Scalp Infection Cures

Posted by Amy (Bangalore, India) on 02/09/2013
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Hi, I am having a scalp problem and hair fall from past 6 year. I have tried all medicated shampoo and steriod etc but still didn't get the scalp fungus cured. Recently, I found some article about borax. So, I tried to apply it on scalp by mixing it with water or curd. It relieved me from itching a bit but my scalp infection is not cured and I can still see thick scales coming out, itchness and hair fall. Please help me as I am really worried what should I do further :-(

Posted by Martin (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico) on 02/03/2013

I once listened a Doctor on a radio program talking about the benefits of coral calcium to correct bone problems. He said that accumulation of calcium on some part of the body happened to the expense of another part of the body that would be depleted. He stated that correct amounts of this supplement would correct calcium imbalances within the body. But that is all I remember. He said he recommended an alternative medicine doctor to prescribe correct treatment.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Cairo (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/29/2013

Regarding the use of tea tree oil and lavender oil for scalp infections, how long should the oil be left on the scalp? It is written to leave it on overnight. Is that supposing that the person washing his/her hair in the morning? I have been applying the oils once a day, but I don't wash my hair every day (I never had -- it becomes too dry). Instead, I have been using a wooden comb to stimulate the area, rubbing with warm water, and then reapplying on nights when I don't wash my hair. Is this unhealthy? I've been experiencing no negative side effects. Just wondering.

Also, for how many days should a person apply the oil? Is there a limit? I am on my forth day and plan to continue until my scalp feels normal again, but am afraid to overdo it.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Younglady1975 (Tucson, Arizona) on 01/09/2013
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Some say that spraying the ACV and H2O2 separately increases the antifungal effects of both. I fill a spray bottle with ACV and a separate spray bottle with drug store 3% H2O2 (hydroden peroxide). I spray the ACV onto my scalp and then I spray the H2O2 immediately after onto my scalp. I've shaved my head to make applications easier and I use less product. I drape a towel around my shoulders and make sure to saturate with both. I pat dry just a bit and let it air dry. I also recommend need leaf, which you can buy as a dried powder at an herbal shop, the health food store or online. You mix about a teaspoon of the powder in a tea cup and fill the tea cup with hot water and let it steap like tea. After it cools you can put it into a squirt bottle of some kind and use it as a rinse after you shampoo. Make sure to make the need tea daily, it is not effective after a day. I put this on after I spray with ACV and H2O2 and it has dried. I leave this on for 8 hours then shampoo before bed and use the tea tree/lavender preparation. It's worked wonders.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Karen (Detroit Metro Area, Mi) on 01/08/2013

DsGreen5..... There is a difference. One is natural and one has toxic drugs/chemicals in them. Most of the people who come to this site are looking for healthier alternatives and some come here because they lack health insurance.

Earthclinic was started to give all natural options for healing. Give these a try. I have been coming here for every ailment I face, or my family or friends face... and we have found relief or are cured from ailments/diseases.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Jcisgod (Lake Elsinore, California) on 11/27/2012

Everyone, I have suffered with Seborreic dermatitis for over 20yrs. Iam now pretty much cured. Trust me on this please. Mix 1 tbsp of honey preferably nonpesticide organic kind with 1 tbsp organic aloe vera GEL with 1 tbsp organic coconut oil. Mix and let melt together 10-15 minutes. Mix well and apply to your whole head, particulary the spots where the dermatitis is the worse. Important, leave on a minumum of 4hrs or better if on overnight. Let it dry and it should not get on your pillowcase. Coconut oil and Honey are two of the worlds most powerful antifungals. Not everyone gets the same results. Try it again if it doesnt knock it out. But most can say goodby to seborreic dermatitis. Praying first will not hurt either. May God bless you all. Sorry about the large print, I do not know how to fix it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mohammed (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 11/10/2012

I have your symptoms when it comes to my scalp sensitivity to sugar.. Let me know what worked for you?!

Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West, South Africa) on 10/18/2012
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To treat scalp infection problem I will soak it with urine which will quickly solve your problem. It works.

Nail Polish, Prescription
Posted by Lookingforcure (Alpharetta, Ga) on 08/06/2012

To Coregan: how much iodine and vodka do you use and how often?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mary (Alameda, Ca, United States) on 07/20/2012

I've used this mixture for the last 3 days and was wondering if I'm doing it wrong because my scalp is still itchy. Am I supposed to use this without wetting my hair first? I know wetting my hair dilutes it and that may be why it's not working. Thanks for any feedback!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kelly (Catawissa, Mo) on 07/15/2012

The mixture did lighten my hair, but it looked awesome. I can't dye it bc of the sores, but w/ this mixture, it sort of blends the gray w/ highlights from the peroxide, and I didn't even worry about dying my hair anymore. Don't worry, you won't go blonde.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kristy (Lansing, Michigan) on 06/10/2012

I am wondering the same thing. I have very dark hair and would like to try this... but have no wish to wind up with light colored hair.

Over the Counter
Posted by User5293 (Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines) on 06/09/2012
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Good day! This post is about the treatment of human demodex on scalp, first, I would like to tell you guys my story on having human demodex, several months ago I have had these redness and itchiness in my scalp accompanied by a foul odor, the condition threatened me enough so I scheduled a visit to a dermatologist immediately to prevent it from getting worse, the she told me it was human demodex caused by mites. I then asked for a treatment, cure or remedy for it, she gave me both these Shampoo D'modex and Hair n Scalp conditioner, they are to be used together for best results, both of them are used to eliminate the mites. After a few days, I already noticed obvious improvements, the foul odor was gone immediately, the itchiness and redness lessened. I hope this post would help people in the future for treatment of human demodex. Thank you!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Dsgreen5 (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/12/2012

Scalp Fungus: Is there any reason why I could not use the ACV/Hydrogen Peroxide & Tea Tree/Lavender solutions while my son is taking the GRIS-PEG 250 that was prescribed by his pediatrician (for 6 weeks)? Is there any contraindication between the two treatments?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lia (Boston, Usa) on 05/10/2012

IRRITATED SCALP- For all who have little bumps and sores on your scalp, please stop using shampoo with SLS or perfumes, your scalp might be sensitive to these. Wash your hair with dove sensitive bar soap, you'll be surprised when you hair stops falling as well!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kk (Sharon, Ontario Canada) on 04/13/2012

Wouldn't that mixture lighten and dry out your hair though? I have a really itchy scalp and someone said hydrogen peroxide, but I'm afraid of wrecking my hair.

Posted by Susan In Dallas (Dallas) on 04/03/2012

I had the same scalp issues for about 4 years. I had tried everything multiple times without permanent relief. I started using "a horse" shampoo with Zinc daily. After using about 1.5 bottles (2 months of use) my scalp issues are totally gone and haven't returned with continued use of this shampoo.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Elly (Hamburg, Germany) on 03/22/2012

Peroxide is toxic and can cause necrosis on the scalp. It's very important the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Please be more precise and careful when giving health advices and name the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used.

Posted by Shaun (Olde York, Uk) on 02/19/2012
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Hi James from Waterford, I had this same issue for about the same length of time as I have variously reported here on EC. I too am cured! Anyway, what you may find you also have to do is wash/rinse your hair with Milk of Magnesia from time to time. This really helped me 'nail it' in the end. Good luck, Shaun

Posted by James (Waterford, Mi) on 02/18/2012
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I am a 57 y/o male and have had scalp problems my whole life which seemed to be increasingly worse the last 20 years. I have been to doctor(s) dermatologists, tried all of the dandruff shampoos, creams, etc .. I had really given up and figured I had to just live with this scourge. I would develop welts or zits on my scalp which would itch , ooze / bleed and crust over, eventually heal and then the process would start all over again. I would spend everyday picking the irritating crusts and scabs off my scalp. It WAS miserable.

After finding this site I decided to give the BORAX a try. OMG, I can't believe it. My scalp is completely healed and for the first time I know what it is like to have a normal scalp. The kicker is (as others have stated) my hair comes out so soft and manageable it is amazing, better than any shampoo / conditioner ever. I will never use shampoo again.

Simply dissolve the borax in water. I would use 1/2 to 2/3 cup per gallon ( if its too much you will get some borax crystals in the bottom of the jug no big deal) Soak your hair in it and shampoo into the scalp. I leave it in while I shower, and then rinse it out. I have been following that with the ACV / H202 solution that TED recommends and rinse again. I may discontinue the ACV rinse but so far I haven't wanted to mess with a good thing.

It has been about eight weeks and my problem is cured. It only took about two or three shampoos to cure it but I wanted to wait and make sure before posting here. Thanks to everyone who is supporting this website, it is like a miracle to me. My only regret is that I didn't know this 40 years ago.!

PS and the dandruff is next to zero too!

Iodine Rinse
Posted by Kate (Maidenhead, Berkshire, England) on 01/31/2012

Hi Francisca, I came up with this remedy myself. Initially I used to pour the iodine in a bowl and apply it to my scalp with my fingertips. As my hair roots were weak due to the fungus or whatever was causing the itching the iodine strength was too strong. I thought of the idea of diluting the iodine which has seemingly worked. I also steam my hair once a day to get rid of the calcium deposits. I wish you the best and hope something will help you with your hair. Good Luck.

Posted by Susan (Bowie, Md) on 01/29/2012

Apple cider vinegar is a must, not white distilled. You may want to try organic apple cider vinegar.

Iodine Rinse
Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 01/17/2012

Hi Kate, my scalp doesn't itch normally speaking but I am interested in this rinse to make my hair feel softer without using a commercial rinse! Did you come up with the idea yourself or did you base it on some known method?

Iodine Rinse
Posted by Kate (Maidenhead, Berkshire, England) on 01/16/2012
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I've had an itchy scalp for over a year, lost over 3/4 of my hair. I've been through all the meds the recommendations offered by everyone, don't think there is anything I haven't tried.

Well anyhow, this is what worked for me and it may or may not work for you: In a plastic container add a quarter teaspoon of tincture of iodine (the brown liquid) and about a quarter cup of warm water, mix. Daily during your shower, wash hair with cool water without any shampoo or conditioner, then apply this mixture as a final rinse, whilst ensuring none of it gets in to the eyes. Immediately wrap a clean towel to the hair. Leave hair to dry naturally and before you know the hair feels softer and manageable - the plus factor 'No Itching".... Hurrah! I also use this mixture for my final rinse after my weekly shampoo and conditioner application. Initally I used this mixture for 4 days, had a break for a couple of days, the itching returned with a vengence. Good luck. Kate

Aloe Vera
Posted by Vita Jean (Washington, Dc) on 12/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For 16 years, I've suffered from a scalp condition that includes symptoms like flare ups, inflammation, unbearable soreness, flaking, postules, hair bumps, hair loss, etc. I used straight raw apple cider vinegar to get rid of bacteria and yeast on my scalp. Then, I recently bought an aloe vera plant from a local hardware store. I've been splitting open the leaves and massaging my whole scalp with the gel mornings and especially nights. I just leave it on. It's a miracle. Not only is the aloe soothing, but it has dried/cleared up just about everything going on with my scalp! My hair also feels soft and moisturized.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Vincent (Seattle, Wa.) on 11/03/2010

Please help... I don't understand... You say "1 part" Apple Cider & Vinegar. "1 part" Hydrogen Peroxide. With "10 parts" water. What are "parts" ? Could you or anyone explan to me what are "parts"? Thank You"

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ruth (Hernando, Ms) on 12/06/2011

It actually does state 3% hydrogen peroxide. Read carefully and then read again.

Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 10/19/2011

Beets, huh? This is a common "cure" for vitiligo (supposedly). Is there a connection here? The fungal connection! Possibly!!! So if the beets work for the scalp and vitiligo, maybe Ted's scalp remedy works on the skin (vitiligo) too.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jen (Denton, Tx) on 09/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars


I have tried the ACV on my scalp, and while it didn't do the trick for my itchy flaking scalp, it makes my hair amazingly silky and easy to brush, no conditioner needed. It strips haircolor, so I don't use it when my color is fresh, but as it wears out, I like to do an ACV rinse once a week just for the way it conditions my hair. It is amazing.


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Faithy (Worcester, Ma) on 09/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I cannot believe this works! I stopped after work to pick up the ingredients - put it on my head last night, did not rinse out and the itching stopped, I didn't scratch at all. I had at least 12 red spots on my head from scratching the scabs and at least two raised welts, welts are gone, scalp is dry, a little red but nothing like before - repeated in shower this morning, and rinsed out - no itching at all! I did order the teatree oil with lavender on amazon - they do have a combo, for around $7.00. I am going to use this overnight when I receive. Thank you so much TED!!!! You literally saved my life. I have short dark hair, and this was becoming a problem as I could not stop scratching. Thank you so much! Question, how long should I use the mixture, as I have some scabs left?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Keri (Raleigh, Ny/nc) on 09/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Ted, I was wondering if I still or can use shampoo and conditioner before or after this remedy? I am a black female from the Caribbean with course hair that usually needs to be conditioned and moisturized so that it won't get dry and break and be hard to comb. My scalp just started itching me severely about 3 years ago when I went from being natural to getting a relaxer again. Therefore, I will be trying this ACV remedy soon but will be putting the undiluted ACV on my scalp 1st to see if it gives me instant relief. Please advise, and if yes in what precise order to shampoo and condition? Also, could I use both the borax and the ACV mixture right after each other?

Posted by Jillandmattsmom (Hoschton, Ga, Usa) on 05/29/2011

I am sooo happy to have found this website. I do have a few questions regarding the treatment. Does it matter if you use Apple Cider Vinegar or White Distilled Vinegar? Do you rinse the vinegar out or leave it in? Thank you so much for your help.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 05/21/2011

Someone posted a remedy for problems with the scalp here a few days ago. I am thinking of trying. Here is what I copied and saved in my remedies file:

  • I had the itching scalp, substantial thinning and some dandruff several years ago, and cleared it all up in two treatments. I used about 1/8 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil and a few drops of lavender oil in 3 Tablespoons of sweet almond oil (you could use any carrier oil, I think). I parted my hair and poured it on my scalp all over and left it there for an hour, massaging it around with my fingertips some, before I showered it out. Whatever was wrong is gone, I have no itch and my hair came back thick

  • Ted's Remedies
    Posted by Pinky Bee (Fremantle , Western Australia) on 05/20/2011

    I need help...... My scalp is sooooo dry, flaky, itchy as hell and sometimes sore. I have used coconut oil (extra virgin) for a week now and it seems to be getting itchier and flakier, one side of my head was worse than the other..... But now they are nearly the same!! I have very thin hair and in some parts (the front and sides) it's not growing back :(. I just want my thick hair back..... I think about it all the time, because it's itchy all the time...... I think I have a fungus and just spread it because I'm always itching..... HELP!!! Please???

    Ted's Remedies
    Posted by Humiliatedintx (Arlington, Tx) on 05/20/2011


    50/50 white vinegar, purified or distilled water. 4-5 drops of tea tree oil. So much better overnight. For some reason the Apple cider vinegar didn't help heal it, the itching stopped only.

    Colloidal Silver, MSM
    Posted by Coregon (Medford, Or) on 03/08/2011

    Although ACV is a great scalp tonic for dandruff or dry scalp, it doesn't seem to be effective for chronic scalp problems (scalp eruptions, etc. ) I believe that some of these severe chronic scalp problems evolve into bacterial infections from the constant scratching and need something stronger, and more soothing. Colloidal silver and MSM (sulfur.. As Ted recommends) work very effectively for scalp problems. Add a couple ounces of the silver and then put 4 capsules (1000 mg) in an 8 oz bottle of distilled water and use for final rinse. (leave in) You could additionally add these same ingredients to your sulfate free shampoo for faster results. It's also important to get a shower filter, chlorine and other impurities will keep the irritation going.

    Ted's Remedies
    Posted by Humilatedintx (Arlington, Tx) on 03/07/2011
    4 out of 5 stars

    I've had scalp psoraisis for almost 2 years now. I know it's genetic, stress-related, and food allergy related.

    I had no insurance, I went to a dermatologist. Spent a good $90 for the visit and he spent 5 min with me and said yes, you have psoraisis. I already knew. He told me to get on Humira (never did because of the side effects) and I used the scalp oil he recommended and of course, steriod cream. Nothing helped.

    I used OTC shampoos, nothing helped.

    I know what the root causes are - food allergy, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugars, and stress are major triggers. I know what I can take as supplements to cure this.

    However, after reading this remedy by TED.. I realized how common this is to everyone. And it's not just scalp psoraisis - its a fungal infection. My physician and dermatologist didn't even take the time to test my scalp for infection or refer me out to a nutritionist to help my diet. At least, I'm good at research on my own.

    So, I've been using your remedy. First few days, just undiluted ACV for 30-1hr and shampoo out. Just tonight, I tried the ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide, Water mix. It works alot better - less inflammation.

    I'm going to get some Tea Tree and Lavendar oil. I sell Nature's Sunshine so, I know the products are 100% pure. With the ACV, I use _____'s (with Mother) from Whole Foods Market.

    Ted, I have alot of inflammation and redness on the top of my forehead from scratching too much.. Long ago. It's healing. I have lost some hair (where women normally lose hair. ) Will the tea tree and lavendar help reduce the infammation and grow hair back? So far it feels so much better. Thank you.

    Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
    Posted by Fxgirl (Miami, Florida) on 03/03/2011

    What is the combination of ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide that you used?
    Thank you, Fxgirl

    Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
    Posted by Fi (North Las Vegas, Nevada) on 03/01/2011
    5 out of 5 stars

    I'm a woman. I had an itchy, flaky scalp for months and was starting to lose my hair on top of my head. I used various shampoos that smelled horrible and went to the dermatologist. Symptoms would stop for awhile but then start up again. I did some research on line and decided to try the apple cidar vinegar and peroxide cure talked about here. It's the only thing that worked for me. I have had no more problems and my hair has grown back.

    Scalp Infection Remedies
    Posted by Angie (Burbank, Ca) on 02/05/2011

    Hi, Ted, My husband and I've been drinking green smoothies for the last two months. Though it is very difficult to change our American Standard Diet overnight, just having a green smoothie once a day in the morning changed our diet by 20 % right away. We noticed a lot of improvement in our health -- headaches went away, regulated stool, feeling more relaxed, no need to take tons of sleep aid every night, better sleep, lots of energy, etc. Along with this, kind of at the same time my husband started to have scalp sores. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Anyway, the sores hurt and itch. He tried organic psoriasis shampoo, but it maked it worse. I dry them with alcohol. It seems to take the itch away. At the same time, I've been reading a lot about alkaline water and I started to give him ph balance enzymes. The sores seem to go away for a couple of days, but then they come back.

    Also, he has had a mild allergy lately, I gave him magnesium capsules and added oxygen drops in his smoothie for stress and mental clarity. Too many vitamins? Too many toxins? Allergy reaction? Fungus? Lack of lipase enzyme? I forgot to say he got his gall bladder removed two years ago, so his body cannot handle fat digestion, he's had a lot of diarrhea. But with intake of enzymes it has been under contral. Anyway, the sores seem to improve by the end of the day after I apply alcohol and he does not scratch them, but then they start itching again and it drives him crazy. Today I noticed that after he scratched them, the inside of the big sores looks yellow-greenish. Is it puss? Though the sores look flat. I applied some alcohol on the sores again. It helped. They became more pinkish and the inside looks pale.

    My question is: Is there any universal natural remedy with the anti fungus effect for any scalp sores? Thank you very much for your answer. :)

    Multiple Remedies
    Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 12/11/2010

    I have had problems with my hair on and off for approx 20 years and I have just recently gotten it under control. I have started taking a formula made with Lactated Pepsin, Black Snake Root Extract, Essence of Wild Ginseng, Atomic Iodine, Extract of Liver, and Grain Alcohol. You can look that up and get it! I also use Pennsylvania crude oil and Vaseline on my scalp; I rub it in and then I use a small vibrator with a cup attachment for 20-30 minutes. I use this approx 3x a month. I also use Listerine on my scalp after I wash my hair, which I wash with an Olive Oil based shampoo and conditioner. I use Listerine about 1x per month. However, it will not hurt you to use it more! When I haven't drank any alcohol, I use the "Violet Ray" machine on my scalp for 2-3 minutes whenever I feel the need to use it. It may sound like a lot, and maybe it is, but I have done it for so long, it is second nature, the only thing I added recently was the formula.

    Ted's Remedies
    Posted by Mr. P (Battle Creek, Mi.) on 12/07/2010

    Hello. I'm 27 years old. A number of years ago I went to the doctor because I was losing hair on the side of my head and on my ankles. The doctor told me it was fungi and gave me some Tolfonate powder. I didn't use it consistently and so it never was too effective. But it seemed to have at least stopped the fungal infection on my head. Now, though, the infection has come back big time. The infected area on my head is losing more and more hair, its itching lately, and feels a tad prickly to the touch. Plus the hair in the infected area that's not falling out is turning gray. I don't have insurance, and I need a low-cost cure. What solution would work best to cure a fungal infection of the scalp? A specific ointment, Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Oil... What?
    Thanks, Patrick

    Ted's Remedies
    Posted by Coregon (Medford, Or) on 11/03/2010
    5 out of 5 stars

    I had the same problem with scalp for years. I know what you mean, it is embarrassing. I wore hats everyday. I couldn't even go have my hair professionally cut, I was so embarrassed. (although a hairdresser told me that she sees it a lot.. So I don't think we are alone in this) I have a theory that it is initially caused from our commercial shampoos, hairsprays, hair dyes and poor diet. Regardless, I think I've finally found the solution.. After trying EVERYTHING. I started using a natural shampoo jason with sulfur in it. Started noticing good results, but still getting break outs here and there on scalp.

    One night I had a blemish on my chin and had no apple cider vinegar, so I used 50/50 white distilled vinegar and water (filtered or distilled). Within an hour the blemish dried up and there was NO sign of it left behind on my chin (and I'd tried everything for weeks on this spot, so you would expect at least a scar left behind.. Nothing! ) So I thought, let's try this on the scalp problems. I used a q-tip and used the same 50/50 solution. The next day.. They were all 95% gone! After a 2nd application, they disappeared altogether. Now I'm going to try using this white vinegar mix as a final rinse in the shower (faster than q-tip). NOTE: I've used apple cider vinegar rinse for months in the shower, with little effect, BUT the white vinegar worked for some reason. * Be sure to wash your towel and pillowcases to prevent this recurring.

    Dietary Changes
    Posted by Coregon (Medford, Or) on 11/03/2010
    5 out of 5 stars

    My friend's 7 year old daughter had smelly scalp and she tried everything (shampoos, etc.), but nothing helped. I suggested she take her to my acupuncturist. She did and the acupuncturist tested her daughter for food allergy and determined it was MILK that was causing the scalp odor. She took her daughter off dairy and within a week all odor was gone and didn't return.

    Nail Polish, Prescription
    Posted by Coregon (Medford, Or) on 11/03/2010

    I would hesitate to use a dangerous combination of chemicals (nail polish) on the scalp when it is so close to the brain. For the same reason that many won't use commercial shampoos with chemicals, I believe nail polish on scalp should be avoided. I believe the same applies to prescription anti fungal creams on the scalp. Of course these products will be absorbed by the body.. The skin transports to the body whatever we apply to it. (see below) I've used white vinegar/distilled water (50/50) to very effectively clear up scalp. (pour on as final rinse in shower, or use with q-tips on sore spots) White iodine combined with vodka for hair growth.

    "(NaturalNews) Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), a chemical used to keep nail polish from chipping, has been connected to cancer in lab animals as well as long-term fertility issues in newborn boys -- leaving the cosmetics industry in a heavy debate over whether to continue use of the ingredient. Environmental groups are calling for a ban on DBP in the United States, and some big name companies such as Estee Lauder have preemptively removed the chemical from their products, but other brands such as OPI, Essie and Sally Hansen continue to use it. While the FDA must approve nail polishes before they can be sold, there are no laws that require companies to prove their products are safe first.

    Coconut Oil
    Posted by Joe (Oswego, Il) on 11/03/2010

    Are you sure your using Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and not Organic Coconut Oil? The latter is refined and I had problems with this kind on my scalp.

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