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Posted by Lene (Silver City New Mexico ) on 03/12/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I learned of this mrsa fighting herbal combo on a fb mrsa support group and it has helped me very much with joint pain fatigue and lesson breakouts substantially. I've been taking for three weeks now I noticed improving condition at the end of first week..

The combo is e tea capsules or essiac tea, natural fiber pill, red clover pill, colostrum pill..taken three times a day..I take the fiber in pill form but the e tea, red clover, colostrum I make a tea out of I add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, a drop of thieves oil, a drop of oregano oil, as much honey, black strap molasses as I want, a dash of black pepper, coconut oil a little blop, and almond or cashews milk..and drink it day and night..

I weakened mrsa mixing many natural cures and rotating them like raw living garlic eating and adding to bath, urine therapy, essential oils geranium, oregano, tea tree, thieves, lavrndar, colidiol silver taken inside n out, a nettie pot I use daily with natural remedy inside like distilled water colidiol silver or essential oil and urine or garlic water ect... inside, 75% raw vegan diet, drinking distilled water a gallon a day, vitamin c, e, b complex the kind you drop under the toung, biotin, trace mineral, kelp, spirilina, magnesium, e, d3, probiotic, giving up soap..I avoid soap on my skin I use a little Dr Brunner pepper ment or black seed soap on my smelly parts n hair..the rest of my body I rub with urine and rinse with plain'm so much better the doctors were useless n rude and even the nice ones could not help me ..I was being eaten alive inside n out I felt like I was dying..

I'm much better now..I feel better than I've felt in years..the mrsa grows weaker as I grow stronger..I cannot possibly do all of the above every day but I do some of all of the above every day and I rotate treatment. I'm not cured yet but I'm much much better ..also cleaning with borox and distilled viniger dishes laundry everything. I got worse before I got better but when I got better I got much better..also get a spray bottle n spray whole body with natural potions daily..mine has distilled water essential oils, colidiol silver and some times urine.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mary (Naples, Florida) on 08/13/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with MSSA (methicillin susceptible strains). I'm told it is slightly less serious than MRSA. Doctors freaked me out a little by saying I must go on antibiotics and use antibiotic cream topically. I said NO and proceeded to do a ton of research. This site was very helpful. My "rash" was severe, legs, arms and back. Itching was almost too much. I tried many protocols but finally found what is working for the extend of this rash.

After four weeks of experimenting this is what I found. Everything I wear, sleep on and all towels get washed and bleached ( if possible) every day. Hot dryer afterward.

After awakening, I smash about 8-9 cloves garlic and let them sit for an hour. I take supplements, tumeric, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed capsules, Himalayan sea salt capsules. Then into a tepid bath with garlic and 8 oz of hydrogen peroxide (35% food grade). I stay in for at least one hour and if possible another half hour. Pat myself dry and smear on manuka honest. This I leave on for one hour. Then wash off and put on coconut oil. More supplements at noonish and evening after which I do the garlic, peroxide bath again, honey and coconut oil.

I was doing the bath only once a day and was not getting good results but twice a day has reall shown progress. I think if I could add more peroxide, I would have even better results but for me it was a comfort level. The honey helps with toning down the itching. I have been sleeping all night most nights and I'm thankful for that. Seeing progress now.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Meg (Naples, Florida) on 07/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've been dealing with MRSA for almost two years but didn't know it. After going to a dermatologist with a small crusty itchy spot on my ankle, I was diagnosed with squamous and had MOHs surgery to remove. Shortly after, I had more sores pop up on both legs. I decided to try black salve and this seemed to work for a short while but is a difficult treatment and really didn't stop the spread. Then went to a new doctor and she thought the sores had a lymphodemic look. I was now scared I had lymphatic cancer.

I totally changed my diet. No gluten, organic raw diet and worked with herbal supplements both the ground herbs in capsules and tinctures. Lost all bloating and some weight but the sores kept multiplting. My doctor wanted a diagnosis so I went to a dermatologist who told me I had dermatitis!!! Wanted me to take prednisone. I refused and went to another dermatologist who told me I had Prurigo Nodularis. Wanted me to do a course of antibiotics. I refused but asked him to swab the sores and get a real determination. Several days later I received a call that I had MRSA. He insisted I take antibiotics. I refused. By this time I had a severe form of MRSA which is on both legs, upper and lower and both arms, back and chest.

I immediately began to research and am now finding relief from.

1) installed an alkaline water filter and began drinking lots of water.

2) I'm taking H2O2 35% a half cup in bath at night and after applying Manuka honey to all affected areas.

3) also Oregano oil rubbed in in the morning And 5 drops in water ingested.

4) ingesting optimized Curcumin capsules.

5) taking a probiotic

6) also ingesting a liquid liposomal Glutathione. I also use an EV coconut oil on my skin and in my food.

After four days, the itching is much improved and the sores are half and don't appear as deep. I'm sleeping through the night which is huge. I will add turmeric and hope it all works.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 11/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My four year old son had a staph infection on his ear and we were able to heal it naturally. At first, it looked like he had a tick bite on his ear lobe, and perhaps it was. After a few days it was oozy and inflamed.

I treated with tea tree and frankincense essential oil, diluted 1:1 with olive oil. I used charcoal poultices on it at night. (I mixed charcoal and ground flax seed with water to make a paste, put it on a paper towel and covered the spot on his ear with the poultice. I covered that with cling wrap and wrapped it to his head with a bandana. Charcoal must be wet to be activated, thus the cling wrap. ) After a week or two of this it was nearly better. Then he woke up one day and it was much, much worse. Now it was red and looked like the scalded skin staph rash (that another child of mine had had 14 years ago and I treated conventionally, knowing of no other options. ) The earlobe was swollen. I got very aggressive. I mixed honey and turmeric together (probably 1 part turmeric to 4 parts honey) and gave him - 1 teaspoon of this 3-4 times a day, with a spoonful of extra virgin coconut oil. (He can't swallow pills, which would have been better. ) I just knew he needed the turmeric. For a four year old, 1/4 t. Turmeric several times a day seemed to be the right amount however you can get it into them. ) I also gave him one minced clove of garlic mixed with honey on a spoon or on toast with honey 3-4 times a day. I continued to use the tea tree/frankincense, olive oil mixture several times a day. I also put tincture of iodine on his earlobe at least once a day. It was obvious that it was clearing up.

After a couple of days I stopped the garlic but continued the rest for 10 days or so until it was totally healed, and even then continued with the turmeric and oil mixture for a few more days. None of the amounts I used were set in stone. I share this because it can be hard to know how to dose a small child. I was just guessing based on past experience with my children. Too much turmeric could be constipating, so watch that and push fluids. I am sure staying off sugar would be ideal for healing, but we didn't do that totally. He did get carrot juice several days. We also washed hands and pillowcases a lot. Hope this will help someone. If you don't have the frankincense (it is expensive) you could try to substitute lavender. Some study showed that a mixture of patchouli, geranium, tea tree and lavender would kill MRSA. I have not had the need to try myself and most people don't have these on hand, but it is a good thing to know about and try if needed.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael_2012 (Orlando, Fl, U.s.) on 06/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have so much to say, that I am finding it difficult where to begin. What I write now is only a brief summary of a portion of a lengthy battle with MRSA. My struggle with MRSA began about six years ago, when I awoke one morning with a painful blister on the front of my neck. I sought professional medical help, but unfortunately my illness was misdiagnosed as a simple ingrown hair infection. For this was a time of what appeared to be uncertainty across this country for what was to be a most disturbing and an extremely misunderstood bacterial infection. After receiving unsuccessful care for more than six months through my primary doctor, I was later directed to an infectious disease specialist. Round after round of antibiotics produced minimal and sometimes adverse affects. I began to have break outs, and puss filled sores through out my body. There were times when I had given up all hope, and I begin to have thoughts that my life was over and that this infection would ultimately take my life. I would eventually lose my job, as my place of business discovered my illness. My supervisor told me not to come back without a statement from my doctor which demonstrated I was cleared from the infection.

On a personal level I find it simply outrageous that 21st century medical professionals are unable to have a morsel of an impact on a bacterial infection. Through this experience I have lost respect for western medicine, and have found myself looking through eyes of suspicion at the cause and nature of the birth of MRSA. All of us can see how disheartening it is to hear the afflictions experienced from MRSA victims and some will eventually lose their life because they are being led down an erroneous direction by trusted medical professionals. Yet, there are answers right here, right now, which can make a difference and help save lives.

So, I had given up on doctors, all I had left to guide me through this challenge was my experience. And it was my experience that would ultimately lead me to the help that would make all the difference in the world. Some of the information that I am sharing now will help to choke the fuel which feeds MRSA, but don't just take my word for it. The information that I am sharing can be backed by science, and through Shannon Brown and his team in California this is exactly what they are doing. If you or a loved one has MRSA please take the time to do an internet search for Shannon Brown. Even if you decide not to use his product, you will be inundated with information that may save your life. It was through Shannon that I truly got an education on how MRSA works, and what I could do to stop it in it tracks for good.

This is what I've learned from my personal experience,

*Sugar - MRSA lives and feeds on sugar. Your diet will play a huge role in eliminating MRSA. After eating a glazed doughnut one morning, I found that an infected boil increased in size and pain in a matter of hours. I later discovered that this information pertaining to sugar was being shared by Shannon Brown.

*Razors - Only use electric razors. If you are living with MRSA Non electric razors will leave openings in your skin that are perfect infection sites for MRSA to invade.

*Tumeric - By taking 1 500 mg tablet 2x a day, I have noticed a decrease in outbreaks on the skin. The only concern I have about turmeric is, although one may be controlling the outbreaks, one is still living with MRSA. Therefore a person may be unknowingly spreading MRSA through touch and human contact. I feel this is something that must be addressed as the goal should be eradication, not simply controlling the outbreaks. This may actually be doing harm in addition to good.

* Shannon Browns' product. - Shannon's product is superior in the fight against MRSA and is currently what has saved my life. There are thousands of other recipients that have also had remarkable results, and are living examples of the fact that you can beat MRSA for good.

I know that what I am attempting to share will benefit many MRSA victims. However, I do not write this for victims alone. I write this now for those who find it in themselves to go beyond the borders of conventional medicine, and seek to heal themselves their loved ones, and most importantly to eradicate MRSA from their lives. I share this for those who are fighters. For I am one with you!

I wish everyone success in their struggle with this affliction! May you find wholeness and complete health this very year!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Collcarm (Mentor, Ohio ) on 07/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

@ busycagal, , , yes boils are mrsa.. There is only one antibiotic that can take care of it and that is Bactrim.. I believe that is the generic version.. Mrsa lives on us and in our noses etc but can become infectious and even deadly.. The infection is often found in the ear.. The boils are on the inside.. Some women even contract them vaginally and are misdiagnosed there as well and treated with the wrong antibiotics... I would suggest that every time you see a doctor for your daughter that you demand a culture everytime.. When they confirm mrsa get the whole family treated and sterilize the house.. No drinking after each other or other people... Get your daughters partners treated if she is old enough to have one... You may also need to know that your doctor will try to convince you that you are over reacting , , but still insist and suggest that they contact the center for disease control to educate themselves fully on this subject..

I myself had this issue for some time.. My doctor refused to do cultures and pretty much belittled me as though I was over reacting.. I was very sick and finnally after months and demanding he prescribe the correct medicine.. > He wouldn"t even do the cultures... Finally I scheduled with another doctor in his office and he did the culture right away... I went back to my doctor to show him and he finally called the center for disease control and found out that he was wrong... He called me immediately to apologize and called in a new prescription.. He said that he and most doctors dont take it so seriously and didnt realize how serious an infection it really is.. He was dumfounded that people are really dying from this infection.. He really is a great doctor and I am comfortable with him.. He just believed what he believed.. He even had my and my boyfriend be treated at the same time for 30 days to make sure it was gone.. My stomach flattened and my sinus problems disappeared.. not really allergies like we all thought after all..

I have cousins that pass it around the family, drink and eat after each other.. One gets it and a month or so later another gets it.. They think nothing of it.. Oh its only mrsa.. my doctor said not to worry about it...

so sad.. Even the babies.. When I had it for that period of time, ovvr and over for about a year, it caused clouded thinking and forgetfulness.. Fatigue, .. your daughter may seem lazy when in reality she has an infection causing her to have difficulty in her concentration...

My auto loan lenders father died from a mrsa infection that same year.. that is what started my researching it so deeply or I too would have probably believed my doctor and still been sick or worse..

I would suggest the prescription for 30 days and then a healthy body cleansing regime after to repair her body after the bout of antibiotics..

good luck to you and I hope this helps..

Wishing you a wonderful day! :)

Replied by Isla

What does the poster mean when he wrote "When they confirm mrsa get the whole family treated and sterilize the house.. No drinking after each other or other people."?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lostsoul In Ia (Des Moines, Iowa) on 01/10/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I'm sorry to sound so negative, but I've had MRSA now for 1year 8days and found NOTHING that has helped me at all!! Tumeric, not only the grossest thing I've ever consumed; but after a solid month of drinking it 3x a day it did nothing. Coloidial Silver, expensive and again did nothing internally or externally. Manuka Honey, REALLY expensive to get and did nothing other than stain anything it touched! PH Water, that was a complete joke and waste of money.

Gone to the doctor to have these things lanced so many times, I have so many scars from this procedure. I ended up in the hospital over Christmas, I had 8 boils that all showed up over a period of 4 days. The pain is incredible and more than my phyiscal health is suffering. I'm very depressed and in pain, I'm so sick of all these "cures" and nothing helps. My docotr has no clue what to do, except put me on more sulfa drugs. They make me so sick, the infectious dises specialist tells me to go home and just make sure my affairs are in order... Can you believe that! ?!

I have no idea what to do or where to go, I don't have the money to go out and blow on all this home remedy stuff. I hardly have the money to go to the doctor every month for more medicine that just makes me so sick.

Is there really anything out there that will keep this monster from coming back?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Lostsoul,

So sorry to hear of your pain and suffering from MRSA. I'm sure it must be incredibly frustrating. You have tried four remedies so far. Have you tried the paste that Ted recommends?

Also, you don't say anything about your diet. I am a firm believer that many problems in our bodies are due to diet whether it's a poor diet or we're ingesting food that we're actually allergic to and don't realize it. So many issues can be cleared up by just cleaning up our diet. Actually, I have heard miraculous testimonies of people w/ debilitating illnesses completely rid themselves of them through this process. I myself rid excruciating throbbing pain that coursed through my body for 4 years by doing this. I won't go into it because many have heard my story on this forum who have been coming here for awhile. It does take work- I won't lie but it is worth it to restore one's health! I know Bill of Luzon, Philippines would agree w/ what I'm saying here. In an earlier post he even gives the anti- candida diet under the title of "Question Regarding Protocol for Fibromyalgia" that would be appropriate. My only change in it would be in #12 where he says "Try" and eliminate all chemically processed foods. I would have to be more adamant and say "Must"!

I do hope that if you have not done this lifestyle change then it would be the next course of action. I wish you the very best, Lisa


I had many issues and used Micro Plant Powder from - -

It worked better than anything I tried in the past. They do not advertise and I believe they are the best kept secret for detoxing, getting healthy and wanting to live again.

Replied by Victor
(San Diego, Ca)

Dear Lostsoul, I can imagine your frustration with all these unsuccesful treatments. Have you considered mega doses of vitamin C, orally or in shots? I am suggesting this because I have had some improvements in my health since I started taking it, and my understanding is that vitamin C helps body get rid of viruses and bacteria. Maybe it would be helpful with your condition as well? Hope you get better... Vic

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

Have your Dr's tested and you know for sure that it is a Staph?
It also sounds to me like you are overly toxic and that the poisons that should be eliminated through the proper channel are not coming out as planned! (no joke intended! ) It could be from a thinning of your intestinal walls, which cause the poisons to leak out into your system and then they are "lost", they don't know where to go, so they form boils all over the body to try and escape. I would try this -
Cream of Tartar -4 teaspoonfuls, Sulfur - 4 teaspoonfuls, Epsom Salts - 4 teaspoonfuls
Mix these THOROUGHLY together. The dose would be a level teaspoonful of the mixture each day, stirred in a glass of water - preferably HOT water for 3 to 4 days.

While doing this, your diet should consist of things that have a laxative effect. If you are not a diabetic, then add a lot more figs and dates. Add lots of jucing's - of citrus, raw vegetables, etc.. And cream of wheat, things like that while you are on the above laxatives. After that is done for 4 days then add Fletchers castoria - you can find the cheapest place on the internet - or maybe your health food store would have it. It is a small bottle and I do not remember the price I paid because I buy lots of bottles at one time to keep the price down, but search and you can probably find it.

Also - how is your coffee habit? If you take it black - or better yet decaffeinated black then great - if you are adding milk or cream then I would stop that immediately. It puts a strain on your whole digestive system and forms a plastic like substance in your bowels that do not allow vitamins and minerals to pass into your system.; be it from pills or the foods you have been eating.

Do you have a small vibrator at home? If so then use it on your abdomen; if you are looking at yourself from yourself then use it in a counter-clockwise circle. What you are trying to do it to get the poisons and the bowels moving better - do that for 5 -10 minutes and not only in the circular motion but across your whole abdomen. Also I would add to the nightly routine Castor oil packs over the abdomen, 4 days on and 3 days off. I hope this helps you. I know being on a fixed income can be a problem, but most of these things you probably already have in your home. Sulfur is probably not - but it is easy to find, I got mine from a kids chemistry set!! Good luck and I hope that you get over this!!

Replied by Brenda
(St Saviour, Jersey)

Hi sorry to hear you are so ill and unhappy, have just been reading about oil pulling on this website and pages of testimonials from people. Also read lots on the oil pulling website which has posts going years back so this has been around for a long time. It sounds amazing and is easy to do so why don't you have a read and see what you think. Hope this helps.

Replied by Paramiti
(Nashville, TN)

Lostsoul since you have tried everything.. My suggestion is to contact the Phage Therapy Center in the Republic of Georgia.. they will save your life.

Replied by Ron
(Idaho, US)

I just finished getting rid of a mrsa infection on my finger and it had eaten the top layer of skin off of my infected finger and what I used is rosemary essential oil and the first application resulted in change and feeling within hours and I am now healing up fine. I can only tell you my experience with mrsa and contrary to what they want us to believe one size does not fit all, I hope this may be of value to you good luck

Replied by Brian

I have been battling staph infections on my life, currently battling it on my face... it's not mrsa... taking Garlic supplements has been helping me.. drink water.... take colostrum.. high medical grade of olive leaf extract.. hope this helps some

Replied by Amy
(Desmoines, iowa)

I slept with someone who had mrsa at the beginning of Covid and I already take meds for schizophrenia. Ever since then the meds do something to my gut that exacerbates the mrsa causing boils on my previous places I had a sore.

I have benefited from mint tea, anything that helps BM. Yerba 🧉 mate tea or coffee and almond milk I've never tried the wash only clindamycin and metronidazole the nasal ointment I feel an increase in energy on clindamycin but can't stay on the antibiotic forever I've tried turmeric before but I can always try again…..activated charcoal I've had before just happen to be out …I avoid dairy and gluten asap and am considering the arbonne products. Other foods the guy who gave me mrsa sticks to are kombucha weed/cbd/mct oil kimchee and cashews and raw foods diet. I wish you all the best. thanks everyone for the reminders about garlic stomach acid poultices skin absorption and the nuances …..

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shelby (Newburgh, Indiana) on 06/20/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have had a staph infection next to my eye for the past 7 months. I am not sure what it is exactly, as no doctor has ever taken a culture of it, however I have managed to get it under control initially with turmeric, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract, a high alkaline/lysine diet and allimeds. Initially all of these remedies alter and help kill the staph infection and it has gone from covering half of my face to tiny pinpoints of redness to barely shadows on my skin. At one point I was at a standstill with the allimeds, nothing seemed to be working to cure the increasing pain and burning near my eye. And so I turned to green clay (calcium bentonite) and it has been incredibly successful at bringing the infections to the surface. It is rather abrasive on the skin (especially near the eye) so it is good to give your skin a break between applications, apply vitamin E as well to keep it moist and scar-free. I am finding great improvements in the past 2 weeks I have been using the clay, it actually pulls the toxins out and you can feel it doing so. I have also ordered French green clay, which has a different mineral composition - we'll see how that goes.

I know you may be as frustrated as myself with this situation - please hang in there...I've had some pretty low days myself, but persistence is going to be the only thing that kills this mean little bugger. Good luck!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shelby (Newburgh, In) on 01/14/2010
4 out of 5 stars

After trying a variety of remedies, there is still a very stubborn staph infection near my right eye. I have whittled it down to two small bumps the size of bug bites with garlic, turmeric and medicated creme from the doctor's office. However, these last two marks are deep under the skin. I was reading about helping to heal my stomach cramps (from all of the medicines over the past few months) and I read licorice tea was highly beneficial for my blood type (B) and so I went searching for licorice tea and found it to be extremely good. Up at school I needed to reapply the turmeric to my eye because it was beginning to itch and burn, but I didn't have any water, only the licorice tea. Not caring at this point, I slathered it on the staph infection and instantly it was cooled and began to ease. Ever since I have been cleaning the staph with the tea instead of water and the marks have scabbed over and are clearly healing. This tea is not pure licorice, so it may not be the licorice that is helping it. In the tea there is licorice root, cinnamon bark, orange peel, ginger root, cardamom seed, black pepper and clove bud. I don't know which one of these is helping, but I am very thankful it is! I found the tea in an organic herbal shop since the general grocery store didn't carry any licorice at all.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mom In Calif (Santa Barbara, Ca) on 12/27/2009
4 out of 5 stars

A combination of remedies has really helped our whole family, both supplements and topical treatments. Many of these are already listed at this website. The supplements we have been taking include daily doses of turmeric, garlic, and extra vitamin C. Our topical treatments have been colloidal silver, silver hydrosol gel, silver gel in a petroleum base and oil of oregano.

These remedies did not make the outbreaks less frequent, but as our immune systems recovered from antibiotic therapy the outbreaks themselves became smaller and smaller, more like ordinary pimples than big boils. For about two months, we have been taking supplements and treating all MRSA skin outbreaks in the family with topical treatments only.

Then one day almost by accident we discovered that homeopathic ointment for hives and insect bites helped reduce the discomfort of a developing outbreak and also seemed to make our other topical treatments work much faster. In some cases, the antihistamine treatment actually stopped the development of an outbreak. (Probably commercial products such as Benadryl or Calamine lotion will work, too). It seems as though reducing the inflammation aspect of a MRSA outbreak allows the immune system to work better.

Our final breakthrough has been the addition of really high quality probiotics to our supplements. The immune system relies on good bacteria for optimal functioning, and although our regimen above was working, it felt as though we needed one last boost to our health.

There are hundreds of brands of probiotics to choose from, so do your research as thoroughly as you can. We checked product reviews, and also forums for other ailments such as Crohn's disease or IBD. If you read carefully, you will find that there are a small number of brands that seem to get consistently great reviews by people across the spectrum. We chose one that specifically mentioned MRSA in its literature, as well as getting many positive reviews.

It seems to have been the last puzzle piece for our recovery. Each family member has seen a small potential outbreak begin and fade away all in the same day. That is real progress, the sign that our immune systems are doing what they are supposed to. We are still very diligent in our cleaning and prevention routines, but it is nice to feel more confident in our bodies' ability to recover.

We hope this is helpful to other MRSA victims.

Replied by Kimberly
(Nebraska, US)

After suffering from MRSA for 1.5 years, and having to go through multiple antibiotics ( which I turned out to be allergic to, including penacillin, Bactrim, and clindamycin, and minocycline which made 1/3 of my hair fall out), I have found multiple remedies to cure this horrible infection which covered my face, stomach, neck, chest, back and arms. Taking 1 tsp of turmeric 3 times a day with black pepper and olive oil in a glass of V8 juice, drinking 3 cups of green tea a day, Mega dosing with vitamin C, and taking one aspirin a day and applying a product called Acnevir, which contains sulfur and salicylic acid( derivative of aspirin). It helps to get rid of the redness, inflammation and starts to heal the infection within 24 hours. Aspirin has shown to be deleterious to MRSA. All of this COMBINED has healed my skin and body. I will leave the reference websites for those of you who want to look at the research behind this madness of a combination remedy.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gerryl (Philadelphia, Pa) on 08/27/2009
4 out of 5 stars

One thing I found is the occurrence of mrsa boils decreased quickly after I started sanitizing laundry - mainly undergarments, towels, and wash clothes. Use 1/2 cup of borax per load. I also spray toilet seats and chairs with disinfectant as have noticed boil out-breaks where my bare skin touches the edge of seats (buttocks and back of legs). Also wash cloth belts and sanitize pocket wallets. I swear this bug is able to survive in material for a few days! Daily sups of tumeric and silver has almost stopped the outbreaks completely. When I do find a sore bump I hit it head on with deluted hibicleanse (50% water in a seperate bottle). Im now down to 1 small boil every couple of months!

Replied by Scottie
(Hagerstown, Maryland)

It doesnt just stay around for days, it stays around your bed, furniture, car for months after intial infection. This is why all of you keep getting these reinfections after a cure has worked for you. I am using a UV-C wand now to see how it works on my bed and furniture. If this doesnt work I just going to have to get all new Things! Will keep posted but the stuff can live for months!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Judith (Lansing, Iowa, USA) on 02/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

a few new suggestions for MRSA:

I just got over a bad case of MRSA - started with boils in my nostrils then spread to the corners of my mouth. I thought it was cold sores for a long time, until I started getting a bad rash and pimples all down my cheeks from the corners of my mouth down to my chin. Then it started at the outside edges of my eyes. It burned so bad it felt like acid was on my face. I got a lot of help from the remedies here, particularly the tumeric. I swabbed the inside of my nose with a mixture of glycerine, tee tree oil, Grapefruit seed extract and Thieves from Youngs Living essential oils, and added some calendula oil. I also sprayed my face with hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver. My eyes were a particularly tricky area and what I found to be extremely effective was dunking my face in a bowl of cold ozonated water. I used an inexpensive water ozonator and ozanted cold water for about 15 minutes, then dunked my entire face, holding my breath for as long as possible. I repeated this for about 10 minutes - about as long as the ozone lasts before is becomes oxygen. It was very soothing for my skin and immediately relieved the burning. The rash around my eyes cleared up after the first try.

The other thing I found very helpful, which I have not seen listed here, is zinc oxide ointment - particularly the diaper ointment by Burts Bees - it has zinc oxide, Vits E & A as well as a number of herbs. I put this on my face at night and it really soothed the burning so I could sleep. But the best thing was it dried out the oozing and really sped up the healing process.

Thanks so much for this site - I hope my experiences and suggestions can help someone as much as others have helped me.

Replied by Shari
(Richmond, Va, Usa)
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I was diagnosed with MRSA a few months back, and, since then, have been plagued with the most painful boils under both of my armpits. The initial treatment was to have the ER doctor lance and pack the boil (which was NOT very pleasant, and more painful than I ever planned on experiencing again), and administer antibiotics (which did not make any sense to me, given the fact that MRSA is caused by antibiotic resistence). Since the doctor offered no hope, no cure, and no alternative treatment, I have taken to treating my own boils (successfully, I might add). When I get a new boil, I use (1) Silver Sol (which is an extremely effective, nontoxic silver solution that is available in a couple of brands that I know of) topically, as well as internally; (2) a tumeric paste - made with tumeric (yes, the grocery store spice), honey, and extra virgin olive oil, or (3) a combination of the two. The applications have helped to immediately alleviate the pain, as well as allowed a quick healing time from the boils. The one drawback is that, since my boils are sometimes extremely large, they rarely ever burst and drain, and when they do, it's only been a small amount. This last time around, I set out to find a method of bursting them, so that they could drain, and (perhaps! ) not return. Since I can take the Silver Sol internally to kill bacteria, I have it in my mind that, if I can get this darn puss out of my body, I can perhaps kill these germs once and for all (I'll let you know how that goes! ). My friend told me about an old-wives'-tale method of using the membrane from the inside of an egg. She had used the method on her daughter's boil just the previous week, and it had worked well. Well, being the adventerous soul that I am, I immediately went downstairs, and began cracking eggs. As I was instructed, I cracked the egg, pulled the membrane out of the shells, applied the membrane to my armpits, and covered the areas with a well-sealed bandage. I went to bed that night, and I didn't feel much happening, except a little twinge here and there during the night. The next day I got up, and promptly removed the bandages - and nothing. So I called my friend, and I complained that it had not worked. She laughed at me and said, "You have to leave it on longer than just one night, DoDo! " Ok; so back to the drawing board. That night, I reapplied the concoction to my armpits, and resolved myself to smelling like a rotten, dried-up egg for the rest of the week. My friend said that it had taken about 5 days for it to work on her daughter, and, it being 108 degrees here WITHOUT the heat index, I pretty much expected to have to stay by myself during the work week. So I allowed this thing to stay for an entire week, Saturday to Saturday, without changing the bandages, and without taking a shower (I wasn't exactly sure what the proper protocol was, and I just wanted this thing to work! ). At the end of the week, I took the thing off, and. . . Nothing. Ok, so I, by nature, am a pretty tenacious person. I decided that, if this thing could work for my friend's daughter, then there was just NO way it was NOT going to work for me! It's not really ENTIRELY true the NOTHING happened; the only thing I noticed was that my boils had gotten larger (maybe this was because the puss was being drawn up towards the egg???). So this time, I waited a week (so that I wouldn't be banned from work for smelling like I had rolled around in some rotting food products) and I went back to showering every day (I'm sure my co-workers appreciated me for this). The following weekend, I went back to applying the egg membrane to my underarms. As luck would have it, the weather turned a bit milder this week. It had rained a couple of times, and the temperature during the times when I was outside (very early in the morning, while heading to work; and in the evenings, after work) was only in the lower hundreds (YOU might not appreciate the difference there, but I have learned to adapt). This time, I was able to keep the thing on for the majority of the week without a huge amount of odor (though I must admit that there was a couple of times when I felt the need to apply my natural deordorant to the areas around the bandage! ). I think somewhere around Monday-Tuesday, I began to realize that something had happened at some point, but I didn't really have the time to investigate. Wednesday, I got to the point where I would at least look at the bandage, and I noticed that the bandage had some dried blood (or something) on it that I could see from the outside. On Thursday (last night), things had calmed down a little in my household, and I was actually able to attend to my wounds. What I discovered was that the large boil under my right arm HAD actually popped, and there was a large hole in its place. My friend had told me to expect this, so I didn't feel the need to freak out. I was actually pretty pleased to see the large gaping hole in my skin, which is a testament to Darwin's theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. The area was flat, and there was no pain. The smaller boil under my left arm had also, apparently, popped, but I had difficulty identifying the hole there. No matter; I was still pleased. So, that night, of course, I walked around my house telling everyone that I came in contact with that my boil had popped, and waiting for them to cheer enthusiastically for me over my victory (only my 13-yr-old son managed to pull that one off, but I have no illusions over the placation there). Today (literally) I am boil-free, and there were no scalpels involed! Take THAT, modern medicine!


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Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 11/23/2018
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Natto powder is made by fermenting boiled soybeans with Bacillus subtilis. It's proven to kill MRSA. the antibiotic bacitracin is synthesized from the chemical it produces. It's working great for me. I'm taking a half teaspoon per dose. Look it up. They've used it on mice.

Replied by Seth
(Morton, Wa)

I'm not using the nattokinase capsule supplements. I'm using the starter powder that's used to make natto.


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Posted by Phoenix (Gulfport, Mississippi) on 03/20/2007
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I have already sent my story dealing with MRSA but I have to take issue with your cures for MRSA. There is no cure for MRSA only management. MRSA like normal staph live on the body and in moist areas such as the nose and sinus cavities. Turmeric like antibiotics works on the blood and in the body to remove the infection. There are some very powerful antibiotics and I have been on a few that do kill these infections within the body along with the good bacteria as well. I do not know if turmeric kills these good bacteria. The best way that I have found for managing my MRSA outbreaks is antibiotic ointment over the counter is perfectly fine. Put some of this on a qtip and rub in your nostrils once or twice a day. I stayed boil free for 18 months doing this and stopped for a couple of months due to surgery and in that time I had another outbreak. I have since started this again and remain boil free.


Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/04/2012

For once, here is some really good news from medical research, which might be of some interest or help to some people. They have found that vitamin B3, in the form of niacinamide, when supplemented in megadosage, considerably helps to get rid of MRSA. The reason for this is that B3 greatly increases the neutrophils count in the immune system. The researchers discovered that taking larger dose B3 effectively increases the strength of the immune system over 1000 times!! Here is the research proof:

The implications of the above research are that taking megadose B3 will help to cure much more than just MRSA. This means that B3 can be a very useful adjunct for candida, HIV AIDs and many other human diseases because the immune system is so hugely stimulated and supportive to the body. Furthermore, taking megadose B3 will not hurt the good bacteria in the gut. All good news.

My interest in B3 has been stimulated because neutrophils(as will as eosinophils) are found in all mucus glands in the body. In the extraneous mucus glands -- in the eyes, ears, nose throat, lungs, mouth, intestines and uterus (ie all initial routes of infection into the body)-- these mucus regions represent the main initial defense from outside attack and infection by pathogens. Iodine -- a very effective broadband pathogen killer in its own right -- is also always found in all mucus glands of the body. So by simply supplementing proper orthomolecular dosage levels of B3(as niacinamide) and iodine(as lugols iodine or kelp extract) you can greatly raise immune sysstem capability, further ensuring the effectiveness of the mucus gland's defence against outside pathogen attack and infection, thus ensuring a better protected outcome for the human body against outside pathogen entry.

I've also recently ordered the book Niacin: The Real Story by Abram Hoffer, Andrew Saul and Harold Foster. I will report back any other interesting facts and finds that I discover on vitamin B3 at a later date.

Replied by Art
(Tustin, Ca. Usa)

Bill, I found the link within the link to another study(47) which suggests that it would take about an acute 6 gram dose to achieve the serum level of of nicotinamide, but then they refer to another study (42) at about 1.6 grams per day that produced neutrophilia in the blood. I had to look that up. There are multiple causes of this condition from a bacterial infection to CML and it warns that patients should be monitored for this condition while dosing at that level.

Overall it sounds like there is a lot of potential with nicotinamide , but the dosing and safety needs to be better understood.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Art... I would agree with you in what you say about neutrophilia(with some caveats). It goes without saying that if you take higher dose B3 then you should fully understand your body condition as well as -- and here I am in complete agreement with Mike from Montreal's recent frustrated post -- fully understand through you own validation and have faith in the remedy you are taking. But the question also arises -- What then is the proper and acceptable orthomolecular dosage for niacinamide or niacin ? The recommended RDA dosage is currently a 10 - 15 mgs per day. This recommended dosage was derived from a general study done in 1913 on B vitamins. No other studies, except independent orthomolecular studies on niacin/niacinamide(which have all been completely ignored), have been forthcoming or accepted to change the RDA. So the RDA remains at a miniscule 10 - 15 mgs. So who do you believe ? -- The orthomolecular research and dosages or the RDA? It's really up to you. Even Ted recommends dosages of niacinamide at 500 mgs twice a day for certain problems -- and he is a biochemist and understands body chemistry and drugs better than any of us.

Abram Hoffer, an independent orthomolecular researcher, has fully documented that he has used niacin dosages of 9 grams - 30 grams daily to cure schizophrenia. He believed, with good reason, that schizophrenia was actually caused by a great lack of niacin in the body. He also found that using dosages of up to 3 grams a day greatly helped with problems like Fibromyalgia, Depression and Heart disease. Just search on "Hoffer niacin" or "Saul niacin" in Google search to read all about his research. Hoffer, after decades of niacin use, always maintained that niacin/niacinamide were both fairly safe to take at higher dosage. He always maintained that people would also live longer if they took higher niacin/niacinamide dosages -- he determined that dosages of up to 3 grams a day were quite safe.

I would also agree with you that when you have a disease like neutrophilia it would certainly be dangerous to take higher dose niacin/niacinamide. But if you are inferring that, because of this singular danger, people should therefore not take higher dose niacin/niacinamide then that is dangerous logic which could divert sufferers from taking niacn/niacinamide through fear of using this useful vitamin. Certainly, for those still with fears about niacin/niacinamide and little real knowledge about this B vitamin, it makes sense to to do your own research on the benefits of niacin or consult your doctor before you start taking higher dose niacin/niacnamide to ensure that you do not have prior problems or tendencies with diseases like neutrophilia.

For myself I take regular dosages of 1.5 -- 3 grams of niacin(together with all the B vitamins) a day because it helps the blood, aids digestion and also relaxes me. When I have read the book Niacin: The Real Story I will try and post more facts and research.

Replied by Art
(Tustin, Ca. Usa)

This is interesting, Bill. It gets difficult on who and what to believe and then niacin and niacinamide studies are probably not interchangeable. You take niacin and I take niacinamide. For me the niacin flushing was just too much at 2 to 2 1/2 grams per day for me so I stopped using it.

If I was understanding the study link (42?) correctly, it sounded like the 1.6 gram/day dose had caused the neutrophilia in some people and this was the reason for warning that monitoring for this possibility might be needed.

I think I've read Ted's comments that he doesn't recomend niacin for the purpose of lowering cholesterol because he feels it sends excesses to the liver and this he feels may damage the liver over time, if I remember correctly. As you suggest, he is probably the most experienced person on Earth Clinic and it is hard to just set aside his comments or ignore them.

As far as MRSA, I wonder if topical application using nanoencapsulated or liposome niacinamide/nicotinamide would have similar benefit without the potential side effects or possibly a lower oral dose combined with the topical or just an encapsulated lower oral dose. I know that niacinamide is generally good for the skin and helps reduce tewl. Proctor & Gamble has a complete cosmetic line(Olay) based on niacinamide for wrinkle reduction and improvement of skin tone and texture. Judging by the amount of advertising they do, it must be working out for them. I think they have published two or three studies on it.

On an unrelated note, Bill, I seem to remember you posting a home made topical formulation you made that had castor oil in it and I think you said you were using it on your face for wrinkle reduction?? If that is correct, do you still use it and are you still happy with the results? If so, what is your current formulation? If it wasn't you who posted that, I'm sorry for the mistake. There are just so many posts and suggestions on Earth Clinic it is difficult to remember who posted what and a lot of times I am not able to find them when I go back to look for them. Thank You, Bill!


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