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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Master Cleanse
Posted by Caroline (Keller, Texas)
5 out of 5 stars

I recently went on the "Master Cleanse" and after only 3 days noticed a drastic change in the appearance of my rosacea redness. My skin had a creamy white appearance with tight pores that I have not experienced since I was in my 20's (I am 38). I only lasted 5 days on this detox/cleanse but my initial intent was weight loss. What a wonderful side effect! I am not sure if these will be lasting effects or not. Only time will tell. Since most people believe that rosacea is a result of PH I believe quite possibly this could be a possible cure. I am not sure of the exact life cycle of the demodex mite. I am speculating if a person could stay on the cleanse long enough to cover the life cycles then that would end up being a viable solution to the problem.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 09/15/2019

HI U AMANDA,,,,,,,,,,,,, most rosacea is due to a mite called demodex . I have had it and you must research and understand your problem before you can solve it.====ORH====

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles) on 09/16/2019

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful cure for Rosacea. I do struggle with Rosacea problem and very much inspired by your solution. Can you please share the sulfur gel over the counter for rosacea you used and the salicylic acid face wash. Thank you again. Tom

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles, CA) on 01/17/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I wanted to check if anyone else has tried applying Milk of Magnesia on the face for rosacea? I have been applying since last 1 week and have seen significant improvement in my Rosacea. Thanks.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Rita (Boston ) on 02/18/2019

Hi Tom, Are you still using the milk of magnesia for rosacea and how has it worked? Also do you have any prescription creams you are using too?

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles) on 03/03/2019

Hi Rita,

Milk of Magnesia has been really good for me. I applied for a month every night and kept overnight. On the first application itself, my rosaces was better by 50% overnight. My redness has gone completely now on my face.

After 1 month I use to apply every alternate days. Since I have Ocular Rosacea, I started taking Doxycylcine. I am planning to take doxyclycline for 3 months and then stop. I know doxycylcine helps with Rosacea as well, but if you only have facial Rosacea. Try Milk of Magnesia without taking any antibiotics. I would defintely suggest Milk of Magnesia for Rosacea.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Bethany (MA) on 08/30/2022

Hi Tom,

I'm interested in your ocular rosacea, because I might have that. Did you stop the Doxycycline? Is the milk of magnesia on your face enough for your eyes and if not, how are you treating them?


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eric (Ct Usa) on 07/14/2017

Hi Ricardo.

Curious to see how things are going now that you are 2 months into treatment with ACV?


Posted by Genie (Ne Ohio Usa) on 02/12/2017 4 posts

Hi Robert Henry. Thank you for replying! I'll certainly keep an open mind about it not being demodex--but I think it might be more that I may have sounded misleading. I mentioned 'full body' but it's mostly from the neck up. Demodex of either type can go all over the body, from everything I've read. I'm sure there are in other areas of my body as I can see everywhere they are when they die (from borax) and I get the allergic reaction from skin trying to expel them. (oval puffy spots and more..and then the skin cracks and peels) I'm aware there is d. folliculorum and also d. brevis. To clarify..when the borax kills them..they come to the surface, dead, being expelled by the skin's natural process. That's how it's working for me anyway. I was diagnosed with rosacea years ago. I have all the blepharitis symptoms...inverted lashes and more. I started on my path of natural healing because I got a stye and was looking for home remedy. I've lost much of my brows, and yes in spite of all the acne problems my scalp was my most urgent complaint as I had severely escalated in itching and crawling. I see now I had a Chalazion. My face is such a mess I just thought it was something else. Up until this month I had no medical care and no money so I've just been living with undiagnosed stuff for years. I lost an alarming quantity of hair. I just thought all that was aging and 'whatever' due to my bad health. I only learned 10 weeks ago, when I got that stye, that rosacea and a whole host of skin/eye problems are due to the demodex.

I can see them fairly well with 10x magnification and a very bright light. If one has studied the pictures and you know what you're looking at--10x is enough to confirm quite a bit. I believe I've observed both types. I'm ordering a microscope as I'm an experimenter and an investigator and I want to learn more for myself, and help others with this issue which is quite devastating in serious cases. So I'll be able to confirm for positive eventually. Besides that my grandkids are home schooled so we can use it.

I've had a severe infestation of scabies when my children got exposed to them. I was also highly susceptible to those. My immune system is whacked, but I'm fixing that now thanks to good people offering free healing. yay! I'm sure it's not scabies. I have no reason to suspect bird mites. I have no pets. I'm pretty satisfied it's demodex.

Also..I'll say this for the benefit of others who might read. In the last year I was primary caregiver in the cancer deaths of my mother and a cousin. Since old and chronically ill people probably have a high population, I suspect I may have gotten some additional mites from them. I was in close physical contact extensively. My mother had a glass eye, which I cleaned, and I know now her eye area had to have been riddled with mites. It was very uncomfortable for her. I could just cry when I think I could have helped it if I'd known. Her doctors certainly didn't help and she went to eye specialists extensively. My cousin had open sores on his neck up. In my experience the mites have dug in the most on skin that is messed up somehow. Scars, deep wrinkles, sun spots, (all my many sun damage spots are their favorites). I didn't know about demodex mites then so I took no extra precautions to fight them off. But my own immune system has been weak enough to explain them ramping up and running amok so I don't know. It's just a thought to consider for anyone exposed to old and chronically ill.

In any case the internal borax IS killing them and and I've done extensive research, not just on EC, but everywhere, and using all the many methods to battle them now and in the future. My actual question was about the 2 borax protocol issues. I'm looking forward to sharing some points about using internal borax for demodex mites as there were a couple crucial things I didn't understand when I started and some things I didn't see people talking about much. But I'm scrambling for time to get it all down. Thanks to all again!

Test for Mineral Imbalances
Posted by Karen (North Little Rock, Arkansas) on 08/19/2017

Asking about post that mentioned black castor oil...wanted to know if to be taken internally or applied on face. Thank you.

Test for Mineral Imbalances
Posted by lee (florida) on 09/18/2022

i don't think anyone knows what causes rosacea. It's probably caused by a combination of things. I heard that if your liver is overloaded that it can't flush out toxins can be a cause.

DMSO, Green Tea, Aspirin
Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 08/20/2016

EC: It may sound silly but I couldn't find a button to click for adding a new remedy

Remedy: DMSO, Green Tea, Aspirin

I found a well documented cure today and wish to share it. He used the following topically as a cure, of which DMSO was a major contributor: "The final formulations were the green tea with aspirin, alternating with a mixture of DMSO, Copper Salicylate, Methyl Salicylate and Caffeine"

Here is the full info on his protocol which is provided freely:

Posted by Inasintz (California) on 05/05/2016 1 posts
0 out of 5 stars

Please, I need some help! Ok, so I'm 28/female and I ever since I was about, let's say 12, I always had a little bit of rosy cheeks, but NEVER inflamed no matter what I ate, maybe just a little extra red if the foods I ate were spicy, but nothing crazy. Well about 4 months ago, in the beginning of January, one morning I decided to make a smoothie, but this time I thought it would be a good idea to add a tablespoon of the spice turmeric. I drank it up, actually forced it down because it tasted so terrible, and later in the evening my right cheek was inflamed, so hot and red! I thought I was just having maybe an allergic reaction to the turmeric since that was the only thing I did different so I figured in time it would just get better. Well it did, so I thought, until one day I had a cup of coffee and after awhile my face, both cheeks this time, became completely inflamed, so red they were almost purple! I'm so sensitive to all spices now, coffee, tea, lemon even, I don't know what the turmeric did to me?:'( I'm thinking it's my liver, but I'm not sure. Please if you have any advice it would be very much appreciated.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sb (Sg) on 07/13/2016

Hi, did you use ACV with mother? I don't want to use the wrong one, in case it flares it up even more.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gavin (Brisbane, Australia) on 07/21/2017

For the Blepharitis try straight Johnson's Baby Shampoo as a lid scrub.

You have to do it every day, even when the eyes aren't playing up.

Grapeseed, Olive Leaf
Posted by Rose (Los Angeles) on 02/20/2016

Thanks I got GSE and olive leaf, started it tonight. What are you using topically?

Grapeseed, Olive Leaf
Posted by Pat (Sarasota, Fl ) on 04/04/2016

I read where Ken had a rosacea cure using Grapeseed, and Olive Leaf. Anyway to find out how many Grapeseed pills he took each day and was the Olive Leaf something he put on or took internally, how much or how many. I would like to try this and would be so greatful to know how. Thank you, Pat

Grapeseed, Olive Leaf
Posted by Michelle (Mmongolia) on 09/27/2016

Hello, I would also like to ask: - how long and how many pills per day were used to treat the problem? - which brands were used? - where GSD and OLE both supplements or topical applications? - who was the dermatologist? ( name, adress) - did it completely cure without recurrence? Thank you for any feedback, Michelle

Borax and Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Kirsten (Colorado) on 11/09/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I found the topical borax/hydrogen peroxide treatment, followed by spot application of tea tree oil to be helpful in controlling my rosacea. It didn't eliminate the redness, but has reduced the red bumps on my cheeks dramatically.

Eliminating alcohol and diet soda/ artificial sweeteners other than stevia also helped a lot. If I cheat and have a diet coke I notice many more bumps the next day. I'm not sure if it is the artificial sweetener or something else in the soda, but it is a reliable trigger for me.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Cyn (California) on 08/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Been using tea tree oil for rosacea about one week. Symptoms at first got worse, but then cleared up. I suspect the tto killed the mites, causing reaction, then, it starting clearing up.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mags (Fair Lawn Nj ) on 12/06/2015

Do you use the tea tree oil alone? Or do you mix it with something else

Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil
Posted by Tegster (Phoenic, Arizona) on 06/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have struggled with rosacea for 15+ years and finally have had success with using manuka honey as a mask or even overnight, just a very light layer. For four weeks. I did use UMF 10+ higher. Used nightly. Once cleared up, cleansing my face with a tee tree oil body wash letting the wash sit for 10-20 seconds until your skin tingles, or raw, organic coconut oil wash works well too. It's recommended to leave coconut oil on as a moisturizer. I also use a cucumber mist toner and primrose oil moisturizer which also is calming and healing to the skin. My redness is diminishing and breakouts are far and few between now. I wish you the same success!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Leaf
Posted by Lizzie (Nj) on 06/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Yes to ACV and olive leaf extract for rosacea. I tacked from inside out and my face went from feeling like an orange peel to the best it's looked in my adult life in about three days. I've even received compliments on how beautiful my complexion is from a complete stranger.

Every other night before bed I take a cotton ball and soak it in ACV then add some water to dilute it, and I rub it all over my face avoiding the sensitive skin around my eyes. In addition, I drink 1-2 tablespoons of olive leaf extract daily and have been doing so for about two months. Sometimes I skip a few days, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Sunburn Triggered Rosacea
Posted by Kevin (Prince George) on 06/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I started to get rosacea after I went to tanning beds last winter. I got a bad sunburn from the beds and the symptoms started. I have no doubt that was the cause.

Sunburn Triggered Rosacea
Posted by Jacqui (Florida, US) on 04/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has extreme heat sensitivity they believe is caused by their rosacea? I'm pretty confident my rosacea started when I got severely sunburned as a teenager.

Sunburn Triggered Rosacea
Posted by Helen ( Atlanta, GA) on 04/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Read this. It talks about the link between heat and rosacea in traditional Chinese medicine.

Posted by Caba (North Carolina, US) on 03/06/2015

I have tried just about every conventional remedy for my rosacea. Metro cream/gel, sulphur cleansers, etc. I cut out caffeine, spicy foods, etc. and still no relief.

I had been experimenting with VCO and ACV topically for a while, but....

Then, one day, I came across a web posting about what we see on the outside is a reflection of something going on inside. Most every ailment we have can be contributed to poor gut health. Well, that lead to further research. What I discovered in my research was that Candida Yeast/Fungus infections and intestinal parasites can cause many problems, including skin problems that look and act like Rosacea.

I finally went to a Naturopath and was tested. Sure enough, I had a Candida fungal infection that had become systemic!!!!!! I had suffered for years and not once did I ever have a traditional medicine doctor suggest Candida. I have been treating something I didn't even have.

I am still in the early stages of treatment and have a long way to go, but ACV and VCO have been 2 components of my recovery protocol and I can attest to the benefits I have seen.

Initially my skin looked better, then it got worse (due to "die-off" or Herxheimer reaction), and after a few weeks as my body detoxified from the culprits, my face cleared up and no longer looks flushed. The red bumps, postules, and dry, itchy, crawling skin have all disappeared.

So Rosacea may not be Rosacea after all. Moral of story. You may not have Rosacea, so get evaluated for Candida AND don't give up too soon on ACV and VCO, because your body may simply be fending off the toxins as they die off.

Dishwashing Soap and Vinegar
Posted by Linda (Murphy. Nc) on 02/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My husband suffered for years from red, itchy face and scalp in the summer and the worst hair, beard, and eyebrow dandruff imaginable in the winter. Our doctor prescribed all kinds of meds for what he said was rosacea. Well, nothing helped for long and the meds were expensive. I stated to search and experiment for a way to cure or at least control whatever was happening to my husband.

Octagon soap/white vinegar controls the problem. Unfortunately, Colgate Palmolive stopped making Octagon soap several years ago. I found that Colgate Palmolive Original Green dishwashing soap has much of the same ingredients as their discontinued bar soap.

Use the Palmolive "Green" dish washing soap as you would a shampoo and body wash. Do not add to bath water as it will be too diluted to work. Rinse with white (less expensive) or apple cider vinegar cut 50% with water. You must shower/wash affected areas EVERYNIGHT BEFORE BED as mites breed in darkness. You can break the chain of infestation by washing every night.

Also, we switched to a waterbed with a regular vinyl water mattress. Mites cannot live on vinyl. I wash our white sheets, blankets in any laundry detergent with a cup of bleach per load.

It's been 5 years since he started this regimen. It worked immediately and continues to work. My husband doesn't suffer anymore. This regimen controls the problem so well that he no longer has any rashes or dandruff.

Please give this a try. It's inexpensive.

Coconut and Lavender
Posted by Kathy (Ontario, CA) on 08/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hello to all!!

I am so happy because I have been using coconut oil with lavender essential oil mixed in and using it every night to remove my make up. In a very short time my rosacea has been starting to lessen!! What I do is use a small bowl with about 4 Tablespoon of oil and 6 drops of lavender, mix well, take a little bit and smear it all over my face and neck. (I keep this in the bathroom and it lasts a few weeks) Then use a wash clothe that is pretty warm and place over my face and wipe off my makeup. I then use a little more for moisturizing around my eyes. Sometimes I add frankincense around my eyes too. I am really loving essential oils.

Posted by Patricia (Minnesota) on 05/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have had success with controlling the flare-up of Rosacea by taking three capsules of turmeric supplement, three capsules of ginger root, and 2 tsp of black seed cumin oil daily. I also apply the black seed cumin oil topically each night. I started this regime about two months ago and am pleased with the results. I am not sure if just one of these items can be credited with the improvement, but since I started doing these three things, the redness and sores have been reduced significantly, so I am continuing with this natural treatment.

Posted by Jen (Iowa) on 08/03/2015

Did you not find the black seed oil irritating, topically? I have rosacea and ocular rosacea and have found hot compresses fix the dry irritated eye issue, but not the rash. The only place I have any bumps are around my eyes...from mild to extreme, but they never go away. Everything irritates and inflames, save coconut and hemp oil, though nothing seems to consistently improve them. I just ordered black seed oil but am nervous about irritation, though can't wait to try it. I also need to get serious about the borax treatment...

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/04/2015 2072 posts

Jen: Try Cod Liver Oil

Rosacea and SIBO Connection
Posted by Patricia (Melbourne) on 08/22/2015

I am now on the 10th day of Rifaximin and not better with my Rosacea. How soon do you see the effect of this drug? Is happy for you as you gave me courage that this may work. I have Rosacea badly for over one year and have tried every thing. Courage, please let me know.


Honey, Cinnamon
Posted by Laura (South East London) on 12/27/2013

hi I keep getting breakouts, ive been told I have acne rosacea, ive read all the stories but do they use the same thing..cinnamon and honey?...if so where can I buy this and how do I use it