Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Sea Buckthorn
Posted by Natnmargie (Washington) on 02/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Rosacea: Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sulphur Excellent Results!

Rosacea has been my biggest issue for long time now. I still do some of the ACV on occasion, but for the past 6 months, I have been doing the following:

  • After cleansing my face, I just a facial lotion that has "sea buckthorn oil" in it as one of the ingredients, boy, does this work...pustules are way down, as is the redness in my face.
  • I also use a sulphur powder prior to putting on my mineral makeup. (it has a yellow-ish, green cast to it)

I believe between the sea buckthorn oil and the sulphur, that it has made all the difference to my rosacea.

I am at 10% of my worst with rosacea.

I am quite aware that what works for me may not work for you, but I thought I would share.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 03/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I can testify that olive leaf helps rosacea.I dont have full blown rosacea with pustules thank God but I do have redness in my nose and cheeks and enlarged pores. After reading about the antibacterial and fungal properties of olive leaf I went to the park and grabbed some leaves..its that easy and cheap here in Spain...I placed a few leaves with half glass of water in my blender, I filtered the result and I had an olive leaf tonic.I applied it to my face after my bentonite clay daily cleansing. I just let it sit and forgot about it. Hours later I looked in the mirror and I could not see my pores. I had to come close to the mirror and the redness was greatly reduced too. Now I'm trying it internally because rosacea is said to be related to the gut health and OLE is said to be great for intestinal health. After chewing 6 leaves I can tell the skin in my face is smoother and I also felt circulation in my feet right after eating them. I suffer cold feet and light impotence I have bad circulation. I'veread OLE helps with circulation as well so its an added benefit to have warm feet.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Billy (Herts) on 12/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen peroxide 6% used as a skin cleanser is a very effective way to rid yourself of Demodex folliculorum (Rosacea), using a thumb sized piece of soaked cotton wool... be diligent and rub it into the skin for 4 weeks 2x a day. Be careful around facial hair as it will bleach the hair. I wasn't concerned about the bleaching of my hair I just wanted to be rid of it I use it 1x or 2x a month whenever I feel an itching or see a red spot. I've been free from Rosacea for 18 months now :) I eat and drink whatever I like... its a no brainer people ...just do it

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Stephanie (Somewhere, Texas) on 11/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using the topical solution (3% H202 saturated with 20 Mule Team Borax) for a few weeks putting it on my face after cleansing and leaving on a few minutes before rinsing. I could not believe the junk that came out of my pores. I also plucked a hair out of my face and looked at it under a microscope. I could see the mites feasting on the oils at the base of my hair (yuck! ). My facial redness has been reduced by about 50%. Prepare for things to get worse before they get better with this remedy if you are allergic or sensitive to the mites and their waste. I perservered and my face is getting better and better. Use a little hydrocortisone if you have an allergic reaction to the mite funk. I think it may take a few months for my face to heal. I also have been trying to eat a ton of fruits and vegetables and an all around anti-inflammatory diet but Ted's cure has helped so much. Thanks Ted. I will post an update in a few months.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ricardo (Ibiuna) on 07/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I followed this post and am proud to say that I'm nearly rosacea-free thanks to ACV, I apply whenever I have small pustules or just redness, my skin looks better, still have some localized redness on the worst spots of my last big flair (under my eyes) but ACV is a miracle - but pay attention because it will raise hell on your face at first, just be strong and endure the pain.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chrisatl (Atlanta, Georgia) on 10/13/2010

First, thanks to all who post on Earth Clinic. This is my go-to guide whenever I have an illness. Recently, I had Rosacea. I can say "had" now because its all gone. Thanks to Earth Clinic. I compiled what I believe was the safest and inexpensive suggestions to cure Rosacea from the 4 to 5 pages on the website and tried it all at the same time.

Here is what I used and it costs less than 25 bucks:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Lysine, Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Witch Hazel and water with lemon juice. Throughout the day I would drink tap water with a freshly squeezed lemon. In the morning, afternoon and night I would take 1500mg of Lysine and 1500Mg of Vitamin C, and 2 pills of Vitamin A (8000 IU each). Also, twice a day I would digest 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and once a day I would digest a tad bit of Baking Soda, but with food. Also, I never took the vitamins and lysine without eating something first. In the morning and night I would wash my face with Witch Hazel and at night I would add tea tree oil to my face.

Within a 2 days I saw a noticeable difference and within 4 days my face looked better than it did before the Rosacea. By the way, I am 24 years old, a drinker and cigar smoker, and a light skinned male. I hope this helps you all like it has helped me. I am very self conscious and was going through a crisis in my life because of this and I thank everyone who posted there experiences. Also, last but most importantly, I prayed a few times a day to the Higher Being I believe in and I recommend you do the same.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Carlos (London, Spain) on 08/31/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I think here at earthclinic should create a different category for Manuka Honey. Even tho every raw honey is beneficial Manuka Honey deserves its own category. I thought it was a myth and that it was just like any other. But I've used it on my face and my rosacea is gone my skin is smooth and I look 10 years younger. I have not take it internally but Manuka honey is 20 times more anti bacteria and anti inflammatory than tea tree oil. It's selling millions all around the world improving every kind of ailment. I have to say I have not used anything better. I rank manuka honey 1st and ACVwith olive oil 2nd. It also should be added in the founatin of youth category and acne. I thank God for allowing me to try this elixir. If it does this in my skin that fast I can't imagine what it can do in the blood stream. Truly miracle

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Om (Hope, B.c., Canada) on 05/09/2013

Colloidal silver is the remedy I have used it with excellent results. Once in a while I have had to repeat a mild recurrence just by soaking a cotton ball with CS and dabbing the skin. The present medical system claims it is not curable. How come then I cured myself at hardly any cost. It is good for itch, sore eyes and internally. You don't have go out and look like the head of a match stick. All the best. Om

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ann (Columbia, Maryland) on 06/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) does seem to work! My method: I use a Q-tip to apply liquid that is 50% ACV and 50% water. The water is just tap. The ACV is just regular brand. I use the Q-tip sparingly-- one tip is used just for the nose, then a fresh tip for the left cheek and a fresh tip (or 2) for the right cheek. I use the ACV application in the morning and in the evening before bed. I sometimes rinse and sometimes just leave it on. I am not clear whether rinsing makes a difference or not. At the same time, I am changing my pillow case every 2 nights. I use one side the first night, flip the case the next night, then on the third night, replace it with a fresh case. Results: The first 3 days, immediate improvement. The next few days, I was back to usual. It is now day 8; I have experimented for a week. I awoke this morning and for the first time in years, my face looked almost perfectly normal in shade and had just one acne bump (break out). Yay!!!

Background: For those who want more detail-- my rosacea has been fairly mild. My nose was always red and often broke out, my left cheek was ruddy with red dots under the surface, the right cheek had it bad with higher red color, many red dots under the surface, bumps and semi-frequent break outs. Before trying ACV, I helped my rosacea by reducing the hormone level of my birth control pills, limiting soap on my face to scent-free either soy soap with goats milk or a yogurt soap, and reducing stress. Still, I had lots of unmitigated redness and outbreaks. Future: I plan to continue with ACV and clean pillow case method. I also plan to replace pillow entirely. I intend to report back with an update on the results of this procedure.

Vitamin C and Lysine
Posted by Kat (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 01/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I found this remedy for Rosacea on Earth Clinic and it has worked well for me. L-Lysine 3000 MG per day in divided doses on an empty stomach. Along with each divided dose take 1000 MG of vitamin C. I like Sodium Ascorbate. It's buffered and supposedly is absorbed easily, but any buffered form of C should be fine. My red bumps started to clear within 3 days. My cheeks have remained red, but the bumps were 95% gone after 1 week. I am also aware of food trigers. Mine seems to be eggs if I eat them for several days in a row.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 11/25/2016

I see that on this Site there are quite a few people who claim success in treating their Rosacea by using Manuka Honey. Wonderful that this simple treatment can free people of such embarrassment - they often have the redness in the very place where they don't want it I.e. nose, forehead or cheeks! News is out that purified, medical grade, KANUKA Honey may be even slightly more effective than other types of honey but most types of honey will probably be effective to some extent for this troublesome problem, especially if you happen to be a teenager! As an alternative to taking antibiotics, it should be tried out first in my humble opinion. Apparently there is a mite that gets into the skin, causing the Rosacea and the ingredients in the honey will deal with these pesky creatures quite effectively. Antibiotic resistance worldwide is becoming a huge problem anyway.

If you are a sufferer, then you really should check out the many postings on this Site under the heading "Rosacea". You may be surprised just how many folks have had success with Honey!!

Cheers, Michael

Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, Nc) on 12/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I mixed about a 1/3 of a cup of Borax with water to a paste consistenancy. Let it stay on my face for several minutes. Then rise. It works wonders. I did it once a day for about a week and now I am doing it every other day. Amazing results for me:)

Posted by Teresa (Ellensburg Wa) on 05/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered, yes, suffered for years from Rosacea. I half heartedly tried a lot of things, including what the dermatologist gave me. Metrogel, antibiotics, etc. Some days I would be so depressed that my face was so red, or that I had the little spider veins, or the pustules, or the scabby flaking tender skin.

Recently, after reading about Borax on this site and several others, I decided to give it a try. I started taking 1/4 tsp in purified water, along with enough lemon juice to kill the taste. I also started scrubbing my face with a mixture of borax and coconut oil in the shower, leaving it on as long until I finished washing my hair and body, and then rinsing it off. Soon after I began this, I had another dermatologist appt. She was rather horrified when she saw my face, and finally pried out of me that I hadn't been using my metrogel etc, and had begun with borax. She begged me to stop, and said it wouldn't help. She then gave me a prescription for another antibiotic and a cream. She also said that a sulfur mask OTC may be helpful. So I picked up the prescriptions, found a sulfur cream to purchase, and went home.

I never opened the prescriptions, I used the sulfur cream for awhile, and continued taking the borax. I still looked like hell for awhile, and then one day I looked in the mirror and realized that my face was almost "normal" looking! I was amazed. It was maybe about 3 weeks? I had another dermatologist appt 2 months after the previous one, and she was MUCH happier with the condition of my skin. I very smugly told her that I never used the RX stuff, but just the borax and sulfur cream. She assured me that it could only be the sulfur cream. Well, I hardly ever use the sulfur cream anymore, and I only scrub with Borax once every couple of weeks or so, and very rarely ingest the Borax anymore.

My face remains in great shape. I don't believe anyone looks at me and wonders what happened to my face anymore..... sunburn, rash, etc. It just looks mostly normal. I still can see some spider veins, but I no longer get depressed with redness etc or feel like a freak! Now when I see someone who is obviously suffering with severe Rosacea, I just want to tell them Borax! Borax! Borax!

But you can't answer a question that hasn't been asked......... without being rude that is!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Posted by Karen (Rothschild, Wi) on 02/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been diagnosed with rosacea for over 10 years. Dermatologists have given me Metrogel (no help) and sulfa based creams (very drying and made my skin peel). After trying many things, I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar; both drinking it three times per day (2 Tbsp ACV, 1 tsp raw honey, 6oz water-150 degrees) and topically. For the topical mixture, I use 2 parts distilled water to one part raw, organic ACV. I put this in a small spray bottle and spritz it all over my face after washing with an aloe based cleanser twice daily. I leave the mixture on to dry, and then moisturize with a small amount of organic coconut oil.

I've used this regimen for 3-4 months and have no traces of rosaeca. I have combination skin, which is hyper sensitive and I'm allergic to many substances. This regime has worked better than anything else I've tried. My skin looks fantastic; poreless, soft, smooth and no redness or bumps.

Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer and has many antinflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is so soothing to the skin and helps with the redness. I'm 53 years old and do not have a wrinkle on my face. I firmly believe the ACV must be used topically and taken internally to help with the rosacea. If the ACV burns your skin, try diluting it with more water. I first tried a 50/50 mixture and it stung my face a bit, so I went to a 2:1 ratio which is so mild I don't even rinse it off.

I also sufferred from dermatitis on my scalp. Flaky, itchy scalp that actually hurt. After washing my hair with an organic shampoo, I use the same ACV solution on my scalp that I use on my face. Just spritz it on my scalp at the roots and leave it in. the vinegar smell fades in a few minutes and it relieved the itching immediately!!

This site is a Godsend! Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Virginia (Washington) on 08/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have had problems for years with redness and spots that stay raw and painful. I changed my life style in January to gluten free, because I had also become allergic to nightshade plants which all peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, pears etc. anything that ripens in the dark.

I am 81 years old. I use all fresh and cook from scratch. I am using the vinegar on my face, also coconut oil. I also am using the vinegar and oil on my legs that are also red from poor circulation. There is a big improvement and hope to clear it completely. I find variety is important.

Borax, Ciclopirox Olamine
Posted by Tm (Brisbane, Australia) on 05/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, firstly thanks for all your fantastic posts and advice. I just wanted to relay my experience with treating Rosacea with Borax and Ciclopirox Olamine. I had been told several times over the years that I had Rosacea, but it was never really that bad, so I did nothing about it. The reason I started taking Borax was to treat my hair loss. My hair was falling out in fist fulls all day long. So I started on the internal 1/8th tsp in 1 litre of water 4 days on/3 days off and the external Borax and hydrogen peroxide (I only have 3% solution at home) mixed with water 1:1:10 for 10 mins then wash out. This helped with hair loss, and my Rosacea went crazy. I had major die off with a crust forming over my Rosacea. Another side effect of the Borax, was into the 2nd week I started getting pain in my back and legs, by the third week it was really bad and my legs and feet were really swollen. I realized I was detoxing from flouride and believe me, it was not pleasant. I was back to normal by week 4 though.

My Rosacea had stabilized, but was not really improving. I washed my face with Borax and a oil cleanser I had made of Macadamia Nut & Neem oil morning and night, used a toner I made of ACV, hydrogen peroxide and Colloidal silver, but was really only controlling the Rosacea. It was still red, raw with pustules.

I decided to try the anti-dandruff shampoo remedy I had read about here, so I found out it's called Stieprox here in Australia. I washed my face & hair with it left on 5 mins, rinsed off and repeated as per the instructions on the box. I had another die off and the crust forming over my Rosacea that night, but the next morning, the improvement was huge! I've been washing my face with it morning and night for 3 days now.

The Ciclopirox has really worked and I would definitely recommend it. I will update if it isn't all it's cracked up to be after a month, but otherwise I'd say it has really worked so far.

Sorry it's so long winded, but I hope this helps someone else :-)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Amy (Brattleboro, Vermont, Usa) on 03/14/2010
4 out of 5 stars

greetings everyone

i have spent the past five days reading all the posts here, about a week ago i woke up with an outbreak of what i think is rosacea. i am 45 years old and have never had it before, and have always had very good skin. My symptoms were identical to rosacea.

i sympathize with those of who have suffered with this for years. i am a trained herbalist, and spent alot of time researching herbal remedies for rosacea and wanted to share with you what i learned, and what i have tried and what seems to be working. already my condition is improving.

i tried almost everything that was posted on this site.

i began taking lots of lysine (1500 mg 2x a day) and vit C (1500 mg 2x a day). i also took a TBSP of ACV in a little water 2x a day. Linda Rector Page in her book, Healthy Healing, points to the liver and the immune system. she also says heavy smoking contributes to the condition, so any of you smokers out there might want to try quitting. she also recommends a 3 day liquid fast with lots of fresh veggies and fruit juices. (fresh green cabbage juice helps to clear heat from the body)i also made a batch of veggie broth by boiling up carrots, onions, celery, garlic, parsley and seaweed, and then added miso for alkanilizing my system.(don't boil miso, as it destroys the micro-organisms...just add it to warm broth)

Page also recommends the herb pau d'arco...which i learned alot about while living in costa rica last year, where i was studying tropical medicinal herbs. in central america pau d'arco is considered a sacred tree and treats many conditions. it is primarily a immune stimulant, but is also an anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. many plants in the tropics have these properties, as the wet climate creates the perfect conditions for fungus and parasites.

i drank alot of pau d'arco tea and also combined it with a strong calendula tea and used it externally as a wash several times a day. Pure cider vinegar dabbed on my face with a cotton ball helped to relieve the stinging sensation.

additionally i took an herbal tincture of burdock root, nettles, and cats claw 3-4 x a day.

Michael Tierra in his book "Planetary Herbology" says that pumpkin seeds help to destroy and dispel parasites. He also says that borax is quite toxic internally, so i didn't use it that way. But what i did find very helpful was to wash my face with a solution of borax, peroxide and water, then let it dry and then rinsed with warm water and applied a thin layer of neem oil, which feels very soothing.

with this protocol my skin is improving daily, and is hardly noticeable...i am no longer embarrassed to go out in public and the stinging sensation is gone.

i hope this helps others out there with this condition.
i am happy to answer any questions


Posted by Debbie (Sterlington, Usa) on 09/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had rosacea for about 20 years. I can't afford Metrogel right now. Read online that someone had success with sulfur mixed with sunscreen. I mixed a teaspoon of sulfur with about a half cup of sunscreen and have been using it for 9 days (morning and night, after washing my face with borax), and the result is great- better than metrogel.

I had tried washing with borax, then dabbing with apple cider vinegar, but the redness continued and the sores just stayed scabby- wouldn't heal. My face had gotten really bad because I had been without Metrogel for about 3 months; looked like it would bleed. Now I am washing with borax, then applying the sulfur/sunscreen mixture and the redness is almost all gone, the sores healed, and I now only have about 3 little places that are slightly swollen, and they are getting better. My nose, which had been sore to the touch and scabby for so long, is completely well. The sulfur is a little drying, but the sunscreen helps to counteract that. My sulfur is some I got from my mom. My dad worked in a lab and brought home about 5 lbs of it thirty-five years ago, and it has been under the sink in a glass jar ever since, but is obviously still potent.

I have also discontinued washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner, and am using baking soda/borax water to wash, and citric acid water for rinsing. Also am drinking 1/8tsp borax and 1/8tsp sulfur in a liter of water everyday. Just hope this helps someone else. My skin has never been this soft, and it looks better now than it has for a long time. I am 50 years old.

Borax, Vinegar and Peroxide
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt.) on 10/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Ted,

I cannot find the original Rosacea H202 Borax recipe. Something seems disfunction with the new website. Anyway I am writing to ask for an opinion and share my new Recipe that I am really excited about.

Just about 50, my skin and its barrier are not always prime. Whereas my skin used to tolerate the borax h202 formula for rosacea on face. Now it seems to have the potential to really dry it out. So realizing how alkaline Borax is -- and that I had seen Vinegar used in place of H202 for mange -- it occurred to me why not combine the Vinegar and Borax in addition to the h202 with a goal of achieving the perfect PH balanced for face spray! The goal currently is around 5.5 I think.

My concern is that the more things to combine that reactions can alter the original composition such the the recipe no longer works like it should! In this case I also wonder if some of the action of the Borax killing the face mites 'is' because of the alkalinity? Anyhow my batch from last night left me the smoothest and silkiest of any Borax/H202 treatment I have achieved!

I would like to share the recipe. Thanks for your time... I am getting ready for round 2.

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