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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Change Pillows Daily, Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/09/2013 89 posts
4 out of 5 stars

Hi All, Been reading and reading about rosacea here and on peoples pharmacy pages. I have some sort of rosacea but overall my skin is very very dry or can get that way very quickly. I keep my face clean but immediately have to put lotion or coconut oil on it so it does not dry out. If I use lotion I use a oatmeal based one without mineral oil in it. I just have to gently rub my nose or face and I will get a red splotch on it for a minute or two. What I have been doing for the last week is:

-Changing my pillow case daily

- Wash just my nose and under my nose with dandruff shampoo (with zinc in it)-- I basically wash the rest of my face with water. I pat most of the water off and the use Colloidal Silver on my breakout areas of nose and under nose. The areas calmed down quickly and are still on the mend.

A person posted about how her rosacea kind of morphs and I feel my case is like that also so I will keep you posted on how this does, but I used oregano oil and ACV on it and my face was so flakey and dry within a day even with smearing coconut oil and almond oil on it afterwards.

Are there any other sensitive delicate faces out there also? Any different approaches? ~jillery

Change Pillows Daily, Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 01/12/2014 89 posts
4 out of 5 stars

So I continue working on my rosacea issues... Overall my rosacea is not THAT bad (red bumps and redness on nose, cheeks, a bit between my eyebrows, some breakouts/redness above and below lip) but I have hardly had a pimple in my 58 years that this condition is making me a bit nuts. lol.

You can see from my other posts what I have been doing all along and that I feel my rosacea kind of morphs from a treatment getting better and then worse after a few weeks.

Most currently I am wiping down my face with hydrogen peroxide and then I use a sulpher ointment on the Tzone. I let it dry. Then because the general condition of my skin is dry, I put on some oatmeal based generic lotion. My face is calming down more and more. The sulpher stuff I used was a product specfically for rosacea-- main stream.

The other thing that seems to make a difference is taking 2t of apple cider vinegar with about 4 T of water-- like a shot of booze. I had been drinking the ACV thru out the day but doing it in shots twice a day seems to be better for me. This also helps diminish my HOT FLASHES.

The vitamins I take everyday is zinc/copper, vit D (3000-6000 mg per rx. my D is/was sub normal) and magnesium (400-800mg). I was taking these things prior to the sulpher and ACV also.

My skin was quite dry this morning but my skin cycles from a bit oily to extremely dry and right now I guess I am in a dry period. So I also used some castor oil mixed with almond oil with some esssential oils in it (lavendar and orange)

That's it. I hope this helps someone.


Oregano Oil
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 11/27/2013 89 posts

Has anyone used oregano oil for rosecea? I saw a clip about taking the oil internally (4 pills a day) and using a diluted oregano oil on the areas on your face. I have been using it for the past two days and my results aren't 'in' yet-- it seems to have calmed things down a bit but I will not attest for the results as of yet. Anyone? Anyone?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/26/2013 89 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I am checking back in again-- I previously read a post that I continue to look for. It was from a woman who mentioned that her rosacea seems to kind of 'morph' each time she tries something out. Her rosacea will calm down for a week -+ and then whatever remedy she is using seems not to work anymore-- that seems to be happening with me also-- If anyone knows this post I would like to read it again-- I keep search for it.... EC do you have easy access to this post?

I tried Oregano oil and it was helpful for a few days but then my face got horrifically dry-- like leather! I used it sparingly and diluted topically. I also took oregano pills.

Diluted apple cider vinegar is helpful but not great.

Zinc oxide cream was good for a few days-- even my bf said my face was less red but then my face started to dry from that too.

I used collodial silver as a toner. Not much of anything there but my face did not react from that.

I also tried tea tree oil dotted on the breakouts (diluted). Too harsh for my skin.

I change my pillow case every few days.

Now I am using borax and HP to wash with-- dab it on and let it dry-- and that calms it. I then apply a Eucerine zinc oxide/titanium dioxide senstive skin cream to nose, upper lip and an oatmeal lotion to the rest of my face. I have less break outs but I am still not happy with the results.

Right now I am sitting here with yogurt on my nose/lip. lol. It feels nice!

I am thinking I need to keep rotating different remedies for my particular problem... I do not have rosacea bad but the redness and few zits are noticable. I am 58.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Tina (Cambridge, Ma) on 12/26/2013

Dear Mama to Many, I was very interested in your borage oil post. I have rosacea on my face too and have been taking high doses of evening primrose oil and pharmaceutical grade fish oil every day. Have also tried vitamin e and vitamin d after reading about it here. During the winter, nothing really helps. So now I will try borage oil even though as I recall it is quite similar to evening primrose oil, no? Thank you!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/27/2013 89 posts
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily


I forgot to mention I did try castor oil for a number of days also... I actually have some on my T-zone right now along with a little coconut oil. Although the area is more calm than it had been THIS GIRL AIN'T HAPPY. lol.

I will look into the Borage oil-- I had not considered that... I was thinking of trying another oil.... can't think right now... seathorn or something like that.... also I was thinking of the maluka honey too... then of course there is always colloidal COPPER--

Yesterday I did try urine wiped on my nose (my own... not some as even though slightly gross it makes sense in a way... it didn't make it worse or better but it did feel... different...

I want to be one of those people who slather something one and the next day it is gone!!!

I wonder why your rash travels? I used to get psoriasis -- a kind of rash on the inner bend of my arm when I was a kid... kinda like hives... I remember the smell of the creme my mom would put on it.. but not the name. but it was some old timey type of stuff so I doubt it is around anymore.

Thank you for responding to my post-- I did spend more time looking for it today and pages 1-6... and I know I have checked thru page 10... so who knows... Feel free to write me at dancingpretzels at the Y-- I like your name Mom of many...

oh yes... also tried milk of magnesia dabbed on too-- just add that to your list to share... it was listed on peoples pharmacy radio show in NC.

Jillery. xo

Oregano Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 12/27/2013

Dear Tina,

Yes, I had assumed that Evening Primrose and Borage would be pretty similar. Although, I have been taking EPO for the last month (just for kicks...I had some in the house and took it since it is good for menopause/premenopause and I am 46.) and it wasn't helping my skin issue. So, I looked the two oils up to see why one might work better...turns out that Borage Oil has 5 times as much GLA (gamma linolenic Acid) as Evening Primrose. GLA is suppose to be important for healthy inflammatory and immune response.

So, it will be interesting to see if Borage helps with Rosacea!

Dear Jillery,

Your post made me smile--you want to be one of the people who gets cured right away with one thing! :) I agree!

I wonder what your mother put on your psoriasis? And, I too wonder why my rash travels. It does seem to begin when I have had a tiny cut or bug bite in the skin.

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/27/2013 89 posts

Thank you Tj for your information and guidance. What does the MSM powder taste like? I would assume it has that stinky eggy smell to it? If so, what do you do to get it down easily?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/27/2013 89 posts

and OH I do have molasses in the cupboard!!! Thanks!

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Jess (Usa) on 11/26/2013

Can't wait to try the anti-dandruff shampoo. Looking back I think my rosacea first showed up after I had a rescue dog with demodex mange. I didn't realize it was rosacea for a couple of years after that. just a note, if this is caused by mites, you will have to wash all bedding in hot water and toss your old pillows and get new or will keep re-infecting yourself. I can't afford to replace my mattress but will spray it and my cloth furniture with the cedar oil based spray I use to kill fleas, ticks, ants, etc.

Borax, MMS
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 11/26/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Presently I am using MMS for roseacea with good results. It needs to be sprayed on at least three times after each drying and as often as possible. In between I use a good moisturizer as the drying process is also drying the skin.

Colloidal silver also works very well sprayed on or using a ball of cotton wool. This all has to be done as often as possible for at least three months.

I wash my face with borax and Dr. Bronner's kastile soap. It can be kept on for a few minutes before washing off. It produces good skin and the mites don't like it.

Another strategy is using castor oil on the face to suffocate the parasites.

Do not forget nostrils and inner ears and eyes. MMS is good for eyes. Om

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Mtv (Ohio) on 10/08/2013

How many times a day until the pustules go away. I am also using ACV straight on them. Does the skin get worse before it gets better? It has been about 2 weeks and I get rid of 2 spots and 1-2 brand new ones pop-up the next day. My skin is definitely the worst it's ever been.

FYI--I grabbed the original Selsun Blue as far as the shampoo.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sp (Wb, Nj, Usa) on 05/07/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Going completely gluten free had a huge impact on my rosacea. It cleared it up at least 75%. I didn't go gluten free for the rosacea, that was just one of the great side effects for me. It's hard to go gluten free, but give it a try. It surely won't hurt you. Good luck!

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anonymous (US) on 05/06/2013
1 out of 5 stars

After reading the reviews for Ted's Remedy for rosacea, I was extremely hopeful. I followed everything perfectly for several months, but now I am strongly considering giving up on the treatment. I have noticed no changes. It continues to follow the cyclical pattern of ups and downs. I have, however, noticed my rosacea spreading. Not "moving" or transferring like he said it might do, but spreading. As in, now it is in 2 places instead of one. I don't blame it on the treatment, I blame it on the treatment not working and the disease is simply progressing. Needless to say, this remedy did not work for me and I have no idea why. With such great reviews, I really expected great things here. I have tried absolutely everything for this disease and nothings has been able to help me in the slightest. I am 20 years old and this disease has ruined my life. Since this failed I just don't know what to do anymore...

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Claire (Asheville, Nc) on 05/06/2013

Hi! Please tell us exactly what protocol you followed so we can know what you tried.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Marjorie (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) on 04/07/2013
0 out of 5 stars

Hi - I am hoping for some feedback from Ted from Bangkok.

I have been suffering from rosacea for a year now - it is the skin thickening type however. Each morning my pores are enlarged on my nose and forehead, and my nose is gradually growing thicker and wider. After much research, I feel certain it is caused by Demodex mites. My immune system is down, also.

I have been applying the borax and H2O2 solution, plus taking 1/8 tsp a day in water for the past 10 days, as advised by Ted. I have also put permethirn on my face for 5 nights in a row. I have also been taking orange peel oil in water for the past two days.

My skin seems worse than ever at this stage. The inflammation is great, and I have smll papules breaking out around my eyes. Also, my stomach broke out in a great rash.

Are these all symptoms of die-off? If you could answer please, Ted. I feel desperately unhappy at this stage. I don't even want to leave the house because my face looks so hideous.

Thank-you for the hope you have inspired.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mary (Upstate, Ny) on 03/14/2013
1 out of 5 stars

I have been reading through the site on rosacea and it appears that I don't have the same symtoms as others. My neck and chest are red but I have no bumps. I have been drinking 1 tbsp of ACV mixed with either water or grape juice daily for the last three weeks. I have also been taking supplements (Lysine, Zinc, D3) daily for the last month. I'm afraid to apply ointments to my neck and chest fearing that it could become worse. Spring is now fast approaching and I can no longer wear turtlenecks to hide it. Does anyone have any advice for getting rid of the redness? I have tried laser treatments and it didn't help.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sophia (Athens) on 06/01/2015

Hi Patricia! I am happy to read that some people are getting rid of this horrible disease.. This means there is hope for me, too!

I have some questions for you, if you have the time.. I am wondering what kind of ACV you used. Did you use the one kind with "the mother" apple or plain ACV? Did you dilute it or not? If you dilute it, what did you use water and can you tell me the ratio?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Carrie (Bailey, Nc) on 08/28/2012

Also, forgot to mention that the tree oil has cleared up my rosacea bumps too! As far as the redness it has reduced it but using milk of magnesia and apply at night before bed with a cottonball takes the redness out. :)

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by Sandra (Pa) on 02/12/2017

Hello! I am getting worse with Rosacea and desperate. If citric acid is in everything, how did you cut it out of your diet?

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 05/05/2017

I suggest you review the dietary restrictions listed on the Mayo Clinic website for rosacea and also the those listed on the National Rosacea Society website. Avoid citrus fruits entirely.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts

Try equate diaper rash ointment, works for me. P.S. I use a light baking soda wash on my face, and don't rub hard, it can burn slightly, don't panic, it tingles some. The ointment is 13 percent zinc oxide, so a little goes a long way. It works for me.

Mites Connection
Posted by Gayle In Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Fl) on 04/06/2012

Found wonderful article online from a Dr in China (I know but read it first please). Been working on formula with many studies since Korean War. Proves a connection between the mites and rosacea. Even tells how to test skin for the mites. Has products (very reasonable) for treatment. His website is as soon as I read it everything clicked.

I used Ted's mange treatment a few years on my 5 mo old mini doxie and he was cured with two weeks. Must be something to it. I'm gonna try the Dr's products and let you know. I'm 70 and can't remember a time I didn't have Rosacea. Hate it.

Posted by Lorraine (Duncan, B.c. Canada) on 03/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter and a dear friend of mine which had a very severe case of Rosacea. Have you heard of Organic Sulphur you can look it up on line. When you dilute 1 tbsp. In 5 oz. of distilled water it cools it down and it is done in a few days. You can take it orally and it does wonders for sore joints and arithritis. It is wonderful stuff. I take a tbsp. in water every morning on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes you will be amazed how well you will feel. Lorraine

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Afh (Abq., Nm) on 03/24/2012

While looking up possible pancreas problem cures for a friend, I ran across a site where they were saying they felt that rosacea may in some cases be caused by mites, but that they felt it was mainly due to severe inflammation in the digestive system. They recommended digestive enzymes, probiotics and aloe beverages. They felt the skin was thinning due to inflammation in the digestive system. It was interesting that they were saying that ACV caused inflammation and although I love my ACV pills, I have noticed my skin is really looking older and much more red. Has anyone tried enzymes? I'm desperate to try anything that will work. So tired of this!! I don't really have the acne but the broken veins are driving me nuts.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Cat (Papamoa, New Zealand) on 03/24/2012

Afh from Abq., Nm: Although I never really had the broken veins, I did have some form of Rosacea on my face - mainly nose - to the extent that it was almost glowing! I reported on EC a few weeks back that when I started taking Molasses (with copper in it), it has disappeared completely almost straight away and I'm soooo much more confident out in public and now need no make up to cover this horrible problem. I'm taking 2tsp morning and 2tsp evening. I hope this goes some way towards reducing the redness in your skin.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Susan (Bath, England) on 04/29/2012

When you say Copper, do you mean colloidal copper? Many thanks!

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by James (Ormskirk, Lancashire, Uk) on 06/27/2013

In reply to afh's post from 2012, I've got broken vein rosacea which is getting worse and driving me nuts too. Gut issues must by relevent for mine, as the rosacea worsens immediately following food. I've had IBS for years and have become intolerant to dairy, gluten, fruit, chocolate, nuts which is a pain. choc and nuts in particular right now make my rosacea awful.

I've got low stomach acid (using the bicarb soda on empty stomach test - no real bubbling felt) and have been on betaine hcl tabs for a while. Due to recent higher stress I needed more tablets and started using ones with higher pepsin also, for breaking down proteins, thinking I could be low in that as it is produced in the stomach.

On the higher tablet level my nose veins became much worse, but this also is during a period of higher stress which could also be the dominant factor. If not just the stress, maybe I was acidifying my body too much, or the stress was reducing my pancreatic enzymes.

I got lab tested and my pancreatic enzymes were normal few years back, though this could have changed.

I have found enzyme supplements help digestion to varying degrees, find one or a combination that suits. A nutritionist informs me that evidence shows they don't lower your own enzyme levels, which had always been a caution for me. I've found previously they benefit the skin and reduced the onset of redness and nose veins.

So I've tried to cover all bases - reducing stress with mindfulness practise, and opted for aloe vera to calm the guts, and am about to start ght's active digestive enzymes again to help the nose veins.

I'm adding alkalising drops to help rebalance my body if over acidity is a factor as well. Also starting o2 drops again for fatigue (have helped previously, but only at high dose and lose gains when stop - I'm recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome). fingers crossed, I can report back after a few weeks with any knowledge gained.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Kathy (Lv, Nv) on 06/27/2013

Hi James, I started taking diatomaceous earth on May 8th, about 1 Tablespoon per day and I also use it as a face mask about once a week. I think the DE is helping my roscea. I am not as red as usual. And I just notice that my hair is returning to a darker color!!! The DE kills parasites, so perhaps if it is mites it is helping. I also have red broken veins. I had laser trtmnts a few years ago but it did not help.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dodofi (Melbourne, Victoria) on 02/03/2012

Hi, I have suffered from pustular rosacea for about 4 years now. I tried doxycyline, rozex and prosacea to no avail. I have been on the rosacea ltd discs for 5 months and they have improved the condition about 20%.

After reading about Apple Cider Vinegar I have been drinking it in water regularly every day for 7 days and wash my face with a acv/tea tree oil mix and the results are hideous! My pustules are the worst they have ever been! Some are infected (first time!! ) I just don't know where to go from here. I'l love some advice or suggestions. Thank you!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 05/07/2017

Stop the tea tree oil and only use the ACV. I cannot use any oil on my face or any product containing oil as an ingredient.

General Feedback
Posted by Sharon (Silfiac, France) on 11/23/2011

Hi, I was first diagnosed with rosacea 10 yrs ago when I stopped taking the TRINORDIOL contraceptive pill. I fell pregnant and after a few months the rosacea dissappeard. After I finished breast feeding I went back on the pill. 2 yrs later I stopped the pill again to have another baby and the rosacea came back. After a year or so I started the pill again and had no problems with the rosacea. Two yrs ago I decided to stop the pill to give my body a rest and low and behold the rosacea came back. I then decided to continue taking the pill purely to keep the rosacea at bay. I am now 40 and have been told that I have to stop the pill forever now and yet again it's come back!

Is there anyone who can tell me why the pill seems to play a big part in connection to the rosacea and more than anything else, what can I do now as do not really want to take antibiotics for the rest of my life.

Many thanks, Sharon

Anti- Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda
Posted by Mark (London, Uk) on 10/14/2011

Hi, You say you bought sebiprox shampoo from the uk? I am from London and have looked for sebiprox shampoo both in shops and online with no luck. Is it called a different name in the uk? If not please could you tell me where you purchased it from?

Thank you, mark

Anti- Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda
Posted by Hilda (South Wales Uk, Uk) on 02/06/2012

Hi, I am looking to buy Sebiprox shampoo. Does anyone have any idea where I might purchase it from?

Many thanks.

Anti- Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda
Posted by Claire (London, Uk) on 10/31/2012

Hi I just bought Sebiprox on uk ebay for £4.50.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Ok, I was in Wal Mart and was reading different ingredients in Equate Diaper Rash Ointment, and it contains `13 percent Zinc Oxide. I tried olive oil, Vaseline mixture, but to no avail. Today I applied the zinc oxide product( diaper rash ointment ). In 8 hrs my face showed signs of healing and redness disappearing. I will continue using it for my rosacea. ( I have also used the homemade yogurt and honey mix and I will still use it, love the cold yogurt and honey mix, a real feel good feeling and it also clears redness, but the zinc was faster and it is healing my face.

I have read a lot on here on remedies for face skin problems and this site has me reading ingredients and learning the definitions of chemicals in our shampoos, face creams and so called factory made meds. Its a continuing education to say the least.

Inactive ingredients in Equate diaper rash ointment: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice( wow, now thats a mouth full, lol, beeswax, dimethicone, fragrance, magnesium sulfate, methylparaden, microcrystaline wax, ( another mouth full), plus 8 more 10 dollar words. I will not give a spelling test on the ingredients, because I can't spell them. I will google them and probably scare myself to death, but at least the rosacea will be gone, yea.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Frederick (Hot Springs, Ar) on 02/27/2015

Ms Dina how long did you leave on thee diaper rash ointment and how many times a day did you apply it? Thank you kindly

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dud (From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa) on 08/30/2011

Dear Princewith2spleens (Neil);

Why don't you try some of the remedies detailed on earthclinic.Com, instead of just treating the symptoms? Forget the applying of some B.M.A. Doctor's cortisone cream and go for the gold instead. You sound like you have given up on a healing taking place. Shake youself free from your belief in failure.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Angieanco (Woodford Green , Essex Uk) on 08/13/2011

Found the Earth Clinic site and hope someone can shed any light or give an opinion on my problem..

I have been diagnosed with Rosacea Acne for a couple of years - I am 46 never had great skin but never as bad as this! I have been using Metrogel for a year or two but recently tried Elderberry tablets and fish oils which seem to be helping although having constant but minor breakouts.

However, I have just been learning to Scuba dive in Tenerife (4 days) and have erupted in lumps and bumps and white head spots all over my neck shoulders and face!

Could this be down to the sun, sun creams, saltwater and or pressure (diving max 18 metres) or a combination of all? I have never had this so bad. Used the metrogel everyday as usual.

As I suffer from occasional coldsores (am under a lot of stress at present) and have been advised to try ACV to lower my acid levels I am interested in the posts that suggest use for this kind of acne too and will try it asap!

Many thanks for any advise or info..

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teru (Paris, France) on 08/14/2011

The only thing that really help me so far it's apple vinegar. I put it on all my head.