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Natural Cures for MRSA

Raw Honey, Bleach, Supplements

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Posted by Sara C. (Park City, IL) on 07/30/2009
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I went into a serious case of SAD last winter, didn't eat properly, and compromised by relatively healthy immune system. The 1st of January, got a nasty scrape on my left leg that was abut six inches long and really back. I washed it with hydrogen peroxide and let it dry, then went on about my business. Big mistake. The next day in the shower, I found a red, sore bump that looked like an ingrown hair, but couldn't pull that out. Two days later, the scrape got infected. I put an OTC polymycin salve on it, found that it didn't work and that I was allergic to polymycin. The infection spread, became extremely painful, and by Feb. 1 I was begging to panic, because it should have just dried up and healed. I figured out that I had a staph infection that was getting out of control, in spite of my efforts, and then read about a low hemoglobin count as something that will give you susceptibility to rashes in a medical column, so I started taking iron pills and the infection seemed to stop, but would not clear up. It was so painful that if I took off the bandages, it felt like my skin was on fire because every nerve ending was exposed to air. I spent thirty seconds in the shower one day, crying in pain. I was desperate to find a remedy. I knew it was staph, I looked up the symptoms and images of staph on the internet. I mean, you know these things, and I am frankly unwilling to go to an emergency room these days unless I have a broken bone. I found an antiseptic salve that is specifical directed at MRSA and other varieties of staphylococcus, but I was getting desperate, because I was not getting rid of the toxins in the scrape on my leg and it hurt all the time.

I went to bed that night, asking myself "What do I need to know to get rid of this infection? What am I forgetting?" The next morning, when I woke up, the first thing that popped into my head was "what are the medicinal uses of honey?" I looked up apitheray on the internet and there, right in front of me, was an entire page of the uses of honey, from the Egyptians using it in mummification, along with natrol, to Roman physicians using it to prevent wounds from becoming infected. I had a bottle of raw honey bought from an apiary last summer. The pollen grains looked like dust. I had bought it to work on my seasonal allergies in the spring, but decided to try it on my nasty, horrible wound, which was really worrying me. My whole body was trying to throw off this infection without a lot of help from me, so what did I have to lose?

I took a sterile wound dressing pad, put a tablespoon of raw honey on it, spread it around to cover the lesion, and plopped it, plus two others on the open areas. I did this daily for two days and took a hard look at what was taking place. The solid matter in an infection, which we call pus, is the dead bacteria and dead white cells that are killing them. The excruciating pain, the swelling and the spread of the infection stopped, but it took three months to get my skin to regenerate by granulation, which is healing from within, and close up the lesions. The last one closed up last week and has a healthy scab on it now, which I do not touch. I used the raw honey for a month and went to a great deal of trouble to keep the whole thing as clean as possible, but getting into the shower was very painful for a while. I knew I had won the battle when that no longer hurt. the sugar in honey is so concentrated that it draws water and the toxins in a wound to the surface, and the enzymes in raw honey will digest bacateria, help your white blood cells do their job.

However, staph is one mean little bacterium and won't give up. I have a set of eczematous lesions where it tried to start up again, and used the OTC staph antiseptic, alternating that with antiseptic washes and sprays. Then I heard a dermatologist reoommend a quarter of a cup of laundry bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in a tub of bath water, so I have used about one quarter teaspoonful in two gallons of water, twice in the last two weeks, to wash the skin on my leg, and it seems to be working. I also use peroxide. Just keep shifting the attack weaspons. Some of the eczema started because the paper tape I used took the top layer of skin off those spots and left it vulnerable. I've had bumps appear in my scalp that went away, tiny bubbles appear on my hands that leak clear fluid when they are punctured with a sterile needle. This thing will probably not admit defeat until I sit in a tub full of oatmeal bath additive or milk of magnesia, which is supposed to be healing. My skin has become rather dry, so I need a good, soothing bath salt. Are epsom salts OK for this?

I have noticed in all this that staph will get into anything: your hair follicles (kills the growing hair), your oil glands (dries out your skin), your mouth (blisters your palate), your clothing (use the laundry bleach, you can always buy more clothing). I continue to take the iron pill and upped the amount of lean beef I eat, as well as a multi-B vitamin and Ca/Mg/Zinc and A, D, and Natural E that I have been taking for years. This is seven months after the start of this, and the skin on my left leg looks like the worst sunburn in the world, but is slowly growing back with no scars. The hair follicles are recovering.

I forgot to credit my cat Lilly in this. Every night when I went to bed, I would visualize my Lilly chasing those little fuzzy staph bacteria and swatting them into ruins. I had a dream one night in which she chased them screaming down a long hallway into a huge pool of water. I believe it will take several more months for this to end, but I've learned my lesson the hard way: eat properly, get some exercise, take your vitamins and enjoy life. It's all we have.

Red Wine Vinegar and Garlic Tablets

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Posted by Anita (Old Fort, NC) on 03/17/2007
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Morgellons Disease, MRSA: red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon a day, for 3 or 4 weeks. Also garlic softgels,1000mg, 1 day a week, take five. The garlic might also be used for MRSA. This is what I use for all of my family, we do not go to doctors.

Rosemary Essential Oil

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Posted by Ron (Idaho) on 10/10/2021
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I had MRSA on my hand and they had me going in for intravenous antibiotics and that seemed to stop it from progressing but it would not go away. I came across a lady in England that told me to apply rosemary essential oil. So I did and believe this or not, within hours I could tell a difference. Looking back I believe the MRSA was killed directly and then it took a few days to heal the wound. It worked for me and I have since used the Italian herbs essential oils rosemary oregano and time for infections and injuries for myself and other people with great success.

I have come to realize the medical profession is not in the business of healing and curing, but they do have the best diagnostic ability and emergency rooms in the world but greatly ending there. The statement I was told they go by is "there is no money in a well man." Sounds reasonable.

Best wishes. if the rosemary works and it is convenient I would like your feedback about it.

ps: you pour it directly on and in the wound and internally if needed. I only used it topically.

Rosemary Essential Oil
Posted by CC (Canada) on 10/25/2020
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I tried the tomato paste, the turmeric paste, tea tree oil, oregano oil, nothing helped, I had about 9 or 10 boils, took 3 times 7 days antibiotics (2 different kinds) and used antibiotic cream. The boils only started getting better when I after 3 months researching the web I found a page that had MRSA remedies.

From everything on that page I took a chance and decided to tried the activated charcoal poultice and also bought an activated charcoal soap to use while on the shower, this really helped but still the boils didn't go away completely until I used Rosemary Essential Oil.

WOW ... in 24 hours poof !! boils are healed ...

after 3 months finally the boils are gone ...

Do keep in mind that using the proper oral antibiotic also helped, but no change was notice until the rosemary oil was used, also showering with the charcoal soap really made a difference.

My advice is to read all the different cures that site I link it offers you, rotate the oils and herbs until you find the one that really does it for you.

Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone

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Posted by Matt (Florida) on 06/22/2015
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Interesting MRSA fighting discovery!! It deals with solvent-based MRSA treatment.

I was suffering frequent outbreaks. From my cheek to my armpit to elbow, knee, finger, groin, butt, man, you name it.. I tried a bunch of remedies..

Turmeric, BS, Manuka honey? No go.

I'm a bad case!

I found out about how MRSA colonizes in the nose. Logic told me to clean my nose out. I had some rubbing alcohol. I had q-tips. I swabbed my nostrils with 91% rubbing alcohol bought from dollar tree. Then sniffed it in deeply and forcefully, & let the fumes get back in there. Oh it burns.

I've been doing this for a year. I haven't had a serious outbreak since. I used to have to go to the doctor a lot. Not any more.

I still get the pimples sometimes that could go big boil, but it's usually when I havent swabbed nostril in a while.

If I get caught unaware and end up with a lump, I scrub it vigorously with the alcohol on a paper towel, with a bit of hibiclens mixed on the paper towel with it. That does quite well at fighting it, but.......

Check it out.

One day I was at work and I had a painful MRSA boil starting on my knee. (they rubs the pants and its irritating as shmit) so i took a look-see around the shop....

Grabbed the old square can of acetone...


Used the vigorous scrub method...

MRSA bump gone within one hour!!!

Acetone destoys outbreaks.(for me)

As far as decolonizing completely? Idk.. Phages show promise. Not crazy enough to try acetone up my nose. I hate garlic (pills maybe)

Staphefekt maybe (look it up) or clys

Now my 2 & 4 yr olds have MRSA. What the #$&! I haven't swabbed their noses, and they get bad outbreaks and I can never catch them early, have not tried acetone on them either (don't go calling CPS) we're doing big pharma on the kids (mupirocin, antibiotics), but I'm doing better with acetone.

Replied by Jon
(New Mexico)
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The best OTC product I know of for treating Mrsa Topically is TECNU First aid Gel. It works better than anything else and I have tried hundreds of products -- practically everything you can think of or have ever heard of. Tecnu First aid gel has benzethonium 0.20% (maximum strength allowed by the FDA) *Kills MRSA topically in 15 seconds* Tecnu also has Tea Tree oil and Lidocaine 2.5%to numb help as an anesthetic. It is no cure for certain, but it is helpful and will also help with the ungodly pain associated with the boils etc. You are on the right track by keeping your nose clean ;)

Best of luck to you.

Silver Gel

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Posted by David (Houston, TX) on 06/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

CVS antimicrobial silver gel (supposedly silvasorb brand sold as a generic). Diagnosed by lab as MRSA. went through Bactrim, and Levaquin treatment. A boil came back 3 weeks later on the same spot on my arm . I take turmeric and garlic. I have tried everything. I applied the silver gel to the oozing boil and got relief within hours. It is almost A WEEK LATER completely healed. PLEASE TRY THIS!! NOTHING ELSE WORKED AS GOOD AS THIS. IT IS ONLY 7 DOLLARS AT CVS. THANK GOD FOR THIS GEL. IT KILLS THE MRSA I AM LIVING PROOF THIS WORKS. I have also started taking oral colloidal silver.

Replied by Justin
(Warsaw, In)
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My 18m.o. has had 4 severe MRSA cysts (diagnosed and tested by our family phys.) that have occurred primarily in the thicker tissue/fat in the legs and buttocks. After many rounds of antibiotics, we found that a silver gel (10ppm colloidal silver mixed with aloe vera gel) applied at the first sign of recurrence inhibited the growth and helped the cycst form a head and drain. Just another example of the antibacterial/antiviral properties of silver. Unfortunately cysts deep in the tissue are harder to pull to the surface. We found a new one tonight and my research led me to this site. I am going to try the baking soda along with turmeric and acidophilus.

Sleep, Hibiclens, Tea Tree Oil, Echinacea, Neem, Veggies

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Posted by Steve (Hartford, US) on 03/09/2008
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Have had recurring mrsa boils on my trunk area for the last 7years (2-3 episodes per year with 2-12 boils at once). Used minocyclene the first year with some results.Through out the years I have tried almost all the home remedies with very little relief. The tumric gave short term relief.Now I think I have it pretty well under control. My success was mostly due to the info I got from this site. Here's whats working for me: Get lots of sleep and take a good sleep remedy if you have to but you must get that full night of sleep every night. The Hibiclens wash 1 to 2 times a day along' with the tee tree oil and ky lubricant mix for your nose 1-2 times per day. Some echinacia,neem and lots of good veggies, less dairy and the alkaline fixes mentioned here. And you will beat the ^%$# out the mrsa in your body.

Staph Warnings

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Posted by Asha (Oklahoma City, OK) on 11/13/2007
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... As far as MRSA goes, I wouldn't be surprised if the boils were MRSA. I have worked in hospitals for a few years now, and the scary truth is EVERY hospital of any size has a patient with MRSA at least once a month. They expect it, and really don't do much to keep others from walking into these patients rooms without gowning-up, masks, gloves, etc. The only way I know that a patient has MRSA is if I happen to see it in their chart, or if they have parked a gown cart outside the patient's room. Bottom line: Don't go to a hospital if you don't want to be exposed to MRSA. If you have a friend or relative that works in a hospital or other health care setting, know that they are more than likely carriers of MRSA.

Staph Warnings
Posted by Kelly (Virginia Beach, VA) on 06/10/2007
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Please be careful at your Drs' Appointments. My child had a small scratch, went to a normal doctor's appt where he put the stethascope over the scratch. A couple of days later I noticed what looked like a pimple. I tried to squeeze it. It got bigger like a bug bite, but didn't go away. It tested positive for MRSA, the community acquired version. I had seen before that stethascopes are crawling with germs. How I wished I would have asked the doctor to use an alcohol wipe on it before examining her. Septra and Bactraban finally cleared it up. But now I have to worry about every condition being an outcome from MRSA. Once you have it, you are considered MRSA susceptible. Good luck out there, may you never get this menace!

Staph Warnings
Posted by Carolyn (Holllywood, FL) on 04/24/2007
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This is what you have been saying in this forum. Hospitals try to keep the lid of secrecy on MRSA cases. Presumably, so that future patients will not be aware of the problem and will unknowingly subject themselves to surgery at this hospital. I learned that there is at least one case of MRSA at this large local hospital, but there is no mention of it in the news. The hospitals obviously fear financial losses more than the deaths of their patients. I find this disgusting, what about you? I should mention that the hospital in question is NOT located in Hollywood, Florida.

Staph Warnings
Posted by Kimberly (Sequin, TX) on 11/23/2006
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I got several staph infections, but was never tested for MRSA. January of 2004, I got one on my forehead and one on the hairline near my neck. I chose to lance them at home, which was the biggest mistake I could have made. The infection on my neck got into my bloodstream, traveled into my spinal cord and festered for nearly three months. When my back pain began, doctors could find no cause for it, so they admitted me to the local hospital after three trips to the ER in agonizing pain, and treated me for five days for Kidney infection and Kidney stones. Turned out it was MRSA in my lungs, blood, spinal cord, pneumonia and bronchitis. By the time they realized this my blood pressure was dangerously low, as well as my blood oxygen level. I had about six hours to live at this point. Thankfully a rather risky back surgery saved my life, as well as 2 months of severe antibiotic treatments, where I was given Vancomyacin through a groshong catheter directly into my aorta. Lesson here, if you get more than one staph infection, get tested for MRSA. I didn't, and the result is life long pain. My son was only six months old when this happened. He is two now and I can still barely carry him for long.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Pauline (Vancouver, B.c. Canada) on 05/26/2011
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MRSA on right hand and forearm, spread to chest, and face. contracted mid march, misdiagnosed. Small stinging pimple on right wrist turned into huge infected ulcer with reddish purple ridges , painful swelling. Over next few months seven new ones appeared on hand and upper forearm. In the last two days two small ulcers on chest and a small red pimple on left side of face. May 24, Emergency room Dr. Prescribed new meds, bactroban and Doxycycline. I'm slathered in bactroban, day one of new meds when I notice one of the larger ulcers on my forearm is spreading. horrers upon horrers three new red inflamed pimples. Deep breath, stay calm, don't panic, do not scream. bactroban is not working but maybe the Doxycycline will.

I use Tea tree oil conditioner once a week on my hair for the controll of dandruff, works wonderfully and so soothing when I rub over my face. I had tried tea tree oil on my arm but I broke out in hives and my arm became more inflamed. I think if I wasn't so worried the light bulb would have gone off sooner. The conditioner is obviously diluted. I almost broke my neck trying to get to the bathroom. I mixed up five drops of tea tree oil in one tespoon water and added it to 1 tablespoon Holista tea tree conditioner. I slathered this all over my arm and in ten minutes the swelling and redness almost gone. I put some on my chest and face same reaction. Maybe this is the miracle I have been looking for, cross my fingers and a big prayer. Thank you for the info on diluting tea tree oil.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/19/2006 385 posts

MRSA outbreaks in Thailand? Possibly it comes from the pollutants and birds (excellent carriers for many diseases, bugs, etc) here in my home. However, boils outbreak I think is difficult but they tend to occur during the "vegetarian festivities" here in Thailand.

The reason why is really simple, most white flour which is used in cooking during the festivities is used in the food, so people consume more.

They are very acid forming food, next to soda pop that is banned in schools in U.S. at least, but not here. Some milk actually added fluoride, so that doesn't help either. These acid forming food, especially flour, do get easily contaminated quite easily with fungus, etc. The body's immune system simply stops for about 2 hours in presence of sugar, the fact that some cola adds phosphoric acid simply make things worse.

The outbreak, therefore is more tied to the diets which lowers your immune system, such as sugar, and white flour found in bread being the worse offender of these MRSA and an outbreak as well as weight gain often occur or coincide during and after the vegetarian festivities.

I am not a pro meat or a pro vegetarian either. What I am saying is white flour is one of the worse offenders of acid forming food (next to soda pop) and the rise in use of sugar often rises to coincide with the vegetarian festivities. I once got a terrible boils in the buttocks similar to Kathryn, but the source of it i knew to be ice cream, but chocolate or cocoa strangely enough causes pimples but not boils.

So the way to stop boils at least for me was taking plenty of zinc, chromium, vanadium and baking soda to alkalize my body. Drain whatever pus that occurs in the boils to dry them.

Being especially careful to avoid both sugar AND acid forming food is the best way to remove these antibiotic resistant out of the body. You don't have to buy an elaborate lists of kinds of acid forming list, just remember to simply stay away from sugar and flour. They are easier to remember, getting too particular can confuse you. Certain supplements, you need to be wary if you take too much as they too are acid forming, whose supplements name have the words "hydrochloride", such as pyridoxine hydrochloride, a vitamin B6. A better substitute is pyridoxal 5 phosphate.

Antibiotics no longer works with me, actually it had not work for at least 10 years now, regardless of the kinds of antibiotics I use. And this is why I have remedies to get around this issue for at least 10 years now. Ted

Replied by Rich
(Boca Raton, FL)

Niacin(B3) converts triglycerides and LDL to HDL... basically starving the staph. Higher Sodium Ascorbate content won't hurt either. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP) might help as well. Ted's got the right idea.

New Strategy Cracks Staph Bacterium's "Golden Armor," Making It Vulnerable To Treatment -- 15 Feb 2008
"Researchers have exploited a structural vulnerability in the "superbug" Staphylococcus aureus that in laboratory experiments and a mouse study opened the bacterium to treatment with an anti-cholesterol medication. This follows the 2005 discovery that a pigment provides a "golden armor" that enables staph to evade the immune system.

An article published Feb.14 in the online version of Science (Science Express) describes the study, which was conducted by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the National Taiwan University in Taipei, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of California, San Diego.

After treatment with the drug - which had progressed through preclinical testing in rats and two early clinical trials in humans as a cholesterol-fighting medication - staph bacteria were about 15 times more susceptible to killing by hydrogen peroxide and were four-fold less able to survive in human blood, according to George Y. Liu, M.D., Ph.D., one of the article's co-first authors.""

10/03/2009: Deanna from Augusta, GA replies: "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am so thankful for this site and Ted and the lady that made this site ,Yes!!! Ted does have it right it makes sense the niacin B3, The doctor finally gave me some they are using it for lowering cholestorol I am getting my own I do not trust pharmaceutical companies . I thank God for all of you on earth clinic : ) Ted I am the lady that said I went through breast cancer and my doctor friend brought me ground barley and flaxseed oil so it would not kill my good cells can you find more on that. He uses natural remedies on the children and is now taking the mercury out of my grandson. Oh I am 57 and I am small but it is genetics they say for heart disease all my kids have it but I bet from this site there is a way to get rid of it I quit eating meat too, Again I thank you for this blessed site.

01/06/2011: Tracy from Ft Pierce, Florida replies: "Trying to diagnose an ongoing problem. It started with one of my breast and what I thought was an abscess. I was told I had a clogged milk duct and needed surgery but with no money no one would do it so it finally healed but now it is returning in the other breast and I have done some research and think maybe I have MRSA but not sure because they did blood work and they told me there wasn't any bacteria. I am desperate for a way to stop this from continueing and would love a home remedy that could help. Another problem is I have no money for expensive remedies I am very poor."

04/19/2011: Marty from Mars, PA replies: "I will tell u the only way to get rid of this is to put 2 cups of bleach in a tub of water and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes everyday for 1 week then do it once a week for six months in really bad cases u might have to do the once a week thing for the rest of your life this really works and works fast I doubted it to tried a lot of other things and finally tried this and it does the job

Replied by Elle
(Cc, Florida)

MRSA control for a normally healthy person requires decolonization of skin and nostrils. MRSA typically hides out in the membrane inside the nostrils so you must treat all areas of the skin and both nostrils at the same time:

The decolonization procedure often recommended includes both of the following measures:

Apply 2% mupirocin ointment generously throughout the inside of both nostrils with a cotton swab ( but don't overdo and dig too deep inside the nostril) twice daily for 10 days and
Bathe with liquid chlorhexidene soap, washing all skin surfaces daily for five days. Daily bathing or showering using an antibacterial agent such as chlorhexidine gluconate is recommended during mupirocin treatment to improve chances of eradication. Alternative treatment with tea tree oil body lotion and shampoo have been shown effective in achieving decolonization, and have the benefit of being less harsh on the skin. Use a pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash.

Replied by Elle
(Cc, Fl)

In addition to the previously described strategy to decolonize the MRSA bacteria on skin and in nostrils, you should also at the same time take internally dietary supplements of probiotics containing a variety of strains of acidophilus like lactobacilus acidophilus and lactobacillus rhamosus. Make sure the brand you buy has a guarantee of true potency. This product will be in the refridgerated part of a health food store and you should keep it refridgerated at home. Also youghert with live probiotic cultures and buttermilk also have lactobacilus acidophilus. Eat plenty of these. Feed youghert, kefir, buttermilk to your kids to strengthen their immune system. Eliminate sugar, gluten, alcohol, beer, wine, as much as possible. Drink lots of water cause as the MRSA bacteria dies, you need water to flush out the dead bacteria. May God help us all to achieve good health and to praise Him.

Replied by Elle
(Cc, Fl)

In addition to the previously described strategy to decolonize the MRSA bacteria on skin and in nostrils, you should also at the same time take internally dietary supplements of probiotics containing a variety of strains of acidophilus like lactobacilus acidophilus and lactobacillus rhamosus. Make sure the brand you buy has a guarantee of true potency. This product will be in the refrigerated part of a health food store and you should keep it refrigerated at home. Also youghert with live probiotic cultures and buttermilk also have lactobacilus acidophilus. Eat plenty of these. Feed youghert, kefir, buttermilk to your kids to strengthen their immune system. Eliminate sugar, gluten, alcohol, beer, wine, as much as possible. Drink lots of water cause as the MRSA bacteria dies, you need water to flush out the dead bacteria. May God help us all to achieve good health and to praise Him.

Replied by Kay
(Destin, Fl)

For Ref: Chlorhexidine glucanate ("Hibicleanse") is sold at Walmart; it is sometimes kept behind the counter, so you ask for it of you can't find it... Prices are better when you buy the larger bottles (sometimes you have to order the larger bottles; it takes @ 3 days).

Prices (Feb 2012)

small, 4 oz bottle: $5.97

meduim, 8 oz bottle $8.37

large, 16 oz bottle $13.72

extra large: the pharmacists is checking for a better/wholesale price/source.

The pharmacists cautions against it for full-body use; she says be sure to use as little as possible! Read the Warning Lable carefully!!!

(PS: Just posting Walmart prices because it is most accessible nationwide)

Replied by Camar
(Hamburg, Pa Usa)

Essential Oils for MRSA--Just want to share my experience with the skin infection. I got it a month ago after travelling. First, my skin was itchy, thaen I got boils that were spreding to my but. I did not know what it was and in such cases I apply grinded garlic to the area. This time garlic was helping with iching, but the infection was not healing.

Eucalyptus oil
>I started using Eucalyptus oil twice a day and saw the difference in about 2 days. Most of the boils disapeared. I kept applying the oil until I could not see the pimples (about 3 more days). Then I made the following mixture and applied it ti the area once or twice a day just to make sure the problem does not come back: 1/2 tsp of basic oil (olive or avocado for example) 5 drops of high quality Tea Tree oil 1 to 2 drops of Eucalyptus oil.

It is important to purchase high quality oils. I got mine from Switerland as I was staying abroad at that time. Swiss oils are the best oils in my experiance. In the USA there is a distributor of Swiss oils - essential oil collection.

PS when using Eucalyptus oil alone, I was not delluting it, but I know it should be dilluted as they say it can burn the skin. I used one drop on a cotton pad and then tuched up the area with it. But it would be better to dillute it a little.

Replied by Paramiti
(Nashville, Tennessee)

MRSA Tools that will KILL this Monster which Refuses to die! Twice a Day.. Once in the morning and once before bed take 1 Tablespoon ACV with the mother in some tea of choice.. Add to that 1 half squeezed fresh lemon and as much cayenne pepper as one can stand.. And here is the MOST IMPORTANT add to that 1 Tablespoon MANUKA HONEY from NZ.. It must be UMF 18 or higher... 18 is usually powerful enough.. If there are also wounds or boils.. Clean them with cotton ball soaked in AVC then apply the 18 Manuka Honey on the wound or boil.. And a bandage...

I have also had Great Success applying a sulfur "Refining" mask from a well known acne treatment company in place of the manuka honey on the boil or wound.. Or crushed garlic can be used.. If your doctor will prescribe for you the Mupirocin Ointment USP 2% this is also speeds the process.. Use it on a q tip and put it inside the nose.. Be careful not to inhale it into your lungs as this can cause complications... I Promise this will Kill the MRSA but if not careful you can get it again.. Be careful by Not eating sugar or white flour.. MRSA feeds off sugar and white flour.. It loves these products and gains strength from them.. We are exposed to MRSA all the time and especially in hospitals..

Its so easy to become infected with MRSA the main things to focus on are... Manuka Honey 18 or Higher and Sulphur to kill the beast.. And AVC with the mother for the PH issues... So the body is able to fight it... Take the tea mixture twice a day until well.. If the nose begins to bleed from being dried out... Discontinue the manuka honey for a few days.. But continue drinking everything else until the moisture returns then add the manuka honey back in... Drink plenty of fluids through out the treatment.. THIS WORKS!!

Topical Application of Povidone Iodine

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Posted by Jon (New Mexico, United States) on 04/26/2018
5 out of 5 stars

For a MRSA Boil, Povidone Iodine 10%. Does not in the least burn your skin. It is the #1 way to kill MRSA topically. Of course it will only kill the bacteria topically, but for the surface wound and area nearby it is the best solution. I mix 10% Povidone Iodine w/a couple drops of neem oil and a couple of drops of 91% straight alcohol together for a stronger disinfectant with better skin penetration. It helps control the growth, and will kill the MRSA bacteria topically in less than 15 seconds. I have tested this in a lab and used the formula on myself for years.

Turmeric and Manuka Honey

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Posted by Chrissy (Hobe Sound, FL) on 09/07/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I have tried almost everything to cure my MRSA.

Silver Biotics, Oil of oregano, ACV, diet changes, coconut oil, oil pulling, turmeric, GSE, black strap molasses, baking soda, campho, holy basil, zinc supplements, fasting, liver cleanses, manuka honey, hibeclens, kefir (acidophilus), tea tree oil, neem oil, baby powder, loose clothing, no alcohol.

The two that I have found to help the MOST (keeping the size and swelling down) have been manuka honey and turmeric. But NOTHING has stopped/cured my MRSA. It is so frustrating and makes me quite sad to have to keep going through this. My boils are heavily concentrated on my bottom. I can get up to 20 at a time just on my bottom. Sometimes they go down the backs of my thighs, but they are very limited to where they pop up.

I feel discouraged and so horrified at all the scars on my bottom. What am I doing wrong here? I eat 80% raw organic vegetables (but 100% organic all the time) I avoid alcohol and sugars. I eat meat maybe once a month. I'm absolutely at a loss and would love some help.

Replied by Nancy
(Sunnyvale, California)

I made a list of things I take internally for most infections-colloidal silver, oregano caps/oil, olive leaf-Roex, Bee Propolis,* *monolaurin*, caprylic acid, goldenseal,turmeric, *baking soda*, Grapefruit seed extract,*Iodine* drops or sea kelp, cayenne, garlic, apple cider vinegar, alkaline ph drops/baking soda.Cloves for gum ailments.

Mix bag balm or oatmeal for topical with tumeric, cayenne, camphor, colloidal silver, sea salt, honey, baking soda, tree tea oil, iodine-hydrogen peroxide, hot compresses.

This should do it. I take in place of antibiotic perscriptions for anything that ails me. I take after surgeries also.You can also make misters or put in your humidifier. Just google each item for information for their uses.For Shows-Tulio Simocinci. Also, join Luck!Experiment!

Lots of Love

Replied by CJ
(Exeter, NH)

There is hope!!! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in late jan of this year. I then got a bad case of multiple painful MRSA boils in perineal and genital area from the colonoscopy. It was not promptly diagnosed by my doctor, so the boils grew for 10 days with no treatment. 3 had to be opened surgically and drained. one left a large deep wound on my buttock...I couldnt sit down for 2 weeks and had to have a visiting nurse come to pack the wound. I was hospitalized on IV vancomyacin 4 days after the MRSA diagnosis and lancing, then Zyvox for 10 days when i went home. the MRSA came back a month later in early March. 10 more days of Zyvox, it went away, then recently - a later after i stopped the antibiotic -- two more small boils showed up in genital area....MRSA again. needless to say, the antibiotics are not very effective long term, and have wreaked havoc on the colitis, killing off healthy intestinal flora and bringing back the colitis symptoms even tho I was mega dosing on high quality probiotics Critical Care Ultimate Flora 50 billion capsules by NewLife(200 billion organisms a day total which helped but the antibiotics still created diahrea). I do a lot of natural healing things, take a lot of supplements, but MRSA is really tough!! I am refusing to do more antibiotics this time with these new boils, and am just starting raw organic unfilterd apple cider and turmeric powder 3X a day to deal with this latest bout based on these recommendations here. A book that has helped me A LOT (and that also promotes apple cider vinegar, probiotics and kefir) is The Body Ecology Diet by donna Gates. A recurrent infection of any kind is often due to an overacidic body, allowing yeast to flourish as well as harmful bacteria which taxes the immune system weakening it so it cant fight the MRSA. I am alkalizing my body using THE Body Ecology Diet. IF YOU HAVE RECURRENT MRSA, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THIS BOOK AND IMPLEMENT SOME OF THE SUGGESTIONS!!! I have only been doing it for less than 2 weeks and it has already resolved the colitis symptoms (in spite of the multiple antibiotic rounds and in spite of my GI doctor saying it would take 6 weeks IF I were taking the anti-inflammatory drugs which im not). I had a massive yeast die off and I am feeling so much better. I believe with this book plus the turmeric I will finally beat the MRSA for good! I also suggest for those with really recurrent MRSA to consult a good herbalist as there are several herbs that are very potent antifungal/antibacterial and they can be applied topically and made into a tea. It is the western medical systems over use of antibiotics that created this monster, and while antibiotics might be a good short term tool, in my opinion you need to get at the underlying condition in your body that is allowing to come back again and again.

Replied by Ryan
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Try also washing with Hibiclens.

Replied by Jon
(New Mexico, United States)

Are their other members in your immediate household? Often times reoccurent cases can be traced to other household members, such as children and spouses that can harbor the bacteria and me immune to it and end up unwitingly being dangerous carriers. Infectious Disease expert consult would likely be a good idea for every member of your household. Everyone you frequently come into close contact with reguarly should be looked at closely as being a potential carrier. Also, if you have a cat and have long term MRSA put your cat outside. Pets can be silent carriers, especially cats. Try cleaning your nose out with iso-blu twice a week and taking a bath with 1/4 cup (measured exactly) of bleach added into your bath water. This will help keep the bacteria count down on your skin which will lead to less infections. Also look into how you launder your clothes more carefully. The most important thing to pay attention too is frequent use of hand sanitizer, and changing your bed sheets every 2 days. Every 48 hrs!! This is a must. People with MRSA spend more time in bed, and this is the place most likely to be the cause of re-occuring infections. Bacteria from the bed sheets. 1 single MRSA bacteria cell can multiply into the millions in just 8 hours, this is how fast the bacteria replicate. Change your bed sheets every 48 hours and change your clothes daily, and keep your skin covered as much as possible with a light amount of clothing. Wear long sleeves and pants and keep all of your skin covered, protected and properly moisturized. These tips will help tremendously to cut down on your amount of preventable frequent re-occuring infections.