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Posted by Mary (Newark, New Jersey) on 01/04/2008
1 out of 5 stars


Dear Earth Clinic, I just wanted to let you know that I think on Ted's Posts it should say in bold at the beginning, or where it can't be missed to read the recipes carefully. I had a small bald spot on my head, found this website, and read some things Ted wrote. I read something about hydrogen peroxide and acv for scalp problems and hair loss. It did not say how much to use in the blurb I read. I thought I would try it. Well I just made a solution up and put it on my head. Left it on overnight. Well, Now I am loosing all my hair!!! So this was not a remedy in the little problem I had, instead, it is causing all my hair to fall out. I would like to spare future readers from this, so please put a warning, and make sure people read Ted's postings very carefully, and if they do not see a recipe, have them contact Ted before just making one up themselves. I know most people would be more careful, but there are us haphazard people out here you know. Thank you.

Replied by Tony
Toronto, Canada

Ted's peroxide remedy (1 part ACV, 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide with 10 parts water) states to leave on for 1 minute not overnight. Maybe it shouldn't have been left on that long and that is why your hair is falling out.

Replied by Ricardo
Danbury, CT, US

I think that should state what type and concentration of hydrogen peroxide is being used. There are many different types and concentrations, thanks.

Replied by Ruth
Hernando, Ms

It actually does state 3% hydrogen peroxide. Read carefully and then read again.

Posted by Lisa (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) on 10/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Thank You so much. My 4 year old daughter (AA) developed folliculitus and all of the doctors treatments were worthless. She started loosing hair on the top of her head and pustules were all over. She also complained of her scalp hurting. I did a google search and found this site. Even after the first ACV & H202 tx I noticed improvement. I followed up with Tea Tree and Lav. oils nightly and once a week for two weeks I repeated the ACV & H202. She has no more pustules, they have all dried out. Plus she has no more pain. Her scalp looks 95% better. I am just waiting for a small patch of crust to fall off and a small patch of hair to grow back. I will continue the TT and Lav for a couple more weeks to make sure the infection completely gone. Thank god I found this site and that she has thick hair to hide the small patch.

Replied by Ted

Lisa: Happy to hear of the news. A longer term remedy of acv baking soda alkalizing to raise the body's immune system, some weekly magnesium (magnesium citrate) and zinc (zinc gluconate) supplements and perhaps if possible a molybdenum (sodium molybdate) should prevent the condition from coming back again.

Posted by Tasha (Petersburg, VA) on 05/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to let you all know i been having a scalp problem for over 8months was directed to your site by a friend Tryied the Apple cider and perioxide and my scalp is already feeling better I am also using the T-tree oil... My doctor gave me a shampoo & cream that didnt help.. I have lost all my hair on the top of my head in several patches, it would itcy and be dry and hurt to the point I couldnt touch my head. After one wash with the solution it felt 99% better.. I hope my hair will grow back as well.. Thanks a bunch 4 this site

Posted by David (Orange County, CA) on 02/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I discovered this sit because i had a scalp infection and wanted to find out how i could cure it. i started to take the acv and baking soda internally that ted suggests. i felt really good and it seemed to help a lot. i put some acv on my head as well and i don't know if i worked. i also tried the peroxide on my head but i hasn't really done much either.i had read that eucalyptus oil is really good, so i realized that vic's vapor rub has eucalyptus oil in it so i put some on my head and it had the greatest effect than anything i tried.i can say that i went to the nutritional store to buy the tea tree oil that ted suggested, but unfortunately for me i listened to the homeopathic doctor there and didn't buy it. instead i bought the pills he suggested and the ointment that contained alison, i guess it's an extract from garlic, which is also suppose to clean your blood. that didn't seem to help at all so i started rubbing on the vic's again. i am going to buy the tea tea tree oil and maybe eucalyptus oil. i also have to mention, that i had blood work done there at the health food store and my blood was really clean. he said that he never gets to see such healthy blood and was very impressed! i had been taking the acv and baking soda for at least a month though, so i guess it really worked. i use to have a little bite of lower back pain and that even went away. i want to give a special thanks to tedd, your a gentle man and a scholar. well thanks to everyone as well, who have taken the time to try to help others by contributing to this site. god bless all of you and your families!

p.s. i forgot to note that the infection seemed to be fungus and discovered it because my hair was falling out. i decided to just go ahead and shave my head and discovered i had the read fungus/ringworm on different parts of my head .the acv and vic's vapor rub really helped and i started to regrow my hair and it's not falling out anymore. it even seems to be growing thicker on the area's that were growing thin. thanks!

Posted by Lara (Boonton, NJ) on 01/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

When my brother tried to commit suicide in Feb. 2006, my scalp suddenly became extremely sore & huge pieces of it began to slough off. This wasn't like little bits of dandruff here & there. The pieces were sizeable square inches of skin. Because the pieces were so large, they wouldn't fall off because several hundred hairs were still threaded through them. The pieces looked like off-white tissue paper hovering about 1/2 inch above my scalp. It was a very alarming sight (though not as alarming as the condition of my brother). I first tried Scalpicin from the hospital pharmacy, but that only provided a very brief, cooling sensation. I looked on the internet & read about apple cider vinegar. The recommendation for scalp problems was to dilute the acv with water. I was in a state of extreme anxiety due to long hours in the ICU, & just wanted very fast relief. So I poured several cap-fulls of acv on my scalp & massaged it in a bit. The only thing I noticed was the vinegary smell & a very slight tingling sensation. I sat for an hour or so, & then rinsed my hair & scalp. It's hard to believe, but after that one treatment, the horrible huge pieces of skin stopped rising up from my scalp immediately. I repeated the same treatment one week later, just as a preventative measure. The problem never returned, despite several months of equally stressful hospital experiences.

Posted by Tasha (IL) on 11/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I'm late writing my feedback, but it may benefit someone especially for African American children.

On June 3, 2006, after my son's haircut, I noticed my son had a small, round, white patch in the middle of his scalp. Curious, I took note of this on my calendar to keep a close eye on it.

As the weeks go by, the patch had spread to at least 3 or 4 more patches with hair loss. Not completely bald patches. I immediately confirmed this HAD to be ringworm in the scalp.

How could this happen when I keep the kids scalp and body clean with bathings? My kids like to play in the dirt outside and very well could have transferred hand to scalp during play. I don't know for sure...just a guess. By June 30th, I began Ted's recommedation of ACV (with the Mother) and Hydrogen Peroxide Shampoo along with the Tea Tree Oil and Lavender mixture.

I followed his recipe exactly. I would give my son (3years old) his bath and "shampoo" or saturate his hair with the ACV & Peroxide. Let it sit on his hair and scalp while I bathe him. After rinsing the soap off his body, I would rinse out the ACV & Peroxide from his hair.

My mixture: 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil, 1 drop of Lavender Oil diluted in 1 tablespoon of Sweet Almond Oil. I used the Sweet Almond Oil because it absorbs and carries the essential oils well.

After drying him off, I immediately applied the Tea Tree Oil and Lavender mixture to his ENTIRE scalp (he had a low hair cut...much easier). I did make sure his hair and scalp was coated. I applied a Doo Rag (a scarf with 2 tails) and wrapped his head up. The tails help secure the base of the Doo Rag on his head. He wore the Doo Rag and Oil Mixture over night. I did not wash it out in the morning nor did I reapply the oil mixture during the day.

I applied this oil mixture every night at bath time for 6 weeks. However, I did not apply the ACV & Hydrogen Peroxide shampoo everyday. For some reason, after the second day, my son would literally scream "murder" at the sight of the ACV & Peroxide. I would calmly refer to it as water but he did not want that "water" near him. I can't confirm if it burned his scalp or not. So, I have no clue as to if it burns. Oh, and I made sure not to get it in his eyes. Therefore, I shampooed with regular shampoo and followed with the oil mixture.

At the end of the 6 weeks, his hair had grown back in with no more white patches or hair loss. It is has been several months now and everything is still clear.

BTW, my son knew something wasn't right because the other children did not have to wear the Doo Rag. Try to be comforting and reassuring during this difficult time with small children. The Doo Rag sort of acts as a protective measure from spreading (to the family) so you don't want the child to take it off due to embarrassment or shame. The child can wear it during the day if he/she is a stay at home child like mine. Our family made him feel comfortable about the Doo Rag. We took pictures of him with his "shades" on and just had fun his first night. This way, you don't have to fight or have an unhappy child every night for 6 weeks. BTW, I saw an oil recipe on a different website that is identical to Ted's except the lady recommed using the oil mixture 3x's a day. For those who work during the day or if the child is in school, this may not seem ideal although I believe it would work. Nevertheless, Ted's overnight treatment was less work and with proven results.

I hope this helps someone.

Replied by Mr. P
Battle Creek, Mi.

Hello. I'm 27 years old. A number of years ago I went to the doctor because I was losing hair on the side of my head and on my ankles. The doctor told me it was fungi and gave me some Tolfonate powder. I didn't use it consistently and so it never was too effective. But it seemed to have at least stopped the fungal infection on my head. Now, though, the infection has come back big time. The infected area on my head is losing more and more hair, its itching lately, and feels a tad prickly to the touch. Plus the hair in the infected area that's not falling out is turning gray. I don't have insurance, and I need a low-cost cure. What solution would work best to cure a fungal infection of the scalp? A specific ointment, Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Oil... What?
Thanks, Patrick

Replied by Humilatedintx
Arlington, Tx
4 out of 5 stars

I've had scalp psoraisis for almost 2 years now. I know it's genetic, stress-related, and food allergy related.

I had no insurance, I went to a dermatologist. Spent a good $90 for the visit and he spent 5 min with me and said yes, you have psoraisis. I already knew. He told me to get on Humira (never did because of the side effects) and I used the scalp oil he recommended and of course, steriod cream. Nothing helped.

I used OTC shampoos, nothing helped.

I know what the root causes are - food allergy, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugars, and stress are major triggers. I know what I can take as supplements to cure this.

However, after reading this remedy by TED.. I realized how common this is to everyone. And it's not just scalp psoraisis - its a fungal infection. My physician and dermatologist didn't even take the time to test my scalp for infection or refer me out to a nutritionist to help my diet. At least, I'm good at research on my own.

So, I've been using your remedy. First few days, just undiluted ACV for 30-1hr and shampoo out. Just tonight, I tried the ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide, Water mix. It works alot better - less inflammation.

I'm going to get some Tea Tree and Lavendar oil. I sell Nature's Sunshine so, I know the products are 100% pure. With the ACV, I use _____'s (with Mother) from Whole Foods Market.

Ted, I have alot of inflammation and redness on the top of my forehead from scratching too much.. Long ago. It's healing. I have lost some hair (where women normally lose hair. ) Will the tea tree and lavendar help reduce the infammation and grow hair back? So far it feels so much better. Thank you.

Replied by Humiliatedintx
Arlington, Tx


50/50 white vinegar, purified or distilled water. 4-5 drops of tea tree oil. So much better overnight. For some reason the Apple cider vinegar didn't help heal it, the itching stopped only.

Replied by Pinky Bee
Fremantle , Western Australia

I need help...... My scalp is sooooo dry, flaky, itchy as hell and sometimes sore. I have used coconut oil (extra virgin) for a week now and it seems to be getting itchier and flakier, one side of my head was worse than the other..... But now they are nearly the same!! I have very thin hair and in some parts (the front and sides) it's not growing back :(. I just want my thick hair back..... I think about it all the time, because it's itchy all the time...... I think I have a fungus and just spread it because I'm always itching..... HELP!!! Please???

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Someone posted a remedy for problems with the scalp here a few days ago. I am thinking of trying. Here is what I copied and saved in my remedies file:

  • I had the itching scalp, substantial thinning and some dandruff several years ago, and cleared it all up in two treatments. I used about 1/8 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil and a few drops of lavender oil in 3 Tablespoons of sweet almond oil (you could use any carrier oil, I think). I parted my hair and poured it on my scalp all over and left it there for an hour, massaging it around with my fingertips some, before I showered it out. Whatever was wrong is gone, I have no itch and my hair came back thick

  • Replied by Lia
    Boston, Usa

    IRRITATED SCALP- For all who have little bumps and sores on your scalp, please stop using shampoo with SLS or perfumes, your scalp might be sensitive to these. Wash your hair with dove sensitive bar soap, you'll be surprised when you hair stops falling as well!

    Replied by Jcisgod
    Lake Elsinore, California

    Everyone, I have suffered with Seborreic dermatitis for over 20yrs. Iam now pretty much cured. Trust me on this please. Mix 1 tbsp of honey preferably nonpesticide organic kind with 1 tbsp organic aloe vera GEL with 1 tbsp organic coconut oil. Mix and let melt together 10-15 minutes. Mix well and apply to your whole head, particulary the spots where the dermatitis is the worse. Important, leave on a minumum of 4hrs or better if on overnight. Let it dry and it should not get on your pillowcase. Coconut oil and Honey are two of the worlds most powerful antifungals. Not everyone gets the same results. Try it again if it doesnt knock it out. But most can say goodby to seborreic dermatitis. Praying first will not hurt either. May God bless you all. Sorry about the large print, I do not know how to fix it.

    Treat for Demodex Hair Mites  

    Posted by Leo (Olathe, Ks) on 02/20/2016

    Hello everyone.

    From nearly all of the posts I see, it seems like most of you have demodex or hair mites. They thrive on oily skin and scalp. They live inside your hair follicle, hence your hair falling out. Also change your diets, this is a sign of a weak immune system. Eat organics and take organic vitamins to boost immune system. Best thing to do is see a dermatologist and ask for a natural treatment. If they don't help then YouTube and google are your best friends to finding a cure.

    God be with you all.