Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Dina (Forest Hills, New York) on 09/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to write in to thank Carol who posted about the Zinc Oxide. I recently started using this (actually it's my baby's diaper rash cream from Aveeno with 13% zinc oxide) and it's substantially helped with the rosacea. Thank you for finally helping me when the doctors couldn't! What a relief to get my face back. Anyone who thinks that their rosacea was caused by sun damage should try it.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Princewith2spleensit Is Great That A Variety Of Pe (Sheffield, England) on 08/30/2011

It is great that a variety of people from varying cultures have come together to share their insights on this sensitive subject area. Rosacea is a terrible condition and I for one am greatfull to earthlink, for providing us with this unique platform. I have benefited a great deal from all of you! Thank you all.

One common denominator that all rosacian's suffer from is, 'stress' myself included. Rosacea is a progressive condition and it feeds of our negativity, anxiety etc. I would suggest to anyone suffering from Rosacea to attempt to remove yourself from the cause of your frustration be that a circumstance, situation or person. I meditate and would recommend it in combination with your own health regimen.

Beware of the Sun.

Sun Sense daily face suncream (SPF 50 ) is the best sunblock I have used. When outdoors (during daylight hours) I religiously apply sunblock. When the sun is bright I wear protective eyewear and a broad brimmed hat. When my skin is partcularly sensitive I use an umberella that has a protective lining against harmful ultra violet radiation these things are commonly available online these days. I am also starting to wear specialist clothing which I also acquired on the web. My rosacea is aggrevated enormously by sunlight and I tend to have to perform my daily exercise during the night. Exercise and stretching is important, so don't let yourself go!

It is also important that we act resposibly when taking topical drugs. Antibiotics do come with side effects, many of which, front line doctors know little about. My GP prescribed me 'oxytetracycline', which I believe is commonly prescribed to individuals with Rosacea in the UK. Unfortunately, soon after taking the drug I developed an allergic reaction which has left my entire body sun-sensitive. Sun-sensitivity is a systemic problem and I am writing a cautionary tale as I do not wish offers to suffer the same plight.

We need to get educated and understand the limits of our 'new' bodies, to deter even more severe problems like skin cancer from surfacing. We need to eat appropriately, avoid smoking and drinking and protect the young, share our insights and remain vigilant.

As many have you have already learned, it is important to remain positive, as every new dawn offers fresh hope. Good luck to all of you and keep writing. Things will improve.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 08/31/2011

According to the link I have attached rosacea is caused by a lack of B2.

If that is the case then why don't you try a good B complex vitamin or just have the so called superfoods which contain pretty much all the vitamins and minerals (chlorella, spirulina... etc.)

I would also think swimming in sea water would clear up the condition as it is like having a "mineral bath". If you can't get to the sea.. Buy some unrefined sea salts and put into hot water to dissolve and wash your face with it for a day (don't be stingy on the amount of salt) or put it in a bath and splash it on your face.

Dud is right, don't treat the symptoms, research at what is causing the deficiency. Your body is lacking in something... Why?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ti (Houston, Usa) on 08/13/2011


Try adopting a gluten free diet for a few weeks, and you will notice a big change in your Rosacea. Hope it gets better soon!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marissa (Portland, Or) on 05/26/2015

Also check the sunscreen you are using. If you want to do a little test, buy sunscreen with helioplex and see if that helps. My brother and I are extremely sensitive to the sun, but when we used conventional sunscreens, we broke out horribly. This is the only sunscreen that works for us!

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Just Me (Vancouver, B.c Canada) on 04/04/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I am so glad I found this site!! .. After suffering with rosacea or rosacea like sysmptoms for the last couple of years. I tried a borax with ho2o mix and in just one night, I look the best I have in a long time! it's not "cured" but much better as it seemed to be only getting worst, I'll just say it's half gone!!! But still... Only one night! I will post back again as I go along with this... IT'S WORKING!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tenn.) on 01/23/2011

HI U GRATEFUL, , , , , , , , After treating my nose for Demodex mites for many years, I now have them under control. I got the formula from this site, but have refined it somewhat. First, mites live in your hair follicles, because that is where the nutrients are. If you got nose mites then treat only the hair inside your nose. I now mix up a concoction in a soda cap that includes tea tree oil, borax, vitamin E oil and hydrogen peroxide. The active ingredient is tea tree oil so add it until it has a strong smell. I have posted many times concerning this and think you can only control the little devils. Over time the most important thing I have learned is that the little buggers must have hair and that's what you need to treat.

We just finished a 10 day liver and lymph detox , finishing Up with a liver flush. Got lots of stones this year so I got to start living closer to the cross and not do the second martini. At 75, I was going out at 78 , but have now set my goal at 92.

I appreciate this site but Few people talk about the big picture. Your health is a whole body thing and not something specific. This BV thing puts me into the top of a tall, tall Pine Tree, but it consumes this site.

It's kinda like Aids. Behave yourself and that will not be a problem. Illegitimate children just happen, kinda like S---, stuff.

I'll get chastised for that remark. It's a PC thing. I'm too old to worry about such drivel. I would encourage new folks to read first and post when they cannot find the answer.

Out of spit, =====ROBERT HENRY=======

Gluten Free
Posted by Sue (Santa Barbara, Ca.) on 12/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have had terrible Rosacea with bumps and redness for years. I have not tried the apple Cider Vinigar which has many healing properties but it was suggested by a Naturepathic doctor to try cutting out Wheat (Gluten) all together. Not much fun but its been 3 weeks and my face is clear! Food allergies can cause many skin problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joann (Chicago, Illinois) on 02/24/2011
1 out of 5 stars

A couple of months ago I broke out in red bumps, and papules/postules. The first dermatologist diagonosed it as Contact Dermatitis and prescribed Doxycycline Mono and Fluocinonide 0. 05% Ointment. This medication made my condition worse and I developed an allergic reaction. I later found out that the 1st derm I saw was just a Resident doctor who had not seen the type of Rosacea I had that often.

I went to see a 2nd dermatologist who said the 1st derm (the Resident Dr.) misdiagnosed my condition and that I had Acne Rosacea. The 2nd derm perscribed Prednisone and Metronidazole 0. 75% topical cream and Sulfamethoxazole. Well, guess what, these medications improved my conditon just a little but I developed side effects. The 2nd derm also took a culture and biopsy, which indicated my condition was consistent with Rosacea and ruled out Dermodex Mites. I was also told to use Domeboro, which is an astringent solution for relief of itching. The Domeboro did help with the itching. However the 2nd derm acted as though I was over reacting and seemed less the empathetic to my condition. Needless to say I won't be seeing this derm again.

Yes, I went to see a 3rd derm who perscribed Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Suspension USP 1% (I've seen little results with the CPTS USP 1% after 1 month) the derm also gave me some Clinique redness solutions daily relief cream and Clinique redness solutions daily protective base SPF 15. The C... Redness solutions daily relief cream made my conditon worse. However the C.. base SPF 15 did help to reduce some of the redness.

After searching the Internet, I came across Earth Clinic's site and saw that apple cider vinegar looked like a potential cure. Well I used it for 3 days now (50/50 water & ACV) and it made my conditon worse. I now have more bumps and redness, along with peeling, as well a few more pap/pus. I'm now at my wits end and feel that it's time to see an herbalist. I beginning to think that my Rosacea stems from a digestive/bowel problem since I've had some problems with my d/b. Does anyone recommend a good herbalist/alternative health care practioner in Chicago. ;-(

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pinnymom72 (Grimsby, Ontario) on 03/22/2018

You have to persevere through the initial redness. Give it a good month. You will see results. You need to change your diet too. Eliminate sugar as much as possible.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sara (The Beach) on 07/07/2017

it actually makes sense if you drool while sleeping.

Green Tea, Aspirin Topically
Posted by Jenny (Jersey, Uk) on 12/05/2010
4 out of 5 stars

My partner was suffering from rosacea on his face for the first year I met him. It was really ruining his self esteem. The rosacea was causing large red blotchy and scaly areas on his face and we tried all sorts of remedies including washing the areas with cider vinegar and drinking baking soda to alkalise the body. It wasn't until I saw another website that mentioned applying cold green tea mixed with crushed aspirin that we found the answer. Within two days of using it my partner's skin had lost the inflammation and within a week all sign of the rosacea was gone.

He continues to rinse his face three times a day with the mixture (he found that if he used soluble aspirin something in it made his skin flare up so he uses ordinary aspirin). He makes a fresh batch every day and now gets occasional small patches now and again but I would say the condition has improved 90 per cent and he is so much happier now that he can go out and not feel embarrassed about the way he looks.

Green Tea, Aspirin Topically
Posted by Sgonzales (Houston, Tx) on 09/17/2011

Would really like to try the greea tea/aspirin topical remedy for rosecea. Can you please give the mixture? How much of each?

Green Tea, Aspirin Topically
Posted by Susan (Battle Ground, Wa) on 11/17/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I've been steeping a green tea bag in a quarter cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes, then adding an aspirin. Once cool, I shake it up in an old spice jar and use a cotton ball to dab it on my face twice a day. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks so far. I still have the broken capillaries, but the redness is mostly gone.

Posted by Debbie (Sterlington, Usa) on 10/03/2011

In reply to Kay from Seattle's post of Sept. 10, 2011. Kay, funny you mentioned the creepy crawly feeling in your nose- I had that, too, along with my scarlet, bumpy, sore face. But since I have been scrubbing my face with borax then applying sunscreen mixed with sulfur twice a day, even inside my nostils, it has all improved 100%. I hadn't really thought about my tickly, itchy nostrils until I read your post. But I have found the cheap, natural "cure" for my rosacea. Scrub face with borax, then apply sunscreen mixed with sulfur. I mix about 1/2 cup sunscreen with 1 teaspoon sulfur and keep it in a small container. I apply it all over my face in the morning and at night. It has not stained my clothing or pillowcase. My skin looks great! The redness, bumps, and sores are gone and my face is smooth and soft. So glad I found this site.

Posted by Roseyg (Boise, Id) on 06/06/2010

Hard to believe you are suggesting people ingest borax. I have suffered from rosacea for decades now, have been to countless dermatologist and have read and tried everything I can find about dealing with it (I believe there is no cure). Do you and your readers understand that borax is used to make such items as detergents, fire retardants, insecticides, flux used in metallurgy, and that it has been banned in the U.S. for use in food products? I think I'll skip being a guinea pig on this home remedy. To your other readers... use caution!

EC: Much more feedback on borax: here

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Pat (Athens, Al, Usa) on 05/20/2010

Re: Borax & Peroxide Saturation

I have rosacea and have been reading Teds's remedies and don't quite understand what is meant by the borax and peroxide "saturation" since this is applied - would one mix this into a paste type concoction to apply or is it a runny liquid applied with a cotton ball or somewhere in between? I really NEED to do something and everything else I've tried here on Earth Clinic has worked like a miracle so far. The paste type makes more sense as it would be easier to apply than some runny mess but I don't know what is meant or how to apply it. Can someone - ANYONE, please clarify this for me. Rosacea is one of those nasty nanoinsect thinys and I need to irradiate it asap. Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 05/21/2010

Yes, the wording can be a little confusing. The way I took Ted's directions was to mix equal amount of borax and h202 and let the borax dissolve. You will then have a liquid that you can apply to your face and let dry. Your face will get dry so I suggest after 20 minutes or so to apply a face lotion for sensitive skin. I've used this and it does work to an extent. Good luck and God Bless!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mike (Yakima, Wa) on 04/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

apple cider vinegar-rosacea

came across your site while looking for cure.they say there is none. have been mixing 1 tablespoon of acv with a glass of water 2 times a day. results have been incredible in the two plus weeks. skin on nose has smoothed out- no break outs. redness is gone. skin feels moist and smooth all over. always tried topical treatments, that would cause dryness. works for me, hope it helps others. mental outlook as well as overall physical has improved. thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Swquantum (Shelton, Ct) on 07/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Began using raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar on my face - two applications - one in the morning and one at bedtime. Within a few days, my rosacea was gone. I had tried using several expensive ointments recommended by my dermatologist but nothing provided more than only a temporary relief. I am delighted to say that raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar and I are now best friends. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marla (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 02/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've suffered from rosacea for over 18 years, since it first appeared when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. After reading about ACV for rosacea relief on this site, I mixed ACV 1:1 with water and used a cotton ball to smooth it over my face, then rinsed, then repeated. WOW! In less than 2 minutes my face feels about 90% less inflamed and is much less red, except a couple of small pimples which actually got redder. All the drugstore "redness relief" formula cleansers and lotions only ever made my face more inflamed, but this actually worked! Thanks, everyone.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ger (Dublin, Dublin, Ireland) on 04/28/2010
4 out of 5 stars

hi all,

following your advice on trying to clear a red face i have been useing borax mixed with hydrogen peroxide. i think its working, after a week my face is still red but it does seem calmer but only a bit. i will keep going untill i run out of borax but i guess even a slight improvement is better than nothing.any other suggestions greatly welcome for couperose skin cures. thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar, Glycerin
Posted by Marion (Toronto, Canada) on 04/09/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've had rosacea for years and have tried the gambit of treatments.I don't buy into the demodex mite theory.Think about it. If a demodex mite lived in on or in my skin or even on my pillow, my husband whom I share a close connection with in the same bed would have the same skin problem. But his skin is not affected, nor are my children's. No, I don't buy that argument. I think, what we have is a sensitivity to all the chemicals we put on and shower off the body e.g. bodywash, shampoo,conditioners,bodygel, leave in conditioner,hairsprays,hair color,sunscreen,tints, make-up,powders,blush,body and under arm deodorants,nail polishes,nail polish removers,cuticle removers,hand creme,eye creme,night creme,foot creme,pore fillers,foundations,concealers,mascaras,eye shadows,eye-liners,lip gloss,lipstick,lip fillers, make-up removers,toners, moisturizers, perfumes body sprays,etc., you get the idea. It all has to touch our skin in order to be removed either in the shower or at the sink. Think about, read the ingredients. You can't even pronounce most of them! All the stuff we put on our faces every morning, touch ups throughout the day. Then we take it of at night and put on some more before bed only to repeat the cycle first thing again the next morning. I started to think if I can't pronounce it I'm not going to put it on my skin or my hair because just having a shower aggravated my skin. I stopped doing all that stuff. Now I have great skin and great hair.

After my shower I wipe my face with a cotton pad with apple cider vinegar (acv) on it avoiding the eye area. I don't rinse it of cause my skin was already wet. Then I apply glycerin to my moist face. I now only shampoo my wet hair by massaging 1TBS of baking soda on my wet scalp and rinsing with just enough acv to remove the tangles in my shoulder length hair.No more blow drying. I let it dry naturally. Now my hair and my skin looks great. My skin is no longer red rosacea. BTW I don't drink any alcohol, I wear a hat when out in the sun, and I stay out of the wind and I take deep breaths throughout the day. This works for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Glycerin
Posted by Amanda (Indiana) on 05/31/2015

You have rosacea and your husband and daughter do not, so you deduce that it cannot be caused by the Demodex mite. Actually, the research shows that demodex inhabit virtually everyone's skin and those with rosacea have higher populations. It seems to be about individual immune responses, much like our individual responses to allergens--some people mount an inflammatory response to what another person's body views as ordinary food etc. Or in this case, ordinary skin inhabitants.

Both of my parents had rosacea, and in her later years, my mother also developed blepharitis, which is also associated with excess populations of Demodex mites in follicles and eyelash sebaceous glands.

i was 19 before I developed the characteristic red cheeks and nose of rosacea. Over the years it has come and gone, in association with my general health! Eg, after the birth of my children it reappeared. The key seems to be changes in my immune system which trigger inflammation and increased numbers of mites and/or their associated symbiotic bacteria.

I believe both that my parents transmitted the mites to me as a child, and also that my genetic inheritance from them, esp re immune response, somehow predisposes me to react either to the mites with inflammation and swellings Etc. I also have other skin allergies.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Trisha (Sioux Falls , Sd) on 05/08/2013

Has anyone tried colloidal silver for rosacea??? I can't wait to try the anti dandruff shampoo. Mine keeps moving to new locations which made me think more along the lines of questioning parasite. Especially since I have pets.. All great ideas. Keep you posted on what works for me.. Namaste

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jamie (Central California) on 11/27/2017

It is so easy to make your own colloidal silver for pennies a quart. I paid $250 initially for a little generator/comes with silver wire. I've made gallons of the stuff. A gallon would cost over $100 at any health food store. Cost me 25 cents!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amy (Steamboat, Colorado) on 03/29/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have had an acne Rosacea breakout on my face for almost 6 months. After trying 4 different topical treatments with no results and resisting a second oral antibiotic treatment, I found I read EVERYTHING on Rosacea and decided to try Tea Tree Oil on my face. I applied a drop or two to a moistened cotton ball twice a day and noticed relief right away in the sensitivity of my skin. The symptoms began to subside during the first few days and I started applying it directly to my skin with a cotton swab only where I had redness or a bump. It has been just over a week, and my face is mostly clear from breakouts with just a little redness left. I am so relieved to have found something that works - and so happy that it is a natural AND inexpensive treatment. I highly recommend trying it for your Rosacea.

Manuka Honey, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Tegster (Phoenix, Arizona) on 06/25/2015

Hi Sue, I'm a bit late replying but I do hope you try manuka honey. It should specifically state UMF on it as well as 10 or higher. I can feel it working pretty much immediately as though pulling any impurities out of my skin by perhaps being so concentrated. Use a light layer at night for 4 weeks or as a mask, rinsing after 15 minutes. I had luck using it overnight. I havent had a bad breakout in 6 months and minimal acne. My redness is diminishing to the point where I can see scars from a dog bite I had 40 years ago, ordinarily masked by redness. Once recovered, use a tea tree (melaluca ) blend with coconut oil for cleanser and a moisturizing cream with evening primrose oil. Best regards And I hope it helps.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by John (Toledo, Ohio) on 03/23/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I've had rosacea for at least the last 15 years - I'm 59 years old. I have used Cleocin-T, Sulfacetamide ointment, and Metrogel at various times but didn't get any consistent relief from the pustules that would regularly break out on my nose. At times these red pustules were bad enough to make me self-conscious. It always bothered me that they would come and go, as I could never figure out what the triggers were?? So I looked at this site and began using the saturated borax solution mixed with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution and approx 5% tea tree oil. I make up an over saturated borax solution in a separate dropper bottle. I shake this solution each time I decant from it in an effort to get as much borax into solution as possible. I decant the borax into a separate mixture bottle, then I decant from another dropper bottle filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide roughly half the amount that I decanted from the borax solution bottle. I then add enough tea tree oil with a dropper to make up roughly 5% of the whole amount. Think 12 drops borax solution, 6 drops 3% hydrogen peroxide, and 1 drop tea tree oil (or any multiple of that). This will yield a somewhat diluted borax solution and you may want to add back a bit of powdered borax to resaturate the whole solution - I've used the solution just as I've described and also after adding back a bit of borax, but if you do add a bit of borax be prepared to have the solution crystalize on your face - you will have to brush off the crystals as they will be somewhat visible. By adding 1/2 the amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide as borax solution, you effectively turn it into a 1% hydrogen peroxide, but I'm not sure that being exact makes that much of a difference, just as long as you're close. I've played around with a little more hydrogen peroxide and a little extra tea tree oil. In any event, I use a q-tip and daub this solution on my nose area including inside my nostrils and on my eyebrows twice daily. I also take 1/2 tsp of baking soda in water every other day to get my system more alkaline. It has made a definite difference in the pustule break outs - down about 80-90%. I still experience some redness but nothing I can't live with. I also go to a tanning salon during the Winter before I go to Florida. I'm not sure whether this has been a factor, but I don't think so. I have completely stopped using all the drugs that the dermatologist prescribed as the borax/peroxide/TT oil has worked better than any of those! I have been doing this for approx. 8 weeks so I am feeling confident that the results are for real.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Flea (Sebring, Florida) on 05/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried EVERYTHING for my rosacea. Mine started after using Paxil. I just recently made a discovery that has completely changed my skin. I wash my face with an olive oil soap (Kiss my Face), and then apply organic olive oil as a moisturizer. The change has been dramatic (in only a few days it was incredibly noticeable), I have had so MANY people notice. I have had no breakouts, just smooth "un-red" skin!!!!!! From reading this thread, it seems different things work for different people. If what you are trying does not work, do not give up and try other alternatives. Try the olive oil, it might work for you like it did for me. To think of all the money I have spent on lotions, and all the aggravation!!!!

Good luck!!!!

Moisturizer, UV Light
Posted by Piper (Toronto, On Canada) on 03/08/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I had a second rosacea outbreak. My first at age 43 related to stress. This one was even worse and I probably aggravated it by treating it like a bad acne breakout. My skin was burnt and a mass of pimples. The skin was so raw I couldn't use the medication cream as I had for the first outbreak. I decided to just try to heal the skin and deal with the pimples later. I tried to super hydrate my burnt skin, with coconut oil. Then I bought a super moisturizer at the drug store and that seemed to work better. Oil seemed to just sit on my skin. I called a contact at a light therapy company. The clinician suggested UV light to manage acne as it kills bacteria. I went for a tanning session and that seemed to help as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Barbara (New York, New York) on 01/15/2010

I have struggled with Rosacea for more than a decade, and have tried countless prescriptive lotions and medication -- which have worked. However, I am very concerned about the side effects and do not wish to further strengthen the power of the pharmaceutical industry.

I drank 1 Tablespoon of organic ACV (with water) twice a day for the past 10 days.

The first few days I rinsed my face with a ACV rinse (1/2 water, 1/2 ACV), but the stinging sensation and redness increased, so I discontinued.

I apply Tea Tree Oil facial cream in the evenings, daily.

As of yet, I see very little change in the redness on my face, nor in the flushing and burning. Perhaps because of differing body chemistries it takes some longer to see a response than others. Certainly I feel it was worth a try, as ACV has many positive benefits to the body.

Chamomile Tea, Rubbing Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Doug (Jamestown, Tn) on 05/31/2010

I have had rosacea for about 10 years and have tried several meds prescribed by the doctor. None worked. I heard about colloidal silver and started using that both topically and internally. I take a tablespoonful by mouth three times daily and I apply a compress of CS to the affected area at bedtime. In my case it is my nose and cheeks. The redness is gone and my nose now looks normal. I highly reccomend it. You can make your own colloidal silver very easily. There are several good CS generators on the market for around 100 dollars.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Fullofgrace (La, Ca) on 09/02/2012

oops I forgot to mention when my friend came up with this method she kept the the paste on her face overnight for the first few nights and rinsed in off in the shower first thing in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Bookworm (Lancaster, Pa) on 10/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with rosacea about 2 years ago and used the antibiotics and MetroGel with little results until a few months ago they just completely stopped working. I have slight redness, but my biggest problem is the tiny bumps that cover my entire forehead and the round patches on both of my cheeks. I decided to try a more natural approach.

I drink 4 ounces of water with 1 tablespoon of ACV twice per day (with breakfast and dinner), plus I use a cotton ball and gently swabbed the ACV all over my face, including around my hairline and down onto my neck. After about 10 days my rosacea improved by about 70%. I continued to do this for about two more weeks and my skin continued to improve, but the bumps did not completely disappear (about 90% of them did).

I began to add one drop of tea tree oil to my moisturizer at night and after 1 week my rosacea symptoms were gone... no more redness, no more bumps. At this point I am doing the following:

- drinking the ACV twice daily
- adding tea tree oil to my moisturizer about 5-6 nights per week
- using ACV topically on my face once per week
- changing my pillowcase twice per week and flipping it over after about 2 nights

I also wanted to mention that I was using a cleanser that exfoliated and I switched to a more natural, gentle cleanser and I think it also helped a lot. I am also avoiding moisturizer that has alpha-hydroxy and use a sunscreen with zinc.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Michelle (Louisville, Kentucky) on 01/03/2010

That is so funny that you say that something for fungus helped your rosacea. I have always thought that my rosacea has come from my fingernails. I have had the fungus on my toenails for many years now, and it went from my toenails to my fingernails. I would say because I used my finger nails to help clean my toenails. Anyway, After i scratched my face a little too much at work.. i noticed my face getting red, and ive always suspected that is what caused my rosacea. I am going to try the anti-fungal and get back to you. Thanks so much!