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Probiotics, Acai
Posted by Enrique (Blue Springs, Mo) on 08/31/2011
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MRSA on a 3 year Old Boy

I have been fighting MRSA for the last two years. It got so bad just recently that after a round of 10 days of Doxicycline I immediately broke out right after the tenth day as if I had not been taking any antibiotics. During that period, I found this website and began treating my MRSA by taking 3 pills of Pro-Biotics and drinking Acai Berry Juice 4 times a day. I mean its gone!!! Unfortunately, most regretably and horrendously, my son has contracted MRSA. Here's the question. How do I treat him for MRSA with this regiment that I am following. Pro-Biotics say is for adult use only. What's the dosage for my little 3 year old? I know going to the doctor would be an absolute waste. Thanks for your help.