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Scalp Infection Remedies

Posted by Aditya (Pune, Maharashtra ) on 05/16/2013

I am suffering from a scalp infection .... pimples, itching, puss, small boils contaning puss, , , I have tried many antibiotics n cream it hasnt work plz help... Psynomycin is the best tablet people can use but in my case its not working. Please give me some suggesations what I should do for my scalp , , , , it is affecting my health too. adityajadhav49(at)gmail [dot]com

Replied by Om
(Hope, B.c., Canada)

Use manava mutra. It has your own "taylor made "antibodies. Wring out a cloth and repeat. You will be amazed. Good luck. Om

Scalp Infection Remedies
Posted by Angie (Burbank, Ca) on 02/05/2011

Hi, Ted, My husband and I've been drinking green smoothies for the last two months. Though it is very difficult to change our American Standard Diet overnight, just having a green smoothie once a day in the morning changed our diet by 20 % right away. We noticed a lot of improvement in our health -- headaches went away, regulated stool, feeling more relaxed, no need to take tons of sleep aid every night, better sleep, lots of energy, etc. Along with this, kind of at the same time my husband started to have scalp sores. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Anyway, the sores hurt and itch. He tried organic psoriasis shampoo, but it maked it worse. I dry them with alcohol. It seems to take the itch away. At the same time, I've been reading a lot about alkaline water and I started to give him ph balance enzymes. The sores seem to go away for a couple of days, but then they come back.

Also, he has had a mild allergy lately, I gave him magnesium capsules and added oxygen drops in his smoothie for stress and mental clarity. Too many vitamins? Too many toxins? Allergy reaction? Fungus? Lack of lipase enzyme? I forgot to say he got his gall bladder removed two years ago, so his body cannot handle fat digestion, he's had a lot of diarrhea. But with intake of enzymes it has been under contral. Anyway, the sores seem to improve by the end of the day after I apply alcohol and he does not scratch them, but then they start itching again and it drives him crazy. Today I noticed that after he scratched them, the inside of the big sores looks yellow-greenish. Is it puss? Though the sores look flat. I applied some alcohol on the sores again. It helped. They became more pinkish and the inside looks pale.

My question is: Is there any universal natural remedy with the anti fungus effect for any scalp sores? Thank you very much for your answer. :)

Selsun Blue

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Posted by Ron (Kingston, Tn) on 06/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I developed red bloches several places on my head inside my hair line, mainly on sides and front area. Some even appeared to look like ringworm but Derm Doctor said it was not ringworm. Used cortizone cream to control for awhile with several dandruff shampoos that did nothing to help. Then started using Selsun Blue Medicated and the rash cleared up quickly. It has not returned so I continue to use only Selsun Blue. You might want to try it.

Smelly Scalp Remedies

Posted by Valentina (Uk) on 07/01/2013

Hi, 8 months ago I went to a forest hotel and wore a helmet for one of the activities, once on I realised the helmet absolutely stunk but I was already on the equipment so just thought I'd wash my hair once finished and thought no more of it....... Until 2 days after washing I could smell that funky awful smell, it has been like this ever since. I've tried nizoral, hibiclense, dial antibacterial, Jason dandruff, nothing works. Please help me as I am really depressed because of it. Valentina

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

Try washing your hair AND the inside of the helmet with white vinegar.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Middle, Tennessee, Usa)

Valentina, Makes me wonder if it is some kind of fungal thing. I would try a shampoo with tea tree oil in it, or just mix tea tree essential oil with extra virgin coconut oil and massage into your scalp and hair. (This would be messier, but a stronger solution. ) Let it sit for 10 minutes or so before washing it out. I would do that every day for 10 days. Charcoal is great for odor and toxins, but so very messy to use in your hair... It wouldn't hurt to take charcoal tablets internally (4 tablets 2-3 times a day for a few weeks. ) Don't take charcoal near the time you take any medications as it will absorb them. A probiotic internally, would be a good supplement to the above.

Hope this helps.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lou

My question would be, are you the only one that smells the smelly scalp? or do others notice it too?

Staphylococcal Folliculitis Scalp Infection Remedies

Posted by Danielle (New York, Ny) on 03/21/2013

I've experienced scalp issues for years after an initial fungal infection from a beauty salon. I've been tested since for any reoccurence, but not for bacterial infection until this summer. Now that I'm diagnosed with a staphylococcal folliculitis scalp infection, the problem is that the doctor only wants to prescribe Cipro or other fluoroquinolone products which are deadly and I refuse to take. Since then I've been researching the cures posted and have discovered that staph bacterial infections may have a different treatment plan than fungal infections. I've tried the vinegar which doesnt' stop the itch and alternatively sea salt which temporarily stops the itch. I haven't tried the antibiotics everyone else speaks of because I've read the posts and am leary about taking drugs that may cause even more issues. What treatment plan or combinations do you suggest and how should I apply them? Vinegar vs. ACV, sea salt, peroxide, oregano, tea tree or coconut oil? Does light therapy or uv light exposure help?

Replied by Heather C.
(Santa Rosa, Ca. Usa)

Danielle~ Ted would tell you to use Borax. I have had great success with this. I heat roughly 1.5 cups of water in the microwave or in a tea kettle until it boils. Add Borax until it is saturated (cloudy) Stir. Add cold water until it is luke warm. Pour into a bottle with a tip (like ketchup at a restaurant). Use in the shower after shampooing. Leave on a few minutes. Repeat daily. This will help tremendously.

Replied by Danielle
(White Plains, Ny, Usa)

Thanks Heather for sharing your success, I will try the Borax and hope it works for my condition as well.


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Posted by Tangie (Western Cape, South Africa) on 06/02/2016
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TCP for scalp infection/scalp odor/smell hair syndrome:

Use TCP which you can get from most pharmacies/chemists depending on where you live (I found it in the mouthwash aisle). Cover your scalp in TCP and let it soak under a shower cap for a few hours, then wash it off with normal shampoo.

Side effect - your head will smell like TCP for about a week. This is a strong disinfectant smell but not a horrible smell. So it's better to do this on a weekend or when you will be seeing less people. The smell of TCP will fade with time and the infection on your scalp that causes odor will be gone.

Replied by Ed

I'm sorry but what is TCP?

EC: TCP is a liquid antiseptic that contains phenol (carbolic acid.)

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Amber (Pa) on 08/07/2016
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About 2 weeks ago I noticed 3 different knots or small mats forming in my hair, they were about the size of a quarter. I didnt think much of it because my hair is very long to my butt, and has always gotten tangled easily. I had also been sleeping alot lately and not brushing my hair after showers. Well I a friend offered to brush out the knots because she is a hairdresser. So she worked on my hair for 4 hrs one night, and didnt get out a single knot, as a matter of fact, they all got BIGGER, and hard, they formed actual shapes, one was shaped and sized exactly like a computer mouse, one was perfectly circle and flat about the size of a 50cent pc, and the third was perfectly round like a ball. The amount of hair in each knot grew, like it was attaching itself to all the hairs. They got so big and firm that I couldn't even push a safety pin into one, not even a mm in! I scoured the internet along with my friends and family for 3 days trying to find anything that even came close to what I had, we couldn't find anything because these were no normal knots.

I came across and discovered It was from an EXTREMELY rare little known condition called Plica Polonica (I suggest anyone suffering from weird hair conditions, like sticky/tacky/dark slimy-like sections of hair, anywhere on the hair, look up this condition). Doctors still know very little about the cause and there is no cure or remedy except to cut the masses of hair off. But I suspected all along this condition is actually due to a fungal or bacterial growth. I tried everything known to man to get the knots out including wearing an entire giant jar of mayo on my head for 18 hours! I tried vinager, listerine, dawn, olive oil, hot oil, everything! I ended up cutting off the hair after a week of failed attempts to even remotely loosen them. But ever since I cut them all off 2 days ago, I have been getting these big pimple like bumps all over my head.

So I tried tea tree oil directly on the bumps, and its working! I don't know what the bumps are, but I know they have something to do with the scalp hair condition Plica Polonica, and the Tea Tree oil is killing it. If you have very knotty sections of hair, or you feel something kinda sticky in your hair, I suggest doing Tea Tree oil all over your scalp. I think if I would have paid more attention to the signs and treated my hair and scalp earlier, it never would have developed into Plica Plonica.

Replied by Nastasia
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I have the same thing. I used tea tree oil but it does not help. The hair mats into a ball of dry dandruff like mess. Sometimes sticky ooze forms. What brand of tea tree oil do you use? Like you I tried everything. It sometimes gets painful.

Replied by Sawyer

Hey I just totally saw this a few minutes after reading your post no it's not what I'm dealing with I just wanted to give you five things up for you are totally on track with your diagnosis and treatment why here it is sorry I feel the need to share but I'm going to :p

Demodex brevis mites feed on the glandular cells of the sebaceous gland that attaches to hair follicles (pilosebaceous glands) and meibomian glands. The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance known as sebum. Meibomian glands produce meibum which prevents tears from rapidly evaporating. It plays an important role in eye moisture.
Tea tree 5% ointment.
Mercury oxide 1% ointment.
Topical insecticides like permethrin and crotamiton creams.
Topical antibiotics like erythromycin and metronidazole.
Oral medication like ivermectin for people with weakened immune systems such as in HIV infection.

Replied by Shanti
(Austin, Texas)

I am not sure if I have the same problem as you, but here is what happened. I have extremely curly hair. I stupidly left it in a bun for about 3 weeks without washing it. Once I took the bun out my hair was two giant matted knots on each side of my head. Same as you, they were very hard. It took SEVERAL sessions over a 2 week period of attempting to brush out. I tried everything I could think of and what I read on the Internet. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, Vaseline, several deep conditioners, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. never found the tangler teaser (name?) and didn't go as far as fabric softener or we-40, but on a daily basis I patiently used a pick, a stick, and my fingers- digging my way through the knots. My hair was pretty long- it took YEARS to grow it- I am biracial, and though my hair is thin I had lots of it. When I finally got the last knot out I was left with very little hair :-(. A couple of pieces of my long hair remain, but otherwise I have areas of very short hair and I have very little left of it. I can fake a hairstyle by moving the longer pieces near the short ones. But what worries me most is my scalp.

During the time I was brushing it out and now, my scalp is EXTREMELY itchy. There are no big splotches or bumps, but I am constantly itching. Feels as if small bugs are crawling on my scalp. Could this be from dry hair? Or does it sound like an infection or fungus of some sort. I fear that my remaining hair is going to fall out. Oh, AND when I was detangling it there were pieces of hair that looked like they were covered in a dark slimy oil substance. It's been about 3 weeks and I'm still constantly itching. Not sure if I should try natural products or if I need to go to the doctor-maybe it's the same condition you have? The difference is my hair knotted because I didn't take care of it and left it tied up.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Replied by Marnie
(Madera, Ca)

Hi Shanti,
Borax (2O Mule Team) from the laundry aisle is the first thing I would try. It's safe and effective. It's anti-fungal. It's great for your skin. I would get some pure Castile soap (such as Dr Bronners). Get the soap lathered all over your scalp. Then add a handful of borax on top of your head and work it throughout your entire scalp. Massage it in and let it sit for a while. Rinse. If you're going to use conditioner, then only apply it to your hair and not your scalp. This should really help relieve the itch and get your hair nice a clean.

Other great things to try-
- Tea tree essential oil (added to shampoo or to some coconut oil for scalp treatment)
- Scrub wet scalp in shower with baking soda. Wash as usual. Final rinse with water mixed with some apple cider vinegar
- Coconut oil and / or Castor Oil (pure, 100%). If you feel your scalp is dry and irritated, massage with oil and leave on for an hour or overnight. 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil added in can be soothing.

Hope this helps!

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Hamza (Jakarta) on 01/10/2014

Hello, I am having scalp infection with excessive hair fall from past 6 year due to which I have lost 50% of my hair from top. I came across this website last year and after going through several post, I used borax to wash my hair initially but that didn't helped me at all. So, I started using ACV diluted form on my hair. It didn't cured my hair fall and scalp infection entirely but helped at least 50%.

Few days ago, I thought to use TED's alkalizing remedy's of mixing 1/4 tb baking soda and 2 tbp of ACV in 1 cup of water. I waited till the bubbles gone off and then spray it on my hair this solution. My itching is reduced 95% and am seeing less oily hair and feel the mixtures has helped. I didn't feel the same when I used ACV.

But, I searched about this mixture I.e. baking soda and ACV over internet and found it's harmful to use. Even first applying baking soda and then rinse with ACV is not good. Could anybody help me whether its safe to use the mixture of ACV and Baking soda on hair? Does it damage the hair over a period of time if used daily? PLEASE HELP

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg South Africa)

Hi Hamza, If it is working why not carry on.

Replied by Hamza

Hi Louwrence,

I know this solution is working but my concern is that if I use the combination of ACV + baking soda for prolonged time, then whether it will damage the scalp and hair and cause excessive hairfall further? I am not seeing hairfall as of now but I read over internet that if used this combination then it damage the scalp and one will see the impact of it after a month of so. Because scalp ph is slighlty acidic 4.5 - 6 and ACV + baking soda combination make scalp ph to 7.

Replied by Hamza

Can experts please help me on my concern?

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Hamza,

I am no expert, but my thought is that baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar are used by many people for cleaning their hair and many seem to use it long term with only positive results. I have recently begun trying it myself. As I see it, this has got to be safer than anything else I have been using to clean my hair, even most "natural" stuff.

Perhaps someone else with have some more thought that will shed light on why some say it is not good.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Cat
(Ausin, Tx)

I thought I'd blend in on this subject: Once a month before bed, I pour 1/2 c baking soda down my bathtub drain, then pour about a cup of ACV or white vinegar (whichever is available) after it. I let it sit overnight. It fizzes and breaks up the hair that has accumulated down there with the end result being the disappearance of hair, oil, and gunk clogging my drain; my drain works smoothly again. I though I would say this because I noticed that when I combined these 2 products and used them to wash my hair, I got lots of hair going down the drain. I thought perhaps this combo was eating my hair as it does the hair in my drain. This does not happen when I use them separately. But, for a while now, I only wash my hair with diluted ACV (1/1), pouring it onto my hair and scrubbing it onto my scalp; I let it sit for about 5 minutes, then I rinse it out thoroughly and do a natural dry. I then spritz with a favorite organic cologne. I use virgin coconut oil as a scalp and hair moisturizer every 2-3 days. I use LouAnn (from Wal) because it does not have a strong coconut smell, yet gets the job done I.e. keeping my scalp from feeling tight and itchy. Once a month, I use Dr. Bonner's rose oil soap (very diluted) to wash my head and hair and strip it of old oil or dandruff. This strategy really works for me and is preserving the hair my thyroid condition has left on my head. (alleviating this condition is a work in progress).

I ONLY use diluted baking soda to wash my body after I have used a clean, rough, white, car cloth to dry-scrub off the coconut oil I slathered on my body beforehand. This has changed my skin for the better soooo much. All other soaps (and I've tried hundreds), including Dr. Bonner's has left my skin dry and cracked and itchy. Peace out, Cat

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Hi Cat,

Thanks for taking the time to share your routine and observations! Very helpful.

I should clarify for Hamza that when I use ACV and Baking Soda, I first put 1 T. Baking soda in a container then add a cup or two of water (and a few drops of essential oil.) Then I pour it around on my scalp and gently rub a little. Then I rinse. For the vinegar, I am probably mixing 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water and putting putting my hair into it, but not putting it on my scalp, actually. Then I rinse my hair. I do not do this as often as I was shampooing, either and so far it is working pretty well.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Hamza

Thanks Cat and Mama to Many for sharing you routine and observations.

As mentioned by Cat, Even I am seeing now more hair in the drain when I am mixing ACV + baking soda from past 2 days. I think I will try to use them separately and will observe results. If that also causes problem and hair loss then I'll go back to only using diluted ACV.

The only issue using diluted ACV on my scalp is that it doesn't clear dead skin on my scalp properly and produce more oil. But it doesn't cause hair fall much.

(Olathe, Ks)

You have hair mites (demodex) bro. Do some research. More and more people are getting hair mites. They live inside your hair follicles and eat at it which is causing your hair loss.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Hamza from Jakarta -- I would use completely different natural remedies:

Virgin Coconut Oil with cayenne pepper as #1, with borax separately

Honey gently dissolved with warm water

Borax for exfoliation and as a scrub together with the undissolved Borax

Amla powder which is the Indian amla fruit high in vit C as a wash

sulphur soap for fungi

Indian navaratna hair oil

or ... Maha Narayan oil after cleansing first.

Replied by Lisa
(Dallas Texas)

I have had hair loss and whelps like acne on my head. Should I still use the Borax? Is there anything oral I should take?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

At first I would use a good application with coconut oil with about ten drops of clove essential oil for medical purposes. If there is itching afterwards, it could be parasites. Keep on for a few hours or as is convenient. Keep in mind, as with coconut oil always, it is a cooling oil and in cold weather a cover for the head is necessary. Repeats as often as convenient.

Borax is very good but oiling afterwards is necessary.

For shampoo, Dr. Bronner's pure kastile shampoo with a selection of essential oils is very good. I have used it for many years also for my pets .Available in health stores.

Making a wash from soap berries because it contains anti bacterials and is very mild but effective (see online).

Chamomile infusion. Soak a cloth and keep on for ten minutes. Very healing and soothing.

Internally Diatomaceous Earth with Bentonite clay but also externally. It has a lot of Silica for hair/nail/bones. It draws out toxins. I was surprised that my nails grew stronger and longer after only about four days of one tblsp. daily in a large glass of water.

You can find DE/Bentonite in feed stores or online. These remedies don't break the bank and they do work. Namaste, Om

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Val (Mount Carroll, Illinois) on 09/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this website. I have had scalp Problems for nearly 7 years. I have went to 3 doctors for tgis and nothing helpd but ur treatment of borax and H2O2 really works. Today will be my third use and it is incredible. I can feel the difference on my scalp. Thanks again for this amazing cure.

Replied by Emily

What are the measurements?

Replied by Wanda
(Cocoa, Fl)

Bumps that are itchy and scaly on scalp. I scratch it off and it comes back like the next day.. please help.. my white blood cells are elevated at one point up to 24000. I think I have a scalp infection.

Replied by Sadie

Wanda, have you found anything to help?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Cairo (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/29/2013

Regarding the use of tea tree oil and lavender oil for scalp infections, how long should the oil be left on the scalp? It is written to leave it on overnight. Is that supposing that the person washing his/her hair in the morning? I have been applying the oils once a day, but I don't wash my hair every day (I never had -- it becomes too dry). Instead, I have been using a wooden comb to stimulate the area, rubbing with warm water, and then reapplying on nights when I don't wash my hair. Is this unhealthy? I've been experiencing no negative side effects. Just wondering.

Also, for how many days should a person apply the oil? Is there a limit? I am on my forth day and plan to continue until my scalp feels normal again, but am afraid to overdo it.

Replied by Keely
(Memphis, Tn)

Do you wash your hair every night with this or can it be done once a week?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Dsgreen5 (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/12/2012

Scalp Fungus: Is there any reason why I could not use the ACV/Hydrogen Peroxide & Tea Tree/Lavender solutions while my son is taking the GRIS-PEG 250 that was prescribed by his pediatrician (for 6 weeks)? Is there any contraindication between the two treatments?

Replied by Karen
(Detroit Metro Area, Mi)

DsGreen5..... There is a difference. One is natural and one has toxic drugs/chemicals in them. Most of the people who come to this site are looking for healthier alternatives and some come here because they lack health insurance.

Earthclinic was started to give all natural options for healing. Give these a try. I have been coming here for every ailment I face, or my family or friends face... and we have found relief or are cured from ailments/diseases.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Faithy (Worcester, Ma) on 09/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I cannot believe this works! I stopped after work to pick up the ingredients - put it on my head last night, did not rinse out and the itching stopped, I didn't scratch at all. I had at least 12 red spots on my head from scratching the scabs and at least two raised welts, welts are gone, scalp is dry, a little red but nothing like before - repeated in shower this morning, and rinsed out - no itching at all! I did order the teatree oil with lavender on amazon - they do have a combo, for around $7.00. I am going to use this overnight when I receive. Thank you so much TED!!!! You literally saved my life. I have short dark hair, and this was becoming a problem as I could not stop scratching. Thank you so much! Question, how long should I use the mixture, as I have some scabs left?

Replied by Tommie
(Long Beach, CA)

What is the Teds remedy? I have a fungal scalp infection I can't get rid of and it's making my hair fall out. I can't handle this anymore. HELP PLEASE

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Vincent (Seattle, Wa.) on 11/03/2010

Please help... I don't understand... You say "1 part" Apple Cider & Vinegar. "1 part" Hydrogen Peroxide. With "10 parts" water. What are "parts" ? Could you or anyone explan to me what are "parts"? Thank You"

Replied by Elly
(Hamburg, Germany)

Peroxide is toxic and can cause necrosis on the scalp. It's very important the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Please be more precise and careful when giving health advices and name the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used.

Replied by Kent
(Lyndonville, Vermont)

Parts - think about it as equal portions. 1 tablespoon is a part. So the 1 part, 1 part, 10 parts would look like 1 tablespoon of ACV, 1 tablespoon of hydrogren peroxide and 10 tablespoons of water. Bigger jug? 1/4 cup is a part. So the 1 part, 1 part, 10 parts would look like 1/4 cup of ACV, 1/4 cup of hydrogren peroxide and 10 quarter cups (or 2 1/2 cups) of water.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Diane (Ottumwa, Ia ) on 08/10/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Here is what worked for my itchy scabs on my scalp, Colloidal Silver. I made a 20% concentration. It knocked one of the scabs out in three days. The other scab near my neckline did not respond to Colloidal Silver, but has responded to a modification of Ted's Remedy. I took about 8oz. Of Ted's Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar, Water Mixture and added about a teaspoon of Epsom salts and a teaspoon of Borax to it to make a heavily saturated solution. I applied it numerous times per day with a cotton ball. It's gradually getting smaller and in about two more days should be gone. I can't tell you all the stuff I tried that did not work, the list would be too long. I figured the Borax would be good if it was a mite, the epsom salts, vinegar and peroxide would be good if it was bacterial or fungal in nature. I tried every anti-fungal and every anti-bacterial in the natural world and every over-the-counter remedy I could think of. By the way, Vicks is a nightmare to get out of your hair and should never be tried. Hope this helps someone. I agree with the posters who say this is from a cat or kitten. Never had any skin/scalp infections until we took in a cat.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Sara (Georgetown, De) on 01/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Well my story started out last summer when I brought a stray kitten into our home... little did I know what I just got myself into! The kitten had ringworm and we didn't know it until it was too late. My daughter eventually ended up getting it on her scalp. Two prescriptions later it still wasn't better! The ACV solution has made a huge difference. Its been a month (I treat her head every single night)and all the small spots are gone and the two large spots she has are 75% healed!! I also, in the evening, rub a cut garlic clove on the spots.

Follow the ACV treatment and dont stop until it is gone! I'd also recommend treating for 2-3 weeks after to make 100% sure.... you dont want it coming back.

Im so thankful I came across this website!

Replied by Diane
(Montgomery, Alabama)
5 out of 5 stars

Double YEA...I have had itchy scalp with welts and inner ear canal itch for over a year. Found this site yesterday and feel really blessed. I did the Apple Cider Vineger and peroxide water (1,1,10). I washed my hair in the mixture this morning at 6am. It is 2pm now and I have not itched all, scalp or ears. I bought oils today to start the OP tonight. Thanks so much!

Replied by Ingram
(Akron, Oh)

I have had problems with the back of my scalp for over 8 yrs and it has lowered my self esteem a lot. Winter months I always wear hoody sweat shirts to hide the area or I have to cover it with make up and then that gets all over my collars. It has added to my depression. I have refused to even visit friends out of state that has invited me to stay for a visit because Im embarasased. I went to see a Dermatoligist a few yrs back and ran up a bill close to $300 with visits and meds. I was put on antibotics, had injections directly to the scalp and used a medical shampoo and ointments. Things got a bit better but never heeled to my satisfaction. Ive tried many other things too like Vitamanin E oil, Dandruff Shampoo, Psoriasis Shampoo, Hand Antibacterial sanitizer, Zinc pills (worked for a short while), Antibacterial ointments, Noxema, acne med, etc. I finally couldnt take it anymore and made an appt last week to see the Derm. again in 4 days. I just found this sight and I just 10 min. ago made the ACV/Perox/Water potion and applied it and Im so hoping I will have some scalp reief soon. I just dont get where this came from and why its lingered for so long. It will be so great if it works for me but WOW Ill be a bit mad knowing I had this easy remedy in my house all along too. I have heard vinger does wonders with stuff but I always hated the smell of it. But hey if it works smelling like a salad will all be worth it. I will follow up here in a while to give feed back on this cure.

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, Or)
5 out of 5 stars

I had the same problem with scalp for years. I know what you mean, it is embarrassing. I wore hats everyday. I couldn't even go have my hair professionally cut, I was so embarrassed. (although a hairdresser told me that she sees it a lot.. So I don't think we are alone in this) I have a theory that it is initially caused from our commercial shampoos, hairsprays, hair dyes and poor diet. Regardless, I think I've finally found the solution.. After trying EVERYTHING. I started using a natural shampoo jason with sulfur in it. Started noticing good results, but still getting break outs here and there on scalp.

One night I had a blemish on my chin and had no apple cider vinegar, so I used 50/50 white distilled vinegar and water (filtered or distilled). Within an hour the blemish dried up and there was NO sign of it left behind on my chin (and I'd tried everything for weeks on this spot, so you would expect at least a scar left behind.. Nothing! ) So I thought, let's try this on the scalp problems. I used a q-tip and used the same 50/50 solution. The next day.. They were all 95% gone! After a 2nd application, they disappeared altogether. Now I'm going to try using this white vinegar mix as a final rinse in the shower (faster than q-tip). NOTE: I've used apple cider vinegar rinse for months in the shower, with little effect, BUT the white vinegar worked for some reason. * Be sure to wash your towel and pillowcases to prevent this recurring.

Replied by William

Seborrheic dermatitis!!!! I have read most of the posts here! Most of what has been described here sounds like.....seborrheic dermatitis! First! There is no cure as of yet! All you can do is keep flare-ups down! I think, I got mine from a dog or cat! Baking soda and ACV or white vinegar works to keep it at bay! Hair loss will grow back in time! Hope this helps!

(Olathe, Ks)

Its not SD. Some to most have demodex. It all falls within the symptoms categories

Replied by Cynthia

My scalp feels like someone is poking a pin in it. I also have a crawling sensation in my scalp. I believe this is demodex. How can I get rid of it once and for all?

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