Natural Remedies for MS

| Modified on Nov 20, 2023

Treatment of multiple sclerosis typically constitutes a multifaceted approach involving dietary changes, supplements and lifestyle therapies. While the condition is considered to have no cure, natural options such as these offer relief from the symptoms and underlying issues associated with multiple sclerosis. Eliminating certain foods, adding daily supplements and participating in special therapies effectively treats multiple sclerosis.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

A disease of the immune system, multiple sclerosis (MS) is defined as a condition in which the immune system eats away the protective sheath covering the nerves. This process interrupts the communication between the brain, spinal cord and other regions of the body and may eventually progress to deterioration of the nerves.

Symptoms of MS include numbness, weakness, vision loss, pain, tremors, fatigue and dizziness. The cause of the condition is unknown.

Natural Treatments for MS

Treating MS requires a balanced approach that includes a variety of different treatment strategies. Acupuncture and other therapies treat the condition as does eliminating dietary irritants such as artificial sweeteners and glutens. Additionally, certain supplements including calcium, magnesium and potassium facilitate treatment of the condition.


Calcium in its various forms supports the body in a variety of ways. One important function calcium plays is comprising part of the cell membrane structure. When taken as a supplement, calcium strengthens the cell walls, combats deterioration and aids in the transmission of nerve signals.


Magnesium plays a role in the myelin coating. Individuals with MS have been shown to have faulty levels of magnesium which leads to further nerve breakdown. Taken as a supplement to the diet, magnesium supports and strengthens the myelin coating and effective nerve function.


An imbalance of potassium in the body may contribute to inefficient muscle function associated with MS. When taken as a daily supplement, potassium in the body equalizes and aids in proper function of the muscles and the musculoskeletal system.

Multiple sclerosis or MS is an often debilitating disease that involves the deterioration of nerve function. A myriad of treatments are effective and promote more adequate functioning including dietary changes, therapy, and daily supplements in particular.

Continue reading below for feedback from Earth Clinic readers on different holistic treatments, such as bone marrow transplants, for MS.


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Posted by Joy (Sydney, Australia) on 07/17/2008

Try acupuncture, the traditional type, for the control of MS. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with rapid progressive, turns out I was actually allergic to the medication. The first initial onset wiped me out!!! Mobility, sight, speech, dribbling, bowels, bladder, the lot! Luckily I found out that acupuncture can work for some with MS. I have come from paralyzed to completely to mobile, (with a slight limp now), I'm raising my 6 year old alone, finishing a Science degree, and have never had another flare-up since. My neurologist sent me last year for another MRI because he can't work out why I am progressively getting better not worse considering my initial attack. He was wondering if I had been misdiagnosed. HA! Acupuncture works for me plus the Swank diet. no problems. Don't believe all the pharmacutical brainwashing rhetoric that you are fed, there are lots of different ways through this one! Peace

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Joy, Glad to read your success story of recovery from MS with acupuncture. If you don't know it already, just wanted to alert you that sodium fluoride (as found in public water supply, toothpaste, antidepressants, etc) has been implicated in MS. I also remember reading about someone who claimed to have been cured of her MS by eliminating all bleached flour from her foods.

Replied by Amy
(Houston, TX)

My husband was diagnosed with MS in August 2003, just days before his 31 birthday. He is currently having increasing bladder problems and is considering acupuncture as a treatment option. How do you go about finding a reputable acupuncturist? He is currently taking medication for MS, bladder spasms and fatigue as well as self-cathing approx 4-5 times a day. Along with the bladder dysfunctions he is experiencing erectile dysfunctions as well. The medications given by his urologist do not work. He is becoming very frustrated with the constant bladder problems and is looking for other options.

Replied by Ruth
(Atlanta, GA)

Response to Amy: Ask your friends and colleagues for acupuncture referrals.They will usually send you to a good one. At least that's my experience. However, do make sure you see the one that they recommend! I made a mistake last year when I went to the partner of a acupuncturist who had been recommended by a good friend. The woman, a traditional chinese acupuncturist from China, was booked a month in advance but I was able to get in and see her partner, (her husband as it turns out) right away. He was also a professor of medicine at a nearby university, so I thought he must be good. He turned out to be a peeping tom, lifting up my underwear on 2 different sessions to quickly peep underneath. The first time I thought it was a fluke, the second time I knew for sure I had a creep on my hands and never went back. My own fault, I should have listened to my intuition when I made the call to just wait for her to be available!

Replied by Monica
(Tracy, Ca)

Hi Joy! In 2006, when my twins were 5 months old, I was diagnosed with RRMS. It was devastating to me and my family. I could not walk, talk, vision was getting bad. I have been injecting myself with copaxone since that time. My memory is horrible and sometimes I have tremors... I have been using baking soda/molasses as a tea for a while. I have not taken long enough to see if it really works yet. I want to be healed before obamacare is implemented in January 2014. Thank you for your story.

I have made an appointment with an acupuncturist in my city for hopefully next week.

Replied by Nmax

I've read recently that many cases of M.S. would be cured with Vitamin D supplementation... that they are deficient... In fact doctor said many of us have a Vitamin D deficiency... another important one is Vit B-12 this can cause neurological symptoms... some peoples bodies just don't process it so you need a sublingual (melt under your tongue brand)... I'm taking 2000 mcg daily to get back on track... I felt like I was getting a neurological disease and I found out (thru my fingernails - if you are lacking white moons on your fingernails you may have B-12 def or hypothyroidism... Here are symptoms:

Spread the word...

Replied by Jamuna
(Delhi, India)

Read Acupuncture has been a miracle for me...

Replied by Elaine
(New York, US)

If anyone wants to try... Puti Meditation. I have seen many miracles in people practicing them and also their Bagua Walking Meditation.


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Posted by Kelli (Franklin, TN ) on 12/13/2020

AHSCT Autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplant (also known as bone marrow transplant) for MS

I had AHSCT in Moscow, Russia in May, 2018. It uses your own stem cells which you then harvest and put in liquid nitrogen. Then you have 4 days of chemo which erases your immune system and the memory of MS. Then they give you back your stem cells to rebuild your immune system. You spend about a week to 10 days in isolation until you reach a safe level to re-emerge. Then you can go home.

The whole process takes 30 days. You can find out more at First developed by Dr Burt at Northwestern University in 1995. Stuck in FDA testing because of drug company pressure. Been doing it in Moscow for past 10+ years and at least 8 years for foreigners.

I am 2 1/2 years post treatment and have zero MS after 22 years and every treatment both medical and alternative with little success. I had an EDSS of 4.0 and had relapsing remitting but starting to go secondary progressive. There have been over 1000 patients from outside Russia and an effective rate of about 98%. I consider it a cure. They say it may be available in US in 2024, but the sooner you get it the less chance of permanent damage as if the nerves are damaged (demylienated) they cannot be fixed.

Alkaline Diet

Posted by Dwan (Atlanta, Ga) on 11/21/2011

Hi! Dwan here, in Atlanta, GA who has MS and is now eating mostly alkaline rather than acidic foods - and drinking water with baking soda mixed in.

For those times I decide to eat out eat a restaurant in Atlanta, I want to eat at a restaurant that serves alkaline food.

Is there a directory online that lists restaurants that serve alkaline meals - especially in Atlanta?




Replied by Karen

Finding a healthy restaurant need not be a chore, whether at home or on the road. Try



Thanks for the reply! I visited and found a bunch of vegan or veg-friendssly restaurants, including Chipotle, one I've eaten at before. I'm not sure that an alkaline restaurant exists.



Replied by Cheryl S.
(Alpharetta, Ga)

Hello Dwan -- a diet comprised of mostly vegetables is alkaline. Even acidic citrus turns alkaline during metabolization. Meats are acidic. Track your blood levels though if making a diet change (at your doctor's office). I was vegan for 4 years and never felt better. Then I found a B12 deficiency, so started trying the Wahls Protocol, which is mostly paleo, but with a lot of veggies. After two years of that, I am back to mostly veggies, with occasional wild caught salmon or ground grassfed beef -- small portions. These help with the B12, but I think mostly veggies is best for me -- Also, I do not eat dairy and try to avoid gluten. I was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and am doing pretty well.

Books of Interest

Posted by Len (Chicago) on 11/13/2006

There are many excellent self-help books available for people who have Multiple Sclerosis. They contain reliable information on the management of Multiple Sclerosis and do not hold out false hopes for people, but provide practical advice. There is also medical treatment available from scientists who have put their products through all the rigorous trials required for a drug to be deemed both safe and efficacious. Until the treatment described in his book goes through similar trials, I would not wish to use it.

We also have to remember the Mr. Delaney's claim of curing his MS is connected to the idea that he diagnosed himself with the disease, with only a moderate amount of medical background. He was never a Doctor of any sort. Good luck to those who are truly looking for a silver bullet. I hope a reliable one comes along soon!

Replied by Dudley
(Virginia Beach, Va)

I am a retired registered nurse, massage therapist, and Doctor of Chiropractic. I wrote "The Edgar Cayce Way of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Vibratory Medicine" to document my successful use of the Cayce material in putting my multiple sclerosis into remission.

As a healthcare professional, I diagnosed my condition based on the many signs and symptoms that were so typical of MS that, in my opinion, no other diagnosis was reasonably possible.

Edgar Cayce is widely regarded as the father of modern holistic medicine, and the various alternative treatments he recommended have helped countless thousands. Literally hundreds of books and articles have been written about his amazing insights into sickness and disease.

I do not claim to be "cured," nor does my book hold out hope of a "cure" to its readers. Rather, the Cayce approach to treating MS works for some and not for others, and if one discontinues the treatment, symptoms return. Also, it requires a great deal of patience and persistence, and involves working with diet, massage, and a very mild form of electrotherapy. It also demands that one keep a positive mental attitude and maintain a high spiritual ideal.

A small pilot study showed that it was of definite benefit to most of the MSers who could stick to it.

Because Cayce's MS treatment is so demanding, however, it has limited value as a practical solution to the MS dilemma.

My book can be read free of cost or obligation by visiting

Replied by Jacqueline
(Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland.)

Len from Chicago, "There is also medical treatment available from scientists who have put their products through all the rigorous trials required for a drug to be deemed both safe and efficacious.

Considering the well documented and severe side effects from a lot of pharmaceuticals medicines and their tendency to treat only the symptoms and not the underlying causes. Which can lead to a long term dependency and usually damage to the liver. I think there can be no harm in giving these natural remedies (which have been used for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years without strong side effects) a try.

Budwig Protocol

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Posted by Mary (NY, NY) on 06/08/2021

Here is an excerpt about Dr. Budwig, a doctor that helped cure people of many different diseases including MS from the website

Dr Budwig was born in Germany in 1908. She passed away in 2003 at the age of 95. She has been referred to as a top European Cancer Research Scientist, Biochemist, Blood Specialist, German Pharmacologist, and Physicist. Dr Budwig was a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee. In Germany in 1952 she was the Central Government's Senior Expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs. She's considered one of the worlds leading authorities on fats and oils. Her research has shown the tremendous effects that commercially processed fats and oils have in destroying cell membranes and lowering the voltage in the cells of our bodies, which then result in chronic and terminal disease. What we have forgotten is that we are body electric.

The cells of our body fire electrically. They have a nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, and the cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is negatively charged. We are all aware of how fats clog up our veins and arteries, and are the leading cause of heart attacks, but we never looked beyond the end of our noses to see how these very dangerous fats and oils are affecting the overall health of our minds and bodies at the cellular level.

Dr Budwig discovered that when unsaturated fats have been chemically treated that their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed. This Commercial Processing of fats destroys the field of electrons that the cell membranes (60-75 trillion cells) in our bodies must have to fire properly (i.e. function properly).

The fats ability to associate with protein and thereby to achieve water solubility in the fluids of the living body---all this is destroyed. As Dr Budwig put it, “the battery is dead because the electrons in these fats and oils recharge it." When the electrons are destroyed the fats are no longer active and cannot flow into the capillaries and through the fine capillary networks. This is when circulation problems arise.

Without the proper metabolism of fats in our bodies every vital function and every organ is affected. This includes the generation of new life and new cells. Our bodies produce over 500 million new cells daily. Dr Budwig points out that in growing new cells, there is a dipolarity between the electrically positive nucleus and the electrically negative cell membrane with it's high unsaturated fatty acids. During cell division the cell and new daughter cell must contain enough electron rich fatty acids in the cells surface area to divide off completely from the old cell. When this process is interrupted the body begins to die. In essence, these commercially processed fats and oils are shutting down the electrical field of the cells allowing chronic and terminal diseases to take hold of our bodies.

She pointed out that this can be reversed by providing the simple foods, cottage cheese and flax seed oil, which revises the stagnated growth processes. Dr Budwig discovered that when she combined Flaxseed oil, with its' powerful healing nature of essential electron rich unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane.

I found testimonials of people from around the world that had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (all types of cancer), sent home to die and were now actually cured and living healthy, normal lives. Not only had Dr Budwig been using her protocol for treating cancer in Europe, but she also treated other chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Irregular Heart Beat, Psoriasis, Eczema (other skin diseases), Immune Deficiency Syndromes (Multiple Sclerosis and other Auto Immune Diseases), Diabetes, Lungs (respiratory conditions), Stomach Ulcers, Liver, Prostate, Strokes, Brain Tumors, Brain (strengthens activity), Arteriosclerosis and other chronic diseases. Dr Budwig's protocol proved successful where orthodox traditional medicine was failing. Dr Budwig pointed out in her book that she often took very sick cancer patients from the hospital with only hours or a few days left to live and had very good results with her protocol, most of the time. She pointed out that in some of these patients she would start their therapy with an enema of 500CCs of an oil mixture and “that their subjective awareness of well being increased immediately.”

Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Potassium and Chromium

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Posted by Sue (USA) on 08/05/2006

Living with these neuro-muscular symptoms, esp. the shaking and 'pin & needles' sensations can be relieved with daily doses of Calcium, magnesium and vit. D, potassium and chromium. Most important of all is getting alot of SLEEP. Damaged nerve cells need extra time to repair at night. So forget what most people need, 8-10 hours or more are absolutely necessary to keep healthy and slow the progress of the disease.

If sleep is difficult, get some Kava Kava, and take that with your magnesium before bed. It really soothes the nerves.

One more important aspect is the detoxification process. Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are literally poisoning the body. These are neuro-toxins that can be flushed out gradually. For instance, lead which has been absorbed, will bind with the extra Calcium, instead of with the bones.

These are my daily routine and i have immediate results. In fact if i miss a dose i start getting the shakes again.

Most of the information came from the "Prescription for Nutritional Healing". No doctor ever gave me the help i needed when i was really in pain and i take no prescription medication. Hope you feel better too.

Replied by Wanda
(Houston, Tx Harris County)

what are the amounts of each of these supplements are you suggested to take--how much are you taking???

Replied by Hope
(Hannibal, Mo)

I am confused because I thought calcium was NOT to be taken at all -- because there is so much excess calcium in our systems from every direction. There is a hypothesis that excess calcium creates blockage by attaching to inflammation, and that blockages are causing back wash of blood into the brain, creating MS symptoms.

Replied by Patrice
(Uniontown, Pa.)

For MS holistic treatments, I have found that taking B6 [which helps with PMS and mood for me] and Bcomplex vitamin helps with the muscle shaking tremors which I get alot on using weight bearing or squeezing an item with hands or legs. Also helps immensely with energy boosting. Also take 2000 iu of D3, calcium, magnesium.


Dr. Terry Wahls protocol for MS.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Joy (Solana Beach, CA) on 02/22/2009

Here is a link to an article about how coconut oil is helpful for Alzheimers...and it also mentions that it helps for MS:


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Posted by G. Michael (Reading, PA) on 12/05/2007

For Multiple Sclerosis I am writing a book on natural cures called "Christians, Health God's way"' The Lord directed me to a small booklet about bovine colostrum about a half year ago. In the book there were several testimonies about people suffering with M.S. Within about one month the one was completely cured and the other stated that 90% of her symptoms were gone. Also, I have a friend who told me about a friend of hers who had M.S. I told my friend to suggest that her friend take colostrum for her M.S. and also to stop using aspartame. About a month later her friend went from a wheelchair to back to a normal life. Praise The Lord. The reason why colostrum works with M.S. is that autoimmune diseases are started through what is called intestinal permeability. Colostrum heals this, thereby giving the body the opportunity to heal itself. Of course, its important to stop eating unhealthy foods in addition to doing the colostrum. Make sure when you purchase the solostrum that you purchase colostrum that is from no more than the first two milkings, because after these milkings the quality of the colostrum is too diluted to be very effective. The reason why you shouldn't use aspartame is because one of the side effects is that it "mimics"

Replied by Isabel G
(San Antonio, Tx)

I suffered from season allergies, anyone who has them knows hos miserable it can make you feel...I actually started with ____, which is the same thing as colostrum but more technical and scientific, I ended up changing to colostrum because of the price...anyhow when cedar comes along all i need is my colostrum pill and the symptoms are almost none...while before i was taking oral medicine, eye allergy drops and still feel terrible and what to say about all the side effects from them . I really swear by this product, it would help anything that has to do with immune disorders..actually my dad is taking too due to skin cancer and it has actually help him keep the disease under control.

(Lake Simcoe)

How much Colostrum for MS sufferers?

Thx. :)

Replied by Chelsea

Where would you buy it??


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Posted by Dallas (San Diego, California USA) on 03/29/2007

Reader Question from Saint Clair Shores' asked if they could try other therapies along wtih Copaxone treatment. As Ted said, "YES". Copaxone is a complex amino acid chain that simply acts as a decoy and gives your immune system something to work on instead of attacking the myelin cover on the nerves.

Shared Solutions which helps patients manage their Copaxone therapy says that there's no drug or vitamin interaction with Copaxone so it's safe to take other meds and supplements. Once on Copaxone, do everything in your power to remain on the Copaxone therapy. Yeah it's a hassle with the daily injection but it's a small needle and much easier to deal with than Avaonex or Beta Seron. Usually the only problem could be an injection site reaction. I know people that took Beta Seron years ago before Copaxone came along and they had flu like symptons after taking the injection.

Even if you're not on Copaxone, go to the web site and look at the info. Then give them a call and get signed up with them and they'll send you more info and keep you on their mailing list. Copaxone isn't cheap and you likely need insurance to offset most of the cost and Shared Solutions can possibly help with finding financial help.

But definately yes, try other natural therapies and adding supplements to your daily routine. Just as MS affects each of us differently, one thing might work for you while it doesn't work for the rest of us. Unless you're lucky enough to have an amazing Neurologist then it's up to you to educate yourself, network with group and individuals and sometimes be your own doctor to see what helps you.

And like others said here, plenty of sleep and a REGULAR schedule really helps most people suffering from MS. And here I am writing this at 4am :-) I can attest to having a mixed up sleep schedule and how it works against you.

Even though Copaxone has worked well for me and a good friend that takes it, I'd be interested in trying the Honey Bee Venon supplement. I'd seen a video years ago about people with MS getting together and doing group Honey Bee Venom therapy through actual Bee stings. It looked painful but it sure worked for many of the people.

I rambled on here quite a bit because if mentioning a single item here can point someone down the path to finding relief from MS, then I've done a good deed for the day. Be your own doctor, be your own researcher, be proactive and hopefully you too can find help.

May God Bless each of you.

Replied by Barbara
(Parkersburg, USA)

I read a comment regarding the copaxone injections. Granted not every solution is for every person however, I was taking the daily copaxone shots and suffered at least twice a month, sometimes more often, of all over body pain and could not do anything that was close to my normal activity level. My suggestions are that only you know your body. Listen to it. I do feel that a more natural path is the way one should follow if they are looking for relief. Remember God didn't intend for us to live unaturally. FDA approved medicines are not always the best way to go and Doctors get paid wether you listen or not.

Replied by Donna Taylor
(Janesville Wisconsin)

I absolutely LOVE Copaxone. It was a gift finding out I had MS!!! For so long, no one could explain why I had all of these mystery symptoms. Dr's couldn't figure it out, so they told me my symptoms were a side effect of my being FAT! Since taking the Copaxone, my being fat no longer matters and my symptoms have improved 90% or better.

Replied by Lynn
(Vinemont Al)

I tried the shots and was allergic to it.

Dave Thomas Protocol

Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/08/2014

Hi everyone!

We just posted a video on YouTube of Dave talking about how he cured his wife of MS 18 years ago. Check it out here:

Replied by Sameer
(Dallas, Texas)

Good day earth clinic,

This email is for Mr. Dave Thomas, I saw your video on curing ur wife's m.s, exactly what are the things or meds4 did u use? Can u tell me please, thank u. Sameer

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Sameer,

Re the EC video post on my wife's MS;

The list is given on the video but I'll be happy to relist for you:

1. We had to get the mercury out of her system. There is evidence that MS is caused by a heavy metal combined with a virus. When tested she DID have mercury off the chart. She had just had amalgam fillings put in six months earlier. So chelation removed the mercury at large and one at a time using a "dam" the amalgams were replaced.

2. She took a lot of colloidal silver to kill the virus...that over a year... two times daily...about six tablespoons a day.

3. She took sphingolin daily to rebuild the myelin sheath. Can get on line. She took 3 tablets daily.

4. She took six tablets of AEP daily...vital.

5. Also she took 3 tablets Evening Primrose Oil daily which helps build cells. The western diet provides inferior oils... too much hydrogenated oils... deadly for the brain and causes dementia. By the way, this is why an extended low fat diet can be detrimental.

I was told aster her MRI that she would have to face a life of degenerating mobility. She was fine all her life after we got past the initial six months of turning her around.

Replied by Carrie
(Vienna, Austria)

Dear Dave,

First of all thank you for posting your video, I have watched it thru a few times. I was wondering how you went about the chelation process? Did you use DMPS or the American equivalent DMSA? Also, do you remember the concentration of colloidal silver she was taking, in the 2 Tablespoons 3 x daily? I have a silver generator and the maximum concentration PPM is 30. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Carrie

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Carrie,

Re your question to me....

Chelation was performed with EDTA. IVs...over a multi month period.

Also her fillings which were put in (mercury amalgams) were taken out by using a plastic wrap to keep the filling from getting into the system.

On the quantity of Colloidal Silver to kill the infection, about two or three tablespoons twice daily for six months....30 ppm.

The theory is that a heavy metal such as mercury ties to the myelin sheath and a specialty virus invades into the interior onto the nerve...a lesion. The invading virus then has a field day into the nerve. Like shingles virus, like Bells' Palsy. I think even ALS is triggered by a specialty virus...think: Polio.

So she was not only orally consuming CS, but applying topically with DMSO on site of dorsal lesion.

Also Evening Primrose Oil...1,000 IUs daily. Sphingolin....1,000 mg or so.

Now remember; this viral/heavy metal as the cause for MS is my theory. Maybe there are other causes. But in the case of my wife, she overcame the MS; was back walking in months with no loss of motion and all the predictions that she would disintegrate and be bed ridden in ten years, did not come true.

By the way, don't forget AEP...(calcium AEP) "calcium AEP Nutrition Review"

I gave her 1,000 mg of that too...daily.

Replied by Carrie
(Vienna, Austria)

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your response.

I never had any fillings in my adult teeth. The water in the town I grew up in did have fluoride, and I think it is very possible that I have eaten mercury contaminated seafood. When I was first diagnosed with MS, there were blood tests done and it showed an elevated Herpes Zoster count. (Shingles)

Since watching your video, I started taking the calcium EAP, Evening Primrose oil, Sphingolin and we have started working with the DMSO on the lesion. The chelation is the missing step. I saw that there is some device where you submerge the feet into an ionic foot bath to detox from heavy metals. I am not sure if this really works.

Since my diagnosis I have made many changes, both diet and lifestyle but still have relapses which I only know of because I have had MRI's. (I am a vegetarian now, drinking fresh pressed juices, exercise and I have tried many more alternative therapies, perhaps too many to list.) I want to steer clear of the Allopathic medical model. I was taking Copaxone daily, and heavy steroid doses when I had an attack. This steroid therapy was worse than my MS symptoms. One of my doctors actually suggested a round of Chemotherapy to stop the attacks! I was shocked to say the least. At the moment I am an able bodied sufferer of MS with no severe damage, yet.

Thank you for your video and sharing your story, and giving such detailed advice.

Wishing you and your wife all the best.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Carrie,

In addition to Dave's excellent advice, you should also look into low dose naltrexone ( for your MS. Earth Clinic has some info here, under Ailments, MS:

It is a non-toxic, FDA approved drug (for opiate and alcohol addiction at 50 mg/day) with no side effects except possible sleep disturbances for a week or so. It was discovered several decades ago that when given in very low doses of 1.5-4.5mg/day, it could modulate the immune system, thus reducing symptoms and progression of MS, many autoimmune diseases (phase lll trials are in progress now for Crohn's disease)and even helping with control of cancer. It is low cost at about $40/month, and is taken orally. It stops progression in about 85% of MS users. On the official LDN site listed above, there is reference for a Yahoo LDN Group that has over 12,000 members, about half use it for MS. They will advise you, give you their stories and answer any questions you may have. Best wishes!

Replied by Orrianne
(Atlanta, Ga)


I hope this message finds you well. I am contacting you regarding a youtube video in which Dave Thomas spoke about curing his wife of MS. He provided some amazing information about numerous supplements. However, the dosages of the Calcium AEP and Porcine Sphingolin weren't mentioned. Are those to be taken as directed on the bottle? Thank you so much for your help!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Orrianne...

On the quantities as I recall...

AEP...4 to 6 caps daily

Spingolin...4 caps daily.

Also we used Evening Primrose Oil...1000 IUs daily

Dave's Remedies

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/06/2011

Both my maternal grandfather and my mother had full blow MS. So I have an intense interest in the subject. After much study I offer these four helps to rebuild the myelin sheath.

First: It is likely that a virus has made inroads allowing lesions after attacking the myelin sheath. This is an open wound on the nerve. The sheath has been made suceptible to attack because the wrong oils have been consumed over the years making the sheath "wall" weak. To build the wall back the patient needs good oils especially evening primrose oil in large quantities; 2-3 thousand IUs daily. The good oils must be used for consumption like Olive Oil. Hydrogenated oils must be avoided at all costs. Most restaurants use hydrogenated.

Second: To kill the virus, the patient must ingest colloidal silver daily for at least 6 months, one eighth cup a day, twice a day. One will not turn blue if you are taking true colloidal silver properly diluted. If one does not want to take the silver then there are other virucydes such as echinacea. Hydrogen peroxide can also work. One will need some professional help to administer that.

Third: The patient must take Calcium AEP, up to eight tablets spread throughout the day. Dr. Adkins in his book Vita Nutrients used Calcium AEP as the most important part of his protocol for treathing MS patients. He would give the patients Calcium AEP by IV drip. But one can get the effect orally also. Google Calcium AEP and you will find the many many great helps AEP can give. (Not just MS. ) The key is not the Calcium. The active worker is the AEP. AEP works on the cellular level to do remarkable things. When ever my mother would have a painful leg/ MS "flare up" I made sure she took an extra four or six AEP tablets. That never failed to give her relief. Please read more on AEP. I do not have MS but I take two daily.

Finally, get on line to find a good source for "sphengelin" and I probably have that spelled wrong. This will actually rebuild the myelin sheath.

Also, get Dr Robert Adkins book "Vita Nutrients" and his treatments for all kinds of problems are at the back of the book including MS. He will recommend much more than I have suggested. He does not go after the virus that many believe is an important element in onset MS. That is my only addition to his excellent treatment program.


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Posted by Cheryl (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 11/02/2012

I have MS, and have been following Swanks MS Diet for the past 2 years - I have no symptoms of MS (other than brain fog - but that could just be me! ). His diet is all about reducing saturated fat intake. Dr Roy Swank did over 50 years of research on MS. There was a 20 year study completed on this with MS patients which shows remarkable results. And all it takes is changing the food you eat. Please have a look at the following 2 websites - and Dr George Jelinek's site - . These 2 websites have great forums which show that the diet can slow/reverse symptoms of this disease. Both these doctors also have books that are my bibles. Take care and please look into Swanks MS Diet.

Replied by Jevon
(Washington, Dc)

I myself have not participated in this diet, nor do I have Multiple Scelerosis. But, I am the main caregiver for my mother who does have MS, and will soon start implementing my findings.

I came across this video recently that I thought was phenomenal that addresses how effective diet is to curing this "uncureable" disease. It's a video from a physician, Dr. Terry Wahls, who herself suffered from a serious case of MS, and now she's back to her healthy self. All she did was change her diet.

Go check it out:

This guy is also a former sufferer of MS, and he went on a fast to cure his ailment. His video can be seen here:

Please let me know if anyone else has tried this stuff, so I can help my mom get back to the women she deserves to be.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 12/23/2011

I read this article yesterday from Dr Mercola on a Doctor who cured MS with a paleo diet and some supplements so thought I would pass it along.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Jonathan (Asheville, North Carolina) on 05/21/2010

I like to learn from other people's experiences. Having been diagnosed with "it LOOKS like you MIGHT have ms", I wanted to do something immediately. I was going deaf in one ear, having trouble walking, etc. My indefatigable will to walk and not be crippled by this menace was effective but not good enough. Now I am Vegan, but I warn those with MS to stay the hell AWAY FROM SUGAR, ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE, GLUTEN, DAIRY, and any kind of FUNGI! DOING A CANDIDA CLEANSE WILL HELP. Also, take something with DHA and EPA combined, phosphatidyl serine, DHLA, and Gingko/ginseng. Now I am SUPERMAN! I feel great. (I also take LDN).

Dietary Changes
Posted by Andreka (Atlanta, GA) on 12/04/2008

My MS is well under control never took any MS Meds went to a VEGAN Vegetarian Diet -- no white flour Products no meats, no Dairy my DR. says I look 5 younger years later @ 33yrs.old I'm doing so much better From Severe Progreesive to thriving and loving it.

Replied by Jennm
(Buffalo, Ny)

Do some research on gut permeability and gluten. Increase RAW fruits and veggies, Reduce sugar, do away with form of wheat (bread, pasta, etc,...); and get some sun. I am doing well with these simple, and even better, CHEAP ways.

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