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Mercury Fillings Removed

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Posted by Ann (Timbucktoo) on 08/18/2019

In reply to Birdie from Timbucktoo on the Asperger's page:

Birdie from Calgary, Alberta Canada February 4, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Finally after 55 yrs, I realized I had asperger syndrome after seeing a program on TV about it. I suspected mercury poisoning (identical symptoms) so I had all my "silver" mercury dental fillings removed. MUCH relief was obtained doing this. I could not believe the difference! Then I used Olive Leaf Extract capsules to remove the candida yeast and zeolite powder to detox my system of any remaining heavy metals. WHAT a difference! I punted major fear and depression with this stuff!

When I was in my twenties, I had 17 mercury fillings removed because I had symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Within 3 months all symptoms improved and that was 30 years ago!!

MS Natural Treatments

Posted by Stenya (Los Angeles) on 08/02/2013

What options are available regarding cure/improving MS? Thank you.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Low dose naltrexone is 89% effective in stopping MS progression. It is inexpensive, an FDA approved drug, has no side effects except possibly vivid dreams for a week or two, and is taken by pill or liquid. See

Another all natural product that has been excellent in several MS people I have talked with or heard of, is a Lion's Mane mushroom product made by Mat--x Mushroom. The person I talked with had been taking Avonex for 13 years, had loss of feeling in the legs, began taking the mushroom product and can now ride her horse since she now can once again feel her legs. Her other symptoms are also gone. A man in CA was in a wheelchair, took the mushroom product and now can swim, walk, and works 14 hour days for the mushroom company. He was so happy with the product that he asked for a job and got it. They are now making a product especially for MS people, that contains Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps. (I have no financial or other interest in this company) Best wishes!

Replied by Just A Thinking Guy

I was impressed with Dr. Terry Wahls cure for herself. You can see it on youtube:

Nutrition, Electrotherapy

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Posted by Iowama (Pella, Ia) on 08/29/2011

Let me start by saying that I do not have MS. In fact, it has been through my own search for a nutritional prevention for Macular Degeneration that I have become familiar with the work of Dr. Terry Wahls, a member of the faculty of University of Iowa Medical School. It was through her newsletter that I began to learn thorough explainations on how nutrition can protect us from chronic disease. Her newsletter led me to look into Oil-Pulling, which led me to this website. Dr. Wahls is a practicing physician who spent four years in a tilt/recline wheelchair before reversing her own MS through a protocol of nutrition and electrotherapy. She is currently conducting a clinical trial of her method. Like I said, I don't have MS, but I don't want anyone else to have it either.

Replied by Wongoblly
(San Diego, Ca, Us)

I just came across Dr Terry Wahls too. It really is amazing. Please if you now anyone who has MS let them know about her. They can decide for themselves. She has Secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). again she is a Physician who went from four years in a total recline wheel chair only able to walk a few steps with two canes to riding a bike. Have a peek at her website & youtube videos. I don't have MS but it's nice to see what God's food can do to heal us.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Here is a video by Dr. Terry Wahls which tells you what she ate to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair. It offers excellent information for everyone needing advice for better health and I really recommend everyone watch the 17 min video. These are the foods we all need to get back to eating. She also mentions foods for liver and kidney cleansing, really helpful stuff.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Here is Terry Wahl's website. She cured her own ms by eating a paleo diet and adding certain things to her diet. She also has a YouTube site. We should all be eating this food.


Replied by Iowama
(Pella, Ia)

I was looking around on Amazon regarding the latest edition of Minding My Mitochondria and found a review/ response in which the author went through the diet point by point and created a very thorough overview of it (and it has undergone a few updates since I purchased my copy. ) If this is posted under MS, I hope that it will also be posted on the "Healthful Diets" page under "Paleolithic Diet". Thank you and best wishes to all. The link is as follows:

Replied by Wongoblly
(San Diego, Ca, Us)

Oh yes I agree with setting another category "Healthful Diets" page under "Paleolithic Diet". Pella, EC suggests you put in a request form to them to add another category page.
Does anyone know how to request a new page at EC? I did notice a drop down menu at top of page submit feedback

I didn't know I could post links here. Everybody should see her history video above link. I saw it last month on youtube plus others.

Also watched "Food Matters the Movie" another excellent video.

Duration 1:18

This EC site is awesome. wongoblly

EC: Yes, it was cross posted to Diets section under "Paleolithic Diet".


Replied by Wongoblly
(San Diego, Ca, US)

Thank you for the update from Liza at EC. I had no idea it was there too.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky Usa)
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Living near a Mennonite community, one can't help but see how easily the healthy diet comes to these people. Yes, we all have choices, BUT most of us have limited ones in the context of our modern lifestyle/environment. Solitary, disabled, limited budget folks like me don't have many choices. My best option is eat as healthy as possible AND supplement. I will pose this option/combination ---diet and supplementation as superior to the (either) (or) "choice".

Several yrs gone my dad had finally reached the age of retirement but his health was in steady decline. Fatigue, short term memory loss (forgetfulness), overweight, malice, irritability, depression, etc. Then comes debilitating arthritis. Dad agreed to my recommendation to a good wholefood multivitamin/mineral ---2 daily. 2 mo later and after being out-of-town for 2 wks Dad returns and walks into the hospital room where I was bedridden and I didn't even recognize him until probably 10 sec. later. The results was astounding ---lost 20 lbs, color returned to eyes & skin, mentally sharp w/ no more depression; this was from only 2 multi's day.

If one can eat a very healthy organic (paleo) diet there are yet limitations as far as quantity of nutrients goes, so I would suggest supplementing w/ advanced nutrition (for the topic of mitochondria) like CoQ10, NADH, Alpha Lipoic Acid, d-Ribose, Quercetin.

Of course clean air & water is a must as is exercise to keep the "fire" of the mitochondria burning (cellular respiration yielding high energy Adenine Triphosphate ATP).


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Posted by Wendy (Plover, WI U.S.A) on 10/29/2007

Hi, Se helps the thyroid which slows down due to celiac. Faster working thyroid helps increase oxygen to the brain cells. Brain cells need more oxygen than other cells. Heavy metals block the thyroid medicine from being used and may block how the hemoglobin works. I was full of heavy metals. Colloidal siver poisoned me. It was the worst hell. I don't recommend anyone take colloidal silver. They may build it up like I did.

Replied by Bessie
(Vancouver, Canada)

Regarding Earth Clinic's query about "Se" in someone's post. It stands for Selenium which is extremely helpful for those who have problems with their thyroid. By the way, I love this site and check it regularly. I've learned so much. Thank you!

Replied by Dr. J
(Bombay, Maharastra)

Silver is not a "heavy metal" wendy!!! Its up there with calcium and copper and "correctly made colloidal silver" does not and can not build up in the tissues, argyria which is caused from adding salt etc to silver making process and which causes this silver skin is reversible anyway and harmless. Your high level of sheavy metels were caused by other things such as diet, lifestyle, bad water and amalgum fillings etc. EDTA, cilantro and antioxidants can remove your heavy metals.

For those who are fearfull from this "confused" comment please read now:

Replied by David
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

One theory concerning MS is that it is virus based. But it is more complicated than most viruses because complicating the onset and progression is an underlying heavy metal in the system. Typically this is mercury.

I have had a lot of family history with MS. When my wife was stricken I used what I'd learned over the years. An MRI demonstrated two lesion in her dorsal vertabra. Hence, she suddenly could barely walk.

Well I knew the road ahead using the conventional treatment so quickly moved to get the mercury out of her system. She did have highly elevated mercury. Only four months earlier she had dental work using mercury amalgams. We killed the virus using colloidal silver drinking three tablespoons daily. She had the fillings removed and chelation to get the mercury removed. Ala Dr Robert Adkins book "Vita Nutrients" who used Calcium AEP in IV form for his MS patients, we added three capsules of that to her vitamin routine. Finally, we got on line "sphengoline" which is a myelin substance and can repair the lesions.

In only two months there were no more symptoms. She keeps her Cal AEP close by in case she can feel a coming "flare up. " That was fifteen years ago.

I have seen this formula work with at least ten MS patients with amazing results.


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Posted by Arkanestudio (Tucson, Arizona, Usa) on 05/22/2012

My name is Jessica and I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS roughly 4 years ago. I was told that it was most likely the culprit of some issues I had been experiencing for over 15 years. I am going to be 35 this year in October and truly outside of childhood have never felt better. I have had on and off again numbness along nerve paths throughout my body and on my face. I have had phantom "tingles" and "bugs crawling", chronic fatigue, weak bladder control, nystagmis, optic neuritis (I do a really great impression of Marty Feldman every once in a while), restless leg syndrome, a horrible case of shingles in my 20s, and run at a usual temperature of at least 99 which in Arizona leads to heat exhaustion quickly.

I had tried both Rebif and Copaxone and was miserable with not only dealing with the sore site injections and immediate discomfort throughout my body but crappy side effects... I was not me anymore. I also developed a bad case of depression as a side effect and had to be put on more medication. Got to love the drug companies.

I started looking in to things on my own and found that taking a few more supplemental vitamins and adding in other extracts and such while subtracting things like meat, bad sugars, and dairy I could be me again and live virtually symptom free. Stress is not always something easily avoided but it really is my only set off anymore for the disease. I can tell when an exacerbation will most likely rear its ugly head and usually stave it off with relaxation and meditation. Here are a list of my daily vitamins and supplements in case anyone out there is interested in researching and trying a few or all of the suggestions for themselves.

Once a Day:
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
Acidophilus 10mg
Chelated Manganese 5mg
Black Currant Oil 535mg
Chelated Zinc 50mg
Vitamin D3 2000mg

Twice a Day:
Pycnogenol 60mg
Ginko Biloba 60mg
Transfer Factor 600mg
St. John's Wart 300mg

Three Times a Day:
Co Q-10 30mg
Vinpocetine 10mg
Soy Lecithin 520mg
Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg
Spirulina 1000mg
Pure Vitamin C Crystals 5000mg per teaspoon (1/2 tsp. ) dissolved in water to take vitamins each time.

I have a smoothie that I make most mornings with frozen fruit, fresh blueberries, protein, and coconut water that I add a tablespoon of extra virgin raw coconut oil to along with a teaspoon of turmeric. I also do a small concoction of 4.5g or 2 rounded teaspoons of magnesium citrate (raspberry-lemon flavored CALM) mixed with 2oz of apple cider vinegar and water.

This may seem a to be a lot to do... But man I tell you what... I am active, awake, and in a good mood about 90 percent of the time. This disease does not run my life and the regimen is small stuff in the grand scheme. A little bit of exercise goes a long way. I walk, hike, swim and dance my booty off because I want to these days and I feel great not to mention dropped weight.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 01/30/2009

For the "Partial Leg Paralysis" or "Arm Paralysis" claim, I have to admit that I found myself somewhat skeptical about the "Edgar Cayce Electricity claim". However, it appears that one electrical device has now been clinically verified to "repair this symptom". This device was recently showcased on the Doctors TV show.

Bioness Announces NESS H200 and L300 Systems to Be Available at 88 HealthSouth Hospitals Nationwide

There is a fungalbionics book which seems to implicate the Aspergillus fungus as a possible cause of MS (Ergot poisoning). It seems to say MS is responsive to Nystatin, a non-absorbed antifungal medication. Note: Many nystatin medications are mixed with sucrose(sugar), and so this may reduce effectiveness. I suspect that the SSKI remedy would be beneficial to many ms patients, but I have no experience dealing with the matter, so defer to Ted on the matter.

The Liberation Procedure

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Posted by Sofie (Tyler, Texas, Usa) on 04/09/2011

is anyone familiar with this procedure by Dr. Zamboni in Italy and is there anyone in the usa that performs the procedure?

Replied by Annapt
(Medina, Oh)

I had this procedure done in February in Albany, NY. Absolutely amazing results - no more spasms, great balance/gait, no more brain fog. Only thing that truly helped me and made me feel normal again.

Replied by Travel Girl
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

I have had venoplasty or what is called the liberation procedure two times now. The veins that drain the brain and spine are stenosed causing blood to back up in the brain and spine which in turn causes the placques or sclerosis. It is and continues to be the best thing I have ever done for my MS. (I still take LDN. ) The interventional radiologist performs angioplasty/venoplasty and baloons the veins that are stenosed. After the first venoplasty my fatigue went away, I had less brain fog and could feel my fingertips for the first time in years. I also started to dream again. My veins stayed open for about 5 months. Around month 6 the fatigue started in again and I knew my veins must have collapsed. I went back in for another MRI and my brain scan actually showed improvement. I did have 5 lesions on my brain and then after venoplasty I had 3. This procedure works. Nine months from the original venoplasty, I had another one. This time they put me on blood thinners and I am hoping I get more time with this procedure. I recommend looking at the web site or ccsvi facebook for education into this new procedure to help with MS.

Replied by Laura
(Denver, Co, Usa)

I had the Liberation procedure 3x. The 1st time (June 2010 India) good results but very temporary, the veins weren't opened up wide enough. The 2nd time (Aug 2010 Los Cabos Mexico) great results that lasted 6 months, then symptoms came back. The third time (Mar 2011 California) veins were still open, even though symptoms had returned. So I had to look for other options.

Replied by Jowl
16 posts

Nobody gets this procedure anymore.

The inventor of the Liberation Procedure had to admit after RCTs that the procedure did not do anything beneficial. Sounds like you had placebo effects.

The Liberation Procedure
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 05/20/2010 509 posts

I seem to recall a number of people on seeking help with MS. You might want to put a link to this site on EC.

Seems that Dr. Zamboni (Italy) seeking help for his own wife determined that it is a vascular problem rather than an autoimmune disease. Thank God for the Zamboni's of this planet earth.

Of course they will probably have a little trouble finding someone in USA doing the liberation procedure. I would suggest contacting some place like Mayo Clinic for information.

Replied by Julie
(Buffalo, Ny)

Hello, I just wanted to say that I've been doing research on the liberation treatment for some time and have come to the conclusion that I want to be tested for CCSVI. Yes, Dr. Zamboni is running trials here in Buffalo, NY but with such high numbers with people having MS here it is a difficult study to get into. I decided I would go to Poland or another country performing the procedure because I am only 29 and was diagnosed in'08 and I have two young children. Upon researching I found a Dr. Here in New York State that does do the procedure and I finally got my referral to see this doctor for evaluation. The staff there is very polite, via talking to them, and I look forward to going. I was also told by staff at the office that some insurance companies are on board now with paying for this procedure to be done. I will post an update after I go for my initial visit.

Replied by Phyl
(Ocklawaha, Fl)

I had the procedure done in Feb, 2011 with good results and if my veins close up, I will go back and do again. Most of the people on our facebook page who have had it done, some 4 times with great results along with doctors who have ms. I have went off the shots and now only do LDN. There are alot of places in the US now that do the procedure. I had mine done in FL at SHands, also the Moffit Center in Tampa is doing it. Also try this web site, and join that, there is alot of info on there and it show you places in the US close to you for the procedure. It is an easy procedure, in and out the same day with no problems. Don't tell your dr you are having it done, just make the arrangements on your own and they know how to word it so the insureance co's will pay. (most of them) Good luck


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Posted by CORAGA (Milwaukee, WI) on 09/26/2007

I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and it been a living nightmare. I did some research and I found Turmeric on the internet. I went to Outpost health store in Milwaukee. I am really shocked at my symptoms. They are not as bad as they were before. I am working out everyday and not having as many relapses as before. I feel better then every. I though a few months ago I was heading for a wheelchair. I take it with Organic Carrot Juice in the morning and occassionally I have it in some bottle water a few days a week. It works.

Replied by Kim
(Atlanta, Ga)


Replied by Coraga
(Milwaukee, , Wi)

I use about one tablespoon. I stopped taking it a few years ago. But I started back as my MS has progressed, and I am eating a lot of healthy food every day.


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Posted by Mary (Southaven, MS) on 05/18/2008

This is so strange; I found this site while researching about my dog's bad reaction to vaccination. I watched the video on You-Tube in the above link, thinking it was about animals. It was about human vaccinations. In the information, it mentioned persons getting auto-immune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, after routine vaccinations. My husband got MS 8 years ago when he was 48 -- after taking his very first-ever flu shot, and had received a tetnus booster just a month or so before. Coincidence???.... I can see I have some more research to do. As for my chihuahua, after reading all the stories on here, she will NEVER receive another vaccination of any kind. She is strictly an indoor dog and I no longer see the need for it.

EC: The post Mary is referring to is from our Pet Vaccinations Side Effects page:

05/11/2008: Sherri from Atlanta, GA replies: "You may want to sit down and take a deep breath before you watch this disturbing video on vaccines."

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)

To Mary from South Haven 5/18/08 - Could very well be connected to his first ever flu shot, but you're not likely to ever convince the FDA of this (or his doctor). Knowing that they are now putting monosodium glutamate into vaccines, if they are calling it a preservative, they might also be putting it into the nasal spray ones which would give the MSG a direct route to the brain through the olfactory nerve. MSG is a well-known neurotoxin to the brain. Also the Gulf Storm veterans are still battling to prove that something in the vaccine they were given as a prophylactic caused their Gulf Storm Syndrome and the last I heard the government was trying to say there is no Gulf War Syndrome, that it is all in their heads (fancy word is psychosomatic). One doctor found squalene in GS veterans blood samples that she checked that she said caused. But the argument is still alive! Another known neurotoxin called sodium fluoride in our water supply is also implicated in multiple scherosis. Any toxin that you can eliminate won't hurt and probably will help.

Replied by Leslie
(Indianapolis, In)

It is possible his vaccination contained a preservative called Thimerosol which is mercury-containing. Mercury is highly toxic to the human body. I have had bad reactions after vaccinations. Mercury is also present in "silver" dental amalgam fillings of the teeth and has been implicated as a possible contributor towards MS. It could be a heavy metals issue or that the vaccination was the impetus for an immune response that triggered the MS. FYI.

Vitamin D3

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Posted by Phyl (Ocklawaha, Fl) on 08/26/2009

Research has now shown that the cause of MS is the lack of vitamin D3. On the web site a group of patients have been keeping a journal. All the research that is being done in the world says the you can take up to 40,000 iu of D3 a day and it is not toxic. There is alot of info to read. In my own research, John Hopkins told the FDA years ago that people were deficient in Vitamin D3 and there would be more diseases because of it. I have MS and I am not able to walk without a cane, walker or I use a wheelchair. I am on Copaxone and have no trouble with it. There is a new drug going for FDA approval in Oct., it is call Fampridine. It is suppose to help with walking ability. I live one day at a time.

Replied by Jen
(Eureka, Mt, Usa)

Phyl mentions Fampridine (also called Ampyra) for MS. Please research this carefully before using -

"The non-sustained release form of fampridine (i.e. , 4-Aminopyridine Or 4-AP) is used as a bird poison to excite the nerve cells so much so that birds get seizure and die. In the process of neuronal excitation, a few individual members of a flock of birds, who have ingested the poison on the roof of a federal building, become hyperactive and utter distress calls which signal other birds to leave the site. The compound is highly poisonous to mammals. It has in fact been known to cause severe poisoning, and in some cases, death, in adult humans. "

I looked into this at my mother-in-law's request, as she has been dealing with MS for about 15 years. This drug is not only dangerous, but in the control studies, people's ability to walk a distance of 25 feet was only increased by .8 seconds. Not even a full second, so is it worth the risk for next to no pay-off?

Replied by Wendy

Hi David, your post, by far, has been very enlightening and has opened my eyes to things that I've been missing in regards to treating my MS. When you discuss the Primrose oil, how much should I be taking daily or more than once a day and do I take it with something else or do I just drink it doesn't come in a capsule? Also, in regards to Dr. Atkins book Vita nutrients does the title also include something about all the other drugs. I have had MS for 10 years and I have been a doctor of pharmacy for 20+ years but I no longer work but instead I do consults from home. You have given me hope and truly means more than anything else. Thank you for the information. I hope this text makes it to you and know it was written a few years back and I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the info and I look forward to hearing from you. God bless

Vitamins D and B12

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Posted by Marina (Bristol, UK) on 07/20/2009

I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago, after several bladder infections and major dizzy spells. Several years previously I was diagnosed with very low levels of Vitamin D, a fallout from the anti sun campaign prevalent in Australia where I was living at the time. I dont know if any of you saw recently the Times headline about the link between low vit D and MS, I have been aware of this for some time, as there appears to be very low rate of MS near the equator, but I also agree with the previous posts re Turmeric and selenium both of which I use sporadically{ of course in India one would presumably have higher sun exposure too.}, I take cod liver oil capsules containing 25 to 50 ugs of vit D daily, depending on time of year ,sun exposure etc. The other thing that seems to help, sometimes quite radically is sub lingual B 12 which I also take every other day. I do think its important to take a complete B supplement as well [ or good multi vit] so that you dont imbalance your B groups. Oh and good quality fish oils are great, flax for vegetarians. I havent taken any medications and my symptoms are much much better. Sugar makes everything worse!

Replied by Violet
(Chicago, Il)

I absolutely agree with what you are doing. I use it too and it works. I also use extra virgin olive oil cold pressed 1 table spoon a day. Make sure it's cold pressed that says on the bottle or you are buing very expensive fat. Also, I take a nap in the middle of a day for one hour. It really helps to get my energy back. Try meditation. It did wonders for me. You do not have to cross your legs and say HHHHHHHH for 2-3 hour, 5 to 10 minutes a day in AM and PM. Look up Dr Oz's show segment with dr Chopra it tells you exactly how to do it.

Also, try to stay away from meat, sugar, gluten, chemicals, MSG as much as you can becauses it causes inflamation in your body. I also use extra virgin coco nut oil 1/2 teaspoon a day. But do not overdo it or you will have blocked arteries.

Also excersice as much as you can. Do the streching excersises, or pilates. Do not waste your money for the gym. I tried it did not work for me. So I bought a stepper, stationary bike and dum bells. it is enough for me.

I have this present (MS) for 9 years.

Replied by Southern Belle
(Atlanta, Ga Usa)

To Violet from Chicago:

Please do more research on the Coconut oil. It is not going to block your arteries. Where did you come up with that idea?

(Ny NY)

Coconut oil is high in saturated fat. 1 tablespoon contains 13 grams of saturated fat which is 65% DV (Daily Value). Per Dr Hyman, coconut oil is good so long as it is used moderately on a low sugar diet. The real villain that robs our health and increases our waistlines is sugar and anything that breaks down to sugar like refined carbohydrates. Quality fats like coconut oil and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats help edge out sugars and inflammatory refined omega 6 fat vegetable oils.

Replied by Ray
(Calgary, Alberts)

Belle of the south, sorry but I agree with Violet of Chicago about coconut oil. Coconut oil is a marvelous thing but you have to be very careful about how you use it (as with all things. ) It is not saturated fat but it does have mid chain fatty acids. I started taking it for my thyroid and immediately had paralyzed arms and numbness. I stopped the COil and it went away. A few days later I tried again and the numbness returned. Now I take the coconut oil in much reduced amounts. Too much of a good thing is bad. I had also recommended the cononut oil to my wife.. Same sort of numbness reaction. Use coconut oil... like I do, but as Violet of Chicago says, go easy on the amounts.

Wahl's Protocol

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Posted by Mary (NY, NY) on 06/08/2021

Dr. Terry Wahls wrote the book The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles. She offers some very interesting information on how cells work in her book. Dr. Wahls had MS so severe she was confined to a wheel chair. She was a vegetarian. She switched to a paleo based diet and slowly reclaimed her health. She advocates eating food for vitamins and minerals. She recommends foods like chicken liver, bone broth for collagen, coconut oil and vegetables broken into 3 groups – greens, sulfur like onions and broccoli and rainbow vegetables like red bell peppers and anti-oxidant fruits like strawberries and blueberries. She also limits her sugar intake to 1 teaspoon per day. I found her book very interesting. She has videos on youtube you can view explaining her principles and amazing recovery:

Minding Your Mitochondria with Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls presentation

Bone broth recipe: Cover a whole chicken in water in a pot with 1 Tbl iodized salt. Bring to a boil on the stove, then simmer covered one hour. Pull off meat. Return bones to the broth. Add 1 Tbl vinegar. Simmer 6 hours.

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