it's making my hair fall out. I can't handle this anymore. HELP PLEASE

Chronic Itchy Red Scalp Remedies
Posted by Jackie (Massachusetts, US) on 12/20/2014

What is MMS and what has it done for you?

Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Similar (Arizona, US) on 12/08/2014

I had a similar patch on my head and was a bit itchy everywhere else. I used straight Bulgarian lavender on it everyday and it started going away after a week. By two weeks the area had cleared up and I could feel regrowth. P.S. It doesn't have to be crazy expensive like YL or DT. Just Google Essential Oils for soap making and pick a company. Much cheaper and still pure quality.