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Natural Cures for MRSA

Iodine, Honey and Bactrim
Posted by Jon (New Mexico, US) on 11/03/2014
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I have had MRSA for over 3 years now on and off (mostly on) and I have pretty much become an expert unintentionally on which natural remedyies and over the counter products work, and which ones to avoid.

I can tell you first hand that after a boil is lanced or drained, either by you or your doctor, the best topical treatment is to hit the area with strong POVIDINE IODINE 10% applied with a qtip if the area is small, or a cotton ball for a larger area.


Apply it 3 times a day topically very liberally and use a non stick pad to cover the wound with minmal adhesive tape.

The iodine will kill the MRSA bacteria effectively topically and will asisit in the wound drying up and healing.

Do not whatever you do - use bandaids of anykind ever on a mrsa wound though!

This is a very common problem as bandaids have chemical irritants in the adhesive which is very likely to cause a person with sensitive skin alot of problems.

Almost every brand will irritate your skin near the wound which can and often will facilitate the spread of a new sore to the nearby irritation or break in the skin.

Knowing which products over the counter to use and which antibiotics actually work are of the utmost importantance. MRSA is very strong and while I believe whole heartedly in natural cures sometimes prescription medications are neccessary when dealing w/MRSA.

There are concretely 2 things that I know of that definateily will kill MRSA and that is Iodine 10% and Manuka Honey. (EMF 10+ ATLEAST! )

Do not use them together, of course, but either of these topically are the two best remedies you will likely find anywhere.

Also I recommend Taking GARLIC supplements w/Allicin to support your immune response naturally, and doing everthing possible to raise your body's PH to as close as possible to 7.5.

Avoid sugar and all foods that are high in preservatives and processed foods especially as these types of foods actually seem to faciliate the further growth of MRSA.

If you are not allergic to Sulfa Drugs, the antibiotic "Bactrim" is very cheap and works to heal the skin wounds and boils in a great many cases. I have seen alot of successes with bactrim.

In 80% cases bactrim will work, the problem is many people are allergic to sulfa drugs and this may not be an option for some people. As a home remedy, Bathing in Bleach (1/4 cup) per bath and using antibacterial soap to wash hands etc. containing triclosan or triclocarban will also be very helpful.

Whatever you do .. do not take MRSA lightly!!! Even if your doctor doesn't seem to be worried, many doctors are ignorant about MRSA and a lot of people are dying in The U.S. as a result.

The mortality of longterm MRSA is well above 30%. The untold truth is that MRSA is reaching epidemic proportions in the Untited States.

I have read alot of good information on this site, but if you have severe MRSA you may not have the luxury of experimenting too much so you must be very careful in your treatment approaches.

Be prudent and only use tried and true remedies. I hope this helps you.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Pbird (Wa) on 06/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I spend all of 2013 fighting a MRSA infection of my lower leg that I caught in the hospital being treated for a spot of cellulitis. I was able to finally cure it with Bentonite clay which is largely magnesium. I thought this was neat because it had none of the drawbacks of antibiotic use.

Posted by Naomi (Chicago, Il) on 08/27/2012

Hi Aftermath, you've probably figured this out by now but it looks like a burn because it is a burn-(that is it's a type of chemical burn. I think that's the right term, I'm not exactly sure). I did something similar a few weeks ago, I've been on antibiotics for a month trying to cure a staph infection and tried some garlic topically on the infection for about two hours. Decided it didn't feel right and took it off, it was raised and red but within a few days scabbed up pretty regularly. Garlic burns can be bad, and after I did it (put fresh, crushed garlic on the site) I looked up how to make a proper poultice and they said no longer than ninety seconds of application to avoid burns. However, I did it for 30 minutes in a second application, and did not receive any burns. Tried it again for 50 minutes, and it was iffy so now 20-30min is my limit. Also, the garlic seemed to help the first and second time but not the third for whatever reason. I should try it again but am going to try colloidal silver first. Also, I'm not sure what kind of silver solution you are using but there is apparently a difference between colloidal silver (silver particles suspended in a colloid) and some other silver products- I have one that contains silver chloride, but it didn't do anything for me and I've found out it's not as effective as the other. Hope this helps. Thank you all for the wonderful website! My appreciation is beyond words.

Homeopathic Remedies
Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx) on 06/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I wanted to update everyone on my MRSA. It has been 2 years since I wrote to Ted and I have gotten used to it all this time, until four months ago when I discovered another homeopathic website that talked about the 12 Tissue Salts. I started taking Silica, Calcium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur), Potassium Sulphate (Kali Sulph), Sodium Sulphate (Natrum Sulph) and Sodium Phosphate (Natrum Phos)... This combination of tissue salts have cured my MRSA...

I took it for 2 month and they are gone, they also cleared up some old acne scars on my face.. They also cleared up my insomnia... They also cleared up my recurring Conjunctivitis... They also cleared up my recurring bladder infections... They also cleared up my acne outbreaks, which were hormonal... They also cleared up my sebhoreaic dermatitis on my scalp.... They have done so much for me... And they are the easiest thing to take... You just take 4 tiny pills and dissolve them under your tongue 4 times a day... Thats it! Google them now, Dr Schusslers 12 Tissue Salts... Each one has a specific function for the body...

Drawing Salve
Posted by Valkyrie (Denver, Co) on 08/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I thought I'd provide details of my experience, mainly because this wasn't available when I got MRSA and this resulted in several trips to the emergency room when I got an infection instead of an occasional inconvenience that sucks but I can handle myself.

Going to a Dr. can be a valuable step in dealing with MRSA, but even if you do this, you may still get boils. It's an anti-biotic resistant bacteria the medical establishment doesn't know how to treat. They have had some luck with sulfa antibiotics with some strains, go ahead and try - I'm allergic to sulfates, so I have had to find prevention and maintenance regimes.

Other pieces of advise my Dr's have recommended are:

Scrub with Hibiclense in bath and apply around nose frequently (bacteria can live a long time inside your nose and if you have face infections this is a sign this will especially help), bathe with bleach if you have an infection. I've tried tea-tree oil too, and have found little difference with the effectiveness of Hibiclense, but I think you do need something stronger - unfortunately Bleach is the best I found - if you have active infections to prevent spreading.

As far as how to handle existing infections, I've really had to do this on my own. Here's what I found:

Immediately bandage any suspected infection with a fabric bandage and ichthammol ointment - about 20% strength usually petroleum jelly or lanolin filler, often labeled "drawing cream", sometimes with some other sulfates added, at rite-aid, online, or can be ordered from most pharmacies. This drawing cream was used on staph infections and boils prior to the advent of antibiotics, and is still effective after the use of antibiotics stopped working with MRSA.

It's important infections are constantly covered, as soon as you notice a pimple that starts to feel sore - if it was just a pimple it will go away quicker too. It does stain fabric and is messy and somewhat musty smelling. But this treatment will allow boils to swell to a head and drain much quicker, so they do not get as large and painful and risk infecting lymph nodes, etc.

Once an infection has started to drain, you should squeeze the infection. In the emergency room this is done by placing one hand in a circle around infection while squeezing from the outside to the inside with the other hand. This is gross, but will eliminate the infection quicker. Usually a hard pus 'seed' needs removed or the sore will reinfect. Sometimes tweezers are necessary for this. Occasionally, if a infection grows too large - lets say 2 inches of swelling- , or is close to a lymph node or other sensitive area, like a spine or throat - this should probably be done by a Doctor in the emergency room. They will have to treat you even with no insurance, mention MRSA you will get a room very quick, say you're homeless and have no ID if you have to but do go to the emergency room. Although how to lance is somewhat self-explanatory, sterilization is nearly impossible and it's extremely painful and would be really hard for a person to do to themselves. If you are able to drain your own infection, immediately wash with a lot of bleach. Now wash the sink, floor around you and entire area with bleach. Now go shower and scrub with bleach. This will help prevent other infection on yourself - or worse, infecting your family.

After you think your infection has drained, it still needs to stay under a ichthammol fabric bandage. Otherwise reinfection of the sore is common. Leave a bandage on for one more week, change daily and squeeze opening for any remaining discharge, if you get more pus restart your week.

I have started taking Turmeric in addition to my other supplements after looking through this site which has further decreased infection frequency I think.

Posted by Mommy V (Washington, D.C., Usa) on 08/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My family (self, hubby, children, father, mother-in-law, sister, niece, nephew... ) suffered from recurrent MRSA skin infections for several years. At the worst of it, my husband had multiple boils the size of baseballs over his legs and backside. My sister and her 2-yr-old daughter went through half a dozen types of antibiotics over the course of a year, and even after resistance tests the MRSA would recur a month or two later. We saw infectious disease doctors, pediatriciants, naturopaths... We disinfected everything over and over. We eliminated sugar, white flour, preservatives, dyes, and MSG from our diets. (We lost a lot of weight and my allergies cleared up, but the MRSA kept returning.)

One night, after hours of prayer, I stumbled across a page by Bob Anderson (garlic farmer) on the MRSA Forum USA. He explained that while the allicin in garlic is potent enough to destroy MRSA on contact, it does not survive in stomach acid and therefore doesn't reach the skin when injested. He recommended bathing in garlic water. Sure enough, within a week my husband and both of my boys had clear skin!! In the 4 months since we tried garlic baths, my husband has had only one recurrence (which happened after we stayed a week in the home of someone else who had MRSA) and one garlic bath cleared up the boil overnight. WOW! What a relief! Praise God, whose "medicine" is so brilliantly complex (and free from side-effects).


1. Crush 4-6 cloves of non-irradiated garlic (look for white/green sprout in middle of each clove)

2. Let stand 30-90 minutes to allow allicin to develop.

3. Add garlic to warm bath. Submerge as much of the body as possible.

4. Soak for an hour or two, two or three times a week.

Posted by Z2ac2k (Chase, Nc) on 02/25/2012

Here is a link to a study performed in 1985 showing the effectiviness of iodine to kill MRSA compared to other common treatments.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Amy (Desmoines, iowa) on 04/10/2022

I slept with someone who had mrsa at the beginning of Covid and I already take meds for schizophrenia. Ever since then the meds do something to my gut that exacerbates the mrsa causing boils on my previous places I had a sore.

I have benefited from mint tea, anything that helps BM. Yerba 🧉 mate tea or coffee and almond milk I've never tried the wash only clindamycin and metronidazole the nasal ointment I feel an increase in energy on clindamycin but can't stay on the antibiotic forever I've tried turmeric before but I can always try again…..activated charcoal I've had before just happen to be out …I avoid dairy and gluten asap and am considering the arbonne products. Other foods the guy who gave me mrsa sticks to are kombucha weed/cbd/mct oil kimchee and cashews and raw foods diet. I wish you all the best. thanks everyone for the reminders about garlic stomach acid poultices skin absorption and the nuances …..

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 02/16/2010
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Possible Milk of Magnesia MRSA Cure

Hi Everyone...I have reported elsewhere on this site that I had what I thought was jock itch(tinea cruris). And I had this problem for 7 years. I tried everything -- all the drugs, creams and antibiotics to get rid of it. Even using Ted's alkalizing remedies and using ACV topically wouldn't make a difference.

But this jock itch was a little strange. Bright red skin discolouration around my upper inner thigh and genital area which went right round to the rectal area of my bum. Like I say, a little strange, perhaps this was a form of MRSA?

In the end, after reading a post by Ted, I just dabbed full strength Milk of Magnesia(MoM) all over the MRSA area after my evening shower and went to bed. It didn't sting at all but was in fact quite soothing. Then I would leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning. This was my daily protocol. The MRSA or jock itch disappeared within 2 days, healthy skin again, unbelieveable !!

The MoM has a double action effect on bacteria/fungus. First, it has a pH of 10 -- a high enough pH to kill any bacteria, virus, fungus etc. Second, MoM is hydrophyllic -- drives away water and moisture. So the offending microbe is both attacked by the high alkalinity and, at the same time, all the moisture from within the organism is simultaneously sucked out and driven away. Result: no more MRSA.

Posted by Naturalhealthmom (Miami, Fl, USA) on 12/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Raw Garlic for MRSA

I have been fighting recurring MRSA infections (boils) for over 18 months now...I tried Allicin, Colloidal Silver, Turmeric, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil, Oive Leaf Extract, Rife Machines, name it, I have probably tried it. Last week, I started to get another boil- it was spreading and I started a fever of 100.5...I had nothing to lose and so I crushed 2-3 garlic cloves in my garlic press, let it sit for 14 minutes, mixed the garlic then THOROUGHLY with honey and gulped it down in one swallow. Make sure NOT to do this on an empty stomach!!!! Within 4 hours, my fever broke and the redness started to retreat. After all the other things I tried and all the frustrating months, amazing that the raw garlic took care of it! I proceeded to do the garlic 2x a day for 10 days and and am now going to take it 1x a day for the next two weeks to make sure it has killed all the MRSA staph. I am also drinking Phenomenal Water. I hope this helps many people. I also want to note that I used organic garlic and raw honey.

Acai Berry
Posted by Shirley (Uk) on 12/12/2017

Echinacea drops apply directly on the affected parts & also take 15 drops in a little water internally once or twice daily depending on how bad the infection is. This product is an alcohol tincture which you can buy or order on line or at your health food store. Keep taking & applying till all symptoms have gone & take natural vitamin c & raw garlic in your food.

Baking Soda
Posted by Gina (Pines, fl, us) on 03/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi my name is Gina,

4 months ago my brother has lesions appear all over his arms and on his under arms. The lesions were painful and in about a week the lesions filled with pus. The pay was unbearable, then my mom got them under her arms. They both went to the doctor and had them popped, lanced and drained and were diagnosed with MRSA which mimicks a staph infection but is much worse as it is a disease. We were devastated. I never got them until 2 months ago I must of shaved dry and 4 bumps appeared under my arms. Point is it doesn't matter how clean you are anyone can get it. Some remedies that have helped me are ones that I've experimented with. I will no longer be a victim of this infection!

Baking soda is 99.9 effective guaranteed once u start to suspect the head of the boil. Mix a teaspoon of water with baking soda till it is like a paste and apply it all around the infected area! Leave it for 30 min. Then gently clean it with a clean light colored (white) towel.

Wear only white cotton shirts while the wound is draining; as dark colors may bleed and cause a spread. This also applies to other infected areas. For example, if there is a boil on your back or on your buttocks wear light clothing, shorts, t-shirt etc. As far as pain relief to be honest you need to make best friends with naproxen or Ibuprofen. Buy a bath puff sponge and when taking a warm shower wash the infected area and massage it with the scrubber. Do not stick needles in it as you can cause blood clots, trust me it happend twice to me.

Acai Berry, Aloe, Probiotics
Posted by Pat (Atlanta, GA) on 02/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Jennifer, this worked perfectly for me. It has been a month since I started this regimen and the MRSA has not returned. I altered you regimen a little, I only take 4 probiotics a day and I do not drink the aloe vera juice. I do indeed drink the Acai Berry and it has even helped me to lose weight. I got both the Acai Berry and Probiotics at Whole Foods. This regimen has helped my Staph and helping me to control my weight. I recommend everyone to try this regimen, its easier to do and no side affects to your body. Great Post Jennifer, thank you.

Acai Berry, Aloe, Probiotics
Posted by Lan (New England) on 06/28/2015

I had a large, craterous, ulcerous, MRSA on my breast. Sick of reg Drs.- they haven't helped me in 10 years. I sought out a natural cure. I put DMSO creme on it then a band aid for a few hours. Then I put silver gel on it. contains real silver, also the band aid for a few hours, then I put tea tree oil and neosporin on it and a bandaid for a few hours. The next morning I exposed the area to bright direct sunlight (per my daughter's suggestion) The sunlight seemed to work the best- surprisingly! After 15 minutes of exposure it was 50% less redness around it. I did this every day and in a week and a half it was completely cleared up! I cannot take credit for the ointments protocol, I found that on a review on amazon. I think modern medicine is ridiculous in that we have to find our own remedies, whatever they gave me gave me bad side effects without helping the problem!

Posted by Christy (Springfield, OR) on 07/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I did it! I cured my son's MRSA that he was fighting for quite sometime. The boils were hurting him so bad it broke my heart. I just about came to the end of my rope when the physicians wanted to try him on another dose of antibiotics. I did my research on Allicin figured I had nothing else to loose. It took sometime to find the mg of Allicin that I was looking for (450 mg). I found some that was 490 mg and cost 1/4th as much as I was quoted at other nutritional stores. 7 pills for 5 weeks and he is cured! The doctors can't believe it. This Garlic Onion complex that I found is a LIFESAVER!! If you have trouble finding it locally please ask me and I will let you know of the company that I use. Good luck to everyone. MRSA can be beat!

Sleep, Hibiclens, Tea Tree Oil, Echinacea, Neem, Veggies
Posted by Steve (Hartford, US) on 03/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Have had recurring mrsa boils on my trunk area for the last 7years (2-3 episodes per year with 2-12 boils at once). Used minocyclene the first year with some results.Through out the years I have tried almost all the home remedies with very little relief. The tumric gave short term relief.Now I think I have it pretty well under control. My success was mostly due to the info I got from this site. Here's whats working for me: Get lots of sleep and take a good sleep remedy if you have to but you must get that full night of sleep every night. The Hibiclens wash 1 to 2 times a day along' with the tee tree oil and ky lubricant mix for your nose 1-2 times per day. Some echinacia,neem and lots of good veggies, less dairy and the alkaline fixes mentioned here. And you will beat the ^%$# out the mrsa in your body.

Staph Warnings
Posted by Asha (Oklahoma City, OK) on 11/13/2007
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... As far as MRSA goes, I wouldn't be surprised if the boils were MRSA. I have worked in hospitals for a few years now, and the scary truth is EVERY hospital of any size has a patient with MRSA at least once a month. They expect it, and really don't do much to keep others from walking into these patients rooms without gowning-up, masks, gloves, etc. The only way I know that a patient has MRSA is if I happen to see it in their chart, or if they have parked a gown cart outside the patient's room. Bottom line: Don't go to a hospital if you don't want to be exposed to MRSA. If you have a friend or relative that works in a hospital or other health care setting, know that they are more than likely carriers of MRSA.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 02/12/2018 2073 posts

George: Correction, MMS is a proxidant not antioxidant. It's a Chlorine molecule with 2 oxygen's (CLO2). It oxidizes pathogens much the same manner as Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) or Ozone O3.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Elle (Cc, Fl) on 01/16/2012

In addition to the previously described strategy to decolonize the MRSA bacteria on skin and in nostrils, you should also at the same time take internally dietary supplements of probiotics containing a variety of strains of acidophilus like lactobacilus acidophilus and lactobacillus rhamosus. Make sure the brand you buy has a guarantee of true potency. This product will be in the refrigerated part of a health food store and you should keep it refrigerated at home. Also youghert with live probiotic cultures and buttermilk also have lactobacilus acidophilus. Eat plenty of these. Feed youghert, kefir, buttermilk to your kids to strengthen their immune system. Eliminate sugar, gluten, alcohol, beer, wine, as much as possible. Drink lots of water cause as the MRSA bacteria dies, you need water to flush out the dead bacteria. May God help us all to achieve good health and to praise Him.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Angelica (USA) on 07/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal Silver rid my friend's 6 year battle with MRSA, within 10 days!!

Copper Gluconate
Posted by flora (United Kingdom) on 01/20/2022
3 out of 5 stars

Hi, may I ask why you need to stop taking it after it is gone, can you not continue taking it for prevention?

Copper Gluconate
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/21/2022

milk of magnesia is also good for MRSA and too much copper lowers zinc. Any mineral out of balance in the body or dehydration will cause the body to warn you by producing histamine, Histamine can cause a lot of auto immune symptoms. Copper is behind our hair color and affects skin color too. Copper toxicity can be in one part of the body while another part of the body can be low copper. Ph can also be different in different parts of the body at the same time. Keep asking questions and you will find answers.

Posted by Seth (WA) on 04/19/2021

This is still working for me. I'm at least 50 percent better. I also started taking colloidal silver and copper, which weren't working that well before the aspirin. I'm feeling a lot stronger. My coordination is normal now.

Posted by Seth (WA) on 06/06/2021

I thought I would just keep getting better until I was cured but it seems it just made me about 50% better I think. Still better than nothing.

Bentonite Clay + Colloidal Silver
Posted by Manuka Mom (Los Angeles) on 03/17/2020
5 out of 5 stars



In full disclosure, I did not confirm that my infection was MRSA, but I have every reason to believe it may have been. I had a lump was growing for months and perhaps years. It became very crimson red and extremely painful. It was quite large.

I tried a few initial remedies, iodine, turmeric, baking soda, onion and potato. All were moderately helpful, but I decided that clay and C. silver would be my final remedies of choice. I used powdered bentonite clay, which I made into a nightly cream poultice and covered with a pad to seal in the moisture and draw out the toxins at night.

After cleaning each morning, I sprayed it with colloidal silver liberally and then let it dry and periodically sprayed it throughout the day. I also gave it sunshine when I could. I further took C. silver and iodine orally (1 - 2 drops of Lugols and 1 t. to 1 T. Sov. Silver multiple times each day (varied amounts, depending on my schedule and need on that day). In just a few short weeks, it went from looking like a trip to the ER was in order to looking like normal skin was growing in without so much as a bump. Miracle for sure.

Blessings to those of you who are struggling. All I can say is, select your therapy and if you don't see any benefit within a couple of days, try something else. You CAN find what is right for you if you are diligent. It takes time to fully recover, but it is surely possible.

This is not medical advice; it's merely the path I selected for myself. Be encouraged, good people!!!

Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa) on 11/30/2018

I'm not using the nattokinase capsule supplements. I'm using the starter powder that's used to make natto.

Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 01/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Kombucha is working amazingly well for me for my MRSA! I'm drinking a quart a day.

I looked up the bacteria on the label. Bacillus coagulans is proven to kill mrsa in tests. You can make your own too. Wish I would have tried this sooner. It's the strongest remedy I've tried.

Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa) on 03/27/2018

Well... I thought I was 99 % better. maybe more like 75%.

Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa) on 07/19/2018

Yeah, I'm making kefir too. I just started drinking licorice tea. A giant handful of licorice root per dose. I'm doing a lot better and don't need as much kefir and kombucha now.

Elecampane Extract
Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa) on 12/11/2017
0 out of 5 stars

I wanted to update. I jumped the gun. My kidney was still hurting. I was feeling so much better I just wasn't paying attention. I increased the dose a number of times. Once I took about 8 oz, equivelant to the Hawaii pharm elecampane extract, ive been making my own though. it drained a lot of pus when I took this much. I could feel pus release and move. also I got nasea, so this is the max I can take. this is a lot of alcohol but the extract was only sitting for 2 weeks. if you let it sit longer it gets stronger. I thought it would be over with soon at this dose but I suspect the mrsa might have become a bit resistant.

Then my fingers started getting numb which im pretty sure was hypoglycemia so I stopped taking it and switched to food grade h2o2. Elecampane has insulin in it so at high doses it's bad for you. I also gained a lot of weight and was hungry all the time. I still think elecampane could work for some people. due to the pus I had built up the infection just keeps coming back. I cant even think about being cured until its all drained. so, bummer but the h202 is working for me.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lene (Silver City New Mexico ) on 03/12/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I learned of this mrsa fighting herbal combo on a fb mrsa support group and it has helped me very much with joint pain fatigue and lesson breakouts substantially. I've been taking for three weeks now I noticed improving condition at the end of first week..

The combo is e tea capsules or essiac tea, natural fiber pill, red clover pill, colostrum pill..taken three times a day..I take the fiber in pill form but the e tea, red clover, colostrum I make a tea out of I add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, a drop of thieves oil, a drop of oregano oil, as much honey, black strap molasses as I want, a dash of black pepper, coconut oil a little blop, and almond or cashews milk..and drink it day and night..

I weakened mrsa mixing many natural cures and rotating them like raw living garlic eating and adding to bath, urine therapy, essential oils geranium, oregano, tea tree, thieves, lavrndar, colidiol silver taken inside n out, a nettie pot I use daily with natural remedy inside like distilled water colidiol silver or essential oil and urine or garlic water ect... inside, 75% raw vegan diet, drinking distilled water a gallon a day, vitamin c, e, b complex the kind you drop under the toung, biotin, trace mineral, kelp, spirilina, magnesium, e, d3, probiotic, giving up soap..I avoid soap on my skin I use a little Dr Brunner pepper ment or black seed soap on my smelly parts n hair..the rest of my body I rub with urine and rinse with plain'm so much better the doctors were useless n rude and even the nice ones could not help me ..I was being eaten alive inside n out I felt like I was dying..

I'm much better now..I feel better than I've felt in years..the mrsa grows weaker as I grow stronger..I cannot possibly do all of the above every day but I do some of all of the above every day and I rotate treatment. I'm not cured yet but I'm much much better ..also cleaning with borox and distilled viniger dishes laundry everything. I got worse before I got better but when I got better I got much better..also get a spray bottle n spray whole body with natural potions daily..mine has distilled water essential oils, colidiol silver and some times urine.

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