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Natural Cures for MRSA

| Modified on Mar 04, 2023
Rosemary Essential Oil
Posted by Ron (Idaho) on 10/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I had MRSA on my hand and they had me going in for intravenous antibiotics and that seemed to stop it from progressing but it would not go away. I came across a lady in England that told me to apply rosemary essential oil. So I did and believe this or not, within hours I could tell a difference. Looking back I believe the MRSA was killed directly and then it took a few days to heal the wound. It worked for me and I have since used the Italian herbs essential oils rosemary oregano and time for infections and injuries for myself and other people with great success.

I have come to realize the medical profession is not in the business of healing and curing, but they do have the best diagnostic ability and emergency rooms in the world but greatly ending there. The statement I was told they go by is "there is no money in a well man." Sounds reasonable.

Best wishes. if the rosemary works and it is convenient I would like your feedback about it.

ps: you pour it directly on and in the wound and internally if needed. I only used it topically.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Joe (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) on 04/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Posted to give hope to those who are suffering from MRSA and considering colloidal silver as a treatment...

In April 2015 my partner was infected with MRSA during an impacted wisdom tooth removal by a dentist in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Within 2 weeks the infection had produced “clusters” of abscesses all along the gum line, right where the dentist had gashed the gum with the extracted tooth during the procedure. The whole right side of the face had swollen and all the teeth along the right jaw were loosened. She described the pain as “shooting, ” with immense pressure and heat. There were times where the pain were so unbearable for her she'd lose all reason and logic and talk of suicide to end the pain.

The situation worsened over the following months, despite taking Clindamycin and Vancomycin consistently, nothing worked, instead it got much worse. In what seemed to be a violent reaction to the antibiotics, 2 abscesses freakishly changed direction. The one at the extraction site headed towards the inner ear, creating intense pressure and pain, forcing blood and infected tissue through to the ear canal. The other abscess, which was at the site of the gash on the gum line, turned downwards in direction to come to a head near the chin. At this point, the infection had developed into osteomyelitis, where fragments of jagged jaw bone started protruding from several areas. Each had to be painfully extracted.

After 8 months, we were nearing the point of losing all hope of saving her jaw as this thing continued to devour bone and muscle tissue. By this time, we were trying combinations of antibiotics and using essential oils and extracts in an attempt to broaden the spectrum. Made no difference. Doctors and dentists now suggesting invasive bone transplant.

Our luck turned around when a friend told us how colloidal silver cleared a MRSA infection in his knee, and that there were a group of people in Cambodia researching it. So with nothing left to lose, we managed to locate and make contact - and after hearing out our situation, they said they would be more than happy to send us some to try, at no charge.

The concentration of the CS given was 60 ppm. Given the gravity of the situation we decided to use it at this full strength. 250 ml FOUR TIMES PER DAY. Right on the hour, every 8 hours. Also continued to take antibiotic cocktail, to make sure.

On day 3: Health worsened dramatically. We were forewarned about this reaction. Complained of intense body aches and sweats. So something was happening… These symptoms lasted for 8 days.

On day 15: The nasty abscess on the chin had finally stopped discharging and showed signs of regeneration. Swelling of face reduced significantly. Gum tissue infection reduced as well. Teeth are no longer loose. Ear infection clear. RESULTS.

It was by day 23 that the infection totally cleared. We then reduced the daily amount to 250 ml ONCE PER DAY to help regenerate lost tissue, especially in the gum line where the jawbone had been exposed.

Right now, all that's left is a small scar with a slight indentation on the right side of the chin- a massive improvement from the big gaping hole that was once there for 8 MONTHS.

So this is a YEA for colloidal silver, in this case combined with antibiotics, against the most aggressive of staph infections. Another YEA for the kindness of strangers who, if it weren't for them, who knows what would've happened? The recovered patient now has an unshakable belief that the CS saved her life and not one person could ever convince her otherwise.

Almost forgot to name the other things patient had taken as well as the CS and antibiotics:

Essential oils: Lemongrass, Oregano, Frankincense, Clove, Tea Tree, Kampot Pepper

Spices: Clove, Turmeric, Garlic

Other: Ice and heat packs.

Will edit and update this list if I can recall anything else.

Peace everyone!

Topical Application of Povidone Iodine
Posted by Jon (New Mexico, United States) on 04/26/2018
5 out of 5 stars

For a MRSA Boil, Povidone Iodine 10%. Does not in the least burn your skin. It is the #1 way to kill MRSA topically. Of course it will only kill the bacteria topically, but for the surface wound and area nearby it is the best solution. I mix 10% Povidone Iodine w/a couple drops of neem oil and a couple of drops of 91% straight alcohol together for a stronger disinfectant with better skin penetration. It helps control the growth, and will kill the MRSA bacteria topically in less than 15 seconds. I have tested this in a lab and used the formula on myself for years.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Chrystal (Apple Valley, California) on 02/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

MRSA Experience--- We beat it!

On May 14th 2005, my 26 Yr old son noticed his thumb was getting very sore. No wound was visible. By Wed. the 19th, his whole hand was swolen and pulsing with pain. He went to a doctor and the doctor threw him into the hospital and they opperated that night. It was MRSA, and it was spreading from his thumb, through his palm towards his wrist. They took out a huge chunk of his thumb... about 1" square and 1/4th " deep, and ran tubes down towards his palm to try and squeeze out the rest.

I found out about it Saturday morning (the 21st) and called the hospital. They hadn't gotten all of it. He said they either had to take off his hand or he would die.

I told him to get out of there and get to my place as soon as he could. He took off with security after him!

I soaked his hand in 10 ppm Coloiodal Silver for an hour and we cleaned it out as best we could, then spread it with Bee Propolis and wrapped it up. I had him take 2oz of Coloidal Silver at 5ppm every hour and continued the daily soaking and 2oz every day. For good measure, I added 1 tsp food grade H2O2 per quart of water and had him take 4 oz of that every two hours and 2000 mg of good Vitamine C 5 times a day.

(Lets face it.. MRSA scared the s___ out of me. I was going to throw everything I could at it! I believed in the silver, but I was not going to take chances with my son's life!)

That first night he slept without pain for the first time in a week.

We continued the same treatment daily. By the 23rd, the hand swelling was gone and the thumb was already starting to fill in. It was still sore to the touch but no throbbing.

On Friday May 27th, the hole was less than half its width and very shallow. No swelling at all. A week later, he went to another doctor and the doctor refused to believe he had had MRSA or that he had the opperation any later than the 4th of May. He wrote it so in his report.

One week later he went back to the original doctor from the hospital, (the one that ordered his operation) and shocked him good. All that was left of the surgery was a small 1/4" scratch with a small band-aid on it.

Don't think he really believes what we did to cure it! My son was back to work fixing cars on June 10th. Absolutely no sign of the infection then or since!

NO bad infection can stand up to this kind of attack. Medicines may fail... but this won't!

God Bless,

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Bianca (Canyon country CA) on 01/23/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I am currently fighting a MRSA facial infection with abcesses. The best topical treatment on all bumps and abcesses is by far the bentonite clay. I wear it to sleep and it heals wounds that are present as well as preventing new bumps and abcesses from forming, not 1. It seems to help with the itching, burning, and pain while speeding up recovery time. It plus clyndamycin is why I think I can kick this MRSA infection in the next few days. It's so helpful for MRSA it's incredible absolutely incredible. So I had to share this to let others know how much it helps!!!

Rosemary Essential Oil
Posted by CC (Canada) on 10/25/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the tomato paste, the turmeric paste, tea tree oil, oregano oil, nothing helped, I had about 9 or 10 boils, took 3 times 7 days antibiotics (2 different kinds) and used antibiotic cream. The boils only started getting better when I after 3 months researching the web I found a page that had MRSA remedies.

From everything on that page I took a chance and decided to tried the activated charcoal poultice and also bought an activated charcoal soap to use while on the shower, this really helped but still the boils didn't go away completely until I used Rosemary Essential Oil.

WOW ... in 24 hours poof !! boils are healed ...

after 3 months finally the boils are gone ...

Do keep in mind that using the proper oral antibiotic also helped, but no change was notice until the rosemary oil was used, also showering with the charcoal soap really made a difference.

My advice is to read all the different cures that site I link it offers you, rotate the oils and herbs until you find the one that really does it for you.

Copper Gluconate
Posted by Glenda (Miami, Florida) on 04/05/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Take copper gluconate 4mg daily as soon you feel a bump for MRSA and you will feel the pain go away within minutes and the bump will retract within minutes.

But you must stop taking the pill when it is gone.

Clove Oil
Posted by MadMags (Asheville) on 07/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Short answer: clove oil. When I notice a bump coming up that is painful I know it's gonna turn into MRSA. When I first noticed this I put clove oil on a bit of toilet paper and wipe the bump well. It will burn severely for a few minutes, but nothing compared to what it would feel like left alone. It literally disappears over the next couple of days. No pain or soreness. It seeps into the skin and kills the infection before it surfaces. Now I wouldn't usually recommend putting essential oils directly on the skin but I have and will continue to for this. It works much better than any solution I've tried.

Bee Propolis, Buckwheat Honey
Posted by Katzie (Alberta) on 04/11/2018

Sorry, but that's actually not true that Manuka honey's properties are destroyed in the stomach, rendering it useless. Actually, manuka honey is regularly prescribed for people with ulcers as it can easily handle the H.Pylori bacteria. Just wanted to point that out.

Posted by Listen (Hawaii) on 02/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Water kefir is so wonderful!

I had recurring staph infections for many years. At first I cured them with urine, and it worked wonders, at first. Then years later I got another infection and the urine wasn't working so well anymore.

I tried so many different remedies, turmeric, garlic, ACV, mushroom tea and tinctures, made my own colloidal silver, as well as many, many other things, including probiotics and sourkraut. I can't believe how much I did and some of it helped, and yet I continued to get worse, I know now it's because of stress. I got cellulitis and then knew that the bacteria was inside my body and I could feel myself getting weaker. Even the naturopath said to take antibiotics but I knew that was not the route that would cure me.
Thank God I found Kim's post on Kefir from 2015, after many hours of reading posts, and ordered some water kefir! The stuff I got on Amazon was ok, but seemed to break down after a month and never reproduced. I got some other grains, and those grains are still reproducing. Once I started drinking the water kefir my wounds finally started to go away, but not completely.

I found an article that said you need to drink 1 liter a day to get the medicinal benefits, so I doubled the amount I was making and sprayed it on my skin, as well as put the "grains" on my wounds, and that helped tremendously! The wounds dried up and were gone in a week!

It's been months and I no longer get an infection when I get a cut, which is such a huge relief!

I learned that in Hawai'i especially, or anywhere with lots of humidity and warmth and therefore lots of harmful bacteria and fungi, it's important to grow water kefir, and all fermentation, in an anaerobic environment, using an airlock lid. I found the pickle pipes to be the easiest, and am going to get the medical grade stainless steel airlock lids soon.

I hope more people find out about water kefir, and how more important replacing beneficial microbes are, rather than just trying to kill off the bad ones. It makes sense because of gut health depends on a diversity and balance of bacteria and fungi. In my opinion it's the first place to start. Lots of nutrients from green smoothies and Chlorella also made a difference I could feel!

Bleach, Mankuka Honey and Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mommyof2boos (Michigan) on 02/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

When I had mrsa I had no idea what a boil even looked like. I had it confused with acne and so I didn't know what was happening - a gal I worked with told me. I googled like crazy and bleach saved me. I had a huge hot swollen boil in my thigh bigger than a half dollar. 8 could feel it's heat through jeans!

I put bleach on it. I bathed in a bathtub with half a cup of bleach in it. I bleached my white clothes and used hot water and white vinegar on the others.

local raw honey in the wound(didn't know about Manuka then... it's far superior). Tumeric milk drinks.

I changed my pants every day (boils were located on buns and thigh). Never reused a towel. Washed sheets a few times a week in hot water and bleach (invest in white cotton).

If you can still find concentrated old fashioned Lysol that is the bomb to kill the staph in your home.

2 years later when suffering hyper thyroid I got a boil on my chin and my breast. Profylactuc antibiotics from my surgery brought the to a head. However the honey healed them with no scar.

I used honey in my nostrils each night for 30 days... like they recommend with antibiotic ointments. However I used a us pharmacy brand Manila wound gel style. It is amazing and less than $10 for a tube that lasts forever.

I wish I had know about grapefruit seed extract then ... it cured my mastitis in 24 hours and cured my uti last week.

Posted by Prosperity (Tampa, Fl) on 08/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I went to the hospital last week for something that I thought was an insect bite. My result came back MRSA. Strong garlic pill crushed in coconut oil is working for me. I'm on a pillician also. I prayed to God for His help and He has answered. Thank you Lord

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Carri (Greenville, SC) on 12/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Bathing in bleach CLOROX brand ONLY!!! And ONLY the plain kind, not gel or anything scented, is a very good flush for your body. To "Dr Health" Are you a naturalist or at all familiar with holistic and natural remedies? This is a commonly used remedy to pull heavy metals from your body (among MANY other things). Mix one half cup plain Clorox brand bleach to your bath tub and fill to the level of your belly button when sitting. You can soak in the tub for 50-60 minutes for heavy metal reduction. If you think about all the horrible chemicals that are in your water anyway a little bleach is not going to hurt you, and actually probably nullifies some of the harmful chemicals. Don't knock it til you try it! I've done it for years to help with heavy metals (I fell so much better, by the way) and had no clue about the connection to healing boils, but am happy to know of it.

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Carrieanne229 (Georgia) on 06/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My pediatrician actually prescribed bleach baths for my daughter who had a MRSA rash on her bottom. 1/4 cup to a tub full every other day for a week, every three days for a week, all the way to once a week. It's no different than the chlorine in a pool.

Copper Gluconate
Posted by Shirley (Miami, Florida) on 12/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Mrsa cures:

Copper gluconate supplements 4 mg will get rid of it. Please share

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Marsha (Georgia) on 09/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding the post in this section entitled Penetrating MRSA Biofilm Posted by Skeptic (Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuadorabonan Sent) on 04/28/2013:

I had a friend yrs ago who had several rounds of MRSA. When he developed the next infection he wanted to use dmso but the metal was a problem & he wound up using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide - dilluted & he stated that it cleared up rather quickly & he had started using nebulized HP ever since with no further issues. I know this is many yrs late but hopefully may be helpful 2 someone coming across it. There are numerous books/articles available about this. MRSA, cancers can't live in an oxygen rich environment. I now use 3% FGHP regularly & rid myself of asthma, sinusitis & allergies & plan to continues its use. I don't get colds or flu.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa) on 12/10/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Ultraviolet blood irradiation has been around for about 100 years but fell by the wayside when antibiotics came around. Naturopaths still use it in the U,S. My naturopath said it would cure me in a few treatments but I have some puss that needs clearing up, so it's taking longer. I do feel a million times better when I go in. I was going to wait to post this until I was cured but decided to post.

Bee Propolis, Buckwheat Honey
Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 04/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Bee propolis, Buckwheat honey for MRSA:

Bee propolis chewed up a bunch of puss I had in my chest and kidney and spleen. huge relief as it had been there for years. I'm taking a tablespoon of the powder twice a day and can really feel it hitting hard. I guess they call it Russian penicillin. I can see why. im a big guy, you might not need this much. plus I started at a lower dose and it was working pretty good.

Buckwheat honey is as strong as manuka honey but a lot cheaper. Also, manuka honey doesn't work for internal infections because stomach acids destroy the antibacterial properties. I get as much honey as I can on a plastic spoon and put it in a cup of tea. 2 or 3 cups of tea twice a day. I feel like a normal person again. Honey and propolis have a synergistic effect too so take them at the same time.

Elecampane Extract
Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 08/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I've had Mrsa for years in my kidney. very painfull. recently I stumbled apon a website with an article about elecampane extract being 100% effective against mrsa colonies in tests. So I bought some. I think it's only the extract that works, not the tea. My first dose was a triple dose. I felt a very significant pain relief in my kidney. I knew right then this was going to work. I've since uped my dose to about 24 times the recommended dose. Elecampane is pretty safe. The worst that can happen is nausea and vomiting if you take too much.

I'm taking it 3 times a day. I'm no longer sweating out at night and feel totally strong and healthy. the pain in my kidney is gone. going to keep taking it for a while to be sure. what a relief. Hope this helps people. I read on a forum that elecampane cured someone else too, so it's not just me.

Phage Therapy
Posted by Jon (New Mexico, United States) on 04/26/2018

I believe this to be the absolute truth. I have one of the most severe cases of MRSA/Visa that has ever been found in the U.S. After 6 1/2years of nightmarrish suffering and disfigurement, I am near death from the absolute total destruction of my health due to MRSA. I have tried every remedy and then some. Most all do NOT work (most on this site unfortuantely) and the ones that do are never seemingly enough. Phage terapy is something I am now considering, only I understand you must travel to Russia or the UKRAINE to undergo the specific procedure which is my only barrier currently. If there is anyone who has any specific information about this procedure or who could help please feel free to contact me. I could use a friend, Thanks Jon

Posted by Mark (Chihuahua, Mexico) on 10/07/2016 5 posts

MRSA Boils itchy red bumps

A comment on Kim's Water Kefir and Turmeric Curcuma: BOILS, INFECTIONS, ZITS.

I really like the inexpensive nature of Kefir Probiotics and still powerful at the same time.

I don't know what I have but they are painful little boils and little itchy red bumps. Maybe I have some kind of staff infection or, yes, maybe it's the dreaded MRSA. Anyway, I do like learning about new things that can help. Thank you, Kim.


I'm 65 now. I get the boils on my arms, butt, legs, knees, neck. It seems I've had this on and off for most of my life, but a whole lot more in the last couple of years. The skin on and around the small boils would get really hard too. {Maybe somebody knows what that's all about, I sure don't} At any rate, I'd pick one and 5 more would pop up around the area, that didn't seem good to me at all. That's why I say things were getting worse. I started to search in real earnest on the net.

Once I started my routine, within a week things started shaping up. The boils started drying up and by two weeks all was moving along quite nicely and in 30 days they were pretty much all cleared up.

So what did I do? It fights infection anywhere in the body.

3 Times a Day {this is really important especially in the beginning.}

1. Curcuma 1 level tsp.

2. Black pepper 1 level tsp.

3. Water (filtered or whatever of course) 16 oz. They say you need lots of water. At least that's what I read.

4. Oil 1 tbs. (Coconut, Olive, Lard, Butter real not the fake).

Since this is a lot of liquid, personally I'd recommend taking it 30 minutes before eating so as not to dilute your digestive juices.

The doc will tell you to cut down on the fat. Yes, by all means do that if you want Alzheimer's. Your brain is mostly fat. No fat - no brain. Of course, everyone is going to do pretty much what they want on this one anyway.

A plug for water: Drink at least one large glass every morning on awakening.

A comment on what Kim said that she had tried turmeric and it didn't work. Exactly what you did with the turmeric Kim, you didn't say. {Turmeric, yellow curry powder, is the plant; Curcumin, orange, is the extract or active ingredient from the plant, also a powder} Some say that one is better than the other. Turmeric has all the properties of the plant: Curcumin is more powerful with the highest amount of the active ingredient. At least that's what I got from the net. It's your call what you will use.}

This is what I found out about the use of either one. By themselves they are both really, really good, however, used with black pepper, which contains piperine… is a natural substance that enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2000% - I think you will find the study is still posted there.

Then I found out that Curcumin is fat soluble. Since I realllllly wanted this to work and work now I figured I'd add some oil/fat to the mix, that's noted above.

After 90 days on the above regimen I still take a maintenance dose once a day, I don't want this stuff to come back that's for sure.

All this worked so well that about 30 days ago I saw three girls in a convenience store and one of them had plenty of zits on her face. I told her my story and suggested she try it too. After two weeks she was really happy and after 30 days she had only one lone zit left. She's quite delighted for leaning about this natural remedy. There's another girl I saw today and told her about it. We'll see what happens with her.

All I can say is, Thank you everyone that posts here. As well as a huge thanks to

Best hopes and wishes to all of you.


Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 03/19/2018

I was reading that boils can be treated with copper. An 18 year old girl invented copper infused pajamas that cure MRSA. MRSA is killed in 90 minutes on a copper surface. I've been experimenting with copper to overcome candida overgrowth. It also fights parasites. Interesting stuff but be careful not to overdo. If you take too much, use zinc to bring it back into balance.