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Posted by Lauren (Orlando, Fl) on 09/18/2011

What a story Sharon! You are living proof that alternative treatments really work. And the perseverance of both you and your Mom is just amazing. God bless both of you always and thank you so much for this post. It just encourages people like us to not give up in our quest for good health.


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Posted by Twinkytoze (Sw Ontario, CA) on 08/20/2014
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OK, so I wasn't paying too much attention to the boil on my upper chest because I periodically suffer acne breakouts there. It was a little tender and itchy but nothing to be worried about since cysts feel like that on occasion. When it broke, it left a little crater and I thought "Hm, that's different".

By the evening of the next day it was still weeping, and it hurt like billy-oh and I thought "uh-oh".

I applied tincture of iodine but by that point I think it was a little late. It closed over but the tissue beneath was inflamed. I have successfully used iodine to fend off blood poisoning and every other sort of infection but this one was fighting back. It was growing bigger by the hour. I thought I might have to go see a doctor - my last resort.

I am allergic to sulfa and penicillin (and derivatives) and strongly resist antibiotic intervention because I do not want to develop tolerance to the exotics. Plus I hate how antibiotics just screw up your entire chemistry.

Then I thought about oregano. I have used oregano powder capsules (specific brand +80% carvacrol) to cure UTIs. I took 4 capsules, slathered the wound with oil of oregano (OUCH! ), bandaged it and went to bed praying.

4 hours later I woke up and the MRSA infection was much more localized. I took 4 more capsules, redressed the wound, and went back to bed.

In the morning the infection was almost entirely localized at the original pindot. The weeping and oozing around it, which had grown to about the size of a quarter before bed, had stopped. I took 4 more capsules of oregano, redressed the wound, and now about 18 hours since my panic attack, all pain associated with infection is gone.

This bug is a beast. Oregano is lysol for the bloodstream. The brand I use is in a blue and yellow label bottle. I thank God for oregano several times a year - works equally well for viruses and bacteria it seems to me.

Replied by Twinkytoze
(SW Ontario, CA)
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Just an update.

Today was the fifth day with this awful open sore. It started as a pinhead and was finally arrested in its progress about the size of a quarter.

Aside from the oregano, I had been using iodine and hydrogen peroxide, and I am not certain how much of the skin lesion expansion was due to my having burned myself with the antiseptics.

Anyway, today was kind of a crisis. It wasn't closing up and was still weeping and oozing. For about an hour I thought the thing was doubling in size and I really thought I might have to knuckle under and go for the antibiotics.

I took 4 oregano capsules at 10 am. Then another 5 at noon. I was working so I couldn't really keep track of it. I just slathered it with hydrogen peroxide and covered it with a cotton wad and a bandaid. Then made plans to visit the walk-in clinic after my shift at 2 pm.

When I went to get changed, I couldn't believe my eyes. It had gone from dark red around all the edges to pink in the center and light red at the edges.

I went home and thought "Great the solution is more oregano! "

So at 3 pm I took 6 more, which was probably about 4 too many. Yes, you can take too much oregano. The symptoms of overdose are a tingling burning sensation all over the body, with skin flushing like a sunburn.

I drank about 1.5 litres of water and waited for the symptoms to subside. They wore off by about 7 pm. They were not entirely unpleasant, and certainly I thought that nothing else was going to survive the OD. If I had any fungal or viral infections as well, they were probably toast as well.

By 7 pm the lesion had dried and scabbed over for the first time since Sunday night.

Just thought I would share this about oregano. It's really a bomb, and is very very strong medicine.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Marty (West Virginia) on 01/09/2014
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I have been infected twice with MRSA in operating rooms during abdominal surgery. It was put in me accidentally. Both times Johns Hopkins hospital used I.v. anti-biotics and oral anti-biotics both with very limited results. Upon going home from surgery, my fever would wax and wane constantly for weeks. Until I stopped taking their anti-biotics and started taking oil of oregano. Both times, all symptoms disappeared within 3 days. I also had a burst appendix several years ago, and didn't exhibit any symptoms for 6 days as I was taking oil of oregano for a minor cold I had at the time. The hospital was stunned that my WBC was normal, even though my entire abdomen was full of e-coli bacteria.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Dman (Houston, Tx) on 08/17/2009
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Oil of oregano killed the MRSA. Here it is 1 year later and i thought i was MRSA free, and there it is a new nasty boil on my inner thigh. I went and bought ____ ___ , just ask for 1 oz __ __. (accept no substitutes, must say ___ on bottle ) I have used the reguler strength in the past, this is a few times stronger. For 2 days I took 2 droperfulls per day (180 lb male ) than went to 1 droperfull per day for 2 weeks. This stuff is very (medicine was not created to taste good ! )chase it like a shot. I put oil of oregano, and a big square Bandaid on the boil the first night and it burned like hell .The next morning put a hot washcloth on it( brings it to a head) and it opened and drained. put the oil and bandaid on it for about 5 days. Incredible healing. I still continue one half dropper oil daily and pray to God it does not come back. I have tried EVERYTHING a few of them are listed on this sight.Turmeric did not do much for me and irritated my digestive tract. Some seemed to help, but gave limited results.This worked better than anything (including some very expensive antibiotics) Get the oil online for less Please try this, I posted this because I want to help people, and I hope this will work for others

Oregano Oil
Posted by Ted (Long Beach, Ca) on 08/03/2009
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I picked up a Staph infection from a friend who had slept on my sofa. After, 7 days-I got 3 skin eruptions on my inner thigh and starting feeling sick. After seeing a doctor-he wanted to put me on a string of antibiotics. Antiobiotics usualy leaves me with a yeast infection or thrush. After having such bad experiences with antibiotics, I went and got oil of Oregano for about 20.00 I used 4 drops in water and 1 drop under my tongue, Within 2 hours-my energy came back and I started to feel better. After 5 days-I can no longer tell that there was anything wrong with me, in the first place. I used oil of Oregano before when eating out because most restaurants are very dirty and full of workers that carry bacteria, so it has always worked for food poisioning but it also worked for staph and the boils that appear as a sympton of this infection.

Replied by Betty

I was wondering if you drink the 3 drops in water or do u put it on your skin? Mine is in the nose. I saw on dr Oz to inhale it. Any suggestions? I have been on antibiotics and sick from those too. Thank you

Replied by Donna
(Woodland Hills, Ca)

To Ted, Long Beach 8/3/09 - your post encouraged me write & find out if you've had any subsequent MRSA outbreaks, and if the oregano oil was still working for you. Some specific information was left blank in the post & id like to know what that was. Thanks for being willing to help!


Oregano Oil
Posted by Bobbie (Dubuque, USA) on 05/29/2007
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Wild oil of oregano with P73 kills MRSA as well as many parasites, virus, fungi & bacteria.

Oregano Oil + Turpentine

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Posted by Lili (Hawaii) on 10/08/2021
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I've had MRSA on my leg twice, and yes, it's painful. The first time I took antibiotics without any change, then a salve the Dr gave me - sorry, I don't remember what it was, but it worked eventually.

About 5 years ago I got it again. I hit it with every home remedy I could think of such as crushed garlic and turmeric mixed with coconut oil under a small cloth bandage from old t-shirt. Left the turmeric on at night.

The two that finally helped the most was turpentine and oregano oil squeezed from a capsule, one at a time, right on it and covered with a small cloth bandage held on with tape. I alternated each several times the first day and by the next day I could see it shrinking. Kept it up for 4 - 5 more days till it had disappeared completely.

Also took the oregano in capsule form, 1500 mg. Three caps 3 times a day.

These days I keep a good quality turpentine and oregano oil caps on hand at all times along with Olive Leaf Extract/OLE. Turpines in the tree sap keep it protected from most infections and has been used since old Egyptian times.You can find a study done in France on the subject of turpines.

Worked for me, hope you get the help you need from all these suggestions.

Replied by Graham
(East Sussex)

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience and for being awesome, hope you're still living a super healthy life :)

Penetrating MRSA Biofilm

Posted by Skeptic (Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuadorabonan Sent) on 04/28/2013

Do you know of anything that will penetrate the biofilm that MRSA secretes that is impermeable to ANY antibiotics? When patients with prosthetic features such as titanium knees contract MRSA, the standard procedure is to surgically remove the infected prosthesis and then treat with intravenous Vancomycin and 3 months later, install new prostheses. Is there anything you are aware of that will penetrate this biofilm and kill the MRSA? IBM/IBN has developed a hydrogel that is successful in this endeavor, but it is not commercially available and they won't release any to me for testing, in vivo.

Dentists commonly use Calcium Hydroxide to treat MRSA in root canals, but we don't know if it will penetrate the biofilm in the case of a patient with prostheses. We are willing to try any product that we find will penetrate the biofilm and kill the underlying bacteria, in vitro, by canulating arthroscopically to allow infusion into the area surrounding the prosthesis. There are quite a few well documented NON antibiotic substances that will kill MRSA in vitro, such as oligomeric proanthocyanadins found in cranberry extracts, and methylglyoxal, the active ingredient in Manuka honey. The question is, will any of them penetrate the biofilm AND kill the MRSA? Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated. We are trying to develop a protocol that will avoid prosthesis removal and the benefit to mankind should be obvious. These kinds of infections in patients with prostheses are common all over the world and are especially so in certain hospitals here in Ecuador.

Replied by Sandra
(Sydney, Australia)

I have just been reading a book on propolis (from bees) and it says that MRSA has been healed by using propolis. You can get it in a tincture form and apply it to the area. It seems to work pretty quick. The book is by Mitja Vosnjak called The Miracle of Propolis if you can find it.

Replied by Nobody
(Nowhere, Outerspace)

In this site they say milk of magnesia treats MRSA and DMSO causes elements with it to penetrate tissue...

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

HI, I asked my nurse friend about this issue and she said topical activated charcoal would knock it out. She works with NDs and runs clinics... Hope this helps... Love, JOY

Replied by Nan
(Houston, TX)

I take 80,000 SU of "Serrapeptase" every day. It needs to be taken on an empty stomach and it WILL break down the biofilm. If you take it with food, it will work to break down the food and not the biofilm. Take it as a regular supplement and NAC with it also helpful but not necessary. It won't work over night, so needs to be taken regularly but it should do the trick to keep it from building up. I hope this helps and you can research it as well. Sometimes I get thick, gooey spit coming from my mouth and that is the only side effect I've had. I guess this is one way the biofilm is breaking down and leaving the body.


Replied by Herballiving
(Yorktown, Va)

I used a combination of NAC and MSM to break the biofilm. It's what my functional medicine doctor suggested and sure enough it worked.

Replied by Liz
(Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Hi Everyone,
I want to add some information to the post about the calcium bentonite clay poultices that I wrote here a week ago.

While reading further on the internet, I discovered someone who was mixing the clay with ten parts per million colloidal silver. After covering the boils he found a significant improvement overnight, and after four days of wearing the silver poultice the boil was gone and none have returned in three years. This individual explained the ionic exchange between the silver and the infection being much enhanced by the pulling effects of the clay.

Because the boil on my hand was so serious and spreading so quickly and deeply, I decided to continue with the clay and silver poultice instead of clay and water.

The difference was dramatic! Overnight the silver clay pulled the poison under the skin into a bubble-- like a second degree burn. I was at first alarmed because it looked worse than ever. Night after night I continued the silver clay poultice, wrapped in plastic and held in place with and elastic bandage.

AFTER ONE WEEK, THE INFECTION IS GONE! I also slugged a couple ounces of this silver a day to check anything that might have gone internal, but I believe the poultice really did the trick.

Of important note, my understanding is that MRSA staff reside inside the nose, so I bought the cheapest no-drip nasal spray medicine I could find and emptied the contents and cleaned it out thoroughly, sending filtered water through the spray system for 10 good pumps. Then I filled the bottle with colloidal silver, using this to get the silver inside my nose and sinuses. I rub my nose holes together to spread this completely. I guess this kills the staff where it is carried. Added bonus: stopped a cold in its tracks!

Word about colloidal silver: It is too expensive by the bottles. You can brew your own very cheaply by making a one-time investment in a good, plug-in, steady- current silver generator.

Do not use the battery operated kind. The silver particles are too large and clump together. Look on the internet. There are several good companies with good information (I have no financial interest in these companies).
I am just beginning to appreciate all the uses for silver in fighting pathogens. With a little creativity, there are so many effective treatments possible with this stuff.

Just like ACV and cayenne pepper, silver may be indispensable to maintaining good health in our world which is slowly poisoning itself and hell-bent on profit.

Thank you, Earth Clinic for letting me share this here. To anyone struggling with boils and MRSA, try the silver poultice. It looked as if my hand were being eaten off, but in one week, my skin looks like the infection never happened!

Phage Therapy

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Posted by B (Usa) on 04/29/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Phage therapy is the only real way to cure MRSA. Other "remedies" will help to keep the outbreaks under controls, but they will not cure it. There is a large and growing movement among health professionals in the western world to legalize phage therapy, but there is also a lot of resistance because phages can not be patented and patented drugs are part of the business model of western pharmaceutical companies. However, chemical antibiotic therapies stopped working a long time ago and now cause more problems than they solve. It is safe and effective and has been used to treat lots of bacterial infections for almost 100 years. Read about phage therapy. There are many websites that have information.

Replied by Jon
(New Mexico, United States)

I believe this to be the absolute truth. I have one of the most severe cases of MRSA/Visa that has ever been found in the U.S. After 6 1/2years of nightmarrish suffering and disfigurement, I am near death from the absolute total destruction of my health due to MRSA. I have tried every remedy and then some. Most all do NOT work (most on this site unfortuantely) and the ones that do are never seemingly enough. Phage terapy is something I am now considering, only I understand you must travel to Russia or the UKRAINE to undergo the specific procedure which is my only barrier currently. If there is anyone who has any specific information about this procedure or who could help please feel free to contact me. I could use a friend, Thanks Jon

Replied by Seth
(Morton, Wa)

Jon, have you tried ultraviolet blood irradiation? It's used in other countries like Cuba where there were no antibiotics. They are using it in hospitals in Texas now I've heard.

Pink Grapefruit

Posted by Robin (Shakopee, Minnesota) on 06/27/2009 1 posts

Skin Lesions: My sweetheart had a black, odd shaped, itchy lesion on his right nostril. He mentioned it to his doctor whenever he went for a check-up and was given a steroid cream that seemed to help but whenever he'd stop using it the lesion came back. We thought it was a fungus when it spread to his cheek, but when he went back to his doctor they took a sampling of it and said it was 'due to the cold'. Minnesota is infamous for it's frigid winters!. He was prescribed another steroid cream, told to use it sparingly and everyday.. but the same thing happened soon as he stopped using it the thing would come back!

In our attempt to eat healthier we'd started having a pink grapefruit for breakfast. After a few days of the grapefruit, the itchy patch stopped itching and was gone completely within a week. Pink Grapefruit, no sugar, no salt...just peel it and eat it.

EC: Lesions inside the nose can indicate a staph infection...

..."If the lesion is inside the nose you most likely have a Staph infection. The treatment for the lesion inside the nose is to get a prescription for Centany Ointment and apply it inside the nose twice a day for 2-3 weeks. If the lesions is outside the nose then you have a cyst, most likely an acne cyst.


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Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 06/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

In 2013 the mother of my wife became infected with MRSA after bowel surgery. Antibiotics weren't working at all, and she couldn't eat proper without vomiting. I gave her a multi-strain probiotic consisting of more than 10 strains plus FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) and she was healed within 1 to 2 days and could resume eating as normal.

Ingredients of the supplement: **

FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) 50 mg *
ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Complex
(from the Great Salt Lake, 72 naturally occurring minerals, plus other minerals found in seawater) 12.5 mg *
Bifidobacterium longum 430 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus acidophilus 430 million viable organisms† *
Bifidobacterium bifidum 180 million viable organisms† *
Bifidobacterium breve 180 million viable organisms† *
Bifidobacterium lactis 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus brevis 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus bulgaricus 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus casei 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus helveticus 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus plantarum 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus rhamnosus 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactobacillus salivarius 180 million viable organisms† *
Lactococcus lactis 180 million viable organisms† *
Streptococcus thermophilus 180 million viable organisms† *
Bifidobacterium infantis 90 million viable organisms† *

** Not listing the manufacturer product name of course. The original product isn't sold in the exact same formulation anymore, and is now a 16 strain product. The original had 15 strains (they have since added Lactobacillus reuteri). Pretty sure I have the correct ingredients here but this was a few years ago... If I am mistaken then the other possibility is that it was a multi-strain SBO Probiotic (containing soil based organisms).

Hope this helps someone!

Probiotics, Acai

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Posted by Enrique (Blue Springs, Mo) on 08/31/2011
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MRSA on a 3 year Old Boy

I have been fighting MRSA for the last two years. It got so bad just recently that after a round of 10 days of Doxicycline I immediately broke out right after the tenth day as if I had not been taking any antibiotics. During that period, I found this website and began treating my MRSA by taking 3 pills of Pro-Biotics and drinking Acai Berry Juice 4 times a day. I mean its gone!!! Unfortunately, most regretably and horrendously, my son has contracted MRSA. Here's the question. How do I treat him for MRSA with this regiment that I am following. Pro-Biotics say is for adult use only. What's the dosage for my little 3 year old? I know going to the doctor would be an absolute waste. Thanks for your help.

Raw Honey, Bleach, Supplements

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Posted by Sara C. (Park City, IL) on 07/30/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I went into a serious case of SAD last winter, didn't eat properly, and compromised by relatively healthy immune system. The 1st of January, got a nasty scrape on my left leg that was abut six inches long and really back. I washed it with hydrogen peroxide and let it dry, then went on about my business. Big mistake. The next day in the shower, I found a red, sore bump that looked like an ingrown hair, but couldn't pull that out. Two days later, the scrape got infected. I put an OTC polymycin salve on it, found that it didn't work and that I was allergic to polymycin. The infection spread, became extremely painful, and by Feb. 1 I was begging to panic, because it should have just dried up and healed. I figured out that I had a staph infection that was getting out of control, in spite of my efforts, and then read about a low hemoglobin count as something that will give you susceptibility to rashes in a medical column, so I started taking iron pills and the infection seemed to stop, but would not clear up. It was so painful that if I took off the bandages, it felt like my skin was on fire because every nerve ending was exposed to air. I spent thirty seconds in the shower one day, crying in pain. I was desperate to find a remedy. I knew it was staph, I looked up the symptoms and images of staph on the internet. I mean, you know these things, and I am frankly unwilling to go to an emergency room these days unless I have a broken bone. I found an antiseptic salve that is specifical directed at MRSA and other varieties of staphylococcus, but I was getting desperate, because I was not getting rid of the toxins in the scrape on my leg and it hurt all the time.

I went to bed that night, asking myself "What do I need to know to get rid of this infection? What am I forgetting?" The next morning, when I woke up, the first thing that popped into my head was "what are the medicinal uses of honey?" I looked up apitheray on the internet and there, right in front of me, was an entire page of the uses of honey, from the Egyptians using it in mummification, along with natrol, to Roman physicians using it to prevent wounds from becoming infected. I had a bottle of raw honey bought from an apiary last summer. The pollen grains looked like dust. I had bought it to work on my seasonal allergies in the spring, but decided to try it on my nasty, horrible wound, which was really worrying me. My whole body was trying to throw off this infection without a lot of help from me, so what did I have to lose?

I took a sterile wound dressing pad, put a tablespoon of raw honey on it, spread it around to cover the lesion, and plopped it, plus two others on the open areas. I did this daily for two days and took a hard look at what was taking place. The solid matter in an infection, which we call pus, is the dead bacteria and dead white cells that are killing them. The excruciating pain, the swelling and the spread of the infection stopped, but it took three months to get my skin to regenerate by granulation, which is healing from within, and close up the lesions. The last one closed up last week and has a healthy scab on it now, which I do not touch. I used the raw honey for a month and went to a great deal of trouble to keep the whole thing as clean as possible, but getting into the shower was very painful for a while. I knew I had won the battle when that no longer hurt. the sugar in honey is so concentrated that it draws water and the toxins in a wound to the surface, and the enzymes in raw honey will digest bacateria, help your white blood cells do their job.

However, staph is one mean little bacterium and won't give up. I have a set of eczematous lesions where it tried to start up again, and used the OTC staph antiseptic, alternating that with antiseptic washes and sprays. Then I heard a dermatologist reoommend a quarter of a cup of laundry bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in a tub of bath water, so I have used about one quarter teaspoonful in two gallons of water, twice in the last two weeks, to wash the skin on my leg, and it seems to be working. I also use peroxide. Just keep shifting the attack weaspons. Some of the eczema started because the paper tape I used took the top layer of skin off those spots and left it vulnerable. I've had bumps appear in my scalp that went away, tiny bubbles appear on my hands that leak clear fluid when they are punctured with a sterile needle. This thing will probably not admit defeat until I sit in a tub full of oatmeal bath additive or milk of magnesia, which is supposed to be healing. My skin has become rather dry, so I need a good, soothing bath salt. Are epsom salts OK for this?

I have noticed in all this that staph will get into anything: your hair follicles (kills the growing hair), your oil glands (dries out your skin), your mouth (blisters your palate), your clothing (use the laundry bleach, you can always buy more clothing). I continue to take the iron pill and upped the amount of lean beef I eat, as well as a multi-B vitamin and Ca/Mg/Zinc and A, D, and Natural E that I have been taking for years. This is seven months after the start of this, and the skin on my left leg looks like the worst sunburn in the world, but is slowly growing back with no scars. The hair follicles are recovering.

I forgot to credit my cat Lilly in this. Every night when I went to bed, I would visualize my Lilly chasing those little fuzzy staph bacteria and swatting them into ruins. I had a dream one night in which she chased them screaming down a long hallway into a huge pool of water. I believe it will take several more months for this to end, but I've learned my lesson the hard way: eat properly, get some exercise, take your vitamins and enjoy life. It's all we have.

Red Wine Vinegar and Garlic Tablets

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Posted by Anita (Old Fort, NC) on 03/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Morgellons Disease, MRSA: red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon a day, for 3 or 4 weeks. Also garlic softgels,1000mg, 1 day a week, take five. The garlic might also be used for MRSA. This is what I use for all of my family, we do not go to doctors.

Rosemary Essential Oil

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Posted by Ron (Idaho) on 10/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I had MRSA on my hand and they had me going in for intravenous antibiotics and that seemed to stop it from progressing but it would not go away. I came across a lady in England that told me to apply rosemary essential oil. So I did and believe this or not, within hours I could tell a difference. Looking back I believe the MRSA was killed directly and then it took a few days to heal the wound. It worked for me and I have since used the Italian herbs essential oils rosemary oregano and time for infections and injuries for myself and other people with great success.

I have come to realize the medical profession is not in the business of healing and curing, but they do have the best diagnostic ability and emergency rooms in the world but greatly ending there. The statement I was told they go by is "there is no money in a well man." Sounds reasonable.

Best wishes. if the rosemary works and it is convenient I would like your feedback about it.

ps: you pour it directly on and in the wound and internally if needed. I only used it topically.

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