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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Amy (Brattleboro, Vermont, Usa) on 03/14/2010
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greetings everyone

i have spent the past five days reading all the posts here, about a week ago i woke up with an outbreak of what i think is rosacea. i am 45 years old and have never had it before, and have always had very good skin. My symptoms were identical to rosacea.

i sympathize with those of who have suffered with this for years. i am a trained herbalist, and spent alot of time researching herbal remedies for rosacea and wanted to share with you what i learned, and what i have tried and what seems to be working. already my condition is improving.

i tried almost everything that was posted on this site.

i began taking lots of lysine (1500 mg 2x a day) and vit C (1500 mg 2x a day). i also took a TBSP of ACV in a little water 2x a day. Linda Rector Page in her book, Healthy Healing, points to the liver and the immune system. she also says heavy smoking contributes to the condition, so any of you smokers out there might want to try quitting. she also recommends a 3 day liquid fast with lots of fresh veggies and fruit juices. (fresh green cabbage juice helps to clear heat from the body)i also made a batch of veggie broth by boiling up carrots, onions, celery, garlic, parsley and seaweed, and then added miso for alkanilizing my system.(don't boil miso, as it destroys the micro-organisms...just add it to warm broth)

Page also recommends the herb pau d'arco...which i learned alot about while living in costa rica last year, where i was studying tropical medicinal herbs. in central america pau d'arco is considered a sacred tree and treats many conditions. it is primarily a immune stimulant, but is also an anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. many plants in the tropics have these properties, as the wet climate creates the perfect conditions for fungus and parasites.

i drank alot of pau d'arco tea and also combined it with a strong calendula tea and used it externally as a wash several times a day. Pure cider vinegar dabbed on my face with a cotton ball helped to relieve the stinging sensation.

additionally i took an herbal tincture of burdock root, nettles, and cats claw 3-4 x a day.

Michael Tierra in his book "Planetary Herbology" says that pumpkin seeds help to destroy and dispel parasites. He also says that borax is quite toxic internally, so i didn't use it that way. But what i did find very helpful was to wash my face with a solution of borax, peroxide and water, then let it dry and then rinsed with warm water and applied a thin layer of neem oil, which feels very soothing.

with this protocol my skin is improving daily, and is hardly noticeable...i am no longer embarrassed to go out in public and the stinging sensation is gone.

i hope this helps others out there with this condition.
i am happy to answer any questions


Posted by Tom (Galloway, NJ) on 04/13/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I bought some Borax in the form of a common laundry detergent several months ago. I finally tried it and all I can say is WOW. Its like washing your face with sandpaper. I was always told don't use anything abrasive on your rosecia and I thought I was gonna be in big trouble. After I scrubbed I patted my face dry and put some Aloe on it. The next morning not knowing what to expect I go to the mirror and I let out a few expletives of joy. My face was smooth and the crap was about 80% gone. The slight redness was there but everything else was about gone...Oh yeah, did I mention that that was the first night? Keep you posted.


Borax, Vinegar and Peroxide
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt.) on 10/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Ted,

I cannot find the original Rosacea H202 Borax recipe. Something seems disfunction with the new website. Anyway I am writing to ask for an opinion and share my new Recipe that I am really excited about.

Just about 50, my skin and its barrier are not always prime. Whereas my skin used to tolerate the borax h202 formula for rosacea on face. Now it seems to have the potential to really dry it out. So realizing how alkaline Borax is -- and that I had seen Vinegar used in place of H202 for mange -- it occurred to me why not combine the Vinegar and Borax in addition to the h202 with a goal of achieving the perfect PH balanced for face spray! The goal currently is around 5.5 I think.

My concern is that the more things to combine that reactions can alter the original composition such the the recipe no longer works like it should! In this case I also wonder if some of the action of the Borax killing the face mites 'is' because of the alkalinity? Anyhow my batch from last night left me the smoothest and silkiest of any Borax/H202 treatment I have achieved!

I would like to share the recipe. Thanks for your time... I am getting ready for round 2.

Stop All Supplements
Posted by Sunlightening (Glenview, Il) on 05/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a mild case of rosacea for twenty years very easily controlled with metrogel. In January 2017 very intense burning flushing began. I read everything I could on the Internet to stop it. Drinking ACV stopped it temporarily until I ate anything. The rosacea completely cleared in 24 hours when I stopped taking the multiple vitamin that I had taken every single day for the past three years. My advice to you is to stop all supplements for a few days to see if it makes a difference. On a side note, the ACV has dramatically helped my allergies and those of my best friend as well. I came back to add this information in the sincere hope it will help someone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ricardo (Ibiúna, Brazil) on 05/25/2017

Hi, I have the pustular type of Rosacea, seven years ago I had my first outburst and endured an eight-month crusade, five dermatologists, took all sorts of pills you can imagine, gained 16kgs with cortisol, spent heaps of money, and only after I abandoned all treatments, it was gone overnight. I kept keeping some care, sometimes had light flares and used Mirvaso (still, the most effective) but a few days ago it came back - more agressive, debilitating and this time, it got my eyes. After seven years, a lot of discoveries about it, like the demodex thing (which sounds about right, places affected, crawling skin sensation...) so, I feel hope on using ACV and Tea Tree Oil (here, I have to buy through the internet) because... it's a nightmare, I spent a lot of money this week already, my stomach is already distressed because of the meds prescribed by my doctor to no avail, my skin is red, with pustules and flaky, very infected (skin keeps breaking with plasma leaking from the wounds) and only when I apply Mirvaso and Tea, it gives time to dry and close it a bit. I'm currently taking Metronidazol orally and using topically, but it just burns and itches and I see no improvement at all, alongside with Flagyl. This thread gave me much info that I had no idea existed and for the first time I have hope that I can beat this punishment, once and for all. In a few days I'll receive both ACV and TTO and will let you guys know how's going. I've tried tetracycline, allergenic, cortisol, creams, you name it and I've done. If the answer was simply vinegar... OMG, It will be a blast to get cured and to help others that don't know about it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/30/2017

To Ricardo of Spain,

Try genuine Manuka Honey for Rosacea. You could apply a slight smear on the affected parts at night and see what happens.



Raw Potato Juice
Posted by Sb (Sg) on 07/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

RAW POTATO JUICE: Never have I written on any of such forums before, but this I have to share! My rocasea flares up without any reason, suddenly I wake up to a red face and its pathetic. Tried a whole lot of things from creams, to ice packs, coconut oil (which did give some relief but only temporary). Finally on a friend's suggestion - grated raw potato and started applying every morning and leaving it for an hour, the results have been miraculous. After my 1st application itself, my skin was much calmer and the redness almost less than half. Read about the other benefit of raw potato juice, and was shocked to see how this little vegetable has such magical curative properties.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Katela (Silver Spring, Maryland, Usa) on 04/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share my experience with successfully combatting what my dermatologist repeatedly told me was 'rosacea'. Three years ago - at age 30 - I suddenly developed the redness and dryness and eye irritation associated with rosacea on my face. I went to the dermatologist who told me I had rosacea (on multiple visits). She gave me a cream which, of course, only temporarily relieved this condition I was very self-conscious about. I tried other suggestions - coconut oil, etc, but to no avail. And then I decided to go to a naturopath. The naturopath, after a lengthy consultation, had me take an allergy test. The test came back positive for dairy and soy. And, interestly enough, the symptoms of a dairy allergy are very similar to rosacea. I cut dairy and soy out of my diet and, within a few weeks, the rosacea went away. Completely disappeared. A few months later, I started eating yogurt again as a little test and the tell-tale redness came back. I now eat minor amounts of dairy when I most want it but generally avoid it all together. And my "rosacea" has completely disappeared. I know this isn't the cause for everyone, but I strongly encourage you to think about cutting out dairy and soy and limiting gluten. The redness and dryness I experienced were the outward signs of imbalances in my body and this dietary easy shift in my life has had both cosmetic and internal benefits. I am extremely frustrated with the dermatologist who repeatedly misdiagnosed me and also with my insurance which would only cover the dermatologist and not the naturopath - but that is another topic all together.

Posted by Portia (Orange, Ca, Us) on 05/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered horrible red blotches on my face. A doctor told me it was rosacea and prescribed antibiotics. This condition was psycho! I would go to bed with a flawless complexion and wake up covered in burning welts and pustules. I work with the public and was profoundly humiliated by my face. And then... BLINK... My skin would clear up. I could make no sense of it and felt desperate to find a cure.

Well, you kind folks at Earth Clinic helped me enormously. I would like to pass on a wonderful discovery, in the hopes of helping others. Recently the rosacea returned with a vengence. I tried ACV, aloe, and tea tree oil. Yes, they reduced the redness, but the basic rosacea remained.

Then I read about using a sulfer based shampoo on my face. I went to Walmart and could not find this kind of shampoo BUT I found a bar of sulfer soap IN THE HISPANIC PRODUCTS SECTION in the toiletries dept. I soaped up my face and did not rinse it off for 20 minutes. Amazingly the rosacea was 50% improved! I then put emu oil on my face. Well two days later my skin was completely clear. Free of rosacea and the stress of feeling ashamed! I did this treatment in the morning and at bedtime, and drank about 2 T. of ACV during the day.

I hope this helps. Bless you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Christal (Kyle, Texas) on 12/30/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with skin problems since I was 11 years of age. I had horrible body acne and some facial acne made worse with the products they sell us that say they help prevent or cure these problems which were caused by eating horribly and drinking soda and coffee, rarely any water.

Anyway, it wasn't until two years ago that I really started to look into natural methods and organic foods and such, I have been completely CONSUMED by all the information I learn daily, I am OBSESSED with remedies and health and nutrition, so much so that I have decided to become an herbalist/healer/nutritionist. I don't really know where to start on that journey so if anyone has information that would be super, but that aside, I have been trying several things to cure my Rosacea and Perioral Dermatitis for quite some time now, my dermatologist took one look at me and said I had rosacea and dermatitis but I haven't cured the roacea yet. I am going to try Ted's remedy for that but I don't know how safe it is while breastfeeding, I have an eight month old.

Anyway, I keep telling you my life story, I believe the rosacea and dermatitis is caused by a candida/yeast infection, I have been taking coconut oil internally daily for a few months now and my vaginal yeast infection is GONE, has been since the first week, I no longer will EVER go to the dr with any problem unless life threatening like I was in a car accident or something, but I won't ever take antibiotics or any prescription pain med ever again, I won't buy any shampoos or body wash for me or my child, I have been using water on his hair and its so soft and shiny and doesn't smell at all, I use water mixed with baking soda for my hair put on my roots and its so full of body and soft and shiny as well, been doing that for a few weeks now and I love it, I went back to shampoo twice during the first few weeks and it made my hair super gross and my scalp itched even more than it does now, a side affect of consuming so much sugar and white flour throughout my life. I am using Ted's remedy for that as well. I am going to get some Borax next week when the paychecks come in, for the rosacea and itchy scalp.

That aside. I mixed 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "Mother") and 1 Tablespoon Hydrogen Peroxide with water so the ratio is 1:1:10, water being the most, and washed my face with water using a wash rag, removing any dirt or excess oils, then with the same rag, I apply the mixture to my face blotting it on or rubbing gently, and then let that air dry. Then I add Extra Virgin Olive oil to my face, Just a tiny amount is all thats needed and I did this last night for the first time and I couldn't BELIEVE how quickly my skin has cleared up and looks and feels AMAZING, I did it to my husband who actually has a terrible case of acne and then applied teatree oil on a QTip to the acne bumps and blackheads, MY BLACKHEADS ARE ALMOST GONE! I have had blackheads on my nose deep in my pores since I was 11 years old, I am 21 now and I can't believe the results!!!! I want to share everything I know with anyone and everyone! Email me with any questions! Cici28602(at)yahoo(dot)com

I should have taken before and after photos! I may still do it for my husband because his is bad but looks a million times better!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nana (Calera, Alabama) on 02/24/2011

My dermatologist told me the same thing acne roseasa. He perscribed some cream for me also and I got it filled but never used it. I'm too afraid of these pharma meds and their side effects. What I have found is that there is something going on inside of me because I keep getting other skin problems. Plus got myself a vaginal yeast infection for the first time in years and years. Dr. prescribe Difulcan, one pill. Then I was just diagnosed with Grovers Disease.... (red bumps on my back) not contagious or anything and they don't know what causes it.

Well I think I do, I think it's an overload of yeast in my system, so now I'm trying to detox my body. I'm juicing carrots, drinking filtered pure water all day and staying away from sugar and breads. Also picked up some Olive Leaf Extract and I'm using Virgin Coconut oil several times a day. I have cut my coffee intake to 2 cups and hopefully soon it will be none. Green Tea instead. Exercising by walking 30-40 minutes a day. We shall see but also I'm drinking 1 Tbls. Of ACV with 8 oz. Of water every morning on an empty stomach... I do this first thing when I wake up. My skin on my face is clearing up nicely since starting the ACV. I also put Tea Tree oil on my face. I cleanse my face and then while it's still wet I apply the Tea Tree Oil. Everything looks as if it is working fine.

Good Luck! Nana

Manuka Honey
Posted by Missy (The Woodlands, Tx) on 06/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I am excited to say that I have also had great results using Manuka honey for rosacea, and allergic reactions due to extreme sensitivity. The skin on my face has become increasingly sensitive over the last 10 years, cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, even tap water would leave my face red, irritated and often dehydrated. I would try the gentlest cleansers designed for sensitive skin, but all of them left my skin burning, irritated and red. One day I tried a gentle scrub due to my skins dry flakey texture. This was a mistake that left me with a red rash which lasted several months. I finally resorted to seeing a doctor who prescribed a steroid, and even this did not clear up the rash.

One day the idea came to me to try honey, so I purchased some manuka honey from a health food store, and began using it as a cleanser. In two months my skin has almost cleared to the point where I could go without makeup. The rash is gone, and the redness is mild. I use about a tablespoon massaged over my face and rinsed with warm water. My skin is moist and the flakiness is gone. I use olive or coconut oil around the eye if needed to remove eye makeup.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Glycerin
Posted by Deirdre (Asheville) on 05/26/2023

Hi Patricia,

Ted's borax and hydrogen peroxide topical mixture might help if it's a mite issue. You can see the posts on Earth Clinic's rosacea page about that.

I didn't have rosacea, but seborrheic dermatitis around my nose for many years... similar to rosacea in some ways when it was really triggered. What cured it after 30 years (and many remedies and supplement experiments later) was simply taking 10,000 IUs of a vitamin d3 serum daily for about 3 days. Has not returned and it's been 5 years. Worth trying.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amy (Steamboat, Co) on 04/27/2010

UPDATE: My skin is considerably better now - in fact, I don't even use Tea Tree Oil on a daily basis any more. I continue to apply the oil to any problem area that may arise, but they are few and far between. Early application of Tea Tree seems to prevent any further irritation and is keeping me ahead of a break out. It is such a relief to have found a solution to treating my Rosacea.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 12/24/2009

Rosacea, if all will research the net, you will find that it was a Chinese army doctor who first identified the culprit to be the Demodex mite. This was during the Korean War. So I question any Johnny come lately, which includes Ted. After fighting this bugger unsuccessfully for 15 years with Dermatologists, I now treat it myself as I have posted before.

I now think you never cure yourself. You just have to control them. I have found that Tee Tree Oil is the compound which best controls the situation. It is critical that you apply your concoction inside your nose because there is where your hair follicles are. I use hydrogen peroxide, vitamin e oil, tee tree oil and borax. I wash my hair with a coal tar shampoo and rinse with a saturated solution of Borax. All these things are anti-fungals.

The statement that only hydrogen peroxide and borax will cure dog mange is laughable. My dad cured my dogs in the 40's with sulfur, old motor oil and boric acid. I know the site owners get perturbed with me because of my challenges. My response is that if you can't stand the heat, then don't go in the kitchen. Readers won't understand this remark, but they do.

Regardless, this is a great site , just question what you read. There are a lot of posters with unique knowledge like Ted and Joyce, but I find holes sometimes in what they say. Caveat Emptor. I also think lots of posters get tunnel vision with the treating symptoms. Go after your total health first. Then the symptoms will sometimes go away.

If this spiel comes out bad, just blame it on an old man's rumblings.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Miel (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/03/2009
4 out of 5 stars

i came here a few weeks back and read the posts regarding hydrogen peroxide, baking soda with water and tea tree oil for rosacea

I tried them all as well as Borax which I did only once because of my skin sensitivity.

anyway, whatever i had been doing worked!. redness has gone and also the cystic pimples. no flushing, a few patches of dry skin are still on my forehead but it could my usual eczema.

I wash my face everyday with water and hydrogen peroxide diluted in the water. every other day i'll add tea tree oil into the water. when my face is still wet, i'll put Eucerin (heavy cream) on. I also use an acne lamp for about 20 min each night.

i think the hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil had been a great help.

i also drink water with baking soda almost everyday.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Amanda (Cape Town, South Africa) on 11/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars


Hi, I'm new to this site, and came here for Thrush remedy, which after 2 weeks, is now all but gone. Oh, but even though I got the thrush from a very stressful situation on top of a terrible freshly baked bread 2-week splurge...MY ROSACEA DID NOT COME BACK!


I've had Rosacea all my life..the systemic kind: blushing, red spots, papules that expel waxy cheese...the whole thing. Horrible, embarrassing and painful ( I felt like I had a bad sunburn a lot of the time...I would be out having fun, and could not wait to get home and jump into the cool shower--face was covered with grease, beet red and yet dry and burned feeling) In other words, I had the whole thing.

I tried everything OTC and from dermatologists . Nothing worked and many made it worse.

I avoided "facials" like the plague, because they often left me red-faced for a month afterward.

About 8 years ago I had an ayurvedic facial ( can I say Dr Hauschka?) anyway, very expensive, but I was desperate and someone recommended. The facialist(?) saw me and immediately told me what to do...

I did use the products ($$$!) for about 1 year, but since then have developed my own protocol which keeps things at bay. I still treat myself to the products about once a year, and use monthly as a "facial treatment" instead of a daily thing.

So, if you can afford the Dr H whole shebang, I say go for it...if not, keep reading, because I've developed a less expensive routine for my long-term use.

Okay, here's what works for ME:

stop all scrubbing, rubbing, hotsteaming, reaming, pinching and anything that is not gentle to your face and rest of body. Think of your skin as a fragile little baby that needs coddling and care! Use products you make or buy that support skin.

wash with tepid or cool water, never ever sauna--use steamroom only for short times, don't shock system with any hot/cold treatments. Shower tepid, avoid long hot baths (sorry!), don't get sunburned.

Avoid hot, spicy foods--even the ones that are good for you, like ginger. (I use ginger/hot pepper once in a while when treating colds, etc..careful, sparingly)
Eat all the veg you can and drink water all day long.
TED'S LEMON ALKALIZER? FANTASTIC!! I used to use just lemon juice, but I am trying this now.

4) USE SKIN PRODUCTS AYURVEDIC/HOMEOPATHIC OR HOMEMADE --some OTC are OK--read the labels like a nut, even if you have to use a magnifying glass in the stores! I often write to companies and ask them to send me entire lists of ingredients in products...very good results. Sometimes you can find OTC creams, lotions that have the great ingredients in them ( quality oils, vitamins, etc) these are easier to use. I have found several reasonably priced ones here in Africa. I put them on before I go out if I don't want to look too "greasy".


wash type 1:
2 part almond meal (buy or grind raw almonds)
1 part dried ground orange peel (just buy one organic orange, peel it and dry out the peel
1 part dry milk.
Mix a little of this powder with water or milk or yoghurt and pat onto face. Gently rub to wash, or let it dry and gently rub off ( takes off more oil). Rinse with cool/tepid water.

wash type 2: (gentler)
Mix the above with plain yoghurt ( full cream is nice) or heavy cream. Option add: few drops lavender oil and/or drop or two of tea tree. Experiment, start with just the lavender. Rub gently or let sit for a couple of minutes while you relax ( if time) or wear into shower and wash off at the end.

type 1: Mix pure witch hazel ( no alcohol!)and real rosewater (no alcohol!) with a few drops of lavender oil and dilute with water. Or, add a few drops of rose oil istead of the rosewater. Keep in a spray bottle and spritz on face after washing. Start with maybe a few ounces of the Witch hazel and find a solution strength that leaves your face feeling clean, but not tight and dry. You can also add tea tree (sparingly) or geranium essential oil. Experiment a little bit...this is what worked for me. The lavender, rose and witch hazel are the mainstays. Rub on a few drops of cocoanut or soy oils and let air dry. Do not wipe off!

type 1(emergency cool and moisturize): Put heavy cream mixed or whipped with lavender oil on face and leave on for a few minutes. Wipe off and spray with the toner. this is good for flareups, sunburns and upsets.

type 2: glycerine, lavender and rose oil. Hey, it works for me! Mix a dab of this with enough water to cover the face lightly. Experiment until it does not feel too greasy. I sometimes toss a little ACV water (very dilute) on top of this, especially in hot weather.

type 3: a few drops of coconut and soy oils put on face damp from toner.

type 1: whip heavy cream add few drops oil and leave on for 10 minutes while you put your feet up or bathe.

type 2: Take half an avocado, mush it up very soft and smooth (no lumps) add some lemon juice--take enough to cover, then add few drops lavender oil and put it all over your face, head hair and neck. If you cover your whole head with feels fantastic and soothes, cools and moisturizes all at once. Go outside or maybe lay in's a little messy. Leave on for 10-15 minutes ( don't let it dry too much or it's hard ot get off)...this is my FAVORITE one, and I use it daily during avo season! You can make guacamole with the extra!

Mix plain yoghurt with pureed apple and put all over face and body and head and hair(if you have time to wash up fully afterward, if not, just do the skin parts, but the full-head treatment is very cooling! Leave it on for 15 minutes or longer if you want. Relax while it is working. Roll yourself in a clean sheet (washed in borax, not detergent!) and then follow with a tepid shower and put a little lavender mixed with soy or coconut oil all over wet skin and maybe give face another yoghurt/lavender oil treatment if it is still very irritated. Keep cool!

I have had very good luck with rubbing a little straight lavender oil on the worst spots. A recent one absolutely cleared up with this treatment.

I am in Africa, so I have to load up, and sometimes they irritate. I am just experimenting with making my own using zinc oxide added to a gentle face cream with soy. Let you know. It's hard to find the raw ingredients here--they cost a fortune or are unavailable or suspiciously unregulated.

1) have a clean pillowcase every night! or at least turn the pillowcase so that a clean side is up and change every other night. Wash bedding in borax, or special laundry soap from health food store. Add a couple drops lav oil to rinse.

1. NEVER do "hot" or bikram yoga..nearly 3 months to get red out of my face!
2. don't eat spicy foods
3. don't drink every day -I have champagne about 1x a week and it seems OK. Hey, I'm in Africa,home of the sundowner!
4.stand on your head, or learn easier yoga makes your face red..then clears it up!

You don't have to use everything, but key is the washing protocol. And the yoghurt, I think. This is a great book for more ayurvedic ideas... Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur.

I am just about to start Ted's borax/H202 treatment to get rid of THE LAST active papule I have on my chest. It is invisible for years, but still there, so is a great experimental spot! Let you all know.


Manuka Honey
Posted by Marilynn (Winston-salem, North Carolina) on 09/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had rosacea for ten years now. It started duing perimenopause. It has devastated me quite often when there is a social event or even a trip to the store. I went to a dermotologist and he recommended a topical gel. That worked for a while but later on it seemed to aggravate it worse than before. I tried several of the rememedies on this site and I found that apple cider vinegar made my skin quite dry whether I used it topically or drank it. After endless searching on the internet, I found a site that talked about manuka honey. I have taken a teaspoon of honey three times a day 30 minutes before a meal. I washed my face with it and every other day add a teaspoon of brown sugar. If the mixture is too dry only add a drop of water. It is amazing what it has done to my skin. I am now writing to you with a clear complexion and only a very very slight pink to my face. I read that even though the mites are to blame sometimes h. pylori in our stomach contributes to it too. I wish you all well and hopes that this also helps you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 10/19/2009

I have posted many times on this subject , but after 10 years of Dermatologists , with no improvement and following this sites recommendations of Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax and Tea Tree oil with slow and mixed results. I have tweaked the formula. I now mix the Borax in a separate jar and make sure there is crystals in the bottom so that the solution is saturated. Before, I only used a few drops of Tea Tree Oil....... now, I make sure the coke cap is very oily. I mix all three in a coke cap. I coat my nose outside and inside twice a day. This is my best results. At 73 and a very ugly nose after all these years of our Demodex buddies, I consulted a noted plastic surgeon on what would make my nose pretty again. He said I got to burn it bad with a CO2 Laser. I got to think about that. M J burned his nose off and had to use a fake one. I'm an Arkansas Razorback fan, but I don't want to look like a pig. We need to take care of our health problems, but we don't need to lose our sense of humor.

Posted by Pamela (City Withheld, Washington) on 09/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia/Rosacea and TMJ for over 10 years... My first symptoms appeared shortly after I began taking Paxil. After about 8 months when I found the Paxil side effects intolerable, my doctor switched me to Prozac. Well...within 2 years, I had gained 75 pound, couldn't get my temperature to a normal 98.6 (it wouldn't budge above 96.6), broke out with a fierce case of Rosacea (skin blistering & pealing in layers off my cheeks), was chronically fatigued and suffered from TMJ symptoms.

After reading the FLUORIDE information on EarthClinc and researching the chemical formulas of the many antidepressants that I had taken over the last 10 years, I had an epiphany...My problem was FLUORIDE!!! Incidentally, the' symptoms of FLUORIDE TOXICITY are the same as Fibromyalgia so it wasn't surprising to learn that FLUORIDE is the primary ingredient in MANY widely prescribed antidepressants, including PAXIL and PROZAC!!!

Without delay, I began adding 1/8 tsp of BORAX and 1/8 tsp of NATURAL (UN-bleached) SEA SALT to a liter of
DE-CLORINATED water. This regimine just happens to both neutralize the FLUORIDE and KILL the nasty mites that cause Rosacea.

I began drinking 1 liter per day for 5 days. On the 2 off days, I simply drank purified, bottled spring water.

The results were nothing short of MIRACULOUS, within two weeks my face cleared, the redness faded and best of all, my temperature normalized TO 98.6 and my energy level began to steadily increased. (Do expect the break out to get worse before it gets better as the mites die off.)

In just one month, without dieting or changing my daily routine (other than adding BORAX & SEA SALT to my drinking water), I dropped 4 pounds and I continue to drop weight at about a pound a week. I attribute this to my increased body temperature and elevated metabolism.

ALSO...when I eliminated the FLUORIDE in my toothpaste, my gums stopped swelling and bleeding and all PREVIOUS phantom tooth/jaw pain simply disappeared.

Thank you, EarthClinc and Ted...The information you shared has truely been a blessing in my life...I wholeheartedly encourage anyone that is suffering with FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE, TMJ or ROSACEA to try this simple remedy as I have had only POSITIVE results and absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

Incidently, this BORAX & SEA SALT water is extremely ALKALINE with a pH between 8 - 9 pH.

EC: We must also express our extreme gratitude to Jason Uttley for the chronic fluoride poisoning link in his article, The Cause of Fibromyalgia.

Black Walnut Hull Tincture, Wormwood and Cloves
Posted by Sharon (Boca Raton, Florida) on 07/14/2014
1 out of 5 stars


Please, please, please, especially if you have sensitive skin, do not apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to your face. This is a sure way to end up with a chemical burn which hurts and is not pretty. Take it from someone who did it. It took at least two weeks of me applying diluted lavender oil to heal my mistake and remember to heal a burn you have to go through the scab and flaking stage. Not worth it!!!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Caroline (Keller, Texas) on 05/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am shocked and amazed after thousands of dollars spent on TCA peels, medicated creams and Dr. prescribed Retin A etc,.that I find Tea Tree oil to be an overnight wonder (Literally) for the treatment of my Rosacea. All my redness was gone after 2 nights of applying the oil directly all over my face. Acne and redness is completely gone!! This stuff is awesome! Got mine at Sprouts health food store. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from acne or acne rosacea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 05/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea and prescribed an antibacterial gel to apply to my face 2x a day. According to the dermatologist I would probably have to do that the rest of my life. After having indigestion one evening, i got online and found this site. I decided to try using Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tbsp 3 x a day mixed with water or grape juice) for the indigestion. Amazingly after only 1 day my indigestion was totally gone, but the best part was that almost all signs of my rosacea were gone. My sinuses were clear and I felt better than i had in years. I just wanted to say thanks to all that have posted here. This website and these testimonials have changed my life for the better. Thanks to all who have posted before me.

Changed Shampoo, Soap, Shaving Gel
Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, NC) on 04/21/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to share how I got my rosacea under control. I noticed my redness increasing after my morning shower. I am a male so I switched from blue shaving gel to white shaving cream. While I was shaving I used to rinse my razor in hot water. I now rinse my razor in cold water. I stopped using shampoo and standard soap for about a week. Just rinsed my head and face. I am now using a non mass produced soap for my head and face. I think it is an organic type of soap without perfumes. My wife bought it for me and I don't have the label, unfortunately. My face has been clear for about 3 weeks.

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