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Manuka Honey

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Posted by Didi (Richmond, Va) on 04/19/2013

MRSA: Bought the Australian Manuka Honey and used for a month. Didn't Work! Calms it down only but it is a sticky mess especially when applying to back of legs and putting pants on. Anything oily like Silver seems to spread the infection. Tumeric caused menstrual bleeding. Hydrogen Peroxide burned but didn't get rid of it. Baking soda - another messy application - helped but did not get rid of it. There was one ointment in the first aid section (can't remember name) that I got at Wal-mart that said it was for MRSA and the drug companies made them pull it because they weren't allowed to say it cured MRSA and it did!!! When I take any antibiotics, it comes back with a vegeance! Now I'm trying garlic... But I'm tired and defeated after two years of trying to get rid of it :(

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

Please research black seed oil "pure".

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I read that milk of magnesia topically was used to treat MRSA. Recently, I have used a lot of magnesium and also multi mineral supplements and having dramatic results of improved muscle tone and health

Replied by Polly
(London, England)

In England, Tea tree oil has been known as a cure for MRSA for a long time. It works when the Anti Biotics can't do anything. Just put it on neat 3 times a day until it's cured. Good luck

Replied by Jane S

Manuka honey doesn't come from Australia but NZ. So if you were using Australian manuka honey you probably weren't. Also you need a high grade honey, which means it's high in the active ingredient. I spent a small fortune for my small jar but it was well worth it. I had to have a fistula made for dialysis and subsequently got a very nasty infection. slapped on the honey and the infection was gone. Still, I went to the doctor because of swollen lymph nodes, but he couldn't take a swap because there was no pus, just clean granulating flesh.

Replied by Jane S

Manuka honey doesn't come from Australia but NZ. So if you were using Australian manuka honey you probably weren't. Also you need a high grade honey, which means it's high in the active ingredient. I spent a small fortune for my small jar, but it was well worth it. I had to have a fistula made for dialysis and subsequently got a very nasty infection; slapped on the honey and the infection was gone. Still, I went to the doctor because of swollen lymph nodes, but he couldn't take a swab because there was no pus, just clean granulating flesh.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Leslie (Jamestown, Nc) on 11/25/2012

My husband and I are carriers of mrsa, so we are susceptible to infections. I burned my arm on the oven door, and it exploded into a big, painful boil. I tried the turmeric, and it helped a little, but then I got my hands on some manuka honey. It immediately came to a head and started to drain. I'm so thankful I didn't have to get on antibiotics!

Manuka Honey
Posted by Leora (San Francisco, Ca) on 05/09/2012

I had this horrible staph infection on the back of my legs and I spent days putting ACV (which usually works for most things) on it. Nothing happened. The staph was replicating and the boils were getting bigger. Finally, I went to my doctor who ordered systemic antibiotics and it went away in about 4 days. A month later the staph came back. I hadn't been sleeping due to my 6 month old being sick with his first cold, bad cough and congestion. My immune system was just worn down. I didn't want to do antibiotics again because I'm still breastfeeding, but I had heard about Manuka honey and skin infections. I figured I'd try it for a few days and if it didn't work, I'd call in and get the antibiotics. I put it on at night, and then the next morning, the boil had shrunk. It was still red, but the "anger" had gone out of it. It wasn't large and painful and "alive" any longer. I was in shock.

The other thing that was going on was that I had caught my baby's cold. My throat was killing me and I was starting to get that cough and congestion. I decided that if it worked so well on my leg, maybe it would work well on my throat. I took a teaspoon full and within an hour my throat stopped hurting. It then turned into a chest thing where there were some resperatory stuff coming up, but not in that violent way at the beginning of an illness, more like at the end. A few hours later, I took another teaspoon full and napped with my baby for an hour and a half, and when I woke up, cough and mucus from my chest - totally gone! I can't believe it.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I've been having fun with a boil for a few weeks now, I tried Tumeric with some success, having thought I'd nobbled it, I stopped and it came back, then finding some good results on the net with "Cream of Tartar" I took a teaspoonful of tumeric, and the same with Cream of tartar, mixed with some soya milk a little at the bottom of the glass so they creamed together and then filled the glass up. Since taking it morning and evening the character of the boil has changed dramatically to a free draining no worries sort of thing.

It seems that Tartaric acid forms in wine barrels and the underside of corks in wine bottles, it's a crystal, It's used in baking to activate bicarb of soda... But in medicine as a blood cleanser. There once were tablets sold with sulphur and cream of tartar for boils. Its also another natural cleaning agent ACV.. Bicarbonate of Soda... Lemon juice.. Hydrogen peroxide... now add Cream of tartar.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Deedee (Charlotte, Nc, Usa) on 08/21/2011

This was a miracle topical cure for me. I have a mild case so I understand, but my sores still stung like crazy. I heard about MGO 550 Manuka honey and ordered it. has it the cheapest around. I went directly to the manufacturer and got the 550/250, the strongest I could find. Spread it on a sterile gauze pad and within seconds no more sting. Amazing. It's been 24 hours and when I take off the pad and wait about an hour the stinging recurs. I am on day 6 of this disease and am also pain free. My body still aches, but no pain.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Claudia (Brooklyn, Ny) on 06/01/2010

Manuka Honey helped my MRSA infection heal. It did NOT prevent an existing boil from needing to be drained in the ER.

I am pregnant, in my first trimester, and was desperate to avoid taking antibiotics. I had one MRSA boil on one butt cheek and another developing on the other. I went to an ID doctor (infectious disease) who first said to wait and see what happened. (I have had 2 other infections in the past, and an allergic reaction to Bactrim). Then, when that boil got worse, he first said, "Oh, really? Because it was just a small pimple the other day?" Then he called me back two hours later and advised me to go to the ER where they would probably have to put me on IV drugs. Next doctor! Clearly this guy didn't know what he was talking about.

I had a very smart and well-informed dr in the ER. She gave me a prescription for antibiotic (pregnancy safe) but said she would be soaking like her life depending on it and looking up natural cures.

At this point, I'd been taking turmeric for days. I was eating it first 3 tsps a day in water. Then mixed into yogurt. Then into kefir. Finally mixed in with coconut oil, which I'd mixed with freshly ground black pepper (which is supposed to activate the active compound/s). I was applying tea tree oil and soaking the boils in sometimes Epsom salt and sometimes tea tree and sometimes a mix. Nothing seemed to be happening.

The first boil, which had been drained, was healing. At this point I received my Manuka Honey ointment in the mail. I applied to the drained boil and the second, extremely tender and painful but not drained boil. I was also applying castor oil, black pepper, turmeric (and taking internally) and--finally, for the last couple days--raw garlic.

I also at some points applied Milk of Magnesia.

Many of the active oils that have been proven to kill MRSA (oregano, grapefruit seed, geranium) are not safe in pregnancy so I could not use them.

At the end, the natural remedies did not do very much for me at all. I ended up having to go to the ER to have the second boil lanced. (Why, dear God, do I need to go to the ER to have something done that a first-week med student could do with a clean knife and some clean gauze? Ridiculous.)

Then, still hoping the boils would heal on their own and I could avoid taking antibiotics, I was applying the manuka, following the directions, soaking and cleaning with Hibiclens--which I had been doing all the while, along with one-use towels, laundry separation, insanely frequent hand-washing, etc etc etc).

I developed a fever and had to take the antibiotics so that my 5-week old developing baby would not be hurt by the fever.

All in all, the honey appears to be helping the wounds heal. But I can't say I had particular success with anything else. I will continue to change my diet, take Magnesium liquid, and hit up the probiotics and start making my own kefir as soon as I'm done with the antibiotics.

Replied by Jess
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Last year I had MRSA from a spiderbite.

I found out very shortly after my diagnosis that I was allergic to antibiotics. I had a horrible reaction where ALL of my skin swelled up and peeled off. I had to find another way to treat it. I had spent more time in the hospital for drug reactions than for the MRSA wound itself.

I treated the weeping, disgusting wound with: eating 3 cloves of raw garlic a day (cut up with a glass of warm water), I made a paste of tumeric powder, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, and manuka honey and applied it to the wound very often (whenever the last application of paste dried up I'd apply a new one and cover it with a bandana that had the paste applied to the side closest to my skin as well). I washed it 3x a day with Hibicleanse as well.

2 weeks after I started this regimen, the wound began to heal up.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Honestyisreal (Durham, North Carolina, us) on 01/02/2010

Manuka Honey is an absolute quick cure for MRSA. Just put it on at the first sign of a breakout. I use turmeric as well but Manuka Honey is the only thing that cures the mrsa within a few days. It can be purchased online or at your local health food store. Please try this. A friend of mine and I both have frequent mrsa breakouts and antibiotics is only a temporary fix for us. The honey is a bit expensive but it only takes a small amount of honey. You apply it like an ointment and it lasts a very long time. The higher the UMF the better. Again, do yourself a favor if you have mrsa, and try this. I gaurantee you will notice a significant change within 12 hours!

Replied by Karen
(Willits, California)

I have to agree that manuka honey is a valuable asset in the battle.We too struggled with major antibiotics (even though 90% remedies I use are natural) only to get it again. My husband and several friends got multiple bouts of MRSA and many at a time. In the beginning it was often that several wounds would show at a time and serious deep infections occur. That is when the honey was the best at multiplying new healthy tissue. It went from 2 weeks of rebuilding tissue to about 5-6 days.

We found two other remedies that became our cure. Oil of oregano (Wild mediteranian) and Usnea tinture. At the first sign (itchy like pimple with pain) dose with 1/4 to 1/3 dropper of Usnea 3x daily. You will feel it working under the pimple. Keep this course for 2-3 days and tapper off the last 2 days at 2x then 1x. If you are not seeing results at day 3 keep up full dosage for 5 days and rest for 2. then try week 2 at tappering off by day 4 as described above. Now at the same time every day 2-3x (times) at 2-3 drops Oil of Oregano under tongue (very fiery but temporary, use hot tea or some other chaser) should be taken as a supperb immune booster. This was a way to address the wound itself before it got out of hand and boost the immune system at the same time. I have since used O of Oregano for everything. Herpes outbreaks, reg. pimples, colds, IBS, u name it. The book to read about O of Oregano was "a cure is in the cupboard"I also must add that you must NEVER SQUEEZE the spot but to stretch it gently to get puss to flow from a "ready" wound. It will otherwise implode and make many more at the site with the result of 5 times bigger lesion and more complications. Good luck, we now head them off sucessfully for 3 yrs

Manuka Honey
Posted by Timothy Tang (Singapore) on 04/14/2009

Try Manuka honey. Research has found it to be more effective in treating MRSA and Staph than clinical antibiotics.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Angie (Las Vegas, NV) on 06/22/2008

I started using Manuka Honey on my outbreaks after 10 horrible months of recurring MRSA boil outbreaks, unfriendly & unhelpful doctors, painful cutting and draining. Once I received the honey I started putting a poultice of it on the boils overnight. Not a lot of honey but enough to cover the boil completely then cover it with gauze. The boils now only last 2-3 days and do not get very large. Now I need to find a way to stop getting them! At least I haven't needed antibiotics since I started using the honey which is wonderful because I became allergic to the Bactrim after 6 months of almost constant use.

Replied by Jodie

I have been dealing with mrsa for six years hospitalized 18 times they all appear on my face, I'm allergic to sulfa and nothing else is working, I'm going to try the Manuka honey, but I've also read that the flora in your gut may not be there and your body becomes too acidic so you need tho take probiotics to help digestion and boost immune system. Please research this further and I hope info helps!

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

Use Colloidal Silver, it kills MRSA....... They use it in every hospital in the world to kill MRSA. It's the only thing that works. Apply it to the site of infection, and drink it. If you are afraid to drink it, swab the affected area, every hour.... If unable to do it that regularly. Try 4 hourly. Love Andrea c xxx

Replied by Jamie
(Georgetown, Tx)

Hello, my 2 year old daughter has reoccurring boils on her bottom for about a year now. I've just heard about Manuka honey but I'm in dire need to find out the root of this. I understand the honey helps but I need to get her body to completely heal. Your situation is familiar and if anyway you find or have found anything that helps, will you please let me know. I'm desperate. Thank you, jamie

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jamie,

I would try turmeric, internally, in addition to the honey externally. Turmeric is a blood purifier. It is a wonderful healing herb and also a common spice in some cultures. We use it in some way in our family every day.

For a two year old, I would try 1/8 teaspoon in some applesauce or yogurt, twice a day. The only caution I hear with turmeric is a risk of constipation. I have never seen this happen, but to be on the safe side, especially if your daughter deals with constipation, be sure to include a couple of ounces of water or juice with each dose.

Unless this does not seem to suit her, I would continue for quite some time after the boils heal. At least a month or two or longer, to get the blood purifying effect.

If you find it does not seem to help, you might consider increasing the dose.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jennifer Chapman

I used Molasses and it worked and IT IS 100% SAFE

Manuka Honey
Posted by Joanne (Victoria, BC Canada) on 10/21/2006

Manuka honey is being used in many places (UK, Australia, New Zealand) for treatment of MRSA. One teaspoon morning and night for prevention and up to 3 tsp. once or twice a day for an internal infection. It can also be used topically to stop skin infection, 50/50 with water in an atomizer for chest infections, along with many other uses. One potential reason for its effectiveness may be the existence of small amount of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide in the honey, although researchers put it down to "Manuka factor," an unknown active ingredient.

Manuka Honey, Alkaline Diet, Supplements

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Posted by Jill (Washington, Dc) on 02/09/2012

After reading everything on this website (and beyond) for curing staph infections - I tried it all! I did not want to go through multiple rounds of antibiotics searching for one it would not be resistant to. I tried: turmeric powder, drinking raw garlic that had been crushed and sitting for 15 mins, bathing in crushed garlic, applying crushed garlic to wound, aplying baking soda mixed with filtered water directly to the wound, applying manuka honey to boil (16 ), an alkaline diet including foods & supplements - ACV and baking soda, seaweeds, wheat grass, calcium/magnesium, and bathing in bentonite clay. I think that's it.

By far what worked best for me was:

a) applying manuka honey (go for an expensive jar - totally worth it) directly to the wound. I saw an immediate difference each time after applying for hours

b) alkaline diet and supplements. As soon as I approached the healing range my infection cleared up so fast!

The garlic applied directly stung, but didn't seem to do much. Garlic bathing helped a bit, but not as much as simply applying the honey. Baking soda applied directly dried out the wound but didn't help it heal.

Thank you everyone for all your helpful ideas!!

Manuka Honey, Turmeric

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Posted by Chris (Ksa) on 03/24/2016

For MRSA - Tried antibiotics, turmeric, ..but keeps coming back until we discovered manuka honey. Mix Manuka honey with turmeric powder. Most effective treatment... my son is mrsa free for more than a year now.

Master Cleanse

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Posted by Belinda (Brooklyn, Ny) on 09/24/2010

I suffered from rigorous staph infection/MRSA for about a year. I thought I was dying. The antibiotics would only work for a few weeks and it would just come back harder. I had the boils on my legs and buttocks. The pain was unbearable and caused me not to work or go to school. I couldn't take the pain any longer and thought I was dying when I decided to try the master cleanse diet by stanley borroughs. Not only did it rid my body of the boils, but I never had one since. Its been 3yrs and no boils whatsoever. I was prone to boils before MRSA, I'd get them under my arms occassionally and a couple times near my pubic area. Not anymore though.

I hope this helps you the way it has helped me. I wish someone wouldve told me the miracles of the master cleanse. People are paying hundreds of dollars for antibiotics and serums that don't work when in some cases just cleansing your body can cure you. Good luck.

Replied by Sara
(Miami, Florida)

how long did you cleanse for?

Replied by Sara
(Miami, Florida)

How long did you cleanse for?

Medieval Remedy

Posted by Myway (Delaware, Usa) on 04/06/2015

For those of you who consume garlic and onions as a natural antiobiotic, there is a 1000 year old text which describes the remedy which is known to be far more effective then conventional antibiotics when it was tested.

For those of you who are interested, here is the link.

I will be honest, when I come upon information such as this, I feel stronger in my convictions to solve health problems naturally.

MyWay, :D

EC: Very interesting!  Thank you for sending it.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Myway,

Fascinating article! It is humorous that modern scientists are so shocked at the effectiveness of a medieval remedy. We have found garlic to work very well for infection. Not sure if I am gutsy enough to add the ox bile though! (And wherever would you get that?)

Thanks for sharing that!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mary

Mama to Many, you can buy Ox Bile from iherb. I use it to increase bile flow so I can digest food and fats better.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Mary,

Wow! I should not have doubted there would be a source for this! Thanks for passing it along and letting me know how it helps you - fascinating! You learn something new every day! :)

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Myway
(Delaware, Usa)

Mary, Ox We do learn something every day! Thanks for sharing. MyWay, :D

Replied by Grace

We are vegetarian but the doctor talked my husband who never gets sick, to take ox bile and he was throwing up for hours. Everyone is different I steer clear because if Lyme can infect deer meat, than why not all meat. I'm a vegetarian

Milk of Magnesia

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Posted by Wanda (Rincon, Ga) on 09/12/2014

What would help with MRSA of the trachea and lungs? Also, what about the side effects of the aluminum in the milk of magnesia? Can one use another type such as magnesium? Got MRSA after a lanced boil.

Thanks, wanda

Replied by Joann
(Cranston R.I.)

wanda, try taking oregano oil capsules for mersa.

Replied by Wanda
(Rincon Ga)

I got the MRSA due to colonization as I am allergic to all antibiotics for MRSA. I am also colonized with Pseudomonas and two others. I have never had it on my skin. I do not know how that got added to my post. Sorry about that.

I have several other serious medical issues and often come to this website which is, in my opinion, one of the very best! The people here give some of the best info one can get anywhere and I and many others appreciate you for this. I am in my 70's and have had these infections for 30 years now.

Pulmonary Fibrosis along with asthma, copd, and heart problems inc. open heart surgery, colon cancer surgery with 1/2 removed, and many other surgeries including a hysterectomy with removal of an 8 pound fibroid tumor and other surgeries over the years.

I do use tea tree oil in Shampoo which I use in my nose around 3 times a week or more. Can not use much as it will burn the skin. That is how they can tell if you are colonized is testing the nose.

I got this while a patient in the hospital. I was in ICU and was intubated and left on respirator/ventilator for 21 days with drs refusing to protect my airway by traching me as they insisted I could not possible live.

However, I lived. My trachea grew totally together with scar tissue.

I do take the Oil of Oregano Super Strength 4 drops a day in Orange Juice as the MRSA makes me sick quite often.

Thanks to all who offer info about their experiences for it is wonderful to find these things that help those who search for cures to help themselves or family members and friends. wanda

Replied by Rsw

Hi Wanda,

I read your post about the MRSA and was wondering if the info posted by P. Raghaven concerning how the probiotics in milk kefir can kill MRSA would be of help? Here is the Pub Med study on this:

P. Raghaven told how the milk kefir could eradicate MRSA and could stop Type II diabetes in people here on EC.

Here are the posts from P. Raghavan on Earth Clinic on how the probiotics in milk kefir kill the MRSA bacteria.

You can easily make your own from milk kefir grains and see if the MRSA is killed. Best wishes for improved health.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Jabberjawclaws20 (Shock, West Virginia, United States) on 07/16/2010

Hello my name is Bucky and I have just been told I had MRSA. In the last few months they gave me bactrim which I am allergic to and then they gave me other antibiotics and it went away but now it is back and it is just on my legs, but it is all over my legs from my ankles to my thighs. I really hate having it and don't want to have to keep dealing with it every two months. I found this site which I think is great and have been reading on it and from what I'm learning I bought some peroxide and milk of magnesia, but exactly how am I suppose to apply this and in what combination and how often and can it be applied to an open MRSA boil?

Replied by Fye
(Quezon City, Philippines)

@YEA hI! , where did you buy MOM here in the Philipines? I'm from Quezon City. Thanks. Hope for your response