Natural Remedies for MS

Posted by Donna Taylor (Janesville Wisconsin) on 02/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely LOVE Copaxone. It was a gift finding out I had MS!!! For so long, no one could explain why I had all of these mystery symptoms. Dr's couldn't figure it out, so they told me my symptoms were a side effect of my being FAT! Since taking the Copaxone, my being fat no longer matters and my symptoms have improved 90% or better.

Posted by Dallas (San Diego, California USA) on 03/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Reader Question from Saint Clair Shores' asked if they could try other therapies along wtih Copaxone treatment. As Ted said, "YES". Copaxone is a complex amino acid chain that simply acts as a decoy and gives your immune system something to work on instead of attacking the myelin cover on the nerves.

Shared Solutions which helps patients manage their Copaxone therapy says that there's no drug or vitamin interaction with Copaxone so it's safe to take other meds and supplements. Once on Copaxone, do everything in your power to remain on the Copaxone therapy. Yeah it's a hassle with the daily injection but it's a small needle and much easier to deal with than Avaonex or Beta Seron. Usually the only problem could be an injection site reaction. I know people that took Beta Seron years ago before Copaxone came along and they had flu like symptons after taking the injection.

Even if you're not on Copaxone, go to the web site and look at the info. Then give them a call and get signed up with them and they'll send you more info and keep you on their mailing list. Copaxone isn't cheap and you likely need insurance to offset most of the cost and Shared Solutions can possibly help with finding financial help.

But definately yes, try other natural therapies and adding supplements to your daily routine. Just as MS affects each of us differently, one thing might work for you while it doesn't work for the rest of us. Unless you're lucky enough to have an amazing Neurologist then it's up to you to educate yourself, network with group and individuals and sometimes be your own doctor to see what helps you.

And like others said here, plenty of sleep and a REGULAR schedule really helps most people suffering from MS. And here I am writing this at 4am :-) I can attest to having a mixed up sleep schedule and how it works against you.

Even though Copaxone has worked well for me and a good friend that takes it, I'd be interested in trying the Honey Bee Venon supplement. I'd seen a video years ago about people with MS getting together and doing group Honey Bee Venom therapy through actual Bee stings. It looked painful but it sure worked for many of the people.

I rambled on here quite a bit because if mentioning a single item here can point someone down the path to finding relief from MS, then I've done a good deed for the day. Be your own doctor, be your own researcher, be proactive and hopefully you too can find help.

May God Bless each of you.

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