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Posted by Twinkytoze (SW Ontario, CA) on 08/23/2014
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Just an update.

Today was the fifth day with this awful open sore. It started as a pinhead and was finally arrested in its progress about the size of a quarter.

Aside from the oregano, I had been using iodine and hydrogen peroxide, and I am not certain how much of the skin lesion expansion was due to my having burned myself with the antiseptics.

Anyway, today was kind of a crisis. It wasn't closing up and was still weeping and oozing. For about an hour I thought the thing was doubling in size and I really thought I might have to knuckle under and go for the antibiotics.

I took 4 oregano capsules at 10 am. Then another 5 at noon. I was working so I couldn't really keep track of it. I just slathered it with hydrogen peroxide and covered it with a cotton wad and a bandaid. Then made plans to visit the walk-in clinic after my shift at 2 pm.

When I went to get changed, I couldn't believe my eyes. It had gone from dark red around all the edges to pink in the center and light red at the edges.

I went home and thought "Great the solution is more oregano! "

So at 3 pm I took 6 more, which was probably about 4 too many. Yes, you can take too much oregano. The symptoms of overdose are a tingling burning sensation all over the body, with skin flushing like a sunburn.

I drank about 1.5 litres of water and waited for the symptoms to subside. They wore off by about 7 pm. They were not entirely unpleasant, and certainly I thought that nothing else was going to survive the OD. If I had any fungal or viral infections as well, they were probably toast as well.

By 7 pm the lesion had dried and scabbed over for the first time since Sunday night.

Just thought I would share this about oregano. It's really a bomb, and is very very strong medicine.